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  1. I went fishing for a week. I caught no fish. The end.
  2. I agree. As I stated earlier I merely raised the question of what greatest means. Was never meant to have a full blown thesis on it. (As much as I have admittedly enjoyed the conversation thus far and the questions it raises) However if anyone wants to start a new topic on what makes a country great I'll be happy to dive in. Heck if I get time I might cut the posts out of here that focus on "greatest" and put them in a new thread. I said IF I get time.
  3. Or Heavy Metal/Symphonic Metal Nightwish, Within Temptation, Sabbaton, Xandria, Beast in Black - the list goes on. All European Bands.
  4. That's an interesting question... but I think Disillusioned hit's on part of the issue. The US is the only country I'm aware of that constantly spouts to the world about how great it is - problem is you only focus on the great stuff, and not on the shit stuff. It's kinda like a cat walking past a mirror and seeing a lion, but everyone else sees a cat. For example you arguably have the worlds best economy - and so much debt you'll never pay it off. You gave the world internet which is awesome... but also gave the world McDonalds and KFC... and coca cola etc which is causing huge health problems. You say you give the most aid - you also bomb the shit out of more people... by far! You see where I'm coming from? I don't just look at all the great things, I take an overall look. Maybe it's because I come from a culture where the people are more humble and polite and don't feel the need to continually yell to the world about how great we are. Anyway, we are off topic track, some other US citizens might be getting angsty if they read this page. It was supposed to merely be an observation about the subjective nature of calling ones country "greatest", not a back and forth on the particular metrics. Probably the greatest country is some little haven we've never heard of.
  5. I wouldn't make such a claim. I think its pointless and based on subjective opinion. It's like saying what's the worst country? We know that there are great countries and bad countries but because much of what we consider great or bad is subjective it's just an opinion. If we chose an objective metric - let's say best military well US is greatest. But if we choose metrics like happiness or wellbeing which might be better, they are nevertheless subjective. Personally I think NZ is a great country. I think it's a better place to live than the US. But I wouldn't claim it's the greatest.
  6. Oh I was going to mention that. There is some history behind that loan. Used to know what it was... been too long. Besides this wasn't supposed to be a dick measuring contest. I was simply pointing out that the claim to greatest can depend entirely on the metrics.
  7. Well Wertbag beat me to a reply, but here's my take which is similar to mine. And yet for all your 'freedom' the US has quite draconian laws in some areas. You are one of the only 'free' countries not to have a publicly funded health system. And as Wertbag pointed out the US was behind granting many freedoms, and still is in many aspects. Many countries can claim great innovations. You also only entered the war after being bombed by Japan. Until then England was on it's own and help was refused. You are lucky. However I'd point to New Zealand's beautiful environment and unique flora and fauna as well. So very subjective as to which country is "greatest" in this regard. Ah, no, no you don't. Sweden and Norway make the best music. Lord of the Ring's is the greatest movie (Made in NZ) and err we have the best sports fishing. In other words #5 is completely subjective. Some would claim that those industries are killing society... ok so those who would claim that are Christians... from the US. Yeah me too. I will tell you what one thing you do have unique in the Free Western World - a very virulent particular brand of Christianity... that you keep exporting. Please, please, be proud of your religious ideas and keep them in the US. Thanks
  8. So excited. I am going to make a prediction in line with what some critics said: Watch the rage ensue as some viewers indulge their need to bitch about something come release.
  9. *Raises eyebrow* And may I ask by what metric you are judging "greatest"? I'll hand you greatest military straight off the bat, but when you read comparative listings of all countries measuring many metrics the grand US of A often doesn't make the top 5 or 10. I've always found the difference between proclamations of greatest, and reality, an interesting paradox. For example, on the happiest ranking the US is down at 19 http://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/happiest-countries-in-the-world/ If you go for a "best overall" ranking it comes in at 8 (2018 & 2019) https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/overall-rankings These are self reported as well - so its how well the people of a country is ranking themselves based on whatever metric is being measured. Ok that little aside aside. I recall we had a political discussion once where members took a political quiz and which put you on a quadrant map which was then collated by yours truely. What was interesting is that a fair group centered around the center as one would expect, but there were a few more on the bottom left quadrant than the bottom right. Note these were not party affiliations, but a further poll was done the majority did indeed tend to lean left. There are obviously flaws in this analysis - not all ex-c members identify as atheist, and the graph was not of political affiliation but rather how your views mapped onto a quadrant of libertarian vs authoritarian and left vs right (which should really be labeled liberal vs conservative as that's what the questions were about) Results below for your interest. As to answer the question I get the feeling (totally not scientific at all!) that atheists tend to break away from control over peoples lives. So stay out of my sex life, give me control over my body etc all things that religion as we know tries very hard to control. But that's just a feeling I get from watching and listening to various atheist shows and callers, youtubers etc. It could of course be a bubble effect wherein I am obviously on the left in the quiz below and so probably tend to consume left leaning content more.
  10. Entirely agree with this (And therefore also Florduh)
  11. You could be an apatheist agnostic atheist? You don't know if a god exists and you don't care, and you don't believe one exists?
  12. I solve this problem by being an agnostic atheist The terms are not mutually exclusive and its a logical position to hold... at least according to me.
  13. I always wonder when people say "oh its all so fine tuned" why they find it so much wonder that they can live in a world they can live in. I mean if they couldn't live in it they wouldn't be marvelling about it would they? I don't find it particularly amazing that life arose in a situation that's suited for life.
  14. Probably Canada needs 'saving' from the liberals. Send in the armed forces. To semi quote Palpatine "To ensure the security and continuing stability, Canada will be made into the fifty-first state of the United States of America for a safe, and secure, society!
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