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  1. It's weird where I work, they usually work with you if you really need something off, and they'll work the system to get it for you. But at the same time we have some guys who take two months off by quitting and we instantly rehire them after they're done with their break, and they just get unemployment for that time off. I have to say it's fairly ingenious and everyone pretty much likes that the company is flexible like that. It's just the company doesn't like random days off requests because it's a business, and we are busy warehouse so you need every hand you can get for really big nights. Some weeks I'll work 60 hours just because of how busy it can be.
  2. It's pretty simple. You don't mess up on the forklift, you don't hurt anybody, and you can keep working. If you do mess up something or hurt somebody else, or if you're just a tool, then you will be fired before your shift even ends. The bosses are all pretty reasonable. You have to work hard though, no time to slack off, and you cannot ask for days off, you are given them as the workloads permit. But warehouse work is pretty fun and the coworkers are good lads.
  3. Eh..... science is okay, but I would rather not replace anything, I would rather not worship the test tube over god of the bible. I'd rather go to a museum, to a cafe, to a bar, watch TV, that sort of thing. If I spent all my time focusing on just one thing I think it would limit myself unnecessarily.
  4. Makes sense to me. I wouldn't say it's just religion though, I think if you attach your ego to any one position on just about anything then it reduces your inclination to analyze contrary positions.
  5. My school was allowed to read anything but evolution in biology. All it did was make everyone interested in it. The local bookstores made a heyday off the thousands of "on the origin of species" that were sold. I doubt many read the whole damn thing, but by god they wanted the suckers if they weren't allowed in school.
  6. I don't know, I wouldn't mind if I had kids and they learned about Christianity, as long as they also learned about all other religions, and the non-religious, and philosophies and whatnot. Teaching ethics couldn't hurt, either.
  7. Blue skies above me, Sweet fragrance, Trees all around - see, Winds make dance, Hearkening back to days past, Dark clouds of smoke and vast fire, Fog with the smell of burning, The flesh of the innocent, A sweet savor to the Lord, The law and justice of wrath, Lake of lava pours from cross, Lightning above - clouds, Streaks of light, Sunshine chariots, Warmth and might, Memories quite horrible, Walking through glades filled of bones, Life completely meaningless, Fantasia overwhelming, Empty promises left void, Vast porticoes crumble - all, Visions of joy - delusion, Finally at top, My gods there, With beauty I stop, I just stare, Reunited with family, Reunited ancestors, Alcohol flows eternal, Grapes and olives abound here, All cheeses of the earth, Cooked chicken fresh from oven, Finally at last at home, My gods dear, I miss you, I now have no fear, As you do, Peace from Olympus here now.
  8. I am going to be honest and say part of the reason I'm comfortably non-religious is because I'm so comfortable. I'd imagine that if my circumstances were drastically reduced or altered I may be tempted to find justice in the form of a metaphysical actor, such as a deity, in order to bring about some future state of contentment. It's not something I'm ashamed of, it's just a basic reality. When I have an "oh shit" moment, I typically for a split second hope that a metaphysical being is in control of my external reality to prevent a major clusterfuck. Then the second passes and I go on with what I got to do. It's more of a reaction for me, like an "I'm not sure if this will end well... so if someone was in charge of things that would be nice" reaction, if that makes sense. So I guess for me, the meaning of life is primarily the thrill of adventure. Religion simply doesn't fit much into it except as a topic for discussion and exploration. The impact a divine being has on my everyday reality is largely a reaction to events out of my control and passes with the moment.
  9. I don't think Sweden is being turned into something. I think it is being disintegrated.
  10. Enjoying new job. Love warehousing work.

    1. rjn


      I envy you. Good honest hard work!

    2. Brother Jeff

      Brother Jeff

      Bless the Lard, Brother! Glory!

  11. Atheist: No. Anti-theist: No. Agnostic: No. Skeptic: Somewhat. Not too passionate about it. Freethinker: No. Humanist: Definitely not. Pantheist: No. Religion to me is just entertainment that I choose not to indulge in. I would rather watch soccer and football, go to a bar, or go to the mountains or desert.
  12. I go to bars regularly (on off-days so it's not busy), go to football and soccer games or watch them on TV, and when events come to town I'll usually go just for the entertainment. I really don't have the time for much popular culture, even if I wished it to be so.
  13. Morality is culturally subjective. Hence if god is only proved within the understanding of morality and by its acknowledgement, then god is limited and culturally reliant. Hence it is not the christian god and therefore the christian is wrong. Ethics, though, is a transcendental form of Plato and can exist independently of its own. Would it prove the christian god? Not at all. In fact, if the christian god is a perfect concept it only exists in the understanding it has of itself and therefore has no relation to reality in that the perfect forms of all creation exist, and this existence is only a shade of thus. Therefore the christian god does and doesn't exist. It does exist as a concept and can exist in perfection unto itself, but it does not exist in reality and can only exist as a shade of itself in reality, meaning as a conceptual framework within the mind of the person. And that's assuming one takes a Platonic view of forms and form theory. Aristotle would say something else entirely.
  14. I often think about this.... If anything my academic study of ancient Mediterranean religions has helped me. In some ways I intellectually acknowledge that if material reality is all there is and naturalism is truly the de naturalis jure of the universe, and hence, I am all there is to me, physically. But at the same time when I think on it a bit, and with enough study of my area of expertise, I begin to realize the nature of reality a little bit better, and gain a little bit of ambiguity to the nature of epistemological understanding. In some ways this has caused me grief in wondering about my own beliefs... But at the same time when pressed, I usually answer folks that inquire, "I'm an observer of religion, not a participant." This response has so far in life suited me quite adeptly. However, in the real nature of my living, I maintain a shrine to Buddha, Odin, Thor, Hades, Tyr, the household Lares and Penates, among other spirits/deity/ies. I light candles and sometimes incense and sometimes meditate on them. But in what way does this change my true nature of being and understanding myself? Well.... If I'm being honest, I guess it makes me an eclectic syncretist, or perhaps, an eclectic-agnostic-hyridized-polyhenotheist. Or perhaps better put, your average ancient Roman. But at the same time I am able to successfully disentangle myself from my orthopraxic traditions and examine everything from an outside and objective perspective (as much as possible) which is necessary for truly academic study. Truly, I am an old-school religionist, if that, given what we know of most ancient religious practitioners. The emphasis was orthopraxy over orthodoxy (although honestly I think most Christians if they are honest with themselves practice orthopraxy over orthodoxy). Because of this reality, I do not feel conflict between my intellectualized understanding of reality, and my practiced, perhaps spiritual, method of being in this reality. The two are contradictory and conflicting and in some ways mutually exclusive, but for me, there is no conflict nor can there be since it is harmony in discord. This probably wasn't the answer you were looking for, I just hope the idea that you can be your own thing, you don't have to be defined by others, including their ideology, that is the big deal.
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