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    If you are interested in reading books that will assist with your deconversion I recommend the bible.

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  1. This is a biggie for Mrs. MOHO. In her opinion each and every good little critty should get hitched straight out of high school and trust in the lawd to take care of them financially. If they get themselves some book-learn'n beyond high school, or any home schooling, then they run the risk of straying away from the fold. This, of course, is very true and is one of the reasons I encourage the young-uns to go to college/trade school/military and forget about marriage for a few years.
  2. MOHO

    How to respond?

    Nod and smile. Yes. But, mostly, I ignore them. I often wonder if this approach gives them the impression that I am contemplating what they have said but, in the end, I really don't care anymore if that's what they think. I have attempted to counter their superstition by using logic/reason/history/science. This only goes well with those who enjoy these types of discussions. For anyone else it seems pointless. The real challenge, at this point, is separating the two groups.
  3. Well done, @TinMan! Tinman wrote: " I realized that other people do not have the answers. They do not know the Bible, God's heart, or whatever else they are attempting to claim; " That was a biggie for me too. Especially when one of them was the lead pastor at Mrs. MOHO's church. I asked questions he'd heard before and some he had not. In either case it was the same. "You have to just BELIEVE!" The worst part was when he began to deride my understand of the Bible and even my ability to comprehend the written word...ANY Any book. FUCKER! "The process of leaving religion starts with losing fear" Spot on! Now, if only I could induce such fear losing in Mrs. MOHO. Life would be much better in deed!
  4. This is an extremely valuable source to attempt to present to the fundy fams the next time they take the tithing marketing too seriously. "Dig deep brothers and sister because the lawd will return on <date> ! We know this becuase <bullshit>. " Thanx, @Joshpantera
  5. From the link ... "Jesus said, "Verily I say unto you, there be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom." (Matthew 16:28) This implies that the Second Coming would return within the lifetime of his contemporaries, and indeed the Apostles expected Jesus to return before the passing of their generation." I've read apologetic interpretations stating that when Jesus came back to life, as stated in the Bible, this prophecy was fulfilled.
  6. If you ignore ridiculous claims by fundies - especially your spouse - because you've learned the hard way that you cannot argue with superstition, you might be an ex-christian. You might also be a seasoned Unequally Yoker. and THAT's no yoke!
  7. I tend to be a people pleasure too, @ChangeofFaith but I am learning to just so "go pound sand!" I figure the fundies at least brought it on themselves.
  8. Welcome to Ex-C, @ChangeofFaith I hope you don't' feel unwelcome by not receiving replies right away. I, myself, am usually too busy on weekends to visit Ex-c. Being unequally yoked to someone who's only friends are scream'n fundies I can relate to having to interface with, and be impacted by, those close to you. I know how painful and lonely it can be when, regardless of the outward treatment, that just under the surface lies distrust and contempt for you in the eyes of your fams. Your decision to arrange your living situation to facilitate education with your eyes on a better future for your offspring is a selfless one. Kudos to you! You will soon complete your academic goals, move out, and undo the impact to your son and daughter by the religious indoctrination. When it gets lonely and you think you are alone in this - remember you have friends here.
  9. I hope those involved in any form of impacted religion watch that video on the Interwebs and take a moment for introspection.
  10. I have good friends that were regular members of that cult back in the day. I did not know them then. Mrs. MOHO told me she went with them only to be polite as she was living with them at the time. She told me she was not in to that stuff before we were married. Trust me. She's in to that stuff. Oh sure, her current Sunday morning and Wednesday evening haunt is not quite as controlling as the Assembly but, if she had it her way, it would be.
  11. I never thought of it like that, @TinMan. Skepticism. That must be it. Some of us possess this and, apparently, some don't. Perhaps we even exercise this at different times and at varying degrees. Take Mrs. MOHO (yes, I'm going there again). She was a paralegal in a very powerful mass tort firm for decades and thinks critically about most tipics. When it comes to xanity, however, all logic, reason, and rationale go out the frigg'n window in the time it takes to read a passage. Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde I tells 'ya!
  12. Man. So many asshats are willing to induce such psychological ill and trauma on so many just so they can rape our wallets and control our sorry butts. I would treat each and every religious pundit with such disdain but I know so many are innocent victims themselves.
  13. MOHO

    Fundy Music Force Fed

    Crank up the Mendelssohn Midsummer Night's Dream stuff and make sure they know it's about a Pagan wedding. 90 db past the pain threshold should just about do it.
  14. MOHO

    Fundy Music Force Fed

    They do this because they KNOW that when you hear the criity crap you will fall to your knees praising jebuss and THEY will be secured a place in fundy valhalla.
  15. MOHO

    TBN Atheists

    Constructive criticism noted. Thank you.