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  1. You make a compelling case here, @Steviejay. There is no god or Satan but yes, god's deeds and descriptions (jealous, vindictive, punishing) in the Bible certainly sound like what xtians portray Satan as. I wonder how many of them, secretly, see that? One of the observations that lead me to investigate, question, and leave xantiy.
  2. Yeah the BITE thing, like the name implies, is quite a bit nastier than most vanilla versions of xanity. Again not to minimize what you went through but I'm thinking those were were exposed to any hard-line BITE control might have additional hurdles to overcome than the typical reader of Ex-C does.
  3. MY standard - which is closely aligned with a number of "standards" but with dumbed down lingo so you and I can understand... Sucks you in with bogus information. Attempts to control you with fear Controls your purse strings Controls your friends Ensures regular doses of indoctrination Provides a "fix" or "cure" for the bogus fear or negative condition they have indoctrinated you with. Not to minimize your experiences but perhaps there are differing intensities of each of these standards from cult to cult.
  4. Me three! Have to agree wholeheartedly with @Steviejay. A few years ago I began to observe a disturbing trend in fundies (some of whom are family members) that prompts me to regard them in the same manor as I regard Muslim terrorists or at least those Muslim radicals who support the terrorists. We send young men and women to die in the Middle East to fight Islamic terrorism but we seam to be ignoring, or even exploiting, religious fervor here at home. We are too soft because they are useful idiots to numerous politicians as well as those wishing to profit from this phenomenon. In addition protecting free speech , which is suppose to help put desired legislators into public office, we sometimes also protect those with hate in their hearts. The idea is that the moment they ACT on their hatred we intervene.
  5. <sarc> Nope. Christianity is not a cult. Nope. Not at all. </sarc>
  6. Welcome to Ex-C, @Jenni, Glad you found us. Your story sounds very familiar. I began questioning due to the incredible stories in the Bible and how the authors sounded more like unsophisticated ancient control freaks than any all-knowing, loving being. So I put that aside and spent months on end praying for something...crickets. One night after my ritual I raised my head and allowed myself to admit there ain't nobody listening. Then I felt incredibly stupid, totally duped, and unconsolably embarrassed. You can see now how religions, and especially xanity, create unobtainable goals so you never quit working towards them. And who does THAT benefit? Not you, obviously. Well then keep in mind that, for most of us, this realization begins a journey that might bring a number of emotions, realizations, epiphanies, and relief. Welcome again and I hope you stick around and read/post. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  7. Worst possible version of any afterlife (real or myth) is the one depicted by fire and brimstone preachers throughout xianity. There is enough evidence from scholars examining archives and tablets found in various discoveries of ancient communities over the past 100's of years, to conclude that the concept of hell was not present the in first several version of the Bible. So, the very concept is tactic is used to scare people into a tizzy wherein they are more easily manipulated. So I think that most would agree hell, the fire and brimstone version, would be the worst case scenario and this is the very reason it is so ubiquitous.
  8. <sarc>I know I'm right and don't mind pointing out the obvious and arrogance amidst the masses here.</sarc> all better...
  9. Seriously though my feeling here is that the concept of an anti-Christ in present as it was (is?) useful for muckraking against one's political opponent.
  10. <gasp!> A manipulative idea in the Bible? Say it ain't so!
  11. Being forced to watch Wood Allen movies over and over..
  12. I have listened to Rush off and on for decades and have never, ever, heard him trash anyone for speaking their minds. I have never heard him trash women just for the their gender. That said for you to say "Do some reading and try to open your mind" when you have no clue as to how much reading I have done and how open minded I am IS, in fact, an attempt to deride, denigrate, put me down, and slander my intelligence - simply because you disagree with me. If you want so see someone who needs to open his mind - look in the mirror! Keep in mind Rush is, first and foremost, an entertainer. Each time Each time someone responds to his off the cuff humor his entertainment value is increased.
  13. Geez, @Lost. That's bloody awful! I am sorry for your loss. You said in our post you were always anti-relationship. What changed your mind? You also stated that you never had a boyfriend. Why now? Also you said you were feeling guilty about the relationship. Is that because of your lack of faith or were you not really all that keen on him? Aside from this news - how are things in your life in general? Are you staying away from religion and the malls?
  14. Who in the hell would WANT to have sex with anyone who does not want to have sex with them?
  15. @FreeFromGuilt, Yup, More confident and bold. Care less what fundies think. BTW: what is animals cooking? Do yo skin them first?...
  16. @Larryd, Thanx for your post and welcome to Ex-C! We (Ex-C members) all know how frustrating it can be dealing with fundy fams, friends from our former churchy days, and that half-witted dillweed in the park who confronts each passer-by to ensure they are Christian. I feel your pain with your pa as Mrs. MOHO and her son are both, for the most part, reasonably intelligent (not much formal education but they read a lot) but when it comes to god, Jesus, Bible, they turn into over-bearing, egomaniacs hell bent on spewing nonsense and having the last word. I think many egomaniacs and control-freaks are drawn to xianity as it seems to quench some sort of thirst. I'd like to see a study on that. My point of all this is that we are here to lend an ear and let you know you are not alone. Keep reading and posting here. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  17. We cannot, and should not, convert others. I know that's not exactly what the OP was about but I thought I'd reiterate that. There is little value in debating or trying to "one-up" those who confront us. Just leave it alone and avoid confrontational people. When pastor ass-hat or one of the critty bitties try to engage me I simply remind then that the burden of proof is on their side and, so far, they, the Bible, and xtians in general have done a poor job of that. I have found that being kind and loving to everyone I encounter (yes, it's challenging with some of those mentioned above sometimes) is the best I, we, can do in an informal setting to show that non-believers are not some kind of Parana that hey have been led to believe we are. It's bee a long time since I have been spoken down to for my lack of believing in a myth. At this point, I'm guessing, most of them realize that my lack of belief in things that cannot be proven is really all that separates us.
  18. OK. Maybe a bit of a stretch to connect those two dots but I see some of the same need to be taken care of in both xianity and socialism/communism. Not really wanting to take the argument in that direction and I regretted the comment shortly after mashing the "Submit Reply" button.
  19. My take on the perceived hypocrisy of fundies support of Mr. Trump is due to the doctrine wherein one can claim belief and be absolved of any "sins" - his being adultery and being a habitual lire. At the risk of another assumption on my part Mr. Trump seems to have proclaimed to be an xtian as he comprehends the chances of receiving the GOP nod without the backing of the Moral Majority. And with that I think I have inadvertently hijack @Timothew 's post.
  20. I apologize for my assumption. Support team granted...
  21. I spoke with two from church (man and wife) during that last election campaign cycle who were definitely NOT Trump supporters. They no longer attend and dropped out before I did.
  22. @Timothew, I was making an observation based on my own experiences wherein one-on-one conversations have revealed doubt and pretend in the ranks. Also based on the pastor at Mrs. MOHO' church when I attended calling out the ~50% (that's what the man said) in the pews who were not believers. I'm sure you are aware that your are not truly alone. If you really feel that way I encourage you to speak candidly with friends from church - away from church settings - might be enlightening.
  23. There seems to be some comforting aspect of the god's plan dictum. It seems to relieve stress in the masses to not have to take responsibility and believe and a powerful sky daddy who will make everything alright. Pastors and purveyors of socialism all exploit that emotion.
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