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  1. Hi Luke Welcome to Ex-C. Glad to have you with us. Your experience will be helpful for new deconverts.
  2. I expect you know that some crazies in the Toronto Blessing period did actually claim this (and not just that video that was debunked)! ..... Maybe limbs don't grow back but tonsils can: https://www.healthline.com/health/can-tonsils-grow-back Take THAT , non-believers. (haha) Praise be to Jebus! Hallelujah Amen. Glory to the highest. See he has put into our designed DNA a way to regrow tonsils... that really aren't too functional... but PRAISE GOD. What's that? Your limbs were blown off by a mine and you want them to grow back? Sorry, God only does tonsils because tonsils are important.
  3. And his GoFundMe campaign has been shut down. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/international/113726953/israel-folaus-gofundme-page-shut-down Thoughts on this? Should this be shut down? Essentially it was to pay his legal bills to sue Rugby Australia for firing him because he wanted to post his religious stuff. Of course Christian's will cry foul, free speech etc (Bearing in mind these are all private companies that are shutting him down.) An interesting wider meta discussion surrounding this.
  4. Came across this gem on the nature of the biblical God: 


    "Be careful, because that god (Yahweh), contrary to his own commandments, is fashioned in the graven image of a paternal authoritarian beneficent tyrant of the ancient near east."

  5. And further to this saga, Folau has set up a go fund me account aiming to raise $3 million for his legal campaign to sue Rugby Australia to the tune of 10 million. But its not about the money! In a single day $200,000 has poured in largely from Christian evangelicals. Imagine if they got together and raised funds like this for sick and dying children! https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/international/113678468/sacked-wallabies-star-israel-folau-gets-ton-of-support-with-fundraiser
  6. Yeah, it's not as if people who preach a deep hatred of other groups have ever tried to exterminate them right? *Cough* Hitler *Cough*
  7. Ah, sorry misread. I personally have had that said to me a number of times, so certainly a likely possibility.
  8. Yes, as opposed to what @crazyguy123 got told by a Christian: "You just hate God and don't want to know the truth". Perhaps if Christians walked in our shoes they'd know how asinine and unhelpful such a statement is. It achieves nothing other to reinforce that Christians make knowledge claims they cannot demonstrate.
  9. Thank God... I mean Dave. Can't say I miss him.
  10. I understand BO got banned. Fwee and Skip I think moved on. Not sure. Dude got sick of the going on, but I think he might still be around from time to time. Hopefully he'll come back more often and chime in. MM, Orbit, WN etc haven't been around much either. So it seems we are left with the centre group? #moderatecentre I think a big thing is the fact that ToT is now not visible - you have to make a very conscious effort to go to it. Now I certainly don't miss the shit flinging that went on, but with the absence of the aforementioned it could be reinstated to the main board. Up to Dave. We went back to making sure that the purpose of the forum was to encourage others without too much distraction, which is working methinks.
  11. Welcome @NuckChorris Wow your story could have been mine! It is eerily similar. I empathise with you on the points about relationships and how it screws up perceptions and the fears associated. It takes a long time to fully get over those fears, and I've been deconverted for 3 years and still have them lingering so... yeah. The one thing I'd say you still have to your advantage is that you've come out of religion in your 20's. I was mid 30's and I keep wishing I'd seen the light in my mid 20's. On your question of glaring issues with the bible... good God I don't know where to start. How about with Genesis 1:1 as Josh has pointed out? But generally my issues are historical reliability, or the lack thereof. Certain parts to do with the Kingdom of Israel seem to be somewhat historical. Others like the Exodus story have no supporting evidence at all, as well as huge logical problems. Logical inconsistency is another big issue, and as you pointed out Matt D mentions the problem of Adam and Eve being judged when they can't have known it was wrong. If you want to learn more about what factors lead to my deconversion you can read in detail here: https://iwasfreeborn.wordpress.com/ (My site still in progress 3 years later - I'm a procrastinator ) All the best and hope to see more of you. Feel free to join us on discord chat - details here:
  12. Doesn't matter. Whatever translation they use they will interpret to agree with themselves anyway. Have you ever seen an example of a bible translation ever stopping a Christian from interpreting it using the spirit to guide them?
  13. Interesting point. I think there is research that indicates a person's frame of mind can affect body healing. Pessimistic or despondent people fare worse than optimistic and positive people. Thus prayer might work for a religious person because they feel happier and think God will heal them. However in one study people who knew they were being prayed for fared worse... a stage fight effect? In my personal experience one would immediately feel better after being prayed for and some people even reported being healed immediately. However once out of the influence of the church members and back home reality would kick in and the condition would come back... to be prayed away the next week.
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