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  1. I had read it through the first time by my mid-teens for the Royal Rangers Bible badge. Between the archaic language (KJV), boring material, my young age, and shit that just couldn't register because it didn't make sense, or didn't mesh, it was kind of a blur that I just glossed over. It was far better on the second full read many years later as an atheist with a more readable translation and critical thinking skills.
  2. This is worthy of another comment, even though it is late. I happen to doubt that anyone was harmed in any way from this particular thread, but the statement that people who are damaged because they realized their best friend is imaginary are weak simply cannot be left without further challenge. In addition to what Lucy has already expressed so well, I might add that deprogramming oneself from this indoctrination from the cradle, ingrained from our parents, our most trusted adult authority figures, and the society at large, is usually a long process, often taking years. Gaining the traction to follow the truth, wherever it leads is an act of tremendous courage for those who have been brainwashed to not question their faith at risk of forfeiting their eternal salvation for eternal torment in Hell. There are people here at all stages of deconversion, and some of them are dealing with very real damage wrought by their programming. Speaking of Hell, some of them still have their brainwashing reassert itself with the fear that they made a mistake, even when they have started to become much more strongly grounded in reality. Fortunately, such residual trauma usually does go away over time. Weak? Hell no! To the contrary, dealing with all the aftermath that many ex-christians are left with is an expression of strength. There are so many, including both those who are still dealing with damage and those who have dealt with it and moved on, who are both strong and courageous.
  3. The flagrant disdain for anything that is just, or fair, or right in this case, not to mention that Texas jurisprudence allows such a travesty to advance and possibly prevail simply nauseates me.
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