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    If you are interested in reading books that will assist with your deconversion I recommend the bible.

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  1. I would be inclined to utilize the situation to present an alternative concept and admonish my child that she/he knows that those books are collections of fairly-tales frequently used by controlling rulers to exploit the masses. I would do this loudly and clearly as the "gift" is presented so that all may hear.
  2. Nope. And the reason is once I embraced science and reality to explain the world relying on religion is, clearly, a major step backwards. No offense to those who are "into" other religions and can get something out of them - as long as it harms no one.
  3. I keep mine in a drawer because there are so many notes in the margins. Notes like "WTF???" So...so many WTF's.
  4. Kudos to you for coming forward and getting that off you chest, @Jace. I was apprehensive about coming out to my wife and, yes, it was emotional. But things smoothed out over a few weeks. Two + years into it things are back to normal....most of the time. But I sure feel much better for being honest. Now when ANYONE asked why I don't goto church I simply sate that I am an atheist. To quote Tony the Tiger (sorta), Feels grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!
  5. Hey @Myrkhoos, Sorry you're felling icky. We've all been there. You are going through the struggle that, unfortunately, is just part of eschewing mind-control. Brain washing, if you will. This is perfectly normal and things WILL get better. I've been were you are and, the more you realize that xianity is a man-made enterprise, the less you will fear Hell, judgement and Fundy-ass family members. It takes time to de-program just as it took time to program in the first place. Your brain evolved this way because, apparently, this is the best means of survival. This way the brain does not have to cope with everything that comes at it - just the important (repeated) stuff. Keep visiting here and reading/posting. And hit those books suggested here as well - both from members and from the advertisements here and there. @webmdave put them there, not just for the site's survival, but because they have value. Reach out to us.
  6. Welcome to the forums, @Tricia556. Kudos to you for having the strength and courage to extract yourself from the mind-control. Finding like-minded people certainly helps with the deprogramming. My take on this is that humans are social animals who rely on others for all sorts of things - validation begin one of them. Even a screem'n introvert like me must admit this at some level. Welcome again and hope to hear more from you. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  7. Welcome to Ex-C, @Luke6188. Regarding the anthology that you put together (are putting together?)? Have you presented it to your fams? I'm interested in their responses as attempts to introduce concepts from Carrier, Hitchens, Hawkins, Minwel et al to family members have led me to the conclusion that folks have to be questioning already to really appreciate enlightenment on that level. Perhaps the mere mention will cause them to question - down the road. Fodder for another topic, that. Welcome again and hope to hear more from you. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  8. @TinMan, You post containing the video of people having experiences that made them turn back to (or to for the first time) Christianity, and now this post where an author is informing those who are in the process of enlightening themselves of why they are falling and and how to stop it and turn it around, make me think you your whole purpose for posting on this site is to bring us breath'n heath'ns back to xanity. True?
  9. @TinMan, 1. Those people are convinced they actually had a real encounter because they had very vivid dreams. That can happen for all sorts of reasons from fever to drugs to being overly tired or stressed about something. 2. You keep having doubt because you keep thinking about Hell. STOP IT! The scare goes away. Really. 3. The xitan doctrine goes from "just believe in jebus" to "oh but there's WORKS too" to "well you aren't saved unless you speak in tongues" to ???? That's for the purpose of jacking with and controlling the masses. And those two things, my friend, are what religions are all about. Now, to bed with you...and don't let the bed bugs give you any personal tours...
  10. Some folks are so dog-maned emotional and hopelessly narcissistic at the same time that they are prime candidates for the cult-think. Some of them are even quite logical and rational in other aspects of their lives. Not all, or even most, but many. Take Mrs. MOHO for example. As a top-rated paralegal who did all of the law and motion work for one of Orange County's most successful law firms, her ability to apply the law and see through bullshit is uncanny. However, the diluted jebus speak is so incredibly impactful on her that she morphs into an evangelical nightmarish humanoid - right before my eyes! On a regular basis! One minute we're talking politics and home-improvement and then the topic comes up and we have to part company for a few hours. The transformation is truly shocking. And with that I do believe that we have successfully and completely hijacked this thread from the original poster. So, @Mothernature, have you told Mr. Nature that he is simply bat-shit crazy and he should get professional help? I have told Mrs. MOHO just that, a few times, and the response is something along the lines of actually considering what I said. Sometimes a slap in the face (I mean that figuratively - not directly - of course) is good medicine!
  11. Yes. If they READ, keep an open mind and, oh yeah, read something OTHER than the Bible, then enlightenment will ensue. This is encouraging news, @jupiter789!
  12. Good thing there are no instances of insane leaders actually doing any harm in the world. </sarc>
  13. here 'ya go, @Rickswordfish, https://icebreakerideas.com/telephone-game/
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