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  1. TippyToe

    Suicide Bombing in Manchester UK

    Scotland yard have confirmed with Westminster the identity of the perpetrator, it's just not being announced to the public yet as to not tip of potential people involved. So we know it was an terror attack in the name of Islam. Obviously it's probably not ISIS Per se but an individual or group who empathises with them or is ideologically in line with them. Yep, whilst there is a harrowing feeling in Manchester today, there is a definite air of solidarity, people from all races, and religions, chipping in, doing what they can to help. Manchester has always been a city of grit, character and determination.
  2. TippyToe

    Suicide Bombing in Manchester UK

    As someone who lives in Manchester, within walking distance of the M.E.N, where the attack took place, i can say with confidence that this was a Islamic terror attack. What's really sad though, is it was an attack on children, who are not caught up in religion and politics, they have no agenda, they are not liberals or conservative, they were just children having fun, who unknowingly got used as pawns in a adult world of religion, politics and hatred.
  3. TippyToe

    Door Knockers.. Mormons?

    Pahahah, that made me laugh. Yes you assume correctly.... unless it was the 'Let's all have a wicked time and chill cult'. Otherwise i steer well clear
  4. TippyToe

    Door Knockers.. Mormons?

    hahaha! Seeing as i live in the UK, that would be doubly confusing.
  5. TippyToe

    Door Knockers.. Mormons?

    Thanks, yeah you're right, the easiest place to start is usually at the beginning. When talking to religious people, i have so many different points in my head that barely come out with any particular structure, meaning i'm probably not usually that convincing. also could you tell me who wrote 'who wrote the bible'? haha, i'd be interested in reading that myself
  6. TippyToe

    Door Knockers.. Mormons?

    nah i know, i have no intention of sitting down and 'studying' with them. They seemed quite young and sheltered, doing door to door job in bloody freezing conditions. as i say they were nice and have been indoctrinated, just like a lot of people here were. idk, i just thought it might be of value to engage in some sort of discussion. i wish atheists had been more forthcoming with me when i was christian is all.
  7. TippyToe

    Door Knockers.. Mormons?

    So two girls just knocked on my door.... don't know how they got in the building but oh well. I know i should have probably turned them away, but i was bored. they read their booklet out to me and started banging on about The heavenly mother? I asked them what denomination they were and if they were christian. They were kind of vague and said they believe in the bible, but there are too many 'versions of the story'. I'm pretty sure they were Mormons but it was a bit weird that they weren't honest about it? other Mormons i have come across are typically in suits and stop you in the street so i'm not too sure! Anyhow they asked me if i wanted to be part of Gods kingdom and i said no, when asked why i briefly told them a few reasons why i find the bible horrific, they were nice girls so i wasn't rude to them. I know they will return, which i don't mind really, but has anyone got any tips on things to say to them, to challenge them etc?
  8. TippyToe

    Feeling Hollow.

    Hi Daisy, i'm sorry you're feeling this way, it truly can be awful. As the others have said, many people feel this way at some point or another, i'm not saying that to make you're experience less valid, but the opposite, what you're feeling makes you so human and so connected to others. what i find is that when we put conditions on our happiness, we suffer. i always use to tell myself 'i will be happy when such and such happens' or at a certain point in my life, but whenever that thing happened, i always looked to the next thing for my happiness, and with that frame of mind, peace and happiness never comes. If we can learn to be content in what we have right now and also content in the ordinary (not becoming complacent but rather appreciating simple, normal things in life), then i feel, we become less restless and anxious, and more content. Also, something that has really helped for me is just not entertaining the minds negative narrative. So naturally my thought train may go somewhere eg 'i'm alone, unintelligent, hopeless etc'. i think its normal to think those things, but if we get lost in that train of thought and start agreeing with and identifying with that voice, then we begin to suffer. so its not about retraining the mind or anything silly like that, but simply recognizing that its destructive to get lost in our inner narrative. I don't know if you will find this helpful or not, i hope it's not patronising. I relate a lot to what you have described, and these are the things that have helped me, find a deeper level of peace, and get rid of that constant state of feeling horrific!
  9. TippyToe

