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  1. These mindless repetitious Jesus/boyfriend songs were the beginning of my undoing. When I visited Hill Song Church in Australia where my brother lives, I used to make a bee-line to their fully licensed cafe during the 1/2 hour sing-song. I much preferred their cappucinos! This was much to the chagrin of my sister-in-law, because my 12-year-old-nephew would join me. Man, I could not stand that Darlene Schrek! "Shout to to the Lord" hand-swaying shit. That was 8 years ago! I'm so glad I don't have to listen to those indoctrinating Kool-Aid tunes anymore! Thing is you don't even know you're being
  2. "Jesusy" I had a young neighbour who was invited to a youth service. She said "Oh they had a lot of "goddy" music!
  3. I joined Toastmasters International. They're a worthy group to join. They have weekly meetings where it's a place for personal self-improvement as well as a place to help you to be a better communicator in your workplace, helps you to improve public speaking, make new friends and have fun. Google to find a group near you.
  4. You can still believe, but this time believe in yourself!
  5. Prayer is only wishful thinking anyway. I still wish my loved ones and myself well, but only I don't call it prayer.
  6. Christians are quick to point out that scientists are not to be trusted because of the Piltdown Man fraud. Interesting that these fragments were specifically designed to target gullible American evangelical Christians, who would no doubt report back to their Sheeples that they had found hard evidence for the authenticity of the bible. Meanwhile their hard evidence come from artifacts looted from Iraq! The end always justifies the means with them - Iraq being bombed and all - so that god can lead his sheeples to get their mitts on the loot to prove his existence! Pretty mess
  7. I'll second that! I grew up under serious indoctrination. The kind that says, God spoke everything into being. That's it! Who are we to question God? Never mind Shakespeare and other great authors, the only knowledge I ever needed was found in the bible, I was told. I grew up in ignorance and flagrant hypocrisy. My life was fraught with fear, anxiety, depression and Religious Traumatic Syndrome as Dr. Marlene Winnell terms it. A brain is a terrible thing to waste. I thank my brain for thinking my way out of the God delusion.
  8. LOOKY HERE! This article is from stuff.co.nz "The scrolls are a collection of ancient Jewish religious texts first discovered in the mid-1940s in caves on the western shore of the Dead Sea in what is now Israel. The massive cache of Hebrew documents is believed to date back to the days of Jesus. With more than 9000 documents and 50,000 fragments, the entire collection took decades to fully excavate. Most of the scrolls and fragments are tightly controlled by the Israeli Antiquities Authority. But around 2002, a wave of new fragments began mysteriously appearing on the market, despite
  9. In the later 80s I attended a Southern Baptist church in Savannah, GA, as a guest. Most of the congregation was white. I was with my husband and my beautiful East Indian friend. (I am brown-skinned too) After the service, Brother Bubba Baptist, donning a lavender blazer, came over to us to "welcome" us. After asking us where we were from, he said that he had always been partial to dark skinned people (in foreign far-flung lands where he had been a missionary). Talk about making me feel like a piece of chicken! "What part of the chicken would you like, Brother?" "Oh, I'll have the drumstick - I
  10. No, they get spooked when a sheeple dares to challenge their faith, their holy book and their whole house of cards. They'd rather circle their wagons, gossip, pity the poor wife whose husband had grown horns and turned into the devil. That's how my former Xtian brain would have perceived the situation. "Oh let's pray and pray and pray for brother L.B. - he'll return to the fold." Baa-baa!
  11. It's horrible to imprison a child's mind like that. I'm still traumatized by PTSD earworms of those inane Sunday School songs that randomly pop up when I'm minding my own business: "The B I B L E, yes that's the book for me I love to hear the stories of the B I B L E" My heart was black as sin Until the Savior came in His precious blood I know Has washed me white as snow For in his book I'm to-oh-old The streets are paved with go-oh-old A wonderful, wonderful day He took my sins away Also, there was one I learned in South Afr
  12. Welcome Jenn. One of our members wrote this book about what it was like to be a Mormon. It's really well written. I enjoyed the read. It's called "A Danger to God Himself" https://amzn.to/2LoGdpS
  13. My deconversion took place when I attended my last Easter service 4 years ago when I could no longer stand the abuse of the pastor telling the congregation how wicked, sinful and disobedient we collectively were, falling short of god's grace and favour. I came away from church feeling shitty about myself every Sunday. That Easter, I had simply had enough. Also Christopher Hitchens' quote about God CREATING us sick and DEMANDING us to get well, was the proverbial nail in the coffin. I read Hitchens, Dawkins, Barker, Ehrman, Richard Carrier, Valerie Tarico and Marlene Winnell. After that Su
  14. Toe the line as in drawing a line in the sand with your toe, I presume. Must Google it to confirm.
  15. Yes, it's very liberating to be free to be oneself. To belong to oneself and claim one's own goodness. It's liberating to be free of bowing and scraping and perpetually begging for forgiveness and living with perpetual fear of pissing off an invisible god. Christianity sure messes up your mind.
  16. "I am sorry you feel I am judgemental we are all judgemental at times" What kind of apology is this?? She's sorry I feel she's judgmental, but she's going to continue to be judgmental (if we continue our friendship.) "We have been friends for 25 years and have spoke about many things, I thought? I did notice that the sign off was without the love this time does this means its over for you? No need to be rude or nasty because we disagree. I don't give up my friends that easily, Christian or not, I have many friends that are not christians and we get along just f
  17. My response to her is in blue. Dear Jennifer, Dear Brenda, We're doing some sight-seeing on beautiful VI before we move into our house on August 16! Too much moving! Here's my response to your reply: I have long suspected your departure from Christianiy. Oh, you've kept a
  18. Is she EVER a control freak! Her poor husband is like a whipped puppy dog - I feel sorry for him
  19. Thanks for that, Daffodil. I dare say she will say she has special knowledge and favour from her God because of how he saved her when she cried out to him for help when her life was shitty and he changed her instantly - without any christian witnessing to her. So she KNOWS for sure that her god, particularly Jesus is very real to her. I do intend to "hammer her insanity back to her."
  20. "It's easier to let these types of friendships die a natural death, move on and find meaningful ones to replace them." Totally agree.
  21. Here's another website with Marlene's contact details: http://marlenewinell.net/recovery-harmful-religion
  22. Welcome Honeybib A good place to get psychological support is from Marlene Winell. She is a psychologist and a membr of ExChristian.net. Marlenewinell@journeyfree.org. Check out her website. When you sign up with her she'll send you notifications of her live webinar conferences. She will also contact you by phone.
  23. Comes around quickly, eh? I'm 7.5 years away from 3 score and 10. I'm married to an oldie who's 71!
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