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  1. Sooooo, Is the purpose of this list to ask us not to patronize these companies?
  2. Hey @knighterrant, I kinda did the same thing going form Mormonism to the "nondenominational" Jesus Freak gig. I have to admit, though I do not attend services, that I like those folks more than the Mormon crowd. If you can believe it they are far less self-righteous. The point I wish to make is that some, like me, do in fact join less impacted religions as part of their way out of the mind-control. In my case without even knowing it. Whether this happens to you or not I hope you are happy with were you land and offer an ear if you come here seeking feedback from those of us who have "been there".
  3. Welcome to Ex-C, @Kdeaustin, Glad you found us. In your extimoney you mentioned the abuse by your biological father. That should give you some insight into the tools that many religions use - especially Christianity. They make you believe that your are a POS not worthy of the attention of some unseen, unheard, universe creator. Then they hand you the solution - Christianity (or the like). Your are SAVED (from WHAT you might ask). "Don't you feel all clean and relaxed and loved?" "Now go out there and SPREAD those feelings. Oh! And don't forget to leave your wallet behind on your way out." Religions were invented, and continue to be utilized, to control people. Some despots have such a lust for money and power that they are willing to exploit individuals such as yourself even at the expense of destroying lives. Yes, there are those churches and church leaders who honestly want to ease your worries and make you feel loved. But those leaders, in my opinion, are not really teaching the actual content of the Bible. They are using some bastardization of the collection of literary works that comprise the Bible. They are accentuating the feel good stuff and downplaying or ignoring what horrible and conflicting topics that you and I have found in the book. Reading Bart Ehrman, Richard Dawkins, Richard Carrier, Marlene Winell et el will put you on the fast track to sorting things out. They will help to un-indoctrinate you. Now, with that said, I feel a duty to make it clear that we are a group motivated to assist those leaving the fold to understand the journey and provide a little emotional support along the way. We are NOT psychiatrists and give no indication that we are professionals of any sort. I'm sure you are in the care of a medical professional and you are encouraged to continue in that capacity. Welcome again and I hope to "hear" more from you. Please do keep us posted on how you are doing. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  4. Any chance she will get over her fear of the possibility that your lack of religious affiliation is rational and renew the relationship?
  5. It stands to reason that a creator would have to be even more complex and "fine tuned" than the universe so to conclude that a creator is responsible for it beggs the question "Who created the creator?" and on and on. Kinda like it's turtles all the way down, eh?
  6. Yes, some posts are getting redundant. The new kids still need to hear them. I am mostly here for them.
  7. Perhaps some churches allow some questioning - not in MY house. This is forboten! But I question anyway in hopes of prompting the fundy fams to do same. Why are the scriptures such that there is such a lack of clarity that prompts the questioning. Don't you think that the supposed work of the creator of the universe would be clear? I did press some questions to one of the pastors at my wife's church when I was attending. He could answer none of them of them reasonably, insulted my ability to read and understand what I was reading, then told me I just had to have faith. Sounds like cult-speak to me, my friend!
  8. All of this focus on devils and angels and ancient characters makes the Bible sound like a comic book. Also all of the focus on maintaining a lack of self-confidence and non-questioning of the doctrine makes Christianity sound more and more like the typical cult.
  9. @Unafraid, Thank-you for posting and welcome to Ex-C! Your story illustrates how damaging religion can be. Those who are in positions of power that is gained from religion seek to maintain and grow their hold over their flock. One of their tools is to mitigate any interaction between their flock and any potential counter doctrines or philosophies. Naturally most of them devote a good deal of effort attempting to destroy relationships between their subjects and the "outside world". How many intimate relationships have been destroyed? How many potential marriages have been quashed? How many who would have been happy and content are now in pain like you because of religion. And many religions are to blame - not just Christianity. I myself am in a relationship with a woman who is devout and brought me into the religion 20 years ago. I too had my doubts and did the leg work attempting to find the truth. Did I find it? I don't know but I do know that Christianity ain't it! This is causing untold stress between Mrs. MOHO and I but, your know after 20+ years it would take quite a bit to destroy the union. I don't know what she feels about the whole non-believers burning in Hell forever but she seems content with the marriage. Perhaps she thinks that since she prayed that I would not wind up there that it won't happen. I've tried to bring her around just as you did but anyone on this site who has experiences in this area will tell you that the person must first have their own doubts and/or motivations to investigate with an open mind. We cannot, and should not, pursue the devout and try to de-convert them. Thanx again for posting your story and I hope to read more from you. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  10. MOHO

    Hello to all.

