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  1. 10 minutes ago, DanForsman said:

    "The Old Testament is the original Hebrew Bible, the sacred scriptures of the Jewish faith, written at different times between about 1200 and 165 BC."   So even christians can be confident that those with an ability to write and an interest in recording noteworthy events were on hand when the resurrection took place.

    Quote is from:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/christianity/texts/bible.shtml

       Interestingly the same source says the new testament was written between 50 and 100 AD which would put a gap between Jesus's astonishing resurrection from the dead and the first extant recording of the event at at least 50 years. Shows us once again how much god has it out for those who only want to believe reasonable things.

    In addition, and according to Mr. Hawkins (he's the one that learned Greek so he could read the "Dead Sea Scrolls", yes?)  sections of the Bible were redacted for hundreds of years.


    Try as I may to get xtians to listen to the actual origins of the book and the fact that large sections were changed years after the original authoring they will NOT listen. Don't want to know, they.

  2. On 7/4/2020 at 8:05 AM, DanForsman said:

    And to think that someone would come back to life after being killed in a public execution and then show themselves for inspection to either a handful of people or hundreds but no one bothers to write about this astounding feat for at least 30 years! Not even one historian other than the anonymous bible writers mentions Jesus coming back to life other than the highly suspect single probable three or four word forgery added to a Josephus historical record. So really nothing outside the bible which was not begun until decades after this astonishing event supposedly occurred.


    Indeed, sir.

    and the standard excuse is that people did not know how to write in those days. We have accurate accounts of the eruption of mt. Vesuvius in 79AD which would have been 40 or so years later, however. Amazing how much those folks learned about journalism in such a short period of time, eh?

  3. Sounds like you need to fix this at your present company, @Simone, so you'll have a favorable reputation if you find yourself in the job market. Here in the states companies are only supposed to validate employment dates now. This can be gotten around, however. I know because I do this on a regular basis hiring techs and coders for my department. I manage to get to the employee's former direct report (manager) and even some co-workers.


    If I really feel I will value a perspective employee and there was bad blood with a former company I will confront the applicant and ask them how they feel about the criticism. If they are sorry and understand how their behavior impacted their old company then I'm good. If they bitch and moan and blame blame blame then we're NOT good. 


    I really feel you can fix this and that your boss will appreciate the effort.

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  4. 10 hours ago, Simone said:

    How can I overcome the fact I warned about hell and the guilt of being not respectful

    and try to convert people ?

    Guilt or embarrassment?


    Hey, we all got sucked into that garbage and did some stuff we regret - so don't' feel alone or stupid or too uncomfortable.


    The others gave some good advise and I'm sure that when you speak with those you proselytized to and explain that you were under the effects of the indoctrination you will all have a good laugh. I think people generally understand how powerful mind-control techniques can be - especially when they have been refined for years and years.


        - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)

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  5. Welcome to the forums, @confused00.

    Glad you fund us.


    Most of us here experienced the "Oh my GOD! What have I done!" Initially after proclaiming our doubt or outright rejection of the doctrine. That fear goes away over time but it does take some time as your brain has been "trained" to think one way for years. It takes time to "re-wire" your brain. This is why indoctrination is to powerful and why indoctrinating little children is so abusive.


    I don't know if you have ever been exposed to network marketing but that's were a salesman gets a commission from each sale from each new salesman he brings to the company. This way his income grows and grows. Christianity is much like that. The church and it's leaders very much desire money and power and a growing church provides more of those things. Knowing this the focus of most Christian entities is on evangelizing. That is also why the doctrine state that you MUST bring more people to Christianity in order to by "saved" from the eternal torture that the religion created in the first place. Fear is humanities most powerful emotion and is exploited by a number of clergy, politicians, leaders, and corporate managers.


    Now that you know this we want you to get out there and spread this web site to all of your friends and family. If you fail in this task we will force you to watch Fast and Furious on Blue ray. :yelrotflmao::crazy:

  6. Hey @Dandilion.


    Honesty is the best policy - with the exception of our dear old mum on her death bed.


    I went to church with Mrs. MOHO for a couple hears after deconverting and not telling anyone. I could stand, no more one day, sitting there listening to the rapid-fire bullshit and becoming more aware of my frowny face and wrinkled brow. I finally realized I was sending a silent signal to all around me that I was not in control of my life...and quit. Mrs. MOHO, instead of asking for a divorce, simply stated that she questioned my faith all along. When I asked if she questioned hers and, if so, why, the fecal matter slammed headlong into the Sears and Roebuck 18" oscillator. This was, much to my surprise and delight, the only fallout.


    I happily enjoy my Sunday AM's now with her at church and me at home. My marriage is strong. She still sends emails with church crap and when I reply I get yelled at but that's about it. We hang out with Christian friends because I like them - and they me.


    I realize I have focused your thread on myself but only to illustrate to you and any non-member readers that outcomes are seldom as bad as we anticipate and it is most often better to be forth-coming. If your fams annoy you over this then simply spend less time around them. They'll get it. They'll back off.

        - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)

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  7. On 6/18/2020 at 8:23 PM, Skeptics said:

    If christians were to say to IRS that they pray and objects appear and sell them (without pay taxes) and they have the right not to pay taxes, no christian country will believe them.

    But it is also a contradiction of give Caesar which is for Caesar (pay taxes) vs pray.


    I don't believe there is a concept of pay taxes OR pray as far as any legitimate religion goes.

    The Bible clearly indicates paying taxes (and tithing by the way) are commanded. I'm too lazy to lookup the passages but they are easily found on the Interwebs.

