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  1. It's too painful for some to accept that there is no god - at least not one that has any inkling of communicating with us and/or stopping the inhuman bullshit that goes on in this world. So, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that prayer is useless, they keep at it - hoping and hoping. To answer the originally posted question : xtians do not square reality with the Bible. It cannot be done. They know it. They cannot except this.
  2. MOHO

    Pentecostals are a Cult

    I'm out of up votes for the day but I give @storm 's post my usual two snaps, UP!
  3. Further indication that xanity has so many differing versions that they even conflict with one another. How many of you have presented this concept to a fundy only to receive the standard "That's just Satan trying to confuse and disrupt the REAL Christianism!" ????
  4. MOHO

    Friend dumped me over religion

    I would have stuck with the not telling people thing except that I cannot stand to be in church and when wifypooh askes why it's quicker and slicker to simply come clean. And has @florduh as stated honesty is the best policy - as long as it's not your folks AND they are supporting you.
  5. MOHO

    Did this really happen???

    These coke-soccing jackwagons who think they have a right to annoy people just because they "gots jebus" really piece me off. Then again the more of these self-righteous arseholes there are - the more it will be apparent that religion is for jackwagaons and control freaks.
  6. MOHO

    Friend dumped me over religion

    You are better off w/out Xitan friends unless they are TRUE friends, @aila. Since I quite church and declared, publicly, that I am atheist, this area has been a challenge for me. Mrs. MOHO has no friends outside of Christianism and, as the director of socialising and entertainment for the family, she plans events and gatherings with that in mind. so, at every event, I am hounded with every imaginable attempt to suck me back in. "God spoke to me and said I need to take ownership of bringing you back to the lord!" "No he didn't - because he does not exists." Said MOHO out loud. "And if you really think god spoke to you then you are bat-shit CRAY!" Said MOHO...on the inside.
  7. There is absolutely no reason to feel stupid, @Jace. Like you said - indoctrination is real. I have a pretty strong BS meter too and I got sucked in. Addiction to religion is real too. I've watched Mrs. MOHO progress (degress?) from a lukewarm xitan to having an insatiable need for a fix over a span of 3~4 years. Just be happy that you found your way out. Don't look back.
  8. MOHO

    Is hell good or bad?

    You sound like Mrs. MOHO. No one is trying to impress or intimidate - just educate and/or provide an explanation of why we disbelieve. Your's and Mrs. MOHO's responses are akin to ad hominem attacks. I know you do this out of fear. I know that I was afraid once. Now I just feel free of the mind control that is the main reason for the existence of religion.
  9. MOHO


    Who cut my cheese is kinda the same tact - just different circumstances. Both would be advised for those who feel they can clock in/clock out each day - confident that their job will always be there.
  10. MOHO

    Hearing "God's" Voice as a spiritual practice?

    Welcome to Ex-C, @DeusExy4mJ5S. Congratulations on having the intestinal fortitude to think and research your way out of the thought control. I takes a lot of courage and introspection to question faith and those who are obsessed with control.
  11. So, they don't exist? Mrs. MOHO is a redhead...and has no soul.
  12. No. But I DO wish that I had the knowledge of xanity, and religion in general, when I first started dating Mrs. MOHO some 20+ years ago. When she stated, quite flatly, that she only dated xtians, my response would have been quite different.
  13. MOHO


    This is an awesome thread! All simply MUST Read this!
  14. Very well thought out and written extimony, @DeadTOm. Welcome to Ex-C and congratulations on thinking your way out of the mind control.
  15. According to some folks at Mrs. MOHO's church I turned away from god so I could pursue my Tuesday night regimen of drowning little kittens. 🐈 According to them the only way I can quit is to "get right with the lord!"