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  1. That really blows, @PurpleLilac. You know I'm in much the same boat but we have, more or less, worked things out. I don't go to church, we don't talk religion, and I don't chuck a wobbly when she writes that check to the entity that has created so much strife in my life. She is, however, pouring over those little Satan pamphlets and "researching" that topic in the Bible. This is the topic of her latest Bible study and the fear factor is the most powerful thing the fundies have. And they use it! We're talking about a woman who has had absolutely NO logic or science training so everything the Bible says is the absolute truth. In addition those pamphlets are written by xtians so they too are the unquestionable truth. I can only hope that she will ask me some questions based on some cognitive dissonance some day. Even someone who does not appreciate the scientific method should have doubt about the crap in the holy books. How many relationships have been ruined by fundamentalism? How much safer and happier would the human race be w/out fundamentalism? I hope the counseling improves your situation and, how knows, maybe if he listens to your logic and reason he'll head down the path that we have regarding religion.
  2. Leaving the Fold by Dr. Marlene Winell It's available on Kindle too.
  3. @momabear, Consider yourself fortunate that this happened now instead of 20 years into a marriage. Well, to be clear, I'm the one who changed. I had an epiphany at that point and realized religions are man-made and rejected the lot of them. In my defence I likely would not have given a RIP if Mrs. MOHO had not gone head over heels involved in the funnymentalism. - (MOHO) Mind Of His Own
  4. @TABA, I will make an effort to get her to watch this but, as with anything I present of the theological nature, her first response is "Where did you get this? Who is the author? I'm not reading any of your Atheist books!" "I'm not watching any of your Atheist videos!" The effects of fear tactics at their finest.
  5. Mrs. MOHO is reading two xtian study booklets designed to reinforce the fear of Satan. Yes, I've read them. The cover of the book, the Strategy of Satan by Warren Wiersbe, is dominated by the word SATAN with the second A an obvious copy of the generally recognized atheist symbol. There is an effort in the xtian community to link atheists with Satan and potentially cause them to fear atheists like they are to fear a mythical monster from generations ago. This could bode very badly for the aforementioned innocent party. Just bringing attention to this.
  6. I think you've NAILED it here, @NeverHealed52Years, After much observation of the most devout fundamentalist xtians in my life I must come to the conclusion that some of them honestly prefer to be assholes! There is something they extract from lording over the rest of the population that they so desperately need. Of course I'm referring to those who may have been exposed to some measure of logic, reason, rationality, and/or have some lingering doubts of their own but continue spewing the doctrine and using it to prop up their tiny little self esteems.
  7. Yup, Has all the qualities of your typical narcissistic, deviant, self-serving, lying, cheating, philandering, sociopath preacher. Not saying all preachers have these traits but enough that it would seem to be a profession of choice for persons with those traits.
  8. Yes. I suppose some of us, perhaps due to our negative experiences with xianity, use the cult label a bit liberally. There are sufficient definitions on the Interwebs so I won't go there but I think most of us won't mind using the label for any religious group that is harmful and seeks to be exclusive rather than inclusive. What I mean is that when the leader demands unbelievers be discluded from all participation and takes steps to separate members from non-believing family - I think we have cult on our hands. Mrs. MOHO's church suggests very strongly that non-believers (even family) stay away. The official reasoning is that non-believers become more and more cynical when they actually attend warship with friends and fams. The real reason , as you all know, is that they don't want any outside influence. Personally I will add obsessing over a common enemy as maybe another cult property. For example (here it comes again) Mrs. MOHO's church suggest very strongly that members obtain, read, study these "Satan is our enemy" booklets. I read two of them last Sunday whilst the Mrs was at church and they pull no punches. "Satan is everywhere", "You must repeat these phrases out loud", "You must learn to identify Satan". Essentially Satan, or someone "acting on his behalf" is anyone who... 1. Disagrees with anything in the booklets 2. Knows sciency things and attempts to introduce you to scientific "book learn'n" 3. Is "of this world" (to include watching the news on T.V., going to college or sending children to (GASP!) public school) 4. Plays an electric guitar (OK - I'm just being funny here) 5. Plays said guitar while watching NASCAR on Sundays instead of going to church with his wife. (Where did THAT one come from) So, yes, perhaps many of the churches we've been to were not cults by the classic definition but GODDAMIT they were/are harmful just the same.