  8. Stupid that they did not realize that the Bible instructs the sheeple to pay taxes and obey rulers and lawmakers.

    Selfish that they don't realize their taxes pay for the services they use.

    Most states or countries demand too much $$ but not paying taxes altogether is not the best approach.


    So, did they really expect the taxman to rollover and are they truly earnest in their beliefs or did they just make a feeble-minded attempt at bullshiting the courts?

  9. Thank you for posting your extimoney, @FreeFromGuilt.

    I think that it is really swell that your hubby admitted his lack of faith when you opened up to him about yours. Readers should be advised that heir actual mileage may very, like it did for me, but this is very encouraging and I wonder how many families would have a similar revelation if one member should choose to start the dominoes.


    Kudos to you for thinking your way out of the mind-control. That takes courage and, frequently, tenacity!

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  10. 1 hour ago, Steviejay said:

    Sorry. I dont quite understand. There were no Evangelicals, Baptists, Methodists etc back then. The original church was just that, the original church. 



    So many xtians, when I point out the fact that the xtian church was violent - especially with respect to Muslims during the Crusades, I get the reply "THAT was the Catholic church! Those people are NOT Christians!"


    Of course, being the instigator that I am, I point out that, since belief that Christ is/was the Messiah makes one a Christian, that so are the Mormons. This particular approach frequently results in blown head gaskets. Good clean fun! :P

  11. 5 hours ago, Steviejay said:

    Blind followers with dangerous blind beliefs just blindly except hundreds of thousands of words, contradictions, mistakes, failed prophecies to all be true. But now comes the real problem with all Christians and religious people - YOU then judge others based purely on these blind words, to the point of killing, abuse, torture, indoctrination, criticizing, alienating, condemning non-believers to a fate worse than Hitler's death camps


    That's whey I cringe when the fundy fams get to preaching and saying "praise the lord" or "praise god" or "You're not walking with the lord" or a host of other diatribes. That's why it's a tall order sometimes to just live and let live. You know - just tolerate them.


    Anyway, that was a lot of work, @Steviejay!

    is that post all of your own words? I mean besides the bible quotes?

  12. Well WE like you a lot, @Tsathoggua9!


    When I was young, grade-school age, I regarded hell and the devil as cartoons and not real. But after going full-on fundy in the early 2000's I began to have anxiety over the potential legitimacy of hell. Being the type that always analyzes everything I quickly came to the conclusion that this part the the doctrine was strong indication that it was added to the books at some point in order to solidify the grip that the mind-control had/has on people. Fear is our strongest emotion and fire is our greatest fear so...

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  13. It is quite disturbing to listen to Mrs. MOHO's ( okay their mine too) friends doing the group-think gig surrounding Covid, vaccines, and large band-with services. They get themselves worked into a tizzy but when I pull one aside they calm right down and begin to think. I have never been a  joiner so, even though I sometimes find myself getting sucked in just a little, I find it both interesting and scary to watch this phenomenon.


    At least my lovely wife takes the time to do research on these conspiracies. There's some confirmation bias but at least she's researching. I hope this become a trend that influences here entire life.



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  14. Welcome to Ex-C, @wombat17.

    I like to think we are a good source of support and marginal advice. Kidding. There are some smart folks here.


    Good plan to seek employment that will allow you to provide for yourself before pushing back against the indoctrination and the cult. I notice your interests are hanging out with friends and gaming. Is that conducive to achieving your goal? Would career guidance counseling and education be more helpful engagements?


    Welcome again and I hope you stick around and read/post some more.

        - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)


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  15. 20 minutes ago, AntiChrist said:

    Simply. Is it true that tasting is believing? If I eat a strawberry, I will know what the strawberry tastes like due to my sense of taste. But if I tack on a belief to the sensory information traveling to my brain, what am I telling my brain about the strawberry itself?





    You mean like associating, or tacking on, a belief in a deity to really uplifting, happy, upbeat music? Kinda like Pavlov's dogs?

  16. 4 hours ago, Steviejay said:

    Jesus is WORST than Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein put together


    His Hell for non believing good people is far worse


    Jesus is an evil monster in disguise


    Jesus's Christian followers are deceived by his "love" just like Hitler pretended to show loyalty to his henchmen


    Well then, @Steviejay, if one takes the word of the Bible literally, then your assertion makes a whole lot of sense. To torture someone for eternity for simply coming to a conclusion, based on what we know and that said conclusion is out of our control, certainly is the most horrific, senseless, narcissistic, and psychopathic concept that the human mind can possible conceive. Definitely a view into the minds of the pricks that wrote some of those books, eh?


    And when this concept is pressed to the believers they almost always respond with "God does not send anyone to Hell. They send themselves there." Or God does not send anyone to Hell it just happens" or "No, Satan sends you to Hell." or "God did not create Hell - Satan did."


    But the most compelling and disturbing response is the one I received from Mrs. MOHO once. "If you don't believe in God and Jesus then you deserve to go to Hell!"

  17. 55 minutes ago, TABA said:

    If they study the Bible at all it's likely a carefully curated study within their denomination, that emphasizes the helpful scriptures and ignores the awkward ones. 


    Mrs. MOHO "studies" the Bible by relying ONLY on those study books that not only direct the reader to certain scripture but interpret it for her.


    MOHO: "Why don't your just read the Bible from start to finish. You can even make it easy on yourself by starting in Mathew."


    MOHO: "k"


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  18. I have been present when conversations of this type have taken place between the sheeple and pastor ass-hat.


    His response is that this passage/concept is taken too literally and the term "marriage" is used conceptually. I'm not sure what concept he meant.


    The concept of being the bride of Jesus or any other deity - real or imagined - is one of many creepy, illogical, irrational things that set me to thinking...

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