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  1. ...YES in Texas! For those who feel that it's OK for public servants and leaders to be a little fundy-ish.
  2. History of the 'F' Word

    "Go outside and play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself"
  3. Happy anniversary, @Xiana !!!
  4. Slowly, hopeful signs can emerge...

    Funny timing. This week Mrs MOHO has taken a very strong interest in cults. She investigates them on the Interwebs and discuses the properties of the aforementioned institutions with me in a "can you BELIEVE that?" type of tone. I just look at her and smile. Here's to your softly-softly approach, @Ellinas
  5. Unequally yoked and angry

    I feel your pain, @Mothernature. I truly due. Anger, frustration, and sadness. Oh, the sadness. When I met Mrs. MOHO 21 years ago I had given up the quest for a "soulmate" but had found the closest thing anyone could hope for. Yes, she was an xtian at the time and I was kinda on the fence. Her church was very laid back (they ware JEANS to church! ) (Sidebar warning) The jeans thing does not sound like much but, for a lad who grew up in the Mormon shit where you had to always be in dress slacks, dress shirt, tie, and sometimes jacket, this Was a very big deal indeed! Beyond Sundays there was no mention of church, god, Jesus, the Bible etc. I'm thinking "I can handle this!" Fast forward to 12 years ago and we find ourselves in Douglas County Oregon with it's ultra conservative, small town (many aspects of which are cool) attitude, very minimal emphasis on education, and a church on every corner. Yes. The PERFECT storm for the incubation and proliferation of fundydom! "What the hell does THIS have to do with this thread?" I know. Hang on. Almost immediately Mrs MOHO's adult son from a previous marriage decides he likes the place, moves here and finds a Calvary associated church the - SAME WEEK! Talk about priorities. And this is where the Great Mind Fuck, as I call it, begins in earnest. First year goes almost without notice. Second year we (mostly she) begins making friends at the new church and step son finds his brother-by-another-mother there as well. At this point Mrs. MOHO buys a few jesus-freak CD's and quips "Doesn't listening to these just make you feel so warm and toasty inside?!" "Not so much. " As with some of you a few years of the indoctrination takes it's toll and I asked Jesus into my life. Only I'm never really on fire for this crap and, in the Summer of '14 verbalize what is already known. I'm pretty much an atheist. And things deteriorate on the home front. So much so that after a year of it, I re-proclaim my faith and begin to try to self-indoctrinate. This has phenomenal success...for about 20 minutes. A year later I stated, again, that I am an atheist. Mrs. MOHO, however, is going completely int he opposite direction! "Praise god" ends each and every FUCKING sentence. "I prayed for a parking place today and god provided. See, honey, god REALLY does LOVE us and this is absolute PROOOOOOOOOF!" "Fuck that" "It's NOT proof of anything except that you are an indoctrinated psychotic who has legal control of half my stuff. Now we have church on Sunday ( I go about 1/2 the time and am about to stop altogether), bable study on Wednesday night (I NEVER go), downtown street ministering (hoping that the shitheads who make our community a living cesspool will come to church) , and associating ONLY with self-righteous, pious, incessant, indoctrinated, psychotic Jesus-freak shitbags. Sorry! I know all of us were once that. So, my point is, over the past 12 years I have watched the most important person in my life get taken away from me by a fucked up cult interested only money. I have every god-dammed right to be angry - as do you, @Mothernature as do all the rest of the members of the Unequally Yoked Club. Trying to accept it and live with it and play it down and endure the lonely nights without her (only person in my immediate family) and the few thousand $$ per year that I had earmarked for savings and having to be cautious of who is in the house so I don't have too much wine and start dropping S-bombs, has left me only more anger and frustration. Religions are like viruses that, left untreated and uninoculated do NOT get better. Trust me!
  6. Blue Pill or Red Pill?

    Just think if everyone on the planet actually did this.
  7. This is a persistent source of frustration for me as, I'm sure, for others here as well. Some hang on to their delusions because they are so terrified of death and/or going to hell that they purposefully, and continually, self-indoctrinate. Still others really get-off on having a tool for manipulating and controlling others as well as proving to others that they possess a quality that the masses never will. Yes, they are SPECIAL. Just imagine a world where he god virus has been eradicated. Yes, there will still be wars. But no radically, diluted, fanatical solders or suicide bombers hell-bent on mayhem.
  8. Blue Pill or Red Pill?

    Would not take the blue pill. Funny thing about us homo sapiens, eh? We'll take truth over bliss and apparent happiness any day. It would be nice, however, is some supreme, god-like being would visit and declare everything under control and that it's all going to be OK. As far as xanity goes I'm glad to know that's all a crock of shit. So obviously written by sick minds who wanted to control their world.
  9. Welcome to the forum, @Singular40, Glad you fund us and your way out of the indoctrination. Regarding your quote above - the "Praise God", "Isn't the Lord just WONDERFUL!", "Don't say that your you will end up in Hell!" even "Bless you" phrases get under my skin to this day. I have given this much thought and have often wondered if I should rebel against it, "Stop being so superstitious!", "There is no Hell", "Say something that will actually HELP!" and so on. Other times if think I'm just begin to harsh on these, mostly, well-meaning but indoctrinated folks. I just don't know what the appropriate behavior is. I don't know if I should just suck-it-up and drive-on. Currently I am thinking that mine and your discomfort in the face of such overtly religious rhetoric might be a survival instinct. Humans are were we are, in terms of advancement, largely due to our ability to separate fact from crap. So, when I hear superstitious sayings, adages, and promotions, I get that classics fight-or-flight syndrome going on - whole sale. Topic for another post, eh? Welcome aboard and hope to "hear" more from you. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  10. BAA

    I never posted directly to any of BAA's posts but I read much of his content here and, I can say, that it was a source of ammunition when debating the fundies. Mark's posts were also a source for bolstering my convictions during those times when the indoctrination would gain a foothold. There's nothing like clear-concise logic and reason to repel the impact that religious brain washing can sometimes have. BAA/Mark will be missed...
  11. It REALLY burns my ass that these cult leaders attempt to use emotional manipulation when you attempt to inject some logic and reason into the conversation. And they do so with such conviction and authority. Such self-righteous pricks, they are.
  12. "It was just like in the Bible!"

    Hmmmmm. There might be a South Park episode in there somewhere.
  13. I noticed at Mrs. MOHO's church last week that you can now give via your cell phone. No need to go to Sunday School. No need to listen to pastor Charlatan. Just login from wherever you are and give $$ to relieve that guilt you are feeling for checking out that cute blonde at work or buying that extra pair of Prada. There are posters all over the place making sure everyone knows this too.
  14. Yea!! I found like minded people.

    OK. Never Mind. I just found you extimony ...
  15. Yea!! I found like minded people.

    Welcome, @Vee Let's hear your extimony! - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)