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  1. Yes indeed! Both of the last two presidents unlawfully expanded their powers. The problem with the rules specified in the constitution is there are no consequences specified. Without a consequence there effectively is no law.
  2. I am seeing too much emphasis on individuals and not on policy. Also too much "user vs. them" and not enough on policy. Given enough latitude the radical Left will bring about an American Bolshevik Revolution. Also the Democrats seem to be all about giveaways, , buying votes, and wealth redistribution. To those who have converted and feel they need to switch parties or simply cannot be Republican (I'm actually Libertarian but don't want to throw my vote away) due to the Republican pantie's association with the Moral Majority, the only other realistic option is more socialism and
  3. Josh, The place can be invaluable assisting you with learning about yourself. There are some really smart folks here, I am NOT one of them, and they are willing to take on your doubts and provide information. All I can provide, beyond my own experiences, are references to books that have helped clarify and/or solidify what I already felt. Bart Ehrman is useful for studying the origins of the books in the Bible. He actually taught himself to read Greek so he could read the Black Sea Scrolls and determine that the Bible, as we know it today, was changed, altered, redacted
  4. Incidentally when I quoted Mr. Marx's quote to Mrs. MOHO (scream'n fundamentalist) she quipped "See how horrible Communists are!?" "No, Dear. He meant leaders can use religion to quell and control people. Kinda like the Gran Old...er...never mind..." Then again that other party is using BLM kinda like a religion too, eh? And I don't mean the Borough of Land Management.
  5. @Josh19, You stated in your post that you gave up the drug 8 years ago but your profile indicates you still believe in the Bible god and Jesus. Please clarify... - MOHO
  6. Welcome to ex-C, @BarnOwl Congratulations on finding your way out of the mind control. Also a programmer. I wonder if our profession has had an impact on our deconverstion. We must test our code and it better damn well react the same way each time! Unlike praying, eh? - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  7. yes. Yes I did. I attended the First and Not Last Church of the Benevolent Grape Juice God.
  8. Welcome to the forums, @CherryTreeLane. Hope to read more from you. For the sake of those considering leaving the fold or who may just be questioning their faith there is no reason to change political parties or morph into a being other than you - sans harmful religion. Yes, the Moral Majority hijacked the GOP back in the 70's but both parties (too bad there's only two) have both positive and negative properties and both good and bad people. Do they agree with his mentality, assuming here that you are referring to his brash, shoot from the hip, insulting mannerisms, or
  9. Welcome to the forums, @NowIamFree. I too found the doctrine and scripture to be unbelievable and more likely to be the works of ancient control freaks than any loving, caring deity. No issues with church or the members as believers like to insinuate...well...except for being unable to sit though a sermon w/out rolling my eyes and knitting my eyebrows, I'm sure quite noticeably, even before I finally admitted my disbelief. Glad you found us and many here can relate to your screen name. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  10. Yes, I have sir! My fams do this vehemently! They have absolutely NO CLUE what psychology is but will trash it as Satan's tool because "pastor says" The husband of Mrs. MOHO"s new friend is a practicing psychologist who is devout as is his wife. I wonder what cognitive dissonance for her will come of that?
  11. You better believe it! Imagine my shock and horror when Mrs. MOHO joined the youth ministry at her church and proclaim her "blessing" and "opportunity" to "bring the work to the young ones before Satan gets to them". We're talking 4 & 5 year olds here! This is not only child abuse but, through their efforts to ensure that the little ones grow up with the same thought processes, it may also be form of fascism.
  12. Welcome to Ex-C, @alreadyGone. Glad you found us. You articulated what so many here have gone through and are going through when they lose their religion. The associated emotions and disruptions in one's life have also caused some to re-embrace the doctrine. I cannot imagine doing so and assume that those "go back" never really do so - they just hope, like so many in the pews, that they will truly "believe" some day. Personally I think the need to believe in a higher power is tied to a need for mommy and daddy which is likely a survival thing. - MOHO (Mind
  13. We can certainly say that our morals and standards are higher than the ancient control freaks who wrote/modified the books. At least mankind has THAT going for it.
