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  1. I just HAD to open my big mouth, didn't I? Trust me. I'm a legend in my own mind.
  2. For your information, Mr., Guitar Center IS essential. In fact I ordered a Gibson ES-330L from them last week and it arrived yesterday. Of course I sprayed the shit out of the box, the case, and cleaned the body and strings, then washed my hands before wailing on it!
  3. @Skeptics, A Christian pastor would say "You have sinned and god is punishing you!" To which the sheeple in question might respond "But I have NOT sinned!" Then pastor asshat would say "I KNOW you have sinned or god would not be punishing you!" That is one scenario. The one Mrs. MOHO subscribes to is... "God is punishing the entire world because we ALLOW homosexuality, atheists, and democrats to go unpunished!"
  4. It's all in fun, big guy. Right? Anyway, the scripts say this god is all powerful and all knowing and we are not to appose him/her/it. But my boss says that too.
  5. We're here for 'ya, @Margee! And the rest of you as well. We have a deal here in the US to inject massive funds into the problem and our manufacturing infrastructure is gearing up to crank out vents. Big Pharma are all working together to get the vaccine available ASAP! People are staying home and away from each other and this well, eventually, result in a flattening out of new cases. Hey! look at the bright side. Numerous xtians will fear the vaccine as they are anti-vaxers and afraid of being "chipped" against their will. OK. Never mind. I don't wish any harm to anyone. Quashing that thought.
  6. If you are referring to a god who punishes all who disbelieve, with the lack of evidence we currently have, and I found his/her/it's existence to be real I would first attempt to lie and cajole my way out of the frying pan. If there was a movement that could successfully resist or mitigate the powers of such a blood thirsty being of course I would join - only someone who truly loves punishment would not. Of course anyone leading said movement would have to prove themselves benevolent first.
  7. Me too. However, now that I am married to one of those "Satan is everywhere and influences everything" types it ain't so funny. I mean it's funny in a logical sense but not in a humorous enjoyment way.
  8. References to the occult and the social pressure to accept that an army of demons are hell bent on the suffering of man was one of the things that prompted me to question Christianity and religion in general. It made me take note of the percentage of emotional, superstitious people in the church. Really. This was shocking as I had, up to that point, thought of these folks as rational, for the most part, and found their presence to be comforting.
  9. Humorous and painfully accurate.
  10. BINGO! Might I suggest (oh yes I am soooooooooooooooooooo enlightened and wise ) formulating a sort of creed or set of rules for living. Call it a policy if you like. Come up with your own but, for example... Don't screw with people - always be honest. Ignore abusive jerks. Love those who love you back and ignore (cut off) those who don't. Live your own life and live it for you - not for some jackasstical ass-hat telling you how to live. (See what I did there?) Make a consorted effort to help and encouraged those who really appreciate it and are not just holding their hand out because they can. I could go on but you get the idea.
  11. I am sorry for your loss, @Wertbag. No words can remove the pain of losing a loved one but I hope we at Ex-C can blunt it a little.
  12. Grape juice! Seriously, @AcrobaticDetective we are hunkering down to avoid the ravaging outbreaks of Italy and Iran. This is working for South Korea and will constrain the bug until a vaccine is available. The first dose was administered to the the first test human today. You can read the article on NBCNEW.com. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/coronavirus-vaccine-test-opens-1st-doses-n1160836 Locusts have ravaged parts of Africa and are on their way to the Middle East. America will end up sending food to those places which will bolster the damage done to the farmers by the recent trade war with China. We're in good shape and will be OK. My greatest concern is Mrs. MOHO draining our saving account and sending it to pastor ass-hat. I heard her on the phone yesterday with the the pastor's wife who was really giving lip-service to the end-times bullshit. This beotch really knows how to get that tithing gravy train a roll'n!
  13. Here Wait. Maybe you'd rather have whisky or just a handful of glass to chew on. Don't hit me!
  14. From a computer programmer's perspective - consciousness is an iteration of a "program" (operating system?) that is running in your brain. When the program stops you lose consciousness. This program began with the first little transmission of a tiny electric charge from one "brain cell" to the next and continued on under the "direction" of natural selection. When you think about it that way intelligent design does not seem so far fetched, eh?
