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  1. Walter mate, you missed the point. Mark left his legacy, perhaps you could try and leave yours? You don't need my permission to use his posts. It wasn't a cease and desist command. We aren't the CCP. @Edgarcito hit the nail on the head and got more to the point of what I was meaning when he said "It’s not what Mark said, it’s Walter intentionally mining old conversations for ill intentions..." So yeah, it's not so much literally what Mark said, it is using Mark as a weapon in these conversations. That's what peeves me off. But you do you if you feel it achieves somethin
  2. Also some of us have fond memories from real interactions with Mark. Perhaps we could try and not bring whatever he said up in every conversation?? I understand now why Dude bitch slapped me a couple years ago for doing the same thing. There's another guy I miss.
  3. Yes I had started wondering if I'd wandered into the little boys tanty club. This is the sort of shit I'd expect to see in the old ToT.
  4. Most people who say "change my mind" have no intention of changing their mind. Also you are the only person who can change your mind so asking us to change it is nonsensical.
  5. We have 4 active mods... no 5. TRP, Josh, Florduh, TABA and meself. Sorry if I missed an active mod. Not counting Dave because he's not a mod. It's probably that mods tend by nature to be more active than others members but nature of being a mod? Who knows.
  6. A humorous take on bible contradictions and shows some of the problems with this perfect inerrant word of Gawwd. Quiz Show (Bible Contradictions) - YouTube (Why the heck won't my videos embed anymore?
  7. I can refute all contradictions in Star Wars. Therefore Star Wars is true.
  8. @JamesL You're back! That's great. Please be so kind as to tell me where we get light from?
  9. Below are two videos of a two part interview with Ken Humphrey's regarding his view that St Paul is a fictional character. Feel free to discuss. My perspective is that Paul, or at least whoever wrote the Pauline letters existed, but as Ken points out, many of the events described cannot have happened due to inconstancies. Maybe our friend @JamesL would like to take a look as well and comment on some of the discrepancies mentioned?
  10. *Falls off chair laughing.* No, because I am not a complete fucking moron who leaches off society. If everyone quits their jobs, who makes all the tents and bikes we will suddenly need? Who farms the land, produces food crops? Who makes the machinery that allows us to do this on a massive scale to feed billions of people. Who maintains the water storage and supply systems, who manages the sewage systems that takes all the waste from billions of people shitting every day? Two minutes thought demonstrates how completely asinine your exhortations are
  11. So did St Paul... . . . 2000 years later...
  12. Maybe, like Jesus, James will come again.
  13. Um yeah we weren't going to refer to videos in the scenario. I would expect something like argument from design but let's see what he says.
  14. Let's try a different tack. @JamesL Let's pretend we meet at the subway. Trains coming in 5mins and I have to go. We don't have access to YouTube or internet its just you and me talking. What do you say to try and convert me? What is your one best argument for God? Go.
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