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    Pretty gay, pretty pagan, pretty open. I don't like to deal with gods anymore than necessary. If you ever need to let off some steam I always have an open ear!

    Aspiring hairstylist and educator, I'm not on a whole lot because I barely have time for myself these days.

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  1. I'm almost 1000 hours through cosmetology school! I have 500 more to go but this is a really big accomplishment for me. I had to drop out for five months and I also struggle with acute depression so I am very proud of myself right now.

    1. knightcore


      I'll also be entering a national competition in the upcoming months and am VERY excited about that!

    2. Citsonga


      Good luck


    3. Margee


      Congratulations hon! 43 years here. You will never be without a job! (hug)