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  1. theanticrash

    How do Christians view God?

    This is what God looks like.
  2. theanticrash

    Secular Grace

    Ephesians 4:29 NIV Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.
  3. theanticrash

    Conditions, conditions

    Christians, Do you have to love your God unconditionally? Now Does your God love you unconditionally?
  4. Be scared of real thing's like deadly snakes or wild eyed grizzly bears. It's healthier.
  5. theanticrash

    Hello :)

    If you really had the truth all learning would cease. Have you ceased learning?
  6. theanticrash

    The tentacles of religion

    Joke. A man who ran into an old Christian friend on the streets said "I am the Lord Jesus Christ" The Christian then asks if he could prove it to him. "Sure" The man says, follow me. So the Christian follows him into the red light district to a house. The man then knocks on the door, and then a woman answer's. "Jesus Christ! You again"
  7. theanticrash

    Empathic ties

    Yeah I know you can feel me Since you were a child They gave you the silver spoon And you expected a golden plate You were a gifted child Learning how to bend people to your will But you never controlled your gift You just had to play with daddy's head But what did I know That all my feeling's are just mine And you grew into such a bitter little girl But that bitterness was also mine Why did you stamp on my shoe that day? Just to see what was going to send Like I knew back then what we both were Then before I had a chance to breath You bloomed into a beautiful woman With a smile on your face And a suitcase full of lies All the while twisting in the nails All the while I was going silently mad But that didn't stop you transmitting junk And that didn't phase you one little bit Knowing that I'd suffer a fate worse than death And I'd have no emotional peace But I figured it out in the nick of time And now you're running for the hills And now you're running from everything I feel.
  8. theanticrash

    The tentacles of religion

    Having been stuck on the streets & in emergency accommodation for the last 2 weeks I've discovered some horrible fact's about the homeless service's We in Australia are short on non religious charity organizations, most of them are based around some religious agenda, I was completely demoralized to accept charity from these God freaks. I in fact got caught up in their religious activities for a while. I had to play into there little religious games just to sleep in their church. I have a few Christians spewing their pathetic charitable acts on me, while they hope they can bring me around to their enlightened way of belief. But I couldn't accept their charity under those conditions anymore, so I left and lived on the cold streets walking around for days without being able sleep. Finally today I got enough money to book a hotel room for a week, I can just chill out and plan my next move.
  9. theanticrash

    Is hell good or bad?

    Simply, people like you should be fucking dead! In the grave dead.
  10. theanticrash

    Why be good if there is no God

    Why be good? I just try to be nice. Being good is trying to reach for the stars, you can never stop trying to be good (There's simply no ultimate end) I find that the exercise of acting good is competitive in nature, and a serious burden to carry. It's too much pressure & the expectation on yourself to be good is crushing. So I resign to the fact that I'll never know what real goodness is (If goodness actually exists as something) No, I opt out of that, and just be nice.
  11. theanticrash

    Battlefield of the mind

    If we gauge the Christian on the matter of human suffering, the Christian most likely would say that a lifetime of suffering is pale in comparison to the wonderful bliss that their God offers them in heaven. But then the offer is not something that abolishes suffering altogether, since this God's plan is to incur greater suffering on those who do not accept his offer. In fact our suffering is really pale in comparison to the suffering he will inflict (Alowing to be inflicted) if anyone rejects his plan of salvation. Heaven is just the escape hatch, where one can find a safe place in their mind to douse the illusion of eternal torture. Here we see that negative infraction (Hell) is replaced with a positive assurance (Heaven) But the negative infraction still exists inside the positive ideal (Like a mental trojan horse) and any defense against the positive thought activates the dormant negative thought.
  12. theanticrash

    LDS Church

    Condemnation is the egg that bleeds for you.
  13. theanticrash


    Isn't Atheism just a suspension of believing in god(s) due to the lack of evidence. I didn't think you could be an Atheist, like it's someone or something you can become.
  14. theanticrash

    Believe God in 5 minutes.

    Must I watch it? I could lose my shit and punch my phone.
  15. theanticrash

    Friend dumped me over religion

    What kind of friendship could it have really been? A relationship based around a sky fairy isn't a relationship, it's a delusionship.