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  1. Thank you for your time, my deprogramming is complete. I enjoyed most of the conversation's here, but I have nothing left to talk about. I am currently out in the field combating Christian's head on until I'm satisfied I've made an impact. On a personal note I grew tired of being shot down here for idea's that didn't fit in a test tube. I've also never made any legitimate connection's with anybody. I don't care if it's me, we've got to carry each other. Anyway I'll leave you with this song
  2. Don't discourage my learning process.
  3. You have every right to be angry, everyone goes through the anger stage when de-converting.
  4. Embrace your anger, make it your pet.
  5. Sound reasoning, in a way. I'm thinking of the weakest link on that one.
  6. As we learn about ourselves & our universe the nature of our moral thinking will change with us. It is said "Accurate knowledge is the wealth of the world" It is true that people on both side's of the loaf can do the opposite when it comes to moral thinking, but by far and large Bible God does not tell us why he made the rules the way he did, you just have to shut up and except it. "Do not go beyond what is written" Yeah.
  7. Some thing's I know are right & wrong based on the evidence, but that's not the same as claiming those right & wrong thing's as good or evil. I'm not throwing stone's here, it's just that Christian's hold to a set of moral's that they have to believe in. They are not concerned with understanding why they believe certain thing's are right or wrong, and finding evidence to support their moral codes. No, they just accept that "God said it, and that settles it"
  8. Something about humans not wanting to share their "Rightness" among each other. It's as if only one can possess the "truth" when they think they have it.
  9. This is a perfect example as how many hoop's a person needs to jump through if their moral standards are based on belief alone.
  10. Are you the kind of person who just accepts what other people think is moral or immoral? Have you weighed your moral judgments on the scales of evidence, or do you say "This is good or that is bad" based on what you believe? Basically this is what Christianity asks, to believe that what it says about morality is correct. No you don't need an explanation or evidence for upholding a moral code, you just have to believe you know what's right & wrong. So the next time a Christian says something is immoral, ask them "Do you know it's wrong, or do you believe it's wrong" If they say they know, then ask them for the evidence. So, what evidence do you actually have that can prove what God says is immoral is in fact immoral.
  11. Yes it is. Firstly, a non religious person won't have an ulterior motive to sharing their knowledge with me. Secondly, a non religious person won't try to convince me of the things they believe in because they wont see no immediate threat on my immortal soul.
  12. No, I don't know, you see the hurt in their eye's, the offended heart. Then they rush to defend their point of view as if Jesus hinself was hurt. The Bible says you can grieve the spirit, maybe that's why they feel the need to defend him.
  13. Because anyone can say anything and promote it as gospel.
  14. Where does the Bible say "we are in the time of the holy spirit" I'm just asking, because I can't remember if it specifically says that. Also can you back up biblically your claim that "Life is a test" Thanks.
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