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  1. LogicalFallacy

    Feeling sucked back into Christianity

    This probably is a bit pointless telling a doctor this, but it seems to me from what you have said that the only reason you are considering attending church again is because of these panic attacks? The key then would be to find the underlying cause and deal with that. Would that be an accurate summary or am I off beam here?
  2. LogicalFallacy

    Yes..you can buy and own a military tank in the USA

    Sorry, sorry, You cannot use it for self-offense.
  3. LogicalFallacy

    Threads being locked

    ROLL EYE EMOJI ROLL EYE EMOJI! 🙄 Hmm it's a little small... but its a proper roll eye emoji!! Whoo... who am I making love to for this?
  4. LogicalFallacy

    Yes..you can buy and own a military tank in the USA

    So I have a more on the point title - not as 'wow' as BO's, but 'ere goes: Yes... you can buy and own a clapped out old rusty Russian military tank in the USA... no you cannot use it for self defense! Sorry.
  5. LogicalFallacy

    Is Satan to blame for porn?

    The devil made me do it!! https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/europe/103272066/in-exorcism-course-in-rome-priests-are-learning-if-satan-is-to-blame-for-porn FFS really, blaming an imaginary invisible bad man - you think that's going to help?
  6. LogicalFallacy

    Saving good content from others

    Are there any issues with say copying data off this forum and storing on ones own files for later use? For example if I like one of X's posts are there any issues copying that post to a PDF or whatever? Possibly asking the poster would seem the easiest way to sort this out. Hey X do you mind if I copy this post to use and would you like it referenced when/if I use it?
  7. LogicalFallacy

    The Left's war on Science

    Something like Trumps Mexican boarder wall - make sure nothing can cross the damn thing. There also needs to be the mother of all walls between religion and science.
  8. LogicalFallacy

    Yes..you can buy and own a military tank in the USA

    A Russian tank... the irony
  9. LogicalFallacy

    In 1932, Australia Declared War On Emus—And Lost

    Wild animals bro. You gota watch those wild animals. I could go on but I think I'll get told off for derailing the topic
  10. LogicalFallacy

    Bible selling...

    A study of early Christianity would help here. In the early days it was a fledgling cult that competed with other religions. It grew more powerful, but received its big break when Emperor Constantine adopted the new religion and made it the state religion. The Christians then systematically destroyed other religious centers and built churches over their shrines. In many countries it was convert or die. Also in many countries was the penalty of death if you denied God existed or the trinity. That's very brief, but the claim that it was spread only by peaceful means and the holy spirit is not only wrong, someone say so is either ignorant or intentionally deceptive. Islam was spread by violence as well. Judaism was also violent. Welcome to the Abrahamic religions.
  11. LogicalFallacy

    The Left's war on Science

    kL Bit confused here my man - do you consider my post as shit slinging, or are you just reminding everybody to not shit sling?
  12. LogicalFallacy

    The Left's war on Science

    This is part of the problem with climate change. Because people often don't like the political response to it they reject the science. As far as the 'left' being at war with science. That's a very broad term. I would say its better put that elements of the regressive left AND the hard right are anti science.
  13. LogicalFallacy

    Funny Videos Thread

  14. LogicalFallacy

    To Scale: The Solar System

    There are actually some cool youtube vids of universe size comparisons with some starting from everyday objects up to the observable universe. What gets freaky is when you realize some stars are bigger than our solar system!