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  1. Mrs. MOHO stated, about a year ago, that pastor asshat told the sheeple that roughly 50% of the flock do not believe. "Isn't that truly incredible?!" Said she. I just gave her a blank stare no longer taken aback by her delusions.
  2. Welcome @Jaywatt and thanx for posting. As the self-proclaimed VP of the unequally yoked club here at Ex-C I feel I might be in a good position to provide some emotional support. I don't portend to be acting in any way, shape, or form as any kind of a counselor but I've been where your are and feel compelled to reach out to you. I announced my unbelief of xanity a few years ago (actually I did this twice after having a relapse) and prepared for a divorce. I went so far as to seek legal council. This may sound like an over-reaction to anyone except those of us who live with scream'n fundies. They are told we are evil, listening to satan, sinning, retched etc. I can see where pastor asshat is coming from here because, as Mrs. MOHO is retired, he knows where that big, fat, fucking check comes from each year. Well anyway, the divorce did not happen. I made it clear that was OK with that and I think my self confidence in that helped mitigate any negative reaction on my wife's part - at least in terms of attempting to use religion and people from church to real me back in. She knew I'd bail. And I still might and she knows this. Every so often she pushes, I push back, she bluffs, I stand my ground, we recover after a day or two. And so it goes. I cannot go to church because I might just soil the carpet in the sanctuary when the bullshit from the pulpit begins. I cannot seem to suppress my eye rolling and general look of disdain on my face. My advice: Come clean at all costs. OK, if you have young-uns at home and really feel a divorce is immanent, then play it cautiously. Of course the rug-rats also have a right to know the truth. They have a right to hear both sides of the churchy, religious dialog. I understand your problem with hearing, seeing, being emersed in the religion ...or...so it would feel when you develop a sort of contempt for the crap. Mrs. MOHO, being retired, is really throwing herself into this garbage and this is testing my cool. I want to rip the bible, bible books, study guides, etc right out from under her and go on about how she is indoctrinated. That, of course, will just make me look like a psycho and not benefit anyone. It would push her farther into the self-indoctrination. In closing I encourage you to stop placating the fundies as soon as you are comfortable. You owe it to them just as much as to yourself. As I found out things did not go as badly as I thought they would. Please feel free to reach out to me/us as needed. Hope to hear more from you. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  3. OMG! You just HAD to go there, didn't you? Now I'm going to have nightmares tonight. I hope you sleep tonight!
  4. M'eh. Social skills are overrated.
  5. What if this god that showed himself also stated that the bible is a load of man-made crap and does not reflect his intentions. Would you then follow him/her/it/they?
  6. Was agreeing with your previous post. Sorry. I'll try to be a little more vague next time...
  7. Yes, indeedy! Show himself/herself/itself to all, simultaneously, and perform some miracles like rid the world of COVID19 at the snap of a couple of godly fingers. Any begin that can pull that off might as well be god to us, eh?
  8. Hey @Disgruntled, Welcome to Ex-C! Why do you need a savior? What did you do that was so bad that you need someone/something to forgive you? Do you posses the audacity to enjoy sex? Did you tell a fib? Steel a piece of candy from the store when you were six? Take a brief lustful glance at your brother's wife? Skip church to watch the redneck races? Embellish on little on your resume'? Calling those things "sin" is a creation of ill-meaning medieval jackasses who wanted to control people. Much like the Taliban of today. OR are you anxious about death? This one is understandable as we are innately wired to fear it. That's how our species has survived so many years. Just because you don't have a savior does not mean there is not something out there beyond this life. Personally I'm leaning towards nothing beyond here but I will be the first to admit the potential for arrogance in that belief. We simply don't know for sure. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own ... as in not a blind follower of anything that cannot be proven)
  9. With the exception of coding. My personal experience in my field is that women have a tendency to make better coders (better as it relates to fewer boo boos) as they have a tendency to be more meticulous.
  10. We're still taking about men in the bible, right?
  11. Just to clarify - I was just trying to make you smile. You seemed a little down. The only thing inferior here is my sense of humor.
  12. <sarc> Yes, @freedwoman. Women are inferior to men. </sarc> Now, were is my animated bare-ass emoticon when I so desperately NEED IT!? Oh! Here it is...
  13. I would think about Jesus, Hell, Revelations, a whole hell of a lot less if I did not have a scream'n fundy in the house who is retired now and has nothing else to do but immerse herself in the funnymental life. But now, after the healing process, I can simply roll my eyes.
  14. It gets better, @freedwoman. There are those of us who, although show some scars, are leading happy lives away from the indoctrination. Some are atheists, some are Buddhists, Some feel a spiritual connection w/out a specific organized religion. Let's not discourage any recent deconverts.
