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    If you are interested in reading books that will assist with your deconversion I recommend the bible.

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  1. MOHO

    Jordan Peterson-Why I don't go to Church

    1. Church drives him crazy - yeah me too. 2. Thinking about a higher power once/week is better than not at all. Depending on your definition of a higher power I can see where respect for one's community would be good for the social fabric and the survival of one's country - regardless of where you live. Of course we can overdose on on that concept and lose ourselves in there somewhere, eh.
  2. MOHO

    Building Relationships

    Perhaps you could assist the rest of us with this, @disillusioned.
  3. MOHO

    Building Relationships

    Apparently today's socializing consists of sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant, smart phone in hand, and trading text messages with anyone EXCEPT the people around you!
  4. No slight to our valued members who are of the female persuasion but I noticed at Mrs. MOHO's church that it was mostly husbands who were not present on a regular basis - or at all. Interesting. Took the OP in a different direction. Sorry, @L.B.
  5. Man! This unequally yoked gig can be a real bitch sometimes! I am so incredibly pissed at the entire agglomeration of ass-hat, control-freak, pastors and church leaders who are out for themselves. The difficulty you and I are having, @L.B. stems, to a large extent, from those jackasstical hemroids telling our spouses that we are hell bent on deconverting them because we are listening to some man-made monster who will fry us for eternity for the sin of thinking and reasoning. Of course those pricks just don't want to lose any more of their flock - especially those of us who cough up the dough on a regular basis. (OK. I have not participated in that last part in a couple years but, I assure you, Mrs. MOHO has, and it all comes from the same kinny.) The council that Mrs. L.B. will drag you to will, undoubtedly, be of the xitan persuasion. It will consist of "YOU need to get right with the lard and take the lead in your family - just as God/Jesus is the head of the church!" You know - attempt to appeal to your insatiable desire to control everything. Such an insult. They don't appreciate that I'm not a controlling dickhead and that crap does not work on me. What other entity, in the history of mankind other than christianity, would intentionally cause major pain in a marriage and break up a family? OK maybe a few other smaller cults out there, but none on the scale and depth that you and I are experiencing. For several months things were going smoothly and then the tension ratchets up again. On the lighter side I've been successful at keeping her from the Wednesday night fundyfest by plying her with grape juice and live guitar music. Not actively trying to deconvert her ( well maybe ) I would be happy to just tone it down a bit. Keep us posted, L.B. When the going gets churchy you can come here and bitch.
  6. MOHO

    My Story

    Welcome to Ex-C, @jvstater. Glad you found us. Most here can empathise with you struggle as we've been there. Of course each struggle is a little different but most Who've deconverted had to deal with the fear of Hell (it goes away), loss of social structure, and the shunning by family members. Some even kick themselves for a while that they "lost" so much time and even money at the hands of the cult that is all religion and certainly Christianism. You are only 23 and have so much time ahead of you. You will rebound quickly, find the real JVStater and even find a nice young lady who is even more suited to you than the front desk girl - because you will know who you are - and that manifest itself as an air of confidence. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  7. MOHO

    This Wyld Child Witch...

    Welcome to the forum, @Cher. To answer your question - it gets better with time. Getting over the Hell thing took 1 ~ 2 years for me but your actual mileage may vary. Once you realize that the Bible is a collection of literary works and not a history book the xtian doctrine falls on its ass. To get there stay the hell away from xtians ,if you can, and read some enlightening works by those who studied the ancient texts in detail. Might I suggest... Richard Carrier Richard Dawkins Christopher Hitchens David Fitzgerald Just to name a few. Also, just my opinion but you don't need to turn to some other religion or doctrine to escape xianity. You don't' need a purpose in life. Just be yourself and focus on what is provable. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  8. MOHO

    Hello all

    Welcome @Stargazer95 Once you understand that the Bible is a collection of literary works and not history, and obviously written by humans, sans ANY input from ANY godlike being, the whole doctrine of Christianism falls on its ugly face. Hope you hang around and read/write some more. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  9. All any kind of spiritualism does is placate the delusion of duality. HOWEVER, if we can ween the purveyors of more harmful religions away from those doctrines via spiritualism then more power to them!
  10. MOHO

    Will I ever stop being angry?