  14. Let it go, big guy. The shitty upbringing, toxic religion, and crappy father only impact you if you let them. Focus on study, take the exam, ace the sucker, and you will make a bitchen EMT! Now focus on saving lives! This is what you were meant to do!
  15. I think about this. Everything else is so good though. If I could only remove fundyness.
  16. I have observed in my family that there is a very strong underlying belief that Satan is walking and working here on earth. His goal is to see us all in Hell and the path is to coax Christians away from faith by tempting them. Most liberal policies are evil and most conservative policies are righteous. Government is of man and so evil. Historically, the GOP has been anti-government growth. Incidentally an Oregon rep for my district has decided he is more Libertarian (more power to him!) then Republican. This will alienate the Moral Majority. Let's see how this trend plays out.
  17. Oh my GOD! A hypocritical Christian? Say it ain't so! Well...that age old saying "Christian's are not perfect - just forgiven." comes in quite handy for these types and their followers.
  18. Sunday priesthood in the early AM then Sunday School an hour later. Not so bad in and of itself but we spent all day Saturday working in the yard so losing the entire weekend sucked. This was especially annoying as I sensed my father's weekish approach to the Mormon doctrine. Aerospace engineer he was so I'm guessing his otherwise logic oriented thought processes had something to do with that. His apathy likely motivated some of my questioning. Different topic that. I am married to that person. Annoying when logic and reason is countered with the condescending respon
  19. In regards to the "keeping the peace" topic. As many of you know I am the self appointed VP of the unequally yoked club. I have come out to the fams and do NOT attend church. I remain silent during family prayers and dot say ah 'men or whateverthehell one is obligated to say. Mrs. MOHO sends me Biblical shit a few times a week I which summarily ignore and resist the urge to reply with logic/reason/atheist blurb etc as there is no reason to go there. However, if she tried to "persuade" me to attend services via anything other than a simple and occasional invitation, or i
  20. Hey, @Krowb. Welcome to Ex-C! Thank you for your post. Many of us empathize with the reluctance to "come out" as a non-believer. I, for example, live and work in the bible belt of the Pacific Northwest and frequently am cowed a bit. Even though I have come out to my family and Christian friends there is still that underlying feeling. I dare say I see this in other realms of life - not just religion. One must also be on high alert in some areas of Oregon if you divulge any "conservative" values such as being pro-commerce and supportive of the police. Neverthele
  21. Welcome, @Veena. Without listing the 200 rules would you be interested in picking out a few to show us what kind of abuse you were exposed to? Also, was this a kind of Christian cult or self-help or ?? tnx, - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  22. From the article.. "whereby those seeking social success generally had to profess atheism and to stay away from houses of worship; this trend became especially militant during the middle of the Stalinist era which lasted from 1929 to 1939." So, anti-religious states can be just as over-bearing as religious states. Something to keep in mind when publicly promoting one's philosophy. I have long held that it is not healthy or beneficial for any single entity to gain power beyond a certain point. Not sure what that point is but we all know that Hitler was elected wit
  23. Define "anti-harm" because all religions are based on a good deal of emotion and "belief" in fiction and fairy-tales. This harms the participant, daily, as they make choices and sacrifices based on disinformation. This disinformation is not brought on by accident or mistakenly evaluating observations. It is intentionally placed there by those who wish to deceive. FYI: I practice religious equality each and every day. I regard them all as just how I defined them above and have no use for them.
  24. So, @Josh19, Was the divorce due to being unequally yoked? If this too personal don't feel obligated to reply...
  25. Hey, @Josh19, Welcome to Ex-C! Most of us here were authentic Christian believers at one point. Most have similar extimonies and many have differing ones. Many point to unreasonable demand such as those you specify but it seems to me that most reference the doctrine itself and how it was so obviously authored by ancient small-minded control freaks and, possibly, war lords. Some Christian friends of mine point out that fundamentalist Christians are not any "better" than the Sadducees but, if you believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, then you really mus
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