    I had no idea the section between the mantle and the crust existed or had such a COOL name!
  11. MOHO

    Hello to all.

    Hey @WalterP, Welcome to Ex-C! Glad you found us. Your extimoney was an interesting read and provided an intelligent response to, as well as encouragement to question, such twisted logic as Mr. Craig's and the like. The indoctrinated would do well to question and investigate writings such as his as well as those of Lee Strobel. Of course I encourage investigation and questioning of Richard Dawkins, Richard Carrier, Christopher Hitchens, as well as the Bible, Koran, Torah. If one keeps an open mind enlightenment will surely ensue. Looking forward to more posts from you. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  12. MOHO


    Welcome to Ex-C @TinkerGrey
  13. NO! No! No! You got it all wrong, Prof. It's the CHURCH that needs money - not God. Silly goose.
  14. @Blue, Sorry things are so tough for you. Parents making things icky due to coming out as ....<gasp!> non-Xtian? It really sux when parents and fams act like that. When I told my father I was not only not going on a mission for the Mormon church but was also not going to priesthood anymore he revoked his offer to pay for my college, but that was it. I got a job so I could pay rent at home but I still got to study computer programming at a JC. (Yes, they had computers then. See how you are? ) Glad to hear you guyz are living and breathing. Keep us updated and keep looking to that day when you can say to your folks... "I am on my own now. Thanx for all the *&^%'ing hard times, the *&^%, ery, oh, and also all of the *(&%$#@ you put me through! I'm outta here, *&%%'s!
  15. Here in DougTuckey Oregon xmass greetings, in a loud ruckus voice, is a battle cry. It's how the masses identify each other and warn intimidate the non-believers. There are more of us than you. We are righteous and you are an evil little piss-ant who puts science above god. You have no rights - including the right to live. We have the right to kill you but Muslims are evil because they think they have the right to kill non-Muslims. Many xitans in this town are not like that and are quite decent and loving but there are enough of those described above that I actually limit activities outside of my home office, like grocery shopping and communicating with Mrs. MOHO, during the xmass season. As I've written here before I am highly motivated to voice my beliefs when appropriate but sometimes it can be downright dangerous. These people run around with their concealed carry permits and go on about how Satan is everywhere and we're prepared. You all know how powerful group dynamics can be. Sorry to be such a Debby Downer but so many of the pastor asshats out there have glomed onto the war on xmass concept as a means of mitigating the mass out-flux of sheeple that it sometimes feels like a war zone here.
  16. This topic has come up 2 or 3 times since I've been reading/posting for 4 + years (first time around with different but similar screen name). The response has been "This happens each Summer as folks are distracted but they always return in the Fall." The numbers are, however, dwindling each year. Are people more comfortable with expressing their disbelief? Are there other methods, online or otherwise, for seeking emotional support when "coming out" ? Is coming out as a former Xtian more readily excepted? Is the current administration motivating people to stay in the fold? Are current events motivating people to stay in the fold? (It's icky out there!) At Mrs. MOHO's church attendance hemorrhaged from 2008 ~ 2012 when they eliminated one of their two Sunday services. Since then it seems to have settled. ( I have not set foot inside that place in about a year and half so...maybe the sheeple are even fewer in numbers). Interesting topic, though, and I am very interested in the answer(s).
  17. In other words he has plenty of cash now. Did you read some of the comments. Eyouuuuuuuu!
  18. Ooooooooooops! Watch the fundies squirm when you pose THAT argument!
  19. From Marlene's article.... And the reason this "philosophy" came into being (MOHO's take) I am the only one who can talk to God so listen to me. Engage my enemy and smite him. Take his valuables and give most of them to me Do as I say - not as I do Serving me is just like server God - so serve me or I'll tell God to smite you.
  20. Welcome, @UniversalFriendliness , Glad you found us. Religion and true - in the same sentence. Interesting. I recon that depends on your definition but, in my book, religion means to adhere to a doctrine or set of beliefs even in the face of new information. BAD! - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  21. Same here. The doubts about xtianity, and all religions, went away directly after finishing one book each from Ehrman, Carrier, Hawkins. And with it went any fear of Hell. That hell thing is merely a control mechanism to keep you in the fold and sending pastor ass-hat a check each month. Xianity does not need a department full of folks to send people snakes in the mail - they have hell!
  22. yes. I am aware of that and took the criticism to heart. Yuk yuks are not always appreciated.
  23. Yes, I'm replying to myself. Just for clarity. What I meant was what we perceive as a soul is just our brain activity. Our brain is advanced enough that is has self-awareness that some confuse with, or have been told since birth, is a soul.
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