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  1. quinntar

    Visual Assistance Needed

    Worth spreading around.
  2. quinntar

    Nutz (A stupid arsed poem)

    When I think of you It's like a drive by desire When I kill the shame inside I'll be left dreaming of you But they don't want me dreaming of you I don't know what they really want I don't know But they think they know How moral they really are Fuck'em all They don't make the universal law's They just don't My sister used to say What two people do, bla bla bla But she didn't figure it would be you She figured it would be her Then why would she keep saying it? Shit! Aren't we all a banana short of a fruit salad Hell, I'm so in love with you.
  3. quinntar

    Those old fashioned feeling's

    I get the religious creeps, like I feel it creeping all over me. Last night I was in a bad place in my head and I started feeling the need to pray. Man, it's fucking hard to divorce myself from those feeling's. I know prayer ain't gonna do shit, but I feel those old fashioned feelings. What do I do?
  4. quinntar

    please answer ex-christians!!!

    Maybe God exists & doesn't at the same time.
  5. quinntar

    please answer ex-christians!!!

    Well that gives me some relief.
  6. quinntar

    My Voice

  7. If this God was real we'd all be going to hell, tell her that.
  8. quinntar

    Hello all

    Yes very correct, I was in a mood last night. But my post has meaning too, it's just I look around me and more and more people are abandoning themselves to a flutter of want. They're sucking up as much raw material as they can before they bite the big one. Anyways.
  9. quinntar

    Hello all

    The problem I foresee is that as religion falls we do not have that comfy spiritual backstop that we used as a gap filler to curb us from going nutz. Tiss why we are becoming such materialistic & narcissistic A hole's. I mean if there is absolutely no meaning at all, then fuck me I can do the fuck I want. I can throw my natural instincts & incantations to be a team player to the wind. There's always something more, remember that well.
  10. quinntar

    Satan gave man love. Was it worth the hate?

    If anything Satan gave us our freedom from a tyrannical monster.
  11. quinntar

    Not One Answer to One Prayer For Healing : Giving Up On God

    I've said this before "When you have a fuck load of people waiting on their non existent gods to come through and assist everybody, nothing gets done." Three stooges, yeah, lol.
  12. quinntar

    I’m now one of you

    Welcome to the dark side of the force.
  13. quinntar

    Is Christian debate dead?

    I know I've run out of thing's too say to Christian's, tiss why all my thread's sux now. Time to get creative.