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  1. 1 hour ago, LeiaBryant said:

    Why am I nutz?



    Geezer - not Weeaer.

    My bad...



    ...to which I made reference to the two main fundy figures in my life being TOTALLY tolerant of ALL walks of life - as long as they fit into the very narrow (I hope) cross-section of the population who are just like themselves.




  2. 2 hours ago, LeiaBryant said:

    Amen brother preach!

    You and @Weezer are BOTH NUTZ!


    My wife and her son are the most accepting of white, heterosexual, gun-toting, ultra-conservative, well-dressed, non-cursing, non-sinning, god-fearing human beings, that I know. :puke:

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  3. Welcome to Ex-C, @SoulRebel95.


    Living with an authority figure (you are living in her house) is trying when that figure is hell-bent on ramming their superstitions down your throat. Sometimes you must do the unthinkable and play along with some of it until you are out on your own.


    I am in a similar situation in my unequally youkedness and I understand how it can be. What really chaps my hide is when, and Mrs. MOHO is all about this, they spew their nonsense in a tone that suggest YOU are the ignorant, sinning, un-knowing little turd. They have authority over you because they are thumping their bible. This is also true of the asshats (I LOVE that vernacular) who are holding church services against quarantine orders and actually using that defiance to PROVE to their flock  that Jesus has their collective backs.


    Back to you. Glad you found us and I hope we can provide some comfort and comradely during your tough time.

        - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)


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  4. 3 hours ago, TruthSeeker0 said:

    Are you serious? Are you not aware that disabled people are being asked to sign do not recussitate orders? 

    Edit: disabled people who Do not currently have COVID19, in the event they contract it. 


    Won't be continuing the topic or the thread. The ignorance is astounding. 


    Please provide links to current news articles, in the U.S. , where this is happening.

  5. 1 hour ago, TruthSeeker0 said:

    I'm not a Dr. I do not have the answers. 

    If my partner ends up in critical care, does he deserve to be overlooked because he uses a scooter instead of his legs to get around and isn't as "normal" as what society has pegged as the "norm/ideal" (fit, healthy, able to work and contribute to the economy - of itself another ableist definition). 

    If there's something that hasn't left me yet from my fundamentalist upbringing it's that all life and all people are of equal value. I do not think of life in capitalist terms. 

    No one is begin "overlooked" because they are handy-capped.

  6. 39 minutes ago, TruthSeeker0 said:

    This just does not help. I'm tired of hearing that line. Tell that to the people who have asthma, lung, heart and other conditions and who are at risk. Our lives matter! 


    PS sorry but this pandemic has revealed exactly how ableist society is. Exactly what we prioritize. With the news anchors spouting off about how only a portion of the population is dying, with what I can only call a callousness towards that population that is very revealing. And when the shit hits the fan, it's the abled over disabled in the hospitals whose lives are seen to have more value and who are worth trying to save. 

    It's the same with $$$. In Canada those who have worked and earned over $5k the last year are getting $2k per month in emergency measures, while the disabled have been given less all along to somehow survive and live. What is this if not a tacit acknowledgement that a person cannot survive on less than $1k a month? You're out of luck if you're "not disabled enough" to qualify for disability but not able enough to work a lot. 

    As I said, this sure has revealed what kind of society we live in. 

    You are 100% correct, @TruthSeeker, this pandemic HAS revealed what kind of society we live in. We live in a society where people pull together to assist each other. Our leaders released funds to help, are cutting read tape to allow faster production of vents and testing of a vaccine. There plans afloat to assist renters and mortgage payers as well as assist those who are suddenly out of work. And for your information those who EARNED more in the States are to receive a smaller check or, in our case, nothing at all.


    I am sick and tired of hearing about how we are not doing enough for the downtrodden and those with their hands out. I would like to hear some of these folks thank the rest of society that PROVIDES what they ARE getting.


    Now, @TruthSeeker, stop the bellyaching and wining and DO SOMETHING to make the situation better!

  7. 34 minutes ago, Margee said:

    @MOHO  First of all I don't have any money to hide in my backyard unless I steal from the line of credit. Lol


    We are the 'regular' people just above what they call the poverty line. Neither of us make much money. But we are managing to make ends meet and have been for a long time and I am very grateful for that. But my hubby is losing hours. I'm not working right now. What will happen to the people who are in the same situation? Bankruptcy? What happens when we can't make the everyday and monthly  payments? It is so expensive to live. We live where we need fuel to warm our homes for 8 months of the year!! Internet, groceries, power, water, car and car repairs, credit cards, etc. The list never ends. Of course I am worried. I am doing everything in my power to stay calm.  I have always said the the strongest, luckiest and smartest survive. I don't feel any of those... and yet I am trying to take all my fighting power back so we can make it. Thanks for any encouragement. 

    We're kinda regular too but we do have a cushion in the bank. My work is "furloughing" people and, so far, I have avoided that. I figure after the next 2~3 weeks I may be done there. There are programs to replace incomes - costly in the long run - but necessary.


    My biggest fear is Mrs. MOHO draining our savings and shipping it off to Pastor AssHat. She is immersing herself in the end-times B.S. but keeping her head on - for the most part - for now. The thought of that is causes me more anxiety than anything. If I see any evidence of any financial activity or much more talk about this then I will perform my own run on the bank but only from one account another. One that Mrs. MOHO does not have access to. That, our revered Ex-C Mommy, will cause a divorce. My hope if that happens is that things calm down and she sees what a huge mistake both the sending money to the church or a divorce wold be - before it happens.


