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  1. My whole life was involved in my religion because I was a pastor. It wasn't too hard to disentangle from the actual religious aspects, but the more practical aspects like "what the hell am I doing to do with my life now" have been difficult.
  2. I was a minister for a long time, so I had a ton of books. I gave some away to a place that I applied to be the director of - a non-profit that helped disadvantage teens in the inner city (decided I couldn't fake it even there), some I trashed, and I kept the really old ones I have (I have several from the 1800's/early 1900's).
  3. I thought it was really good. It took awhile for me to stay invested when the sister was introduced. I really liked her character but I felt like it was a little forced. All in all a good show though.
  4. I graduated from a Christian college. I didn't have a bad experience there, but now I get pissed sometimes when I think about my professors who told me things that even if they believed they were true, made me stay in ministry and religion longer than I would have because I figured they knew what they were talking about.
  5. Do you have a link to this YouTube teacher! And thank you for your kind words.
  6. I don't get on here very often, in fact the last time was sometime in November. Whoops! Anyway, since I have had some conversations with some of you, I thought I would share an update. Still an atheist, although I call myself an apatheist - I don't really care if God exists or not. In December, my wife left me and took my daughter with her. There are a lot of reasons why, but one of them is that the church world is all she's known since she was a pastor's wife and us losing all of our friends and connections - essentially our entire world - has taken a toll
  7. I hope you get the help you desperately need. I have those thoughts at times - my wife and I are recently separated and she took my daughter to live with her half an hour away - and feel somewhat lonely at times. But I have a good humanist community that meets every other Sunday for dinner, and I am slowly sharing with some of my friends the things I face on a daily basis. I would definitely suggest finding some likeminded people and become connected with them.
  8. Ooh that reminds me of the Lamaze class my wife and I were in where this other guy was in it and somehow he and I started talking about church or something. I grew up and was a minister in the Christian church/churches of Christ brotherhood and he said he went to a church of Christ and I said "oh we are on the same team. I am a Christian church minister" and he said "no we aren't. You don't belong to the church of Christ." I was like "huh?"
  9. Which song? My favorite songs of his were If I Stand, The Love Of God and Hold Me Jesus.
  10. I got to know Andrew a little bit because he and a bunch of friends did a christmas tour every year and they came to our church two years in a row and I was the person putting it all together. He borrowed my car to go to Starbucks before the concert. Great guy. He has done a couple Rich Mullins covers that are really good. One of my favorite concerts ever was a Rich Mullins concert. The World As Best As I Remember It tour.
  11. Keith Green, Rich Mullins and Andrew Peterson were the three guys who I felt were the most authentic when it came to Xianity.
  12. I listen to A Better Life podcast which is really good. I want to see the movie though. I think it's only offered through screenings though correct?
  13. It has to eventually fail right? I mean, they are planning on getting their money back by selling analytical information or something. But until it does, I say take advantage of it!
  14. I'm giddy with excitement, because in two weeks I'm going to sit down and have a coffee with a famous atheist. Can you guess who?

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    2. hockeyfan70


      Hmm, maybe I hyped this up too much haha. Think "son of a famous Christian."

    3. LogicalFallacy


      After a google search I'm going to say:


      Bart Campolo



    4. hockeyfan70
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