  15. Losing mine too. But I just point to the works I have read that essentially prove the Bible to be man-made B.S. and that there is no need to discuss it. I also point out that if they read the thing with that in mind their attitude will change. This scares the wholly carp out of them, which is not my intention, but I'm being honest.
  16. Up to this point I have been avoiding more Mrs. MOHO dialog as I'm sure it's really rather an "There he goes about Mrs. MOHO again" kinda thing. She grew up (reminder: she's 10 years my senior) at the onset of the "I am woman; here me roar!" era. I was there too but much younger and did not really take it all in. Anyway fast-forward a few decades and, with the fundymental, misogynistic xtian doctrine, she is 180% the other way. I don't know how much feminism she bought into in her life but I watched little changes which accumulated over the years. Just before our wedding back in '96 she she said "honor and obey" would not be mentioned. I was totally okay with that and gave it no thought. NOW she asks me before spending a dime (OK a lot of that is because we are both financially responsible), also asks is she can go somewhere (not always but almost always), and consults me when making career life decisions in such a manor as if my answer has 100% impact on the decision. Now I must say that I find this tremendously embarrassing and, except from her fundy friends, I get that look. NO! NO! NO! I am NOT like THAT! I scream on the inside. And I wonder what folks must think about me. Let me put this in a little more perspective. I consult her too but mostly as they relate either to both of us (financial decisions ) or if I need her legal advice. But her perspective here is that she is being good little xtian. Thanx for "listening" </rant>
  17. The reason homosexuality is mentioned in the Bible is because it was written by humans and humans are not infallible. It is a natural response to be uncomfortable with unconventional sexual practices and encounters so, naturally, displeasure of it found it's way into the Bible. It is also possible that some influences of the time sought to hide their own proclivities by outwardly condemning such practices. That said I ,personally, have only found one example in the Bible regarding homosexuality and, you know the partial phrase - "...and men who lye with men..." . So, the reason for all of the focus on it in xtian churches may have something to do with my second point above.
  18. I'm out of LIKES for the day, @midniterider, but I have to give that two snaps up!
  19. Only listened to the first minute as... This was inevitable. Not really interested in bashing xitans. I always respond to those who spew this kind of crap with "Those who outwardly bash homosexuals are likely hiding their own unconventional private lives or are trying to live up to what is expected of them from their circle of funnymentalist friends/pastors/ etc.
  20. Hi @SarahJaneSmith. Welcome to Ex-C and thank you for your post. For several months after realizing that all religions are man-made B.S. I continued to have fear of hell. That is normal as we were under the spell of the doctrine for years. To put it less professionally - we were brain washed. It takes time to UN-indoctirinate and you are doing what helped me. Stay away from church and read from the works of Ehrman, Carrier, Dawkins, et al. It is quite clear to me now that the concept of hell was created by jackastical scum-sucking dirt-bags, long after the original collection of fictional works that comprise the bible were first introduced, in order to scare the crack out of those of he flock who were beginning to question. - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)
  21. You don't. Anything else I can help you with?
  22. Proves the collection of fiction was written by ancient jackastical control freaks and not by any all-knowing, all-loving deity. Here's a hoot for 'ya. A few years back at Mrs. MOHO's church someone pointed out the fact that the bible directs women to remain silent in church. Pastor asshat's response was... "Well, since women were not allowed to be educated in those days it was assumed they would have nothing of value to say so.... blah blah." So, not only were women to remain silent in church they were also not allowed to be educated? Talk about a double disrespect. Notice here that the explanation was that "society" not "Christianity or god" was faulted here for women not begin educated. Nonetheless when you compare the misogyny of the bible with Muslims and the Middle East and how women are treated there, well... describing the religion and life-style of our 20+ year enemies is kind of a pot and kettle scenario. BTW: Welcome to ex-C, @LeiaBryant - MOHO (Mind OF His Own)
  23. MOHO

    New athiest

    I know this question was not directed at me but, for the sake of newly minted ex-christians, I feel I should opine. It is not necessary to go from one man-made bullshit doctrine to another.
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