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    If you are interested in reading books that will assist with your deconversion I recommend the bible.

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  1. The point at which the students were required to listen to an Islamic preyor a line was crossed.
  2. MOHO

    What now?

    The almost exact crap was said to me...almost in that order. Must be from the Prevent Family Member From Leaving the Fold hand book! The part about "Tell God your troubles...He's strong enough to handle them" really pisses me off. Thesee asshats assume we have not done that countless times. Either that or they are just saying that for the benefit of those listening....or themselves. Yeah, so either God is not really strong enough or he/she/it does not give a rodent's hindy or ... does not exists. I'm not going to suggest you not pray but I will tell you that after a year or two you won't need to anymore, Steven. You'll be a strong - unindoctrinated chap who is focused on YOUR life!
  3. MOHO

    What now?

    @Dexter, You are reacting normally to years of being lied to and manipulated. I have been in that boat for 2~3 years now and, although I still harbor a smidge of resentment, I have recently realize that I may be just as arrogant and obnoxious about my atheism than any fundy ever was about their beliefs. We don't' really know that we don't have a soul. It would seem that this is our way of attempting to deal with not knowing exactly what consciousness is. Personally I think it's an iteration (running) of our brain's concept of a software program but...who knows. Arguing with seemingly religious folks for no reason? Is there really no reason, Dex? Maybe you're trying to prevent others from being, or continuing to be, as disillusioned as you once were. Or maybe you still need to have your wall up so you don't revert. Or maybe you're pissed off. Good! That will go away in a couple years. 'til then...let 'em have it!
  4. MOHO

    How did you choose your nickname?

    I was thinking he drives a mid 1970's sports car with a 351ci Cleveland under a mid-engined car has in place of a hood.
  5. MOHO

    How did you choose your nickname?

    Surrounded by fundies - family, friends, families friends, 90% of the community (seems like it anyway) ... you get it. I don't subscribe AND and do my OWN investigations. Goes for both life philosophy as well as politics. Also I've never been a joiner. I have never "gone along" with the crowd - EVER! I think this may have saved my life in college back in the early 80's when cocaine seemed to be ubiquitous. That said, and for anyone who has not read the bottom of one of my welcome messages to the newbies, MOHO is an acronym for Mind Of His Own.
  6. MOHO

    Wife Advice Needed!

    DUDE! AbsoDingDangLutely!
  7. MOHO

    Update left church

    @Mothernature, Even though it's difficult it is unlikely that your marriage will become a statistic. I've read stats that say 50% of unequally yoked marriages fail but those studies don't take marriage longevity into account. At least not any I have found. Mrs MOHO and I have been together for 20 years and each time we get into it over religion we real it back in. Other things like my proclivity for alone time are bigger issues. (Took her to din din last night. Good times!) I know It's a real bugger when your spouse is so devout. Wify pooh questions EVERYTHING - except when it comes to religion. Any discussion - even with references to authors and historians - results in pure anger on her part. The constant tension takes its toll and what works for us is to take measures to reduce the tension. Take a mini-vacation. Take the kids (how old?) to Yucky Cheese. Ask Mr. Mothernature to agree to a cease fire. Bring the tension down for a couple weeks - or even through the holiday season. You can always resume the discussions later and you'll likely both be in a better place then. Keep us posted.
  8. MOHO

    My grandma passed away

    Sorry for your loss, @Wertbag
  9. MOHO

    Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

    Fear is not at issue here. What is at issue, for me, is that so many in my community are so presumptuous that everyone on the planet celebrates Christmas. So, when they issue that salutation I respond with "Happy Holidays!"
  10. MOHO

    Was your family "weird" too?

    Mine were total complete misfits. They were LDS but did not have magic underwear. I know. I know. It's OK. Over the years I've gotten over the bullying from the other little LDS cretins and can now look people in the eye.
  11. MOHO

    Did you ever email your former pastor?

    Abaluly! That's why there are so many written accounts, by numerous historians, from that era.
  12. MOHO

    Did you ever email your former pastor?

    Peaceful space....yes...I'm thinking grape juice...copious amounts. 🍷
  13. MOHO

    Am I An Atheist now?

    Oh Pushaw! We've all been there. We think therefore we are confused sometimes. So, do we KNOW that pink unicorns do not exist? Well not for 100% certain. But we know to such an extent of their non-existence that a reasonable person would say that they don't exist.
  14. MOHO

    Did you ever email your former pastor?

    Hey P.L. When I first admitted that xianity (well...all religions for that matter) are man-made BS I wanted to convert the world and prove to Pastor Ass-Hat they he needs to stop fucking with people's psyches. I still want to but I will not initiate the conversation for the reasons listed by others here. I will, however, be prepared if/when that conversation takes place. That said I DID have a convo with him a couple years ago wherein I pointed out a few inconsistencies and inaccuracies and down-right unbelievable things I had read in the Bible. First he told that I was a poor reader (BS in CS From Columbia, Summa-cum-laude) and that I needed to re-read those chapters - only this time with the "lord in my heart!" Then he proceeded to say that "You just need to believe." and that "Disbelief is a sin!" At this point I'm thinking the whole deconversion of others or "taking them on" is a waste of time but simply being myself and showering them with love and understanding and allowing them, if it happens, to think on their own, is my plan of action. Sorry PL. Was that too wordy?
  15. That kind of shit always happens in far away countries where we are unlikely to attempt to validate the stories. When I point this out to Mrs. MOHO she replies that is because those countries have turned away from God. Oh! Like San Francisco is such a bastion of morality.