    Meditation And Guilt

    Yeah, you are 100% right there. I most certainly attach kooky church obsessions to things like this! These things really seep in and i guess, take time to get rid of. i really see where you are coming from with it perhaps being a separate issue, it does make sense, but a big part of me does believe that the reason i have and do suffer anxiety/panic attacks is down to Christianity, as an otherwise very confident person, i have always had them and never been able to figure out why, but after leaving the fold, i am left to slightly believe it was the manipulation and brainwashing that caused it!
  10. TippyToe

    Meditation And Guilt

    Thanks for sharing your experience, in doing so you have given me some hope that i can and will get there. In the past i have had some professional help, but never in the form of talking/therapy etc. i do wonder if there are professionals who focus on religious harm etc in my area. i will have to look it up. I refuse to give up on meditation just yet though, as i have certainly drawn positives from it so far. I haven't looked into Chakra models yet (That i know of). I have been taking it gently and starting with the basics, just to ease myself into it. I've been able to an extent to switch off my inner narrative at times, and at others whilst practicing, i have learnt to not identify negatively or positively with my inner narrative, which has been helpful in general life! i look forward to seeing how it goes
  11. TippyToe

    Meditation And Guilt

    Thanks for you're thoughts! They make a lot of sense to me, it really is the random thoughts that bother me, even though i know they are far from rational. I tried CBT a long time ago, while a was still a Christian, it was not helpful for me at the time, but i was not invested in trying to 'get better', perhaps now, it would be worth a go!
  12. TippyToe

    Meditation And Guilt

    Thanks! I officially admitted to myself that i want nothing more to do with Christianity just less than a year ago. Your'e encouragement is appreciated.... i feel, immensely the difference, already even after a relatively short time away!
  13. TippyToe

    Meditation And Guilt

    Now and again i struggle to attain a peaceful state of mind and maintain in, sometimes i'll be feeling great and out of no where, i have a crushing sensation coming down on my chest that wont shift for hours, i'll just feel kind of uneasy but not sure what about, but just a general feeling of 'somethings not right'. Its a lot better than it used to be, i have gone from feeling like that a least once a day, to only once in a while. Anyhow, about a month or so ago, i decided to take up meditation, i'd read a lot about it, talked to people who practice and i really liked the 'philosophy' behind it. i gave it a try and the first few times it was great, i really loved it, i'd never felt so in touch with my mind, so tranquil etc. However shortly after a session i had a panic attack, now i haven't had a panic attack in years! It was probably the worst one I've ever experienced, it happened suddenly and seemingly without reason, it took a very long time for me to feel okay and to snap out of it. When i was reflecting on it on my way home from work the next day, a horrible thought came into my mind. I thought, if only for a moment, that it was God punishing me for practicing meditation, for turning away from him and choosing something that the church does not approve of. Now that is RIDICULOUS! I don't believe in God for crying out loud! but it hit me, these poisonous thoughts are still coming into my mind, still, if only briefly, clouding my judgement and effecting my thought process. I want to completely rid myself of any remnant of backwards, judgmental, controlling religious thoughts. This panic attack could have come from anywhere, i wont go into the reasons why now but it certainly didnt come from GOD. And what must i have thought of God when i did believe if i thought of him as the kind of god who would purposely give me a panic attack? Any thought on how to deprogramme from thinking like this would be greatly appreciated, or if anyone has encountered anything similar.
  14. Welcome Well done for getting out. I find Quiverful families fascinating and knew a girl from one at one point.... but i appreciate that, this was your reality and how painful it must have been, i really respect that. Life is so much better on the outside. How has your father reacted to your leaving the faith, and your siblings becoming feminists and what not? My parents weren't fundamentalists but i still would find it extremely difficult to admit that i don't believe to them, so just wondering what your relationship is like with them now?
  15. wow! that must have been really messy to brake away from. It is a hard process, trying to unlearn everything and start again.... its such a mixed bag of emotions! but it feels worth it! huge weight off my life