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  1. This series is amazing! Enjoy! (I didn't make it or anything, just found it.)
  2. He existed by God's holy spirit in invisible ghost form, and then flowed into Mary's womb with no human father or scientific process. It was God's magic.
  3. I'm into other girls, and the "you'll go to hell" stuff messed me up with REALLY BAD anxiety as a kid. I shouldn't have had to spend ages 10-13 paranoid about going to hell as if I had secretly murdered someone. Religion sucks.
  4. Throughout the Bible, the Christian God's motivation has always been his own huge ego. In the Old Testament, entire cities and civilizations (full of plenty of innocent people too) got ravaged and burned to the ground because they "displeased Him." In the Abraham/Isaac story, he gives a kid PTSD by having his dad almost murder him, then says "nevermind, I just wanted to test your obedience," and it's seen as some kind of benevolent and loving sacrifice. If a parent made their kid kill a pet to test their obedience to the parents, people would be making reports, because that's ABUSE
  5. End3, 1. Why would a perfect, just, all-good God allow a person to be born in a North Korea prison camp, live their whole life there and die there, without knowing anything other than depravity and torture at the Auschwitz level, because their grandparents rebelled against the government? 2. Even if we were to accept that the horribly deformed baby posted by BornAgainAtheist was the result of sin (assuming perhaps that the parents' "sin" led to it), why would an all-just and all-good perfect God make the innocent baby forced to live the life of nothing but suffering, i
  6. Remember that many of them are also conditioned to believe that dying for faith, if necessary, is the right thing to do.
  7. In the Bible, as I recall, God is the one commanding all the disasters and mass deaths (deaths of all the first-born innocent baby boys in Egypt, flood of Noah's ark, etc. etc.) But what does Satan actually do that's anywhere near that catastrophic? For example, here are some of Satan's main scenes: - Tempting Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden (to eat fruit/get knowledge/have sex? Who really cares? It's not like he's telling them to slaughter the animals or kill each other) - Tempting Job to not have faith in God, after God is the one to destroy his life and kill
  8. In Christianity, when people have terrible traumas/tragedies in life, it's generally compared to Job and accompanied by statements like "God is making things harder for you now but they will be so much better later." Examples cited are often things like...you lose your job but it leads to a better one, or there's a family tragedy but then it brings the whole extended family together, or you come from an abusive childhood but then are inspired to a career of helping others, and so on. But in those examples, there's typically the assumption that the people involved are able to someday have mostl
  9. Why have no Christians responded to my thread with my questions asking for answers from Christians?
  10. Could you take a shot at the questions in the thread I started the other day?
  11. The premise of orthodox Christianity is boiled down to the following points: 1) that we are all destined -- and fully deserve -- to roast in Hell for all eternity, because in the eyes of a "all good and perfect" Creator, telling small lies or stealing a candy bar is just as bad as killing millions of people and therefore we're doomed just by being alive; (In some denominations, this goes even further by saying that the reason why we're all evil is because two people ate a magic apple, and now their genetic sin is our problem) 2) That somehow the above scenario is j
  12. So he's your father and your lover at the same time, but will condemn you to torture if you don't obey him? He sounds like that creepy incestuous Wildling cult leader from Game of Thrones. The one who had dozens of daughters with whom he made more kids with, and sacrificed the baby boys to the ice zombies. Y'all know who I'm talking about here.
  13. How do you upload a picture as an attachment? All I see is the option to insert a link, but I have some funny atheist memes saved as attachments on my desktop and don't know how to share them.
  14. I honestly don't see what makes this the stupidest thing ever. I can imagine a lot of contexts where this could make sense. Was she saying that having a horse made her want to become a veterinarian/wildlife expert/etc., or maybe that she earned money from horse-riding for tuition or got some kind of horse-related scholarship? All of those scenarios could explain the "horse = college" statement and none of them involve Christian stupidity, so I don't really get it.
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