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  1. These are all very insightful responses but, correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't the original post asking about religions OTHER than the Abraham varietals wherein their "god" spoke to one person only?
  2. Nope. No mass exodus. Some, like Mrs. MOHO who are addicted to end-times videos linking current events including Covid-19 to the end-times, may be motivated to think a little more next time, however. One can hope...
  3. OK. I don't know what the hell I was attempting to communicate. Must remember to start brain before engaging typing fingers.
  4. Good article, Dan. And, for the record, I was not claiming that fetuses are regularly used in stem-cell research. I was pointing out that some seem to believe that to be the case. In any event numerous individuals dislike/disapprove of fertilizing eggs in a dish then destroying them. Their feeling is that all of those eggs represent human begins that are being killed. Also not my line of thinking - just pointing out that is is not just fundies that have a problem with stem-cell research. In general I took this approach because I am concerned, as are others, that continuous and elevated negativity towards Christians and the religious in general, will harm any efforts to bring some questioners out of their indoctrination.
  5. The push back on this research was born of the fear that it would motivate people to conceive and then abort fetuses for the express purpose of harvesting stem cells. It was/is not just religious who have a problem with this but the nay-sayers do tend to be of the fundamentalist xtian persuasion.
  6. That we can open the country back up at the end of April.
  7. Welcome to Ex-C, @IAM4TRUTH. Those Zoom prayer meetings (Mrs. MOHO has signed up for one which starts on Monday) are a strong indication of churches not wanting folks to drift away due to quarantining as that would significantly impact their money and power base. Anyway, it's good to question and have regular conversations with those outside of the sphere of indoctrination. I'm sorry about your brother and I know this forum cannot replace him but we're here for those wanting to connect with others who question xanity and faith based religions. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  8. That WOULD be interesting and helpful to all of us but there's no way that would happen unless she deconverts and I can tell you, just as certain as our darling president is going to say something inappropriate for a head of state tomorrow, that Mrs. MOHO will NEVER deconvert. Nope. And she would never read one word here as she is so hopelessly superstitious that the mere thought of doing so would send her into a tizzy of incantations, prayer for forgiveness for interacting with the dammed, swinging a dead chicken over her head, giving $$ to the indoctrination machine, and washing the feet of the bums down town. Hmmmmmmmmm.... some of that might prove entertian...meh...NOT.
  9. I am sooo tempted to say something smartasticall here but that would be really immature. I'm not saying that I'm NOT immature....I'm not NOT saying it. See there I go again. Thank you for the apology and I hope you accept mine if I made you feel unloved in anyway.
  10. @DanForsman, No lies with the exception of posting here. I claim to be involved with NO social media whatsoever and, with the exception of Ex-C, that is the truth. Well, unless you conciser technical (Stack Overflow) and musical forums to be social media. But she knows about those. But, what I mean is no Facebook or anything that would identify the poster. So, in her mind, I lied to her 20+ hears ago on our first date when I said I was a Christian. I figured I was as I was raised LDS and, for chist's sake EVERYONE in the U.S. is xtian, RIGHT? That should have been a red flag to us both but she's so attractive and we got on swimmingly and we danced together so well. (Ball room, Country, swing). And here I am this bespectacled little computer geek and well...lower brain stem took over. Over the years I became a practicing xtian but reality seeped in around the edges...then became a trickle...then a steady stream...you know. I would not mind if she knew I was posting here but I have said some things that may not be so flattering regarding the reasons why she is drawn to indoctrination and how she seems to be addicted to the authority she feels xanity bestowes upon her. Did I answer your question?
  11. Hey @freedwoman, Thanx for the advise and don't think I don't ponder the options of using scripture. It's just that I'm not the manipulating kind which, come to think about it, explains part of why I have problems with xanity and religions in general. Also I would never attempt to prevent anyone from doing something they want/need to do. If it negatively impacts me I'll have to make a judgement call and decide if the relationship is worth the risk and potential heartache.
  12. OH. Sorry about the mixup, @freedwoman. That was meant as sarcasm to @freefromguilt for prompting me to ponder my situation with Mrs. MOHO. The little mooning dude was intended as an indication that I'm trying to be humorous. In no way would I ever say something to someone here to be mean or put them down.
  13. I envy you. I really do! When I think of how much more intimate our relationship wold be if she could be real instead of "walking with the lard" all the damn time. When I think of how much nicer the so very few vacations would be if we did not have to race home on Saturday so she could go to church on Sunday...and Wednesday night...and Tuesday AM women's Bible study. Or what we could do with the thousands of $$$ that go to pastor asshat each year. Now I'm depressed. I hope you SLEEP tonight, @freedwoman!
  14. MOHO

    Sorry Women

    Let it GO, @freedwoman! The more you allow your past fling with xtianity to impact your daily life the more impact it has on your daily life. Now, don't make me come over there and invoke my (former) xtian male authority over you!
  15. Oh OH OH me first me first meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Glad you asked, @FreeFromGuilt. Mrs. MOHO still loves me but, up until I assured her, under the risk of bolstering her superstition, that I would NOT take the mark of the beast after she is raptured, she spent way-the-hell too much time trying to convince me that Jesus is the way. We no longer go to church together because I don't go to church! She spends more time with jesus freak videos and sermon re-broadcasts. She wonders "What ELSE I LIED to her about!" Because, as you all know, none of us ever were "true" believers. I am annoyed with the humming of jesus freak music. OK. I ALWAYS hated that! I don't know why. I realize I made a BIG BIG mistake 20+ years ago but I don't vocalize that. Other than that...we're good.
  16. Given that magic is simply trickery I am inclined to conclude that magic and truth and antithetical with respect to each other.
  17. This would simply be trading once superstition (vice?) for another. Not a good idea for those who seek truth and growth in their lives.
  18. Thank you for you much needed medical service, @freshstart.
  19. Mrs. MOHO goes to payer meeting on Sunday evenings. When I presser her on bringing bugs home she said that they practice social distancing. Other than that I can think of nothing more selfish than risking spreading the virus in this manor. Just because you CAN does not mean you SHOULD.
  20. Many firms have customer service positions that are remote. You must have great communications skills and not be apposed to learning computer applications. Other thoughts are medical transcribing, answering services, smart phone tech support (if you are trainable). Other than that the only entry level work from home I can think of is motherhood.
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