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  1. I think they pull from the Jewish Talmud etc as well - hence some of the angel names.
  2. I didn't think I had missed the point?
  3. Aye, there are, and there are total arseholes on both sides as well...
  4. Is this turning into another fuck ya, nah fuck ya match?
  5. Hi @Man welcome to Ex-C The first thing to realise is that everyone is different in how they handle deconversion. Some feel a great sense of elation and freedom, others feel lost and empty. Christianity (And many other religions) do indeed provide a person will the complete life if you will. It gives you community, meaning, and the way of how to live. You don't have to worry about building your own life. But its all built on false hopes, bad evidence, and wishful thinking. However I think this is a poor way to live. As Carl Sagan said, "better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable". I went through a gut wrenching stage as I realised that my entire worldview was based on bad reasons and unsupported assumptions. But I fairly quickly got over this as I realised it was important to live the one life we have. I think generally the feelings do leave if one works on building a community and interests in life around them. All the best LF
  6. RC this probably reflects the wider state of things right now in society regarding politics, ideas, etc. We've reached a state where there are very important issues to talk about as a society but everyone ends up screaming over each others heads and labelling others and nothing gets done. Then people get sick of the din and so they crawl into the proverbial 'hole' in cyber space where they hang out with people who agree with them and occasionally pop their head out to see what's going on. A big problem imo. Sorry to hear about your relationship with your friend. I'm sure most of us say or post stuff then later wish we hadn't.
  7. "10 points for everyone including me on that one" Bahwahaha. Classic. This was one of the vids I came across during deconversion.
  8. We are so off topic... like we've gone from Paul writing to the Romans to whether LF works. I wish I was retired. No, I work full time, have done since I was 16. I'm not going to get into a pissing match of who works harder. I find generally people find the time to do what they want to. Time management. You'd be surprised at how much you can read in a year if you spend only 1/2 an hour a day reading. Say you can do 10 pages in 30 minutes - that's 3 minutes to a page which is not terribly fast. You can read 3,650 pages in a year! You must stop for breaks? Lunch time? Have a spare 5 minutes here and there? If you were interested, truly interested in finding answers you'd find the time to research those answers. You have enough time to spend on this site. Maybe you could spend a few minutes a day reading some material on the topic? That's great. Last night I did two hours workout - upper body, core, legs. Now I'm broke and my body asks why? And I tell it because people who don't exercise die earlier than people who do! (Great motivation)
  9. I loved this show! They are doing a final season. Some of the stuff is silly, but some is just ROTFLMAO and they do tie in various religious themes well. I love their songs from Heavy Young Heathens. "Evil Has a Price" is a good song imo.
  10. This is what the phrase "lazy' referred to, not your physical output in a work situation. Many of us, if not most, have spent countless hours researching topics surrounding religion, science, philosophy etc. Some of us will never stop research - I still spend many hours reading up on the latest news and arguments. You can't just sum up the answer in a few sentences, and if you could that means someone has read a SHIT TON of material then somehow condensed it into a few sentences... in fact that's what most of our answers come from. We've all replied based on condensed knowledge gathered by much research. I have something in the order of 20 books at home covering everything from religion to archaeology. On top of that I've read god knows how much on the internet, and listened to (again) god knows how many hours of debate and lectures. Answers are not pulled out of a vacuum. We are happy to help, but at some point each person has to do their own homework. I reiterate what sdelsolray said. We are not being nasty, not trying to put you down, just being straight and level about the kind of commitment required to find the answers you are looking for.
  11. Wait! Maybe it's B.O with a new account? If he knew what he was doing he could circumvent the IP block.... maybe he is part of the illuminati? Shit... I need a new roll of tinfoil. Two ticks and I'll be back.... PS if I don't come back the secret police have me!
  12. A very short sighted statement. You can subscribe to his blog if you are interested in scholarship regarding Christianity. Instead of taking the money for himself he donates to charity. The idea was to give you a link where you could find resources. You want a busy professor to give you free stuff? Yes his books cost money, holy shit, who'd have thought someone that puts hours into research and writing would charge to compensate for their time? Tell you what - go to a second hand store like Amazon, find the books we mentioned - you should be able to pick them up second hand for $5 -$10. If you aren't willing to do that then you are simply not interested in finding out answers.
  13. @M4rio posted the following link on Discord chat about new discoveries in the subject of the origin of life: https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2019/08/interlocking-puzzle-allowed-life-emerge/595945/ I also found a similar article from Phys Org. https://phys.org/news/2019-08-chemical-clue-life-earth.html Interesting and exciting stuff!
  14. The illuminati exists... they are working out of Area 51 with Aliens. Shhhhh it's a secret!
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