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  1. Yep. One of the things that points to the 'spirit revealing things' being complete bunk is the fact that clearly the spirit does not reveal important things. It's happened in my life too. For all the supposed things God revealed to my Pastor/father, you'd think his son having a crisis of faith would be at the top of the list. Apparently not as he was blindsided. And I thought I was giving hints... also apparently not. Even in my unbelieving hinting I still appeared as a believer to them. *Face palm*
  2. Good point. I was never converted either. I was indoctrinated. But I tend to think of deconversion as a reversion back to my natural state rather than a conversion to a new state. The natural blank state is to not believe in any God/s. Deconversion is simply the reversion back to that state.
  3. Hi Overcame Faith Welcome back. Like TABA I came along while you were away - 2016 it was. And yes the term deconversion is still in use. Regards LF
  4. What concerns me is that many Trump supports will fail to see the complete hypocrisy between what he kept saying about Obama (Obama will start a war with Iran) and Trumps actions. The downing of that plane is at least partially because of the increased tension over there now IMO.
  5. https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/118893339/cult-anointed-by-god-kills-7-in-panama-jungle I've still yet to read an article that reads "Atheists appointed by Darwin kills x people" (To contrast what the religious often say about the morals of atheists and their 'religion' of atheism.)
  6. You know the word goes back to 450 BC? If vast members of the population were claiming Santa Claus is real we would be aSantaists. It's simply because the vast majority of people believe in God's that the distinction is drawn.
  7. "Christians saying atheism means more"... are either ignorant, or intentionally attempting to conflate atheism with religion or a worldview in order to construct a strawman which they can then easily burn down. Where one can honestly say that being a Christian means more than just believing in Jesus as Christianity has an entire attached worldview. (Admittedly altered for every different sect) Atheism, contrary to incorrect assertions is not a religion or worldview. It simply answers one question: Do you believe in any gods? No? Congrats you're atheist. I do sometimes make the semantic approach of differentiating between me being atheist (I.e. holding no belief in any gods) and being "An Atheist" which seems to attach identity to it in my mind, rather than just being a descriptor of a position one hold's. For the atheist to get a worldview they have to attach a boatload more than just "atheism". You might attach a naturalistic worldview, a humanist one etc in order to give a complete worldview.
  8. Damn... I know someone who would at least fill 50% of that list. I like to eat healthy, but I don't beat myself if I do have a donut or a pie once in a while. I know I keep healthy and fit so a few goodies isn't going to harm. If you live on pies and donuts though.... best of luck to ya.
  9. Welcome I'm not sure I can add anything more useful than what Florduh has said. You already recognise they are being emotionally manipulative. It's your life, you do what's best for you in this case. As far as the immorality thing fuck them! You don't need to justify leaving the group because you no longer believe the bullshit they do. If one leaves a tennis club they don't start heaping emotive shit on the exiting player. What they are doing to you is immoral. Their bible is immoral, many of their teachings is immoral. And if they start whining about not having music etc if you leave - ask why they don't believe that God will provide for their needs Good luck. Get out of there ASAP!
  10. This is a big problem in churches - nothing stops worship. I've seen it happen in my Ex Church where people just try and 'be in the spirit' and ignore someone having a medical emergency. It got so bad and obviously God wasn't answering calls so the service had to be stopped. Of course it was just satan trying to disrupt the service. If that was the case it was Satan 1, God 0.
  11. Good god... I thought crackpots were confined to the US? We exported Ray "Banana man" Comfort there because he's a 6,000 year earth creationist.
  12. I think every freedom has to be weighed up against potential harm caused. (This is one of my issues with drug law reform and how to tackle drug use. Fundamentally I think each person should be able to put whatever shit they want in their bodies. But I also understand that thee is a significant social cost to allowing people to do this. If we could figure out a way to limit the social cost while allowing the freedom to take drugs I'd be all ears.) Of that aside - certain speech clearly has devastating effects - anti vaxxers is a prime example. Where as flat earther's, and to an extent creationists are just morons, their beliefs don't do significant damage. Anti vaxxers, neo Nazis, Islamic terrorism on the other hand cause significant damage and therefore shouldn't be protected by free speech. Basically if the speech is likely to lead to real world physical harm its not free speech. I'm a little more dubious about including mental harm in there, but if someone is clearly trying to harm a person psychologically then that's not free speech either. Of course this topic is fraught with danger so nuanced discussion is important.
  13. That's what I meant. Which means we've used the same pipe twice for the same person.
  14. Heard of them, but that's about it.
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