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    If you are interested in reading books that will assist with your deconversion I recommend the bible.

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  1. @freedwoman, As @florduh pointed out everyone has undergone differing levels of indoctrination. Not sure if we all respond to the same stimulus the same but I'm sure you can find the answer to that on the interwebs. Just keep in mind that your fear and angst are the result of said indoctrination (professional speak for brain washing) and it can be undone. Keep reading/posting here. Read from the myriad of authors on the subject - the works of many of whom are offered here, and stay the hell away from anything that will reinforce the B.S. We're talking church, churchy friends who cannot stop talking about jebus, xtian music, fundy spouses (Yes, I leave the room when she starts churching out!) , and abscessing about hell. Once the indoctrination begins to wain you will start to realize how stupid and man-made all the fundy crap is. Baby steps, Free. Baby steps.
  2. Welcome, @ShellyD99. You're in the right place for discussing all those things you mentioned. Not me. There are smart people here for that. Discussions about unequally yokedness... I got 'ya covered. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  3. is anyone else having issues with the main blog tab?
  4. These scum-sucking shit-bags think they are above every law because they thump their bibles and talk to god. People revere them as if they ARE god. That's how they get away with raping their flock - in more ways than one. Mrs. MOHO watches Sunday services on the Interwebs but goes to Sunday evening prayer meeting. I've expressed my concern that she will bring home a bug and kill us both. That seemed to give her a modicum of pleasure. I hope that is due to the ctrity-bitty hope that Jesus is coming for them, soon ' cuase otherwise...well...
  5. That's all well and good but women absolutely, positively cannot be carpenters. The logic behind that assertion is quite scientific - you see women have a serious problem with measuring. The reason is that, for years women have been told, over and over, that this (holding index finger 3" from thumb) is TEN INCHES!
  6. ... and Christianity is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo different that the Islamic faiths.
  7. OK. So, this afternoon, while Mrs. MOHO is begin a good little xtian wiffy and making my lunch I will inform her that she can hold the mayo.
  8. @LeiaBryant, One could argue, very easily, that Christianity in it's classic form, views women as subservient to men. You have left the man-made doctrine behind as have many others.
  9. Miracles are another name for favorable unexplained circumstances.
  10. Rut Row. Stepped in it that time, didn't I?
  11. I just HAD to open my big mouth, didn't I? Trust me. I'm a legend in my own mind.
  12. For your information, Mr., Guitar Center IS essential. In fact I ordered a Gibson ES-330L from them last week and it arrived yesterday. Of course I sprayed the shit out of the box, the case, and cleaned the body and strings, then washed my hands before wailing on it!
  13. @Skeptics, A Christian pastor would say "You have sinned and god is punishing you!" To which the sheeple in question might respond "But I have NOT sinned!" Then pastor asshat would say "I KNOW you have sinned or god would not be punishing you!" That is one scenario. The one Mrs. MOHO subscribes to is... "God is punishing the entire world because we ALLOW homosexuality, atheists, and democrats to go unpunished!"
  14. It's all in fun, big guy. Right? Anyway, the scripts say this god is all powerful and all knowing and we are not to appose him/her/it. But my boss says that too.
  15. We're here for 'ya, @Margee! And the rest of you as well. We have a deal here in the US to inject massive funds into the problem and our manufacturing infrastructure is gearing up to crank out vents. Big Pharma are all working together to get the vaccine available ASAP! People are staying home and away from each other and this well, eventually, result in a flattening out of new cases. Hey! look at the bright side. Numerous xtians will fear the vaccine as they are anti-vaxers and afraid of being "chipped" against their will. OK. Never mind. I don't wish any harm to anyone. Quashing that thought.
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