  8. 26 minutes ago, TABA said:

    I don’t see this growing into any kind of panic, financial or otherwise.  As pandemics go, this one is highly infectious but not very deadly.  Now if we had something as nasty as Ebola that was as easily transmitted as Covid-19, that would be way different.  The economy and financial systems seem basically sound - unlike the 2007-8 financial crisis, so I think things will bounce back fairly well.  Of course some businesses will collapse, but they’ll be replaced and things will go on. So my advice is to Keep Calm and Carry On! 

    Yes the financial situation is quite sound compared to 2008.

    There are folks waiting in the wings, as we've seen recently, ready to purchase devalued stocks. Plus there are government programs and expenditures directed at those who need a safety net or two. Of course that's mostly in the U.S. not Canadia where @Margee is.


    What can you say about any gub'mint programs up there, Margee?

    Also this virus is not going to kill more than 3~4 % (bad yes, but not the end of the world) and when folks realize that all will start to get back to normal. It's important to guard ourselves and others so there is no run on hospitals but not so that we don't all die. 80% are recovering. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Margee said:

    I wanted to ask you all a silly question. I watched the ''1929 depression'' last night (I was totally in the right frame of mind for this) and I can see how everything changed in the world within a week. I wanted to watch this. I needed to watch this. It was like finally getting the guts up to see what the bible really was about no matter how hard it was going to be. So I really wanted to see what happened in the 1929 depression. I did not get depressed. I watched with just 'observation'. I know that the 1929 was to do with the stock market crash but I can see similarities in this particular crisis.


      I can see the beginning of this 'depression' happening right now and if I make it through this, I want to have some kind of plan. My bottom line question is this. Do you think The banks could actually shut down and we would not have access to our money? My girlfriend went to the bank the other day and took a lot of money out. I am already planning (if it came to this world depression) stocking up on beans, rice, canned tuna, salmon, cereals, where I would live, etc.  Am I going crazy here or what? Or am I being smart? Thank you for any replies to this silly question.



    If, and that's a big if, there is a run on the banks then measures will be taken to limit said run. They will close the brick and mortar and limit internet transactions to so many per day. Debit cards are already limited to so much $$ per day.


    This will ONLY Happen if there is, in fact, a run on the banks. We're not there and we won't be unless there is panic.

    Personally, if there is a panic run on the banks, then I hope the response is swift and sure in the interest of quashing the cash hemorrhage early enough to quell any fears or further panic withdrawals.


    Speculation on my part but I've been doing finance/banking software for a couple decades now...

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  10. @freedwoman,


    As @florduh pointed out everyone has undergone differing levels of indoctrination. Not sure if we all respond to the same stimulus the same but I'm sure you can find the answer to that on the interwebs.


    Just keep in mind that your fear and angst are the result of said indoctrination (professional speak for brain washing) and it can be undone. Keep reading/posting here. Read from the myriad of authors on the subject - the works of many of whom are offered here, and stay the hell away from anything that will reinforce the B.S. We're talking church, churchy friends who cannot stop talking about jebus, xtian music, fundy spouses (Yes, I leave the room when she starts churching out!) , and abscessing about hell. Once the indoctrination begins to wain you will start to realize how stupid and man-made all the fundy crap is.


    Baby steps, Free. Baby steps.

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  11. These scum-sucking shit-bags think they are above every law because they thump their bibles and talk to god. People revere them as if they ARE god. That's how they get away with raping their flock - in more ways than one.


    Mrs. MOHO watches Sunday services on the Interwebs but goes to Sunday evening prayer meeting. I've expressed my concern that she will bring home a bug and kill us both. That seemed to give her a modicum of pleasure. I hope that is due to the ctrity-bitty hope that Jesus is coming for them, soon ' cuase otherwise...well...

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  12. 27 minutes ago, florduh said:

    I've been over this several times, but here it goes again.


    Waaaay back in the 1970s I had a woman dentist. A woman doctor. My business served other businesses, many were owned by women. A female coworker left and became a firefighter back in the '70s. We have women in positions of power and influence for some time now as prime ministers, presidents, in Congress and the Senate, governors, mayors, preachers, CEOs, astronauts, professors and judges. Still, most women seem more interested in the newest eyeliner or baby seat than the news or stock market.


    I think women still hold a slight majority in this country, at least they comprise about half the population, so it seems evident that many women just aren't into the feminist agenda. Still, women hold the same positions as men in spite of the other women. If only atheists could do that well.


    That's all well and good but women absolutely, positively cannot be carpenters.

    The logic behind that assertion is quite scientific - you see women have a serious problem with measuring. The reason is that, for years women have been told, over and over, that this (holding index finger 3" from thumb) is TEN INCHES!

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  13. 1 hour ago, freedwoman said:

    To shut up. To find a husband. Put up with his abuse. Bear many children. Suck it or suffer. Blindly obey. Be her husbands puppet. Stay in the kitchen barefoot, pregnant, and chained. Unless she has to clean the rest of the house. Never have her own thoughts. Never sin by rebelling. Nothing about women in the Bible let's her be free from serving her husband. Sorry. She is just there to be his sex slave and baby grower, servant, and punching bag. But hey most women probably dream about that. Most women are 50 Shades Of Grey types. Makes me sick. Plus I hated those movies. Can't feel sorry for the maledom fetish women. But I do feel sorry for the poor women who hate that and fear Hell for disobeying. 


    ... and Christianity is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo different that the Islamic faiths. :Doh:

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  14. 19 hours ago, older said:

    "Essential? Retailers Like Guitar Center and Michaels Think They Are"
    Guitar Center, Dillards department store, Michaels craft store, Sears, Kmart, and Joann Fabric and Craft Stores all think they are essential and are keeping many of their stores open.


    For your information, Mr., Guitar Center IS essential. :nono:

    In fact I ordered a Gibson ES-330L from them last week and it arrived yesterday.


    Of course I sprayed the shit out of the box, the case, and cleaned the body and strings, then washed my hands before wailing on it! :puke:

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