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  1. quinntar

    Not One Answer to One Prayer For Healing : Giving Up On God

    I've said this before "When you have a fuck load of people waiting on their non existent gods to come through and assist everybody, nothing gets done." Three stooges, yeah, lol.
  2. quinntar

    I’m now one of you

    Welcome to the dark side of the force.
  3. quinntar

    Is Christian debate dead?

    I know I've run out of thing's too say to Christian's, tiss why all my thread's sux now. Time to get creative.
  4. quinntar

    Is Christian debate dead?

    Great, all we have left now is to drop the bomb.
  5. quinntar

    Is Christian debate dead?

    Aye! That's true.
  6. quinntar

    Is Christian debate dead?

    I absolutely agree. "Christianity, stop hitting yourself!"
  7. quinntar

    Bible Verses

  8. quinntar

    The Psychology Behind Prayer and Ritual

    I know a slot machine is not going to really pay out. But why do I play them, because it randomly gives me a little treat here and there.
  9. quinntar

    The Psychology Behind Prayer and Ritual

    Mate if you ever make it out of Christianity you'll have absolutely nothing to hold on to, and that's not so bad. One could say you live with a joyful curiosity, nothing is painted for you. Personally I don't care if you ever join the dark side, in a way I get the sharpen my teeth on the likes of you (Don't punch a wall because of that) But at the very least you're consistent to your faith position, who knows in a thousand year's or so your own word's might be considered holy script.
  10. quinntar

    True believer

    This poem is about a really nice girl I met a year or so ago who was being trampled over by other Christian's.
  11. quinntar

    True believer

    I know you don't really know me But I've met you before Briefly You were harassed You were hemmed in On every side you were attacked But back then I was a believer Just And you took a shine to me And you thought I was nice Because I didn't do what they did But I've done far worse I'd be lying if I said anything else Now I'm back again And I wonder if you'll like me Now I'm not a believer anymore.
  12. quinntar

    The Psychology Behind Prayer and Ritual

  13. quinntar

    The Psychology Behind Prayer and Ritual

    Hey hey, no need for profanity fall out boy.
  14. quinntar

    My Tongue Is Sore From All The Biting.

    If we outgrow our infantile behavior I think that is a real poss (Possibility)