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  1. theanticrash

    Is hell good or bad?

    Simply, people like you should be fucking dead! In the grave dead.
  2. theanticrash

    Why be good if there is no God

    Why be good? I just try to be nice. Being good is trying to reach for the stars, you can never stop trying to be good (There's simply no ultimate end) I find that the exercise of acting good is competitive in nature, and a serious burden to carry. It's too much pressure & the expectation on yourself to be good is crushing. So I resign to the fact that I'll never know what real goodness is (If goodness actually exists as something) No, I opt out of that, and just be nice.
  3. theanticrash

    Battlefield of the mind

    If we gauge the Christian on the matter of human suffering, the Christian most likely would say that a lifetime of suffering is pale in comparison to the wonderful bliss that their God offers them in heaven. But then the offer is not something that abolishes suffering altogether, since this God's plan is to incur greater suffering on those who do not accept his offer. In fact our suffering is really pale in comparison to the suffering he will inflict (Alowing to be inflicted) if anyone rejects his plan of salvation. Heaven is just the escape hatch, where one can find a safe place in their mind to douse the illusion of eternal torture. Here we see that negative infraction (Hell) is replaced with a positive assurance (Heaven) But the negative infraction still exists inside the positive ideal (Like a mental trojan horse) and any defense against the positive thought activates the dormant negative thought.
  4. theanticrash

    LDS Church

    Condemnation is the egg that bleeds for you.
  5. theanticrash


    Isn't Atheism just a suspension of believing in god(s) due to the lack of evidence. I didn't think you could be an Atheist, like it's someone or something you can become.
  6. theanticrash

    Believe God in 5 minutes.

    Must I watch it? I could lose my shit and punch my phone.
  7. theanticrash

    Friend dumped me over religion

    What kind of friendship could it have really been? A relationship based around a sky fairy isn't a relationship, it's a delusionship.
  8. theanticrash

    LDS Church

    What message did you get.
  9. theanticrash

    Shitty church music

    Fantastic! Fucking Christian music, bloody hell, it's just mind numbing zombie tunes. The guy at my shopping center gets better rhythm with a pair of drumsticks & some plastic paint drum's.
  10. theanticrash

    Hell no

    Here's a verse from the Bible I really like. Romans 2:24 24As it is written: "God's name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you. Yeah, because of you Christian's. I can't help but notice that the early church was riddled with issue's. For people who had the living Apostle's with them, they sure had a lot of drama.
  11. theanticrash

    LDS Church

    Listening to someone also means you think about what they're saying to you.
  12. theanticrash

    Hell no

    I remember many many year's ago I saved a child from being trampled to death by a horse. I guess now I own her soul for all eternity.
  13. theanticrash

    Hell no

    Correction! There's no tasting or seeing your God, because that would be considered actual stimuli, and we don't want that now. That would not lead back to faith.
  14. theanticrash

    LDS Church

    It's pretty hard Jim to be an enemy of something that doesn't exist.