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    If you are interested in reading books that will assist with your deconversion I recommend the bible.

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  1. I tell people all the time I'm not a fundy or an Xtian. In fact I tell them straight away that I am an atheist - family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers. I get responses... 1. met too! 2. you should reconsider that. 3. I believe in god but not Christ. 4. I am spiritual 5. I will change your mind ("good luck, penis breath!") 6. blank stare You know What?... I live through it. It usually is not awkward. I stay married (your actual mileage may vary) I am still friends and on speaking terms will all So buck up and let it rip. You'll feel better! <<HUG>> - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  2. welcome to the forums, @TakamatsuMark.
  3. Hi @faithevoloved. Welcome to Ex-C! Glad to have you aboard. Like @nontheistpilgrim said you have begun the journey. This can take months or years or you can stay right were you are. If you choose to continue you will find valuable information from some of the smart kids here and there are references to books, studies, and videos to help your on your travels. - MOHO(Mind Of His Own)
  4. Edgar, I think this is a come-on to get one or more of us to describe a scenario for belief so you can attempt to find something close and cut it to size, hammer it to fit, and paint to suit. That said, IF god/Jesus is really the creator of the universe and know(s) all things AND wants us all to be saved then he/she/it will already know what it takes to convince all and promptly go there.
  5. I am currently reading Andrew Seidel's The Founding Myth. Now THAT will motivate one to join separation movements. Planning on joining the Freedom from Religion folks when I'm done with the book. https://ffrf.org/
  6. @WWOAC Welcome to Ex-C! Reading, studying the books recommended here will help you decide if your doubts are legitimate. The one book that helped me the most was the bible. After reading the NT from Mathew to Revelations in a few months I was done. Reading large section of the OT was also revealing but I think that most reasonable humans will assume the NT to be man-made stories straight away. As for your question regarding bible prophecies that have come true: could you please elaborate and give us some examples? thnx, - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  7. Hi @Makawe, Welcome to Ex-C. Many religions have a "don't do THIS or you will receive <insert horrible punishment! here>!" clause somewhere in their doctrine in order to coerce total and unwavering control over their subjects. Christianity is no exception despite the ubiquitous claim that they are all about love. Mrs. MOHO would argue that last comment saying that the xitian god is a vengeful god. (She says this with a look on her face that creeps me out.) Anyway, that discrepancy alone should not exist if xanity had any credibility. So, stop worrying about what blasphemy is and focus on reclaiming your life. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  8. Sorry for your loss, @Fuego. Yes, the nice, kind, "there for you" Christians are rather pleasant, for the most part, to be around. But the gist of the bible is not kind, is it? It's more love me or burn for ever and those who do not have this knowledge of the bible either don't read the thing or are in denial. It's he "You WILL bow down the ME and do as I say and do not question ME!", types that piss me no end and are so dangerous. But it is for them that religions were invented in the first place, eh? I guess I took the post from acknowledging kind, decent Christians, and there are many, in an anti-religion direction. I'm thinking those kind, decent Christians would be as they are w/out the religion.
  9. Just bought the book on Kindle. Intro reminds us that the constitution is (was?) founded on the concept of "We the PEOPLE").
  10. Interesting. Good advert for Mr. Seidel's book. I shall read it now. I've had discussions along these lines with wifey and step-son. Wife cannot participate much with the exception of shutting down any open dialog. Step son is a little more engaging and, once, we both arrived at the understanding that the constitution does not specify an official religion and gives us the right to choose no religion if we so desire. Step-son, however, would very much like to change that and make Xianity the official religion of the U.S. I point out that the concept of a national religion did not go so well in Iran back in the 70's. OK THAT was a push for more control of that country by an existing religion that the Shaw kinda put on a back-burner. Not really sure were I was going with that but being forced or coerced in any way to adhere to the practices of something that is not born of science, logic, reason, AND places control in the hands of those using this lack of the aforementioned properties, quite frankly, scares the liv'n SHIT out of me!
  11. For me science, reason, logic just pushed religion out. Does that constitute replacement? Also the fundy spouse and fams are still there. I did not, and have no intention of, going out and replacing them. They're OK as fundies go.
  12. Thanx for the update, @SerenelyBlue. Glad you are feeling better.
  13. Hey @NimrodIAm, Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you've found your way out of the mind-fuck on your own. Kudos to you! Stick around and help us support those still lost. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  14. OH MY GOD! You mean some xtians are <GASP!> CHERRY PICKERS!
  15. There were actually so many simultaneous network marketing promos going on at my old church that several families had to be "counseled". We inadvertently would up at one of these meetings for the "be your own travel agent" thing that was going on 10 years ago. We were succered in because pastor ass-hat sanctioned it, did not tell anyone what it was, and even gave the opening invocation. He was a former insurance salesman so. No dig at insurance folks but the fact that he was a very successful salesman before he was a pastor.
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