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  1. I don't think that extracting pleasure from torture/execution or any other form of horrific abuse is at issue with Christianity. But requiring the aforementioned punishments to be metered out certainly reveals the Christian god as not so loving, tolerant, patient, or forgiving as the fundy pundits apparently believe. Conversely, the sheeple will hold that their god is vengeful and will smite the "enemies" of ... well...I'm not sure what. Anything that particular xtian feels is an enemy I suppose.
  2. Every single post from you, that I have seen, does nothing more than attempt to ridicule, belittle, and demean. You are not interested in an open discussion. You are not interested in an exchange of ideas. You are not even interested in defending Christianity - or anything for that matter. You are either a very angry person or just incredibly immature. Whatever your game I am not interested and will no longer respond to your posts. Have nice life (assuming you have one) and please seek professional help.
  3. Biblical faith is based on hope against hope that there is an aflert-life and a being that will take care of you there - despite very little evidence that either exists and plenty that they do not. To prop up my assertion please refer to Richard Carrier, Richard Dawkins, Bart Ehrman, Christopher Hitchens. As for the first definition of faith in the screenshot, confidence in people or a thing would, hopefully, be the result of prier performance of said person or thing. My experience, and that of others who's extimonies I have read, indicates, very strongly, that having faith in a god and prayer and Christianity ,or any religion for that matter, would be contrary to definition #1. Yes, I agree with you that Biblical faith has on object. That object is to dupe the masses into following an empty promise so that the purveyors of said duping can reap the rewards in money, power, and having so much control over the flock that they can have sex with anyone they wish and not be outed.
  4. MOHO


    I have read the article, and your comments, sir, and you, in no way whatsoever, gave any logical, rational, meaningful evidence or reason for your critical claims of the well written, researched, clear and concise article of a well respected professional authority on harmful religion. And it is clear to me and, I'm sure, all others on this thread that you know and understand that. If you do not then you are in desperate need of serious mental help.
  5. They are not. There is no Satan. Anything else I can assist you with?
  6. His karma ran over his dogma? Boo. Hiiiissss. Old joke.
  7. Well now THAT was enlightening. Trust me, even though Mrs. MOHO is a scream'n fundy, there is no way in HELL she would even consider giving 10% of our annual, after tax income to anyone or anything. Good thing too as anything to the contrary would send me packing soooooo fast!
  8. Because the SPCA would bet their panties all in a wahd.
  9. @Improbability, Sorry for the belated post. I've been having issues posting but it looks like a very old version of FireFox is working...for now. Yes, you are embarking on a journey. Remember that. A little at a time. Reading and posting here helps as does reading from accomplished authors who have been where you are. Some even set out to prove the validity of xianity and religion and discovered otherwise along the way. But it does not sound like your troubles are with disbelief itself but in coming out and the impact it is, or will - maybe, have on your life. You will lose some friends and make some new ones. Some will stay with you and that is good. Some have stayed with me and in some of them I can see doubt in their eyes when the topic comes up. Your career. Well, being technical myself, software, I can advise taking measures to make yourself more marketable while you are still employed at the church. Online courses, many of which are free, attending user groups, and networking. Also don't worry about your degree. I have a B.S. in C.S. from Columbia and am in a hiring position and have interviewed and hired many technical folk. I say unto you - attitude, experience, and a willingness to keep learning are what matter most. Your lack of an accredited pigskin is not a show-stopper and, quite frankly, you don't want to work for a company for whom it is. Have not seen anything from you since your OP so I hope you are not discouraged. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  10. @Simone, Welcome to Ex-C. You are not alone in your difficulties - especially in your experiences with prayer. Most of those on this site who have deconverted have done so, at least in part, due to prayers (theirs and those of others) going unanswered. There are a number of Bible entries indicating that, even those in Biblical Times were having issues this concept. https://www.biblehub.com/matthew/12-39.htm And it's not wonder because religion is a lie and a tool used to manipulate the masses for the express benefit of the manipulator(s). There have been a number of scientific studies indicating prayer does not work. Yes, the religious will say that god ignored those in the study because they were testing him. Why do you thing the passages in the Bible relating to testing god are there? Because the authors of those books needed to gloss over the fact the prayer does not work because there either is no being listening or none that give a shit! Those missionaries that talk of healing prayer are lying. Notice how their stories all took place in a far-off land and/or have no specifics. You can't prove or disprove their stories. That's enough for you to chew on for now. Welcome again and please spend time reading and posting here. It helps. It helped me. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  11. Just one of the many many examples of how fear and indoctrination can negatively impact society. Churches need to be licenced and audited to ensure they are not systematically destroying lives. Learning institutions need to offer classes on avoiding mind control and group think.
  12. They tried electric shock treatment on my mother back in the 70's. Farged her up good, it did!
  13. Stuck. Yes. Not just in religion but politics as well. I often marvel at the "us against them" attitude in so many aspects of our lives.
  14. There is not any force or being or beings that administer punishment on the human race. However, if you treat people like shit or cheat them or abuse them, you likely will encounter either revenge or indifference from those you have wronged and from those who observed said wronging. This has more to do with survival than anything else.
  15. We donate to the local rescue mission. I now it's religious in nature but we have huge a homeless/tweaker/drug addict problem in Douglas County, OR and this place has enjoyed some success and really WANTS to give folks a hand up. Most "non profits" in this area simply want to get their precious government grants and keep the money rolling in.
  16. And then there are those, like Mrs. MOHO, who utilize the doctrine to attempt to placate their insatiable desire to lord over others. In those cases we have a right to protect ourselves from this abusive behavior and, believe me, it's a daily effort on the part of your's, truely! I let her get away with little.
  17. I think this is what's going on with Mrs. MOHO. She certainly does not treat me like a condemned man.
  18. Some keep others in the dark in order to continue their own coveted delusions. This way they never have to fully admit the mind-fuck to themselves. I am certain this is what is going on with Mrs. MOHO. She's scared shitless to think about no afterlife and no Jesus. Unfortunately for me, and I'm sure others experience same, her fear manifests itself as anger.
  19. We cannot, or should not, deconvert them but it IS our duty, when we are certain of our evidence, to point out anomalies in their "logic" for the benefit of those who might be listening. Also to keep ourselves from being exposed to unnecessary propaganda.
  20. This is sad but true, I'm afraid. I also understand that, even if the above were not true, I would be somewhat arrogant to make a concerted effort to de-convert Mrs. MOHO. I will continue, thought, to attempt to enlighten her when I feel it is prudent. By PRUDENT I mean when I can see an opening that will not result in my having to pull here feet out of my throat yet again.
  21. The lack of logic and reason in the OP would be one of those arguments/observations that would likely be responded to by believers with the usual "You just have to believe!". YOU just have to pull your heads out long enough to use them.
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