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  1. My whole life was involved in my religion because I was a pastor. It wasn't too hard to disentangle from the actual religious aspects, but the more practical aspects like "what the hell am I doing to do with my life now" have been difficult.
  2. I was a minister for a long time, so I had a ton of books. I gave some away to a place that I applied to be the director of - a non-profit that helped disadvantage teens in the inner city (decided I couldn't fake it even there), some I trashed, and I kept the really old ones I have (I have several from the 1800's/early 1900's).
  3. I thought it was really good. It took awhile for me to stay invested when the sister was introduced. I really liked her character but I felt like it was a little forced. All in all a good show though.
  4. I graduated from a Christian college. I didn't have a bad experience there, but now I get pissed sometimes when I think about my professors who told me things that even if they believed they were true, made me stay in ministry and religion longer than I would have because I figured they knew what they were talking about.
  5. Do you have a link to this YouTube teacher! And thank you for your kind words.
  6. I don't get on here very often, in fact the last time was sometime in November. Whoops! Anyway, since I have had some conversations with some of you, I thought I would share an update. Still an atheist, although I call myself an apatheist - I don't really care if God exists or not. In December, my wife left me and took my daughter with her. There are a lot of reasons why, but one of them is that the church world is all she's known since she was a pastor's wife and us losing all of our friends and connections - essentially our entire world - has taken a toll on her. We are separated but are about to start getting into talking about big issues and seeing if we can come back together. I am a mailman during the day, and by night I was working at a grocery store, but in January I was able to quit that job and have been working part time for my friend Bart Campolo, who is the humanist chaplain at the University of Cincinnati and the son of famous preacher and author Tony Campolo. I mainly produce and edit his podcast, run his social media, and update his website. His podcast is called Humanize Me, and I'm pretty proud of the work we've done on it. He has some really good conversations with people. You can find it here: https://bartcampolo.org/humanizeme I'm doing a lot of "soul"-searching, lots of reading (working through all of the Ehrman books again), and spending time with my two cats and a bunny. Every other Sunday I help Bart put on a humanist community dinner in Cincinnati. It's been a great way to connect with people and I'm excited about the future.
  7. I hope you get the help you desperately need. I have those thoughts at times - my wife and I are recently separated and she took my daughter to live with her half an hour away - and feel somewhat lonely at times. But I have a good humanist community that meets every other Sunday for dinner, and I am slowly sharing with some of my friends the things I face on a daily basis. I would definitely suggest finding some likeminded people and become connected with them.
  8. Ooh that reminds me of the Lamaze class my wife and I were in where this other guy was in it and somehow he and I started talking about church or something. I grew up and was a minister in the Christian church/churches of Christ brotherhood and he said he went to a church of Christ and I said "oh we are on the same team. I am a Christian church minister" and he said "no we aren't. You don't belong to the church of Christ." I was like "huh?"
  9. Which song? My favorite songs of his were If I Stand, The Love Of God and Hold Me Jesus.
  10. I got to know Andrew a little bit because he and a bunch of friends did a christmas tour every year and they came to our church two years in a row and I was the person putting it all together. He borrowed my car to go to Starbucks before the concert. Great guy. He has done a couple Rich Mullins covers that are really good. One of my favorite concerts ever was a Rich Mullins concert. The World As Best As I Remember It tour.
  11. Keith Green, Rich Mullins and Andrew Peterson were the three guys who I felt were the most authentic when it came to Xianity.
  12. I listen to A Better Life podcast which is really good. I want to see the movie though. I think it's only offered through screenings though correct?
  13. It has to eventually fail right? I mean, they are planning on getting their money back by selling analytical information or something. But until it does, I say take advantage of it!
  14. I'm giddy with excitement, because in two weeks I'm going to sit down and have a coffee with a famous atheist. Can you guess who?

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      Hmm, maybe I hyped this up too much haha. Think "son of a famous Christian."

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      After a google search I'm going to say:


      Bart Campolo



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