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  1. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2018/12/distant-black-hole-collision-felt-on-earth.html
  2. LogicalFallacy

    Love Y'all

    Bye End3. Feel free to pop in now and again. Whack us over the head to keep us sharp. All the best.
  3. LogicalFallacy

    I am me and that's enough.

    Hi Jupiter789 Welcome to Ex-C! Heck of a story you have there! lad you have found us - just letting out your frustrations to people you know have been where you are really helps. I think the anger is a natural stage many of us go through at realising we were duped and that, as you hinted at, by the time we get out of it much of our life has gone by and we have to start afresh. I feel your conundrum at not wanting to tell family and being cautious of losing them. It sounds like you might have come across Richard Carrier, Dr Price, and possibly Ken Humphreys (Who has a youtube channel Jesus Never Existed - worth checking out). I also like AronRa - so good at explaining science and debunking religious nonsense. Mat Dilahunty is also great at going through bible fallacies logically. OF course there are a number of other very good youtubers discussing religion and its flaws. Hope you stay around, Cheers LF
  4. An article saying Operation Shooting Foot destroys progress. I agree. Backwards if you ask me. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2018/12/opinion-not-letting-police-march-destroys-35-years-of-progress.html
  5. LogicalFallacy


    In addition to Wertbags answer its best to mention mods with this kind of question so it alerts them that there is something requiring attention. @SkipNChurch @Joshpantera @florduh Can any of you help Weezer?
  6. LogicalFallacy


    Way to necro an old thread Prof
  7. LogicalFallacy

    Climate change: what motivates denial

    I am pretty sure he was being serious. MWC and I had a whole debate once on whether NZ existed because he didn't see it, so if he says he doesn't believe you because he can't see it then he is dead serious. No use arguing with him - you can't change his mind. I tried and failed.
  8. LogicalFallacy

    Climate change: what motivates denial

  9. LogicalFallacy

    Climate change: what motivates denial

    And when a creationist sees a crocodile turn into a duck he will believe evolution. When you understand the problem with the above you may begin to understand the problem with your statement. Also regarding insurance, cancelling is not the only option. There are other options and some of these are in force depending on your location in NZ. One option is to increase the premium to cover the cost of claims. However if the financial people figure out that even with increases that the insurance companies will make a loss on certain claims they can EXCLUDE certain events. "Acts of God" is one thing that's excluded from many of our policies. They will define this, and change as they see fit. "Excluded from your insurance is damage from floods, earthquakes and rising water levels." Well fuck me, am I covered for anything? Yes if you break a window we will cover that. Great So waiting for cities to slip under water and insurance to wholesale cancel is missing the point... probably because of your strawman version of the effects of climate change. Also Al Gore's version... who let that shmuck give lectures?
  10. LogicalFallacy

    Climate change: what motivates denial

    BO you maybe are confused with sensationalist claims coming true vs what is actually being predicted? On the fraud subject I can categorically show you are wrong simply by quoting the guy you claim exposed 'data fraud' wherein he explicitly says there wasn't data fraud and that wasn't his concern. Again I'll point out your lack of comprehension. What did I actually say? "the old 'eyeball' the water level argument is old and flawed in many ways" Hmm class, is this the same as saying that BO cannot "see"? What am I actually saying about the eyeball argument? What is wrong when talking about global climate change of saying in my one spot this isn't happening therefore its all fake? (We won't mention the numerous articles you can find of issues places in Florida are having, and steps councils are taking because of rising waters. We will ignore them all because... insurance policies not cancelled! Cherry picking?)
  11. LogicalFallacy

    Climate change: what motivates denial

    Yes, and at some point we are going to have to figure out what to do when the next ice age comes. I think the general thought is humans are not "causing" it, but are affecting, or inducing the climate. In this case increasing CO2 levels faster than what would naturally be occurring through both positive (i.e. generating CO2) and negative (i.e. reducing CO2 reducing factors life rainforests) actions. From what I've read the horse pretty much has bolted, so its a case of not continuing to 'spook' it, and to deal, as you say, with the coming changes. This incudes city design's, possibly encouraging population shift away from close proximity to coast lines etc. Food production areas might need to be looked at. For example what was once really good might become less useful, but previously poor areas become usable. At the same time we need to look at other impacts we are having - plastic islands, general pollution etc. Humanity has its work cut out. But we have the resources and funds to do it, we just need the willpower and agreement.
  12. LogicalFallacy

    Climate change: what motivates denial

    Yes I've brought up this before. Consider us: We've left religion, had our eyes open, and use critical thinking. So what is the greatest insult you can give to such a person when they accept something you don't? Oh you are religious, you don't see the lies these scientists are telling you. The ironic thing is that I'm not left saying I believe it anyway. I can pretty much tear apart any argument BO launches at climate change, probably because he doesn't bother to educate himself on what the science actually says and therefore strawmans the shit out of it and just gets it plain wrong. There are genuine discussions to be had, and JP, midnite, Dude and others have raised some interesting questions in the past. But the old 'eyeball' the water level argument is old and flawed in many ways, as is the 'data fraud' accusation. PS we might need to tone down a little bit or this could head into politics realm and get shifted to ToT. Lets leave the news where it belongs.
  13. LogicalFallacy

    Climate change: what motivates denial

    Here in NZ we are a free country. We are not "required" to have any insurance... but you'd be stupid not to. Regarding the "religion" article, the word religion now is near meaningless as whenever someone accepts something someone else doesn't like they go oh that's your 'religion'. No, at worst its an ideology. This can have similar characteristics to religion, but is separate from it. Religion has as it's main points a being/s who is worshiped and who's teachings are upheld. Think Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism. Ideology on the other hand is a set of ideas (say Climate change), often politicised that one adheres to. Do some people have as an 'ideology' climate change? Sure. Do I agree with them on everything? No. Does the fact that some people run too far with science and make an ideology out of it mean the science of climate change itself is wrong? Only if you are BO and not buying anything today... And carefully cherry pick your arguments against the subject. Are there questions that need answering about climate change?... it's science right.... you know what science is... yes... asking and finding answers to questions.
  14. LogicalFallacy

    Climate change: what motivates denial

    So BO, you are only going to buy insurance after they require it? Well that's common sense I suppose. You wouldn't buy something before they have a product to buy.
  15. LogicalFallacy

    Climate change: what motivates denial

    I think you misunderstand the science. No one is predicting the sky to cave in. Sheesh.