  15. Hey, @freedwoman, That was a creative analogy and will help some who are "on the fence" to see the high probability that the book(s) was/are/have been continuously written by abusive men who wanted nothing more than to control people and especially those of the female persuasion. When I see how happy and friendly some of my xtian friends are I sometimes fantasize about going back to church. But then I remember all of the mind gymnastics one has to perform in order to comply and I quickly lose interest. Also when I think of how abusive the religion is and how some abusive family members use it as a tool to justify their piss-poor behavior well...you know what I mean. Hope that part helps with the fear of being forced back into the fold. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  16. A few xtian friends have said that they heard god speak to them. Most indicate, straight away, that is was not an actual voice but a feeling so I dismissed them. When the others were pressed for details such as what god's voice sounded like they deter to the "it was a feeling" argument. Others, who shall remain nameless as I am sure your are sick of hearing about Mrs. MOHO, have gotten angry with my quest for such inane details. As for information regarding apologetics for god's silence - the ones I have been exposed to have already been detailed in this thread. Of course the "God does not speak to sinners" one really takes be aback due to the ever present assertion that we are all sinners. So, I conclude by this logic, that no one has ever been spoken to by god.
  17. At the present point int time xtians are not as undesirable as folks from some other religions who openly seek to kill anyone who is not a member of their religion. However, if/when the xtians gain as much power in the U.S. as Muslims have in some Middle Eastern countries we will learn to fear and loath them in the same manor.
  18. And those "on the left" are spewing their own forms of hate and politicians are using that to their own advantage - just like like clergy using religion to control people and gain power and money. Unless people learn to suspect that is what is going on in many forms of "leadership" we will continue to experience turmoil.
  19. Hey, @AcrobaticDetective, Thanx for posting your extimony. It's helpful, not only to the poster, but for those who might read this and realize they are not the only ones who see tones of B.S. in the doctrine and how man has utilized religion throughout history, to control the masses. Yes, it is scary to see how politicians exploit religious fever. It's also scary to see how they exploit hatred of anyone who has more than they (the voters) do and how replacing one form of nationalism with another will resolve all issues. I understand your quest to find peace. I was raised LDS and, feeling anxiety over it's exclusionary rules, looked to the charismatic Christian religion to try to find peace. Then we jumped head long into an exclusionary flavor of fundamentalist xanity here in Oregon that immediately turned me off. Mrs MOHO, however, found home with these people. I expressed a desire to find a more welcoming and open church and what came next helped me to realize that it there were, in fact, a number of differing versions of the religion. Mrs. MOHO said "You had better find a church and version of xanity that you can live with!" Waite! What ?! Anyway, story on it's own. Thanx again for the post. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  20. I voted to keep them out. I do (did) my own research. A debate is useless. The xtian participants I have read here seem to be into showing off and don't' seem genuine. xianity has to be presented from a woo woo perspective to be legitimized and I am not interested in that. They could, potentially, cause someone to have a relapse. Most have been obnoxious and I get enough of that crap from home and Mrs. MOHO's critty-bitty friends. Participation here legitimizes their position. It all allows them the sharpen their bullshit spinning. (Yes, I know we can sharpen our skills too but I don't argue with critties anymore as it is pointless and frustrating.) This is a safe haven for me when I've had too much of the xitan bullshit and likely is for other as well. We are not going to deconvert them.
  21. @Wertbag! I just read about your brother. (Been inactive for a couple months). I am very sorry to hear this. At least he has a caring brother in his time of need.
  22. @BookOfMicah, Thanx for your post. I too am former LDS and had very similar experiences to yours in that respect. Mrs. MOHO (flaming fundy through-and-through) goes bat-shit crazy when presented with the fact that Mormonism is Christianity on anabolic steroids. I too found the charismatic, blue-jean wearing, let's be friends, everyone here loves you, write the church a check, Low-key, not so crazy about rules, Jesus Freakdom to be a relief from the dastardly controlling religion I was raised with. I always harbored a simmering contempt for what I thought, even in grade school, was mind-control. So, naturally, I began having the same feelings for my new clothes. Especially after watching the flock getting fleeced all the while hearing pastor ass-hat declare that money is not the focus and I did not have to contribute. This was, of course, a successful guilt-trip mantra for the masses. Back to you and your jacked-up childhood. I am sorry you had to go through such crap especially at the hands of an entity that starts out promising ever-lasting life and thus has such control over us. Your three rules to live by, so to speak, indicate you are insightful, experienced, and have thought through the religion bullshit quite thoroughly. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  23. ... Yet another element in the long list of how religion fucks things up...
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