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  1. Eh no one understands the professor at times
  2. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02705-7?utm_source=Nature+Briefing&utm_campaign=7eed7a384f-briefing-dy-20200923&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c9dfd39373-7eed7a384f-44068473 As a side note I wonder if there was a corresponding cooler than average summer in the Northern Hemisphere. I seem to recall reading that the greater ice melt can cool the ocean leading to cooler summers in parts of the northern hemisphere.
  3. Because your parents wanted a baby. That's about the extent of the "why". You are imposing purpose into your existence, but apart form your parents wanting a baby there is no apparent why. Sometimes why questions simply don't make sense. Richard Dawkins on asking why: Yep. We die because of entropy. Embrace it, and live your life to the fullest. (Fullest being whatever that means for you) Exactly! Now you are beginning to understand.
  4. Some nutcase probably did, but it certainly wasn't the Green's as was widely proclaimed by various groups, including the government. See here https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/nov/12/is-there-really-a-green-conspiracy-to-stop-bushfire-hazard-reduction The interesting thing is that people are blaming the Greens for policies that have never been enacted because they've never been in government! The irony on that one! I think I largely agree with you here, but I'm wary of using loaded language like "alarmist" because what I'm noticing these days is
  5. This is best answered by Carl Sagan: As others said, your parents had sex, though that's not necessarily the case these days. Perhaps more accurate to say an egg and a sperm combined to form you. Refer to Carl Sagan's quote above. Time does go fast, but a lot of it is attitude based. Find what you want to do, then go do it. Only the purpose we give ourselves. As far as we can tell there is no God telling you to love him or go to hell. And if there were I would not consider that a purpose -
  6. Having studied the multitude of environmental challenges that face us I think the above statement is a wee bit optimistic. It's not just climate change that presents challenges. Do I think that anything will be as bad as the worst doomsayers say? No, but if we don't clean our act up it will still be bad. I bring glad tidings however. People and business are starting to wake up and take action. Too late or just at the right time? Only time will tell. Strictly speaking, no the fires are not caused by climate change. But climate change does influence the climatic conditions
  7. @Fuego My parents still have this thing where saying "I have x sickness" is confessing to the devil you are sick which then gives the devil an opportunity to make you sicker. Even now when visiting I might say, I feel blah blah, I might have x and mum will say "Oh don't say that" as if saying it will have an effect on whether I have x or not.
  8. This is an interesting topic with some solid informative answers. Should it be moved to the science section?
  9. There is no defense against willful ignorance and or stupidity.
  10. Power mainly. The super mods can do things the general mods cannot. And then there is Admin above all. Think of the hierarchy like this: God > Archangels > Angels.
  11. I read this article in our paper. They were good enough to link the actual study. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41550-020-1174-4
  12. https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/300107287/perfectly-preserved-ice-age-cave-bear-found-in-arctic-russia
  13. Yes, I'd like to emphasize this. To any new comers reading this, or even old comers (is that a thing?) many of us here are friends, as our mutual friend Mark used to say, "across the miles", and have known each other for years. Thus many of our disagreements, while appearing to be an interwebs slag match is actually just friends and acquaintances disagreeing with each other like one might expect to find around a table at a bar... the forum being the table I guess in the analogy. There are also conversations going on behind the scenes as well. Yes, and as I pointed out, I
  14. Yes. One of the issues I haven't addressed is that suppose a woman gets pregnant (unplanned). She want's the baby, he doesn't. Under current law, she can have the baby, and he has to pay child support (As its called here) until about 18 years of age. So do we need to balance the law? However I see big problems with this - if it is brought in that men don't have to pay if they don't want the baby, then a huge amount of men are suddenly not going to accept father-ship of babies!
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