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  1. Thanx for the morning chuckle, Citsonga! I'm sorry your son had to go through such difficulty. My fams are so against anyone who does not look and act like them that I want to cringe. Mrs. MOHO even asked me if I was gay because I chide my family memvers when they spew their hate against those whom they do not know personally. BTW: What is a CISgender person? Knightcore: Be comfortable with who you are and know that there are multitudes who support you. A bit of advise, and feel free to take it or tell me to go pound sand. You can proclaim your non-theist beliefs, and I encourage this, but you may have to abide by house rules while you live there - even if that means Sunday School. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  2. Glass of grape juice each and every night. Even enjoy a glass with Mr.s MOHO's chritty-bitty crowd now and again.
  3. This is what is keeping me from restating my atheism to the fams and inner circle. Mrs. MOHO and I live in a very nice executive home and have a successful business that I help with when I'm not cut'n code. We're approaching retirement years and to negatively impact that kind of financial security is not exactly an attractive option. Declaring my lack of belief will not directly result in divorce but, after having made such declaration a couple years ago then experiencing very heavy tension in the household, led me to start going to church on Sundays with the Mrs again - just to relieve the tension. I know I'm being a major wuss here and I dream, each and every day, about leaving behind a life of lies. Sky, you are young and, likely, don't have the kind of complications in your life that you will when you are older. If you are financially dependent on your folks then you might have to just grin and bear the discomfort for a bit. But when that day comes when you are on your own...run like the wind! And for dog's sake DON'T MARRY A CHRISTIAN. Or some other adherent to superstition.
  4. Grew up Mormon and rejected that in my early teens. Figured the non-denominational thing was tolerable and SOUNDED reasonable ...until I married a devout xtian who later became quite fundamentalist after moving to the bible-belt of the Pacific Northwest. This prompted me to REALLY study the Bible in earnest which, in turn, resulted in my deconversion. Does that count?
  5. What I wouldn't give to get inside the heads of the authors and understand their motivations. Money? Fame? Control? Lunacy?
  6. This is an interesting concept, Vigil. We need to stop taking the virtual hands-off approach to organized religions in the U.S. Treat them like any other business. Of course this would open up a major can of worms when the product does not deliver a promised, eh?
  7. Are you absolutely SHITTING ME? These filthy bastards are completely unashamed at the lengths they will go to separate the superstitious from their hard earned cash! Anyone who gives money to churches instead of feeding their children , assuming that can be proven, should do time and the involved church officials should server right along side them!
  8. Continuously boomeranging back to the same deity that treats humans worse than shit, and then having the audacity to force them to gravel under the threat of eternal torture, can be likened to the battered spouse that keeps returning to a horribly abusive husband because she knows of no were else to turn for safety/comfort/source of living. Makes it positively clear what kind of assholes wrote both old and new testicles. Also makes it clear what their ultimate goals were, eh?
  9. That's OK, Jeff. Apparently you can dream stuff up and millions of diluted "truth" seekers, over 2k years, will swear by it.
  10. I'm saving this for the next door-to-door fundy soul saver. "NO! Please look at MY pamphlet!" "Does this about sum it up?"
  11. BTW, CitSonga, thank you for taking the time to clear the air!
  12. Yes, my friend. it IS a shame that some people will completely disregard someones opinion and value based solely on appearance. I apologize if I misinterpreted your meaning in any of this dialog. It's difficult, sometimes, to get the gist of someone's true meaning w/out voice inflections, facial expressions etc. Let's hope that candidates losing elections due to their lack of religion becomes a thing of the past.
  13. WOW! I struck a nerve with some folks here. Yes, my opinion is prejudiced. yes, I am stereotyping. yes, it is prudent to not judge the proverbial book by it's cover. But, Citisonga, that's how people ARE. The delusion that just because we are taught not to be prejudice does not mean that it does not happen. I've found it best, in the long run to accept people's first impression tendencies and work with them. yes. you have a right to show up for an interview dressed inappropriately but the interviewer does not have to hire you. That's life. No, I do NOT, personally, dismiss AronRa's value due to his appearance. I am simply stating that the masses WILL judge him and, if he is serious about running for office, he should take note. As for bursting my bubble, Citsonga, NOTHING has been burst here but I can see how my comments could affect some people to the point of wanting to lash out at me. Bad news...so shoot the messenger!
  14. Oooooooooooooh! I was WONDERING what causes that!
  15. Certain appearances give clues to a person's character, Citsonga and, in this case, it's more than just the hair. Regardless of whether my conclusions are accurate or not - the general population (there I go with my broad sweeping statements again ) will lend more credibility to those who look and act more like them. It's just human nature. It seems to be an uphill battle to motivate a cross-section of the populous to give up their superstitions and, taking an interest in one's appearance, when speaking, will help a great deal.
  16. Yup. Spent months and months praying for some guidance/direction/feeling/sign/help with fleeting faith yada yada. Never heard anything but crickets. The only thing I ever felt was a little euphoria after saying that come into my life Jesus prayer with the pastor. That lasted about 20 minutes - then I felt sick to my stomach and quite humiliated that I had allowed my brain to run off like that.
  17. Glad you have a sense of humor, LF.
  18. Climate change deniers are uncomfortable with the concept of climate change so they deny/ignore it. Religious folks are uncomfortable with death and so they believe in superstition (life after death). Most climate change deniers that MOHO has met are xtian/fundamentalist. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  19. Florduh, Have you been speaking to my wife and stepson? Din din conversation last Sunday night left me wondering if we really left the dark ages behind.
  20. I understand and agree, for the most port, with where the speaker is coming form and empathize with his concern but why does he have to look so creepy? I think our point of view that no religion should have such control over education and politics would have greater acceptance if some of the speakers would make a consorted effort to look more presentable to the masses.
  21. Hey, Witty, A few years ago, at Mrs. MOHO's church, the pastor made a big deal out of the coming blood moons and stated that "that church across town was making a big deal of it. I'll bet THEIR offering baskets are FULL!" You read that right. He actually said that. So you seed the end times shit is all about control and MONEY! Hang in there, MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  22. MOHO


    Run like the wind, JL!!!
  23. That's some funny shit, Prof! I like the vampire comment in the OP too. God and Jesus are non existent but vampires are REAL! Fuck me!
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