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    Unitarian Universalist and also a Deist
  1. I think out of all of those terms listed, I most identify with freethinker and humanist. I am a bit of a skeptic, too.
  2. It didn't make sense to me anymore. I don't get how a loving God would even allow hell to exist in the first place. I hate the whole "original sin" concept. That basically means you were set up to fail, right from the start. Hell, before the start actually. The whole "End Times" thing played a big part in my decision. I believed in it--Christianity--as a child. I started questioning it in my late teens, but I kept my doubts to myself at first. When I did feel comfortable and asked questions, I didn't get any real answers. Just your typical ones--give it to God, read the Bible, do this
  3. This was amazing. Great poem.
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