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  1. ... Yet another element in the long list of how religion fucks things up...
  2. And let this be an example to viewers of this site as to why so many of us left religion. It gave us a false hope. If that works for you - so be it. For those who would rather confront reality, either by choice or because reality is thrust upon all of us, kudos!
  3. @Christopherhays, I too am more comfortable with "traditional" family life and sometimes feel that marriages are either that or an "ultra-modern" situation with a minimalist (Sorry, @DanForsman ) household, " open", "I don't cook or do laundry!" marriage where one partner would rather picket the local GOP headquarters than assist with yard-work. Not true I'm finding - a bit too late. I should point out, at this point, that Mrs. MOHO is a fine partner who is always there for me and I for her. However, early on, when she made it clear she only dated Christians I had no clue what that entailed. I figured going to church once/month, as she was doing at that point, and having a diverse collection of friends. The day we landed in Roseburg, OR she found the local right-wing chapter of the Westborough Baptist Church of the Pacific Northwest. Yes, I'm exaggerating but it feels like that sometimes. Anyway she went off the deep end and is never coming back. She lacks formal education beyond the 10th grade and possesses a complete disdain for too much learning beyond what pastor asshat recommends. It is highly unlikely that divorce is even a remote possibility but that is because we had 15 or so years on the books before I came out. I am of the firm belief that had I proclaimed my atheism after 5 years we would not now be married. I also hold that had I really known Christianity, especially the fundamentalist variety, for what it is 20+ years ago there would never even have been the first date. Looking back I would have made very different decisions then (hind-sight is 20/20, eh?) and I would be happier today. Do not get involved with someone who's basic belief system is so different than yours that tension is a probability. Do not lie to anyone about your lack of belief. I have found that there are plenty of potential partners and friends who are neither fundamentalist or "out there" with the green hair, no interest in home economics, and spending all of their time engaged in radical politics and party party party. Good luck. Don't be in a hurry and keep us updated.
  4. I get the peace on Earth, good will toward men thing and would embrace it vigorously. But, my hopelessly indoctrinated fams would drag out the "remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas!" mantra and ruin the whole thing for me.
  5. Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!
  6. HI @Unsure, Welcome to Ex-Chrisitan. You are 100% accurate on both accounts. Letting go was scary. This is why I don't press the issue with Mrs. MOHO. If she spends her life as a Jesus Freak - Oh well. Getting over letting go, and the ensuing enlightenment, resulted in a freedom I cannot describe. No longer having to worry about going to Hell for things far beyond my control. This is why I wish Mrs MOHO would let go then work beyond the initial discomfort of doing so. Catch - 22! - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  7. Received an invitation to the annual xman office party. Replied DECLINE for reason that I do not wish to participate in religious events. Hope there's no fallout.
  8. MOHO

    New to the mix

    Hey @Will, Welcome to Ex-C! Glad you found your way out of the mind-control and cultism. Interesting how some of us come completely away from any religion or woo woo or the like while others turn to some other form of belief system (for lack of a more appropriate term?). Hope you stick around and read/post. - MOHO(Mind Of His Own)
  9. Thanx for checking in, @RealityCheck. Glad to hear things are looking up for you. There really IS life after religion!
  10. I would welcome that accomplishment and put a silhouette on the side of my truck to signify one successful mission. Then...on to more. Now we just need some inspiration for said silhouette. Any ideas? you know...like the ones on the front fuselage of a fighter plane.
  11. Straight up, @Geezer! And that explains the very frustration with those closest to us. "Wake up!" "Think!" "Snap out of it!" Don't work. I've tried.
  12. Wow! No dogs. No cats. No mold. Just extra pious stepson saying grace and over-the-top fundy wife saying "Yes Jesus!" to every word. Granddaughter made a peanut butter chocolate pie that was not destroyed by anything except my fork. No talk of religion. We've been there and they know they cannot refute anything I say w/out resorting to "You can't deny god!" "You can't deny Jesus!" You know...shit like that. "I can and I will unless you can prove the existence of either."
  13. Believe in woo? No. Not for an instant. If there is a force/being/beings/entity that created the universe that it would have had to use science to perform said creating. Once something really takes place it is no longer woo. Is it something we do not, at this time, posses the knowledge to explain. yes. But still science/reality. Is there a god? Not likely. Is the bible god real. Not likely. At least not in the classical sense that this being possesses special powers. Special knowledge? well maybe. But if that's the case and this begin is not using that knowledge to end suffering then what fucking prick!
  14. @Blood Thankx for your post. You might know more about this particular subject than Mr. Seidel! Perhaps you could have an email convo with him on this. I think, in the end, whether or not the concept of mitigating the influence of religion on legislation was even a thing 200 years ago, it is surely prudent.
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