  9. Sounds like psychological manipulation to me. Isn't this what happens in the military? They "break you down" so they can "build you up from the ground as a fresh Marine".
  10. You know.... I have been thinking alot about the whole "robots" doing all the work concept for quite some time. Eventually the only individuals who will be needed at all are robotics developers and, even they, may not be needed way in the future when robots program themselves. (Scary huh?) In that economy there will be no need for monetary motivation like we have now. Our system of who gets what, when, where, and how, will not be recognizable by today's standards. Resources will still be scarce but labor will be virtually free and the means of creating goods and services will bo so efficient as to be almost invisible to the consumer. We'll need to find methods of limiting consumption so that we do not deplete the world's resources faster than they can be refreshed. We'll need to severely limit reproduction. And the masses will still need a means of engaging their minds via recreation and creativity. That was waaaaay beyond the current topic of a guaranteed minimum income but my point is we have to begin the conversation of how to manage a world were humans do not have to work and the concept of a minimum income might be a segway into that conversation. My concerns regarding said income are... 1. Who will pay for it. 2. We must take care not to exacerbate the condition that we may already have wherein there is little motivation, beyond a better life than the subsistence level, to be productive. In other words do we hand out checks to every low-life that bellies up to the trough or will this program only be available to those willing to toil? For the most part I am hopelessly fiscally conservative and this is new ground for me to even consider yet another costly government program.
  11. Wooo hooooooo! Er. I mean woo hooo! Sorry. Didn't mean to yell. I kill me!
  12. Issuing an ultimatum is an approach that is likely the quickest path to divorce. Mrs. MOHO went through the "my husband is going to Hell" emotion. Apparently it was a phaze with her and I hope, for the sake of your marriage and your happiness that it is for Mr. LostInParis as well. Surprisingly to me this phase only lasted a couple of months - or less - and I'm thinking that the reason may be two fold. 1. She already had a very strong inkling of my disbelief even before I came out. 2. Due to her extensive law experience she possesses the ability and willingness to use a modicum of logic and reason even in the face of a religion that frowns on such "worldly" concepts. What has transpired over the past year is that I have shown that I am not evil, I am not controlled by anything other than my own reason (good or bad), and I am not leaving. By simply being the loving, attentive, helpful, and doting husband that I have always been she has come to doubt the horrible doctrine which holds that good, kind, decent people are damned just because they don't simply go along with a crowed that wraps itself in a belief system that is fortified by a very very thin set of evidence and logic. Either that or she asked god to give me a by and, if you prey, god will grant your wish. RIGHT!? Going forward there will be good and bad times, just like any other marriage. I socialize with her fundy friends and I have made it very clear what my position is and there have not been any attempts to yank me back into the fold in several months. She studies her Bible and does not engage me - she knows what that will result in. I'm hoping some day said studiousness will bring about an enlightenment that I can nurture - but I'm not holding my breath. All that mushy stuff aside if there is abuse or if abuse rears its ugly head then lawyer up and get out. I get a little of the lording over now and then but I can stand up to it and they almost alway slink away. Hell I even enjoy the exchange in my own sick and twisted little way. I would not, however, suggest that anyone else endure any kind of abuse for any reason. I hope I helped a little, @LostinParis and I hope I stayed reasonably on track with the original question/topic. The unequally yoked gig can have so many facets and properties that discussing one aspect of it can be challenging and frequently not the best approach. Keep us posted and...where is your skating helmut young lady!?
  13. Then again...does religion simply act as a feeble excuse for abusive pricks to be abusive pricks?