    @Cat987, I'm thinking that, given the state of large sections of the world where religion drives so much of the social fabric, that it is OK to be angry. Each day we have to listen to, and are impacted by, those who really believe that their sky daddy is, not only in control, but does things on their behalf. It stand to reason that those individuals, and groups, are narcissistic control-freak bullies. It also stands to reason why some of us are so uncomfortable around them. They need to control and they achieve this control using shit that you and I know is not real and is easily disrupted. What I am saying here is I'm thinking your anger is less related to what religion did to you over 20 years ago, or the impact it had to society 2k years ago, than what is IS DOING today. Not only do they not have legitimate authority over us but the groupthink and social pressures are all around us every day. Perhaps I'm overstating the impact because I live the the Bible Belt of the Pacific Northwest, but that is my world and, perhaps, it is yours as well. I too wonder what things would be like if ,during the enlightenment period, religion was done away with on a large scale. Then again I ponder things like - is Mrs. MOHO's embrace of the doctrine simply masking her need for authority? Would her fundamentalist nature be satiated by something even worse?
  11. Nailed it! I was presented with an opportunity to opine on the fact the the Bible is merely a collection of literary works and not a histogram as fundies revere it. Mrs. MOHO quoted some OT verse condemning Paganism and how it infiltrates society and brings it down. This verse was an obvious attempt by some ancient ruler to maintain control over his conquests but, of course, wifey-pooh saw it as relating to present day current events and how only strict adherence to scripture will "SAVE" us. Anyway I bit my tongue turned my back and made a face and slowly moved out of the room. I did this because, just what @TruthSeeker wrote, the religious believe what they WANT to believe. Being a non-joiner, skeptical of all group-think (not just religious), I find this whole "I believe it because because it's in the Bible AND my churchy friends believe it." concept utterly backward, ignorant, irrational, and possibly dangerous.
  12. MOHO

    I can't take no more!!

    Welcome to the forums, @Noahccount. You've done your homework I see. If you have not availed yourself of them yet you might be interested in the authors Carrier, Dawkins, Hitchens, Fitzgerald. Hope to see/hear more of you here. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  13. MOHO

    Is Christian debate dead?

    Christianity certainly has been exposed for the fraud that it is up to the point where we would have to expire and come back to life in order to have any further, or more useful, evidence. The remaining challenge is to convince the masses. There are those who will see the light, those who might come around eventually but, like so many cults in recent times, there are those who hang on until the cult is insolvent or the leader goes to prison. Jesus will not be going to prison anytime soon. Let's focus on the first two groups. I fear that my life partner is in group three.
  14. @Quark, I get the motivation to encourage the religious to think. This is a daily effort on the part of old MOHO and also a daily challenge to hone my skill sets in this area - such as they are. By skill sets I am referring to interpersonal communication and knowledge of subject matter. Reading and studying assist a great deal with the latter. I's the former that remains a challenge. What I have found is that many people can be reached and almost always require a tailored approach. Having conversations with them before interjecting your antidote for indoctrination is helpful. Obviously, if these are fams, you know them well enough to give it a go. Some are more difficult to reach and may not be reached at all unless they experience a life-changing event. It has been my experience that those more challenging are those who are attracted to the religion and the special command of it "that ONLY they posses" due to their more narcissistic personality traits. There are those who simply get off so very much on having some special talent or power or communication with a higher power, that no one else in the world has, that they continue the charade even when they should be embarrassed. I am not a psychologist or a sociologist. These are just my personal observations. Also keep in mind that the sheeple are hammered with almost weekly doctrine that Satan is out there to sway them from the faith. Our efforts surely can bolster that belief so there is that to contend with as well.
  15. MOHO

    Stupid is as stupid as

    $50 X 2080 typical work hours in a year is ~ $100k. MONEY BAGS!