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    If you are interested in reading books that will assist with your deconversion I recommend the bible.

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  1. MOHO

    The power of prayer

    You handled that like a man, Dex! Good on 'ya!
  2. @PurpleLilac Hey Purple, I was petrified telling Mrs. MOHO - less so the second time around - about my enlightenment. The first time around I braced for divorce. Never happened. The second time around I was anticipating a loveless marriage with fights and stink-eye looks from her and her hard-core fundy son. Not happening. Although, her son did ask me if I had a problem with xmass too last month. This was an all to easy segway into my response: "No. Because most of the rituals, including the date, barrow from a myriad of other religions - including Paganism". Now that, young lady, was worth the price of admission! May as well have some fun with it. Anyway, some folks will loosen up completely and others will arrive at a somewhat more comfortable place. It's on THEM...not YOU! You are right. They are wrong. Your husband isn't going anywhere otherwise he would have done so by now. Besides they are probably more afraid and/or uncomfortable than you. OH, before I go, @Derek gave some good advise. Stay away from church. This just gives the fundies, fams, and fundyfams the impression that they can drag you back into the fold. Since I quit going almost a year ago I have been, mostly, left alone.
  3. MOHO

    Finding Hope

    Welcome to Ex-C, @Bug. Kudos to you for finding your way out of the cult. Atheist, eh? Me too but isn't that ILLEGAL in Texas?
  4. MOHO

    Pushing Back

    I'm inclined to go along with your approach, @TruthSeeker. Anytime someone else starts it - it's GAME ON!
  5. MOHO

    Pushing Back

    @DanForsman Dan, My wife is quite attractive and, at 67, still turns heads. When I married here she was 46 and I 36, at which time, her entrance into many establishments resulted in instant whiplash for many a lad straining to get a good look. As for the response to the link I have found brief and to the point to be the most efficient response to those who really would rather not listen. Of course this approach is best served up with ample preparedness in the event one is asked for reference and/or reasons for my beliefs.
  6. MOHO

    Pushing Back

    No war. We did have one more exchange were she reasserted her position in the usual manor - void of logic/reason/research and containing the war weary "Because it is!" I responded by stating that I am expressing myself largely because I love her and don't want to see her suffer due to the mind control and unrelenting fear of hell. We left it there.
  7. She did notify employer when she signed on and, apparently, they agreed to it. I can see employees converting to the holy order of the FSM and stating they can no longer work some arbitrary day/time slot and potentially causing problems.
  8. MOHO

    Pushing Back

    We should probably not take an in-your-face response to xtians or other religious folks and bombard them with our logic, reason, and beliefs - unless they truly ask for it. If a more aggressive approach is your thing have at it but that just makes us appear obnoxious as a whole. That Said, and with the understanding that most of you are aware of my situation with Mrs. MOHO being a devout, in your face, "MY flavor of xianity is the only TRUE version and if you don't adhere to it then you are a piece of crap " type of xtian, I am of the mindset that we do not have to simply sit idly and face the daily attempts of indoctrination stoically. Periodically, and with only slight regularity, my spouse will send out emails that are frequently links to fundy sights but sometimes rewrites of scripture that can only be described as snippets from the Book of Renee. This time it was one of those links that I never visit and, in fact, I never even read the book snippets that she writes. I delete the emails instantly when I realize what they are...and that's it. NOT THIS TIME GODDAMIT! Here's the link... Link: ...and here's my response... "What it really means is self indoctrination. Once you come to the understanding that the Bible is not the word of any particular deity but a collection of literary works the "magic" of attempting to adhere to the nonsense disappears. You can then begin to live a life free of the fear and mind control imposed by the cult. " She knows I'm an atheist and our relationship is one of mutual tolerance so I don't expect any fallout - with the exception of a brief lecture when I return this evening from working my fingers to the bone in order to support her in the manner in which she dictates. However if my recent campaign to push back in the face of the fundy speak conflagurates into a battle of the divorce attorneys then so be it. We cannot cowtow to these abusive shit-heads and knucle under and allow them to make us sick.
  9. MOHO


    So far each time I have encountered that from a new xtian guest it has turned out to be misleading. 1. I take that as a personal insult as many of us have spent years learning what xanity is and what it is not. 2. You have not spent much time here. To answer your invite: I am under the impression that the intent is to sharpen the arguments and develop new "logic" aimed at keeping those in doubt from leaving the fold - as well as to recruit new indoctrinees. This is a horrific goal given the negative impact cults have had on they fragile psyckes of individual inductees as well as on society as a whole.
  10. MOHO

    Hey. my name is Jeffrey

    @Alternatehistory95, Welcome to Ex-C, Jeffrey. Kudos to you for thinking your way out of the indoctrination.
  11. MOHO

    Sh** christians have said to you

    That has to be one of the most maddening things fundies say. And by maddening I mean insulting that they think I would fall for that crap. If there's a god and it had plans for those innocent creatures then why did he put them here in the first place? And if he is omnipotent then why does he need little children, or anyone for that matter, to carry out those plans? The indoctrinated will frequently tell themselves some of the most insane garbad attempting to stay indoctrinated.
  12. MOHO

    Maybe Atheist

    Welcome to EX-C, @Mandy Glad you found us. Yes, getting all the crap out of your head can be a journey with all the joy, pain, wonder, searching, and enlightenment that you can imagine. As for the labels...well... as an atheist I'm not 100% certain that there is not god but I'm also not 100% there are no polka-dotted unicorns that fart cotton candy either. I am damn sure, however, that I will not spend my life worrying about either - given the infinitesimally small possibility that they exist. And if the Bible god exists and he gives you absolutely no feedback or communication whatsoever when you are on your knees for hours praying to him/she/it, then why would you worship him/she/it. Also, given all the really really nasty shit that happens in this world there is 0% possibility that the Bible god exists - given that he is supposed to be such a loving being. And don't get hung up on that "he wants YOU to come to HIM" crap either. How many hours did you spend "going" to him? I thought so. Now, chin up. Don't ponder the tiny remaining little remnants of your former indoctrination. Life's too short. 🍸 - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  13. MOHO

    This really happened...????

    The GOP has some good ideas and philosophies. (Disclaimer: I do no subscribe to any party and vote the issues) Many of the GOP's policies are rejected by the masses because of the GOP's basic association with the moral majority. I often wonder how much more relevant that party would be if they would downplay said association. of course, when I point this out to my fams and close circle of friends who ARE the moral majority, I am regarded as the scum of the Earth and my opinion dismissed entirely. Their point of view seems to be "If we can't win with Jesus then we'd rather not win!"
  14. MOHO

    From Christian to Pagan

    Welcome to Ex-C, @daydreamer26. Congratulations on finding you way out of the mind control. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  15. MOHO

    The holidays and how my parents visit went.

    You GO, Girl!