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  1. So God is able to prevent evil, but unwilling to do so. Therefore he is malevolent. If we applied this scenario to any other deity or entity with the power to prevent evil, but whom does not, we would call that entity evil. The only entity that we ever give a free pass to is God. @freshstart I don't think B can be an option for a god who is maximally powerful and thus able to prevent evil. In that option he is merely impotent at best. A rather weak excuse from Christians as the logical conclusion is that either 1) God is letting Satan do this, and therefore he is malevolent, or 2) He can't stop Satan and is therefore impotent.
  2. Reportedly Trumps solution is to Nuke the hurricanes... in fact apparently citizens write letters asking for military to nuke them Could be a problem with spreading radiation about? Put out the fire in the frying pan, but light fire to the whole house.
  3. Why? I admire TRP for his perseverance, but there is precious little real substance to replies to us here.
  4. Heard someone has come up with a conspiracy that NZ is leading the world in an atheist takeover and that they created science to do so lol Yes, nutters exist and they are nutty!
  5. I am not an American so I can't take it This is countrist.
  6. Oh shit... that's me. So, I was thinking, So when we, so on and so forth. So, Margee why does it drive you nuts? Also are you sure you weren't nuts beforehand hand and it just manifests with "so"?
  7. I think the point of the questions was to point out the inconsistency of believing that God is all loving, and created the conditions for suffering at the same time. Not so much a snare, but a path of logical thinking. But I guess if answers to certain questions highlight flaws in ones belief one can think of them as 'snares'?
  8. At this point it worth asking if Edgarcito is a "devout Christian" in the context of what we'd normally consider a devout Christian considering he's somewhere between God is a separate entity unto itself, and God is simply everything... you, I, the rock, the grass. Sounds like the force Master Yoda described. See Josh's post above for his take on this.
  9. If you are 'somewhat pantheist' are you then also Christian? Under standard Christian doctrine God is generally defined as a separate entity who created the universe, not God is simply everything. We already have a word for everything and that's Universe. So why call it God? We are part of the universe, but the universe isn't me. The distinction seems pointless. If God is everything including me, why bother with such distinctions?
  10. ...Answers in Genesis - the people who think that the flintstones is a documentary (Humans walking with dinosaurs) Ken Ham, their leader, has publicly stated that there is nothing that can change his mind. Therefore I don't think we can count on them for an unbiased look at slavery can we?
  11. Was thinking this myself. The failure to just answer a simple question with a straight answer is a typical evasive ploy. As much as I like Edgarcito and efforts to converse here, some of the evasion is just frustrating. There's really only three answers to the question, and can be given supporting reasons. Yes, No, or I don't know. (We finally got an I don't know after much back and forth) My question is why would you worship something that is not all loving, or that you didn't know that it was all loving. Sure God might exist, but he could be a total dick, (As the bible shows) in which case why worship him?
  12. Can't remember the exact age that I first thought "oh yes the earth is 6,000 years old" - but this was taught as fact from birth, so for me I've heard about it since birth. Like D, once the YEC failures starting raising doubts I looked into other areas that I'd once considered fact and discovered it wasn't so.
  13. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/116494767/childrens-author-points-finger-at-young-woman-in-catholic-bishop-sex-scandal For real now? Even if young woman are flirting with him that doesn't absolve a priest from abuse. Catholic Priests have a vow of celibacy. It doesn't matter if they are lining up and stripping, you have a vow - uphold it. If you can't then get into the real world and have consensual relationships. All this excuse for oh she was flirting, or wore skimpy clothes that's why I acted such and such. Give me a break.
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