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  1. In other words he has plenty of cash now. Did you read some of the comments. Eyouuuuuuuu!
  2. Ooooooooooops! Watch the fundies squirm when you pose THAT argument!
  3. From Marlene's article.... And the reason this "philosophy" came into being (MOHO's take) I am the only one who can talk to God so listen to me. Engage my enemy and smite him. Take his valuables and give most of them to me Do as I say - not as I do Serving me is just like server God - so serve me or I'll tell God to smite you.
  4. Welcome, @UniversalFriendliness , Glad you found us. Religion and true - in the same sentence. Interesting. I recon that depends on your definition but, in my book, religion means to adhere to a doctrine or set of beliefs even in the face of new information. BAD! - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  5. Same here. The doubts about xtianity, and all religions, went away directly after finishing one book each from Ehrman, Carrier, Hawkins. And with it went any fear of Hell. That hell thing is merely a control mechanism to keep you in the fold and sending pastor ass-hat a check each month. Xianity does not need a department full of folks to send people snakes in the mail - they have hell!
  6. yes. I am aware of that and took the criticism to heart. Yuk yuks are not always appreciated.
  7. Yes, I'm replying to myself. Just for clarity. What I meant was what we perceive as a soul is just our brain activity. Our brain is advanced enough that is has self-awareness that some confuse with, or have been told since birth, is a soul.
  8. "That is God's plan and YOU, you worthless little sinner, are not privy!" Well get ON it!
  9. The ID and the Super Ego? Just a very complex "software program" (operating system?) running on a hardware platform wherein each transistor can talk to hundreds of others simultaneously - as compared with my trusty IBM Lenovo here that can only talk to one at a time. I suspect that when you have electricity inside synapses that formed (mutated?) in more primitive ancestors certain patterns are bound to happen. Certain patterns became more prevalent due to natural selection and, after a billion years or so, WALAH! The human OS. I sure hope version 2000000000000000000000000000.0 is a little less error prone.
  10. A few times, when I was attending with Mrs. MOHO, the pastor would site some horrific current event and stat that Jesus was coming soon. And the crowed sheeple went WILED! MOHO went "Holey SHIAT!" "What in Sam Hell am I doing HERE?!"
  11. Anyway, back to the vid. In short Mr. Dillahunty makes the argument that since we can think and reason our way out of religion that it is NOT a mental illness. He insists that only some form of treatment can deliver someone from true mental illness. We were once all diluted in our beliefs and thought processes and is that a type of mental illness? There was treatment involved but that was, for the most part, self administered. We read the Bible with an open mind. we researched various other sources. We removed ourselves from the religious stimulus and we sought the input from others (Ex-C anyone ???) I do get his insistence that we not run around calling religious folks mentally ill and am in full agreement with his reasoning.
  12. I hear, 'ya, @Weezer! I remember reading Revs for the first time and assuming that the version of the Bible I was holding took some serious creative licenses in order to hold a certain audience. So I obtained a different version (the Bible is the inerrant word of God...but there are several versions?) of the Bible and re-read Revelations. Same incredible story. Perhaps a little less illustrious descriptions but the same story with horns and demons and angles and scourges and mayhem and so much hill heading. So the whole Jesus "died" for "sins" thing was hard to swallow. Throw in Revelations and it becomes clear that much of the Bible are simply stories. But then how much is fiction? How much coincides with actual history? What parts were added by whom and for what purpose? At that point I was done.
  13. MOHO


    Hey @pkbutrfli (What in Sam Hell does that mean?) Gush, mushy. Yeah. That bugs me but it's when the get piousy and hollier-than-thoughy and "I get to direct your lifey" that pisses me no endy. Welcome to Ex-C and I hope to read morry for youy. - MOHO (Mind Of His Owny)
  14. This is the part that causes the most strain in my life. I suppose one could accuse atheists of the same thing but, at least, we have a tendency to examine with a more open mind and look at all sides. Not saying that believers do not do this - just that it has been my experience that the occurrence of said open investigating is lower for believers. So, our arrogance is BETTER than theirs!
  15. Mrs. MOHO devalues me on a regular basis. She can also be very loving and an effective and trustworthy life partner. So it works.
  16. Like this one?... "Automatic writing Seeing colours on people that indicate the state of health of the part of the body the colours momentarily appear on. Deciding to phone someone I haven't spoken to for months... my phone rings as my hand reaches out for it ...the person I was about to phone has phoned me. Seeing a young man's face change into the face of a mature woman ... the person I saw was the deceased mother of the person I was looking at. Buying an Ordinance Survey map of the place where my brother (who I haven't had contact with for some months) lives, gazing at his house on the map... then learning the very next day that he had just been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer." ... and so on.
  17. WOW! That would have an unusually high suck-factor. What I meant to say is not that the time to heal is EXACTLY the same as the time in the faith. Just that the longer you were in it may be a factor in how long it takes to heal from the mind-control. I am not a mental health professional. That opinion is a reflection of reading people's extimonies here.
  18. @TEG, Good topic. Sorry for my juvenile previous response. Did not mean to marginalize your post. I used to ponder this a lot but all but gave up doing so after deciding that there very likely is nothing in existence along the realm of spirituality and the like. That's just a label we've placed on our conscious thoughts. That may sound arrogant but, so far, science has explained so many of the forces acting on our universe that it is justifiable to disregard any thoughts of spirituality or beings in other dimensions etc. I may find out otherwise after expiring but there is no reason to believe that we would be a part of anything esoteric at that point anyway so no need to ponder beyond entertainment purposes.
  19. Welcome aboard, @Bardia That's a well thought-out and detailed but brief extimoney you wrote there. 15 years is a long time imhop to shake of the grip of xanity. I recon the length of time required is proportionate to time spent in the mind-control and how affected by it you were. Took me 2 years but I was never passionate. I supposed that's due to already having been exposed to Mormonism at a young age and giving up on that. Also the singing and praising always gave me the creeps. Welcome again and I hope to read more from you. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  20. This part was of immense value to this dime-store cowboy!
  21. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS! Did not expect this to wind up in a genuine discussion forum. Need to think before commencing with the yuck yucks.
  22. Hey @Man. Welcome to Ex-C! Glad you found us. Losing your religion can be compared to losing a loved one so yes, there's a void and some emptiness. Like any other loss it gets better by giving yourself time to morn then getting out there and living life. You will find that replacing the false comfort of religion and an imaginary friend with reality and real friends will enrich your life in ways you never though possible while you were under the influence of the cult. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  23. Not no more. It's fiction all right.
  24. Investigating the truthiness of xanity by studying apologetics and apologists. Let's hope this leads him to authors mentioned many times on this site who take a look beyond those who've claimed to have "proven" the validity of Christianity. The first comment by "AllOfOurTwists" makes me want to hurl.
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