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  1. That's because... You are not praying hard enough. You cast the wrong spell. God is ignoring you because you masturbated last night. You are not in the word. You are not walking with the lord. The moon is out of alignment with Venus. You purchased the ingredients for your potion from Walmart instead of the creepy-ass witchy-bitch store downtown.
  2. I know it's easier said than done and each person has a special set of circumstances, but continuing to attend services after proclaiming disbelief emboldens your family's convictions and does little to encourage others to break free. Do it, @Lerk! Do it! Dot it!
  3. I actually did something like that last paragraph only it was a Thanx Giving "what are you thankful for" roundy-round. I stated, most emphatically, that I was thankful to live in a country where you are free to practice or NOT PRACTICE any religion. I got some stares but no one could argue. Well....they COULD but they didn't.
  4. No, sir! We are NOT obligated in any way - even in the interest of politeness. That said I find myself at Mrs. MOHO's son's house about 1/month for din din and I remain silent with eyes open and head in a 1/2 bowed slant out of respect for who's home I am in and who's table my feet are under. They know I am agnostic/atheist and don't push the issue. Last summer, however, I was hungry. We were at my home and step-son and step-grandson were both goading each other to do the "honors". I finally said "Oh for cry'n out LOUD!" and said the damn thing myself. Short, sweet, and with the reminder that if they don't do it I will and they won't like it. As some have said in this thread - if they don't' like it they can lump it. Side bar for those who may want to take this approach but have not yet done so. It gets easier after the first time and the first time is a RUSH!
  5. Oh, to have said that to the bishopric years ago. Would have been worth the beating.
  6. Hey @freedomwalker, I bounced back and forth. Really wanted to believe for the reasons @KrysLostInSpace outlined above as well as to smooth out the bumps with the fams and my home life. After much study, reading, and asking questions I finally had that convo with pastor ass-hat. His ultimate response, after insulting my reading and studying skills (I hold a B.S. in computer science from Columbia Southern - summa cum laude) he told me I "just had to believe". Despite the ridiculousness of that claim I actually gave it a shot. Worked GREAT...for about...20 minutes. Went to the front of the sanctuary, accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and swore an allegiance. I was overcome with joy and peace and a sense of belonging. Boy! The architects of the doctrine sure know/knew their shit! But seriously, 20 minutes in and I began to have doubts and a general icky feeling of what I had just done. It was only a few months later that I just cold not stand to listen to sermons and wailing women and what I felt were creepy "testimonies" with references to boogie men, demons, "talking" to God, etc. And so I, once again, proclaimed my disbelief. I get the family influence difficulties you spoke of in your post, @freedomwalker. Mrs. MOHO is retired and hopelessly addicted to religion. "Reading" the Bible, Bible study, Bible videos, streaming sermons make up the bulk of her day. She is now a member of the youth gig where very young, we're talking 5,6,7 year olds, are indoctrinated and "brought to the lord!" What bunch of scum-sucking, shit-bags praying on those who have no clue what is going on. Listening to a convo with her recruiter the other day stating that "These young people or so in love with the lord and so ready to receive Jesus that blah blah blah!" I wanted to vomit. Different topic that. Anyway most of my friends are fundy's and I like them a lot. I am pummeled with "we're in the end times with all the disease and civil unrest and surveillance and economic issues and blah blah blah!" When I indicate that this shit has been going on for millenniums they respond with "SEEEEEE!" Er..um...see WHAT? But I have to admit I stop and think about all of this but I also realize that Revelations is so vague and flowery in verbiage that it can be applied to a multitude of situations. so, yes...back and forth a few times and would very very much like to remove myself from the daily doctrine and influence but that would entail divorce and...well..23 years and multiple properties into it...that's a toughy. I try to ignore it and hope against hope that my wife's exposure to all the religious crap will someday prompt her to think on her own. I can always hope. As @KrysLostInSpace said there is quite a peace with finally letting go. I left the door open so, if Jesus/God exists they know they can come in if they so desire but I have very little hope that they exists and/or give a shit about me. I had to let go and yes...great peace.
  7. Maybe this is not the right place for this and I hope my question is taken as a quest for insight and not in any way a slight to our non-heterosexual brothers and sisters here. It seems that there is a rather high percentage of members who are LGBT. The percentage seems higher than the public average. So did the doctrine's apparent contempt for you, in and of itself, drive you out of Christianity or did it lead you to investigate and THEN leave or ?? Also, if the aforementioned distaste did not exist would you still be Christian?
  8. Welcome back , @TainM.
  9. Having din din last Friday night with devout friends of Mrs. MOHO's from church (one a psychologist) the topic of "that moment YOU believed" came up. My turn was last and I could feel Mrs. MOHO's eyes on me - knowing I am agnostic/atheist. As I revealed to the group that I am a non-believer I told of a lack of logic and reason in the doctrine as well as my feeling that much of it resembles ancient controls freaks with blood lust. When I finished with the part about god being silent there was...well...silence. None of that "God spoke to ME in a human voice!" or "You are not listening." or "God does not speak to humans in human voices - he uses signs." Nope. None of that. Just silence and Mr. psychologist was especially so and , staring directly at me for several moments, had a look of deep pondering. He had previously during this conversation mentioned that he was, most of his life, a non believer but that certain circumstances and investigation lead him to the Lord. I felt his conviction was not nearly as strong as most others who's testimonies I have suffered through. I hope I did not take this in a direction unintended by the OP but felt this was a good segue into what I have been wanting to post for about a week.
  10. This is the most accurate description of my own condition when I believed that I have heard outside of my own words. Do many who believe simply want so badly to believe? Where they indoctrinated by family members when they were 6 or 7?
  11. God works in mysterious ways and we are not to question them. As for his scribes...they work in lying sack of shit ways!
  12. That would be "The Donald"
  13. 10k ~ 80k years ago? How do they even determine same "species" - given the fact that evolutionary change are on-going?
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