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  1. It's a personal revelation my brother. Until you have been thrust upon you will never understand.
  2. If your experience was supernatural then you can't trust your perceptions. If your experience was ordinary, then you can trust your perceptions. /s I've tried. Nothing happened. I know, I know, I'm not doing it right, much like I just didn't have enough faith blah blah /s However, I can confirm that the Great Invisible Pink Unicorn exists. I've prayed and its answered my prayer - within half an hour. I can prove it. So there's that. How do I know she's pink if she's invisible? Well I've had the great horn thrust upon me so now I see clearly.
  3. Because we are Ex-Christians. Were we Ex-Muslims we would be talking about how bad Allah is. And no, I don't hate or hold grudges against fictional characters. Imagine if during a discussion about The Lord of the rings, and we were discussing how evil Sauron was, and I came out and suggested that people harbored grudges and hated Sauron. It's a bit silly really. To answer the question of the thread: Am I really sure I don't believe? Yes, I'm quite sure. The one thing I can be sure of is what I do and don't believe. This is how I know Christians are speaking utter bullshit when they say I know in my heart that God exists, that I just deny him because of xyz reason. It's horseshit. I don't like Trump, but I acknowledge his existence. If I believed God was real, even if I didn't like him, I'd acknowledge his existence. But the one thing I know is that I know that I don't know if god exists, and I know that I don't believe any gods do exist.
  4. No worries, I think you've mentioned this before. If I'd remembered I would have softened the tone of my reply. I wouldn't say you have no social skills, clearly you have some, probably quite a lot. Don't put yourself down so hard. I guess a tip for forum communication would be... well maybe two tips. First is a line followed by emojis like mine? If yes then its safe to assume the line is not intended seriously as the persons actual position, and 2, when in doubt assume the person intends well with their post instead of assuming they are attempting confrontation, and 3, (yes I said 2, but this one is free) if you are not sure ask. Like I've been asking LeiaBryant to clarify things because sometimes I just cannot pick up her intended meaning from her posts.
  5. Actually we can walk on either side, and won't get arrested for Jay walking. (I understand in America Jay walking is a crime or something like that? We drive on the left like all smart nations and we measure in metric not imperial.
  6. Especially while walking. Walking down the street with eyes closed is a bad idea.
  7. You see the laughing face, the pokey tongue and the winky face emojis after my "smart" comment? Clearly it was a joke line hence the emojis to indicate thus. Next time I will write "Joke" beside one of my jokes. I am very well aware that atheists can be complete dumb shits. Believe me I've come across a few.
  8. Agreed with Dave. The kill rate is far to low to have any impact other than making said boomer cohort more fervent and possibly more preaching the end times stuff. Also it seems in bad times people turn more religious, not less, so it's likely to have an enhancement effect for religion, rather than a "clean sweep"
  9. Because it took 120 years to build the ark. Didn't you listen in church brother florduh? (Edit: Haha, just read TRP's post. See we have the revelation - the same one. Praise the great horn, it doth thrust upon me) Hear my words: Now Moses lived to 120 years. 120 is 3 x 40. The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness 40 years, and 3 is the number of the godhead. Now Noah was 600 when he went into the ark, which means he must have been 480 when he started the ark to make the 120 years until the flood. Now, 40 into 480 is a perfect 12, and as we know 12 is a significant number in the bible. There were 12 disciples, 12 tribes of Israel, and 12 is the number of judgement. So God was telling the world that judgement was coming on the earth. Now 40 into 600 is 15... that means nothing. Ignore it. ... I feel like I'm going down a biblical numerology tangent here. I could be a preacher. To answer @Wertbag - you can read it anyway you like. ITS THE BIBLE! People read it to suit whatever interpretation they like. I just spouted some stuff at you above. It means nothing, but people believe this shit. It's a story, written by ancient people, for ancient people who were trying to explain why shit happens. They hadn't learned at that stage that shit just happens! I present you case exhibit A - Covid19.
  10. Yes, as long as beliefs cause no harm I have no issue what a person believes. I might disagree with you, but I respect your right to believe what you like, even if I don't respect what you believe. On your morality question: Not really. Many of the mythical gods are narcissistic or have other sever behavioral traits that are undesirable. Largely this is because gods are made in humanities image, and not the other way around. Human's can be narcissistic, brutal, greedy pricks, as well as kind, loving and generous. So it is with the gods we have made. Now if you are the sort of person who only worships the 'good' gods, all power to you, and I certainly think you display a better moral compass than someone who worships and endorses a morally abhorrent god/s. However, note that being a polytheist doesn't guarantee you such a morally superior position. What if you are the sort of polytheist who only worships the bad gods? Meanwhile many Christians cannot come to terms with the difference between their own moral compass and some of the stuff in the bible so they say their god is all loving. Jesus loves you. He loves the gays. He loves trans people. He loves the god damn atheists! Again that person is a much better person, and morally superior than a polytheist who worships the bad gods. If you study people, their gods generally take after them and their biases. A judgmental person with little empathy will tend to go after the Yahweh type god and preach that gays should be burned, eternal hell awaits the unbeliever etc. The empathetic kind person will preach that Jesus loves everybody and all can come to salvation, and that hell is not a real place. The same will probably apply to polytheists. Good people will worship good gods, arseholes will worship the bad gods. . . . The smart people don't worship any gods *Ducks and leaves the room*
  11. I think, if we may be blunt, the problem that Florduh was pointing out was that of worshiping imaginary gods. The number is kinda irrelevant. Now I'm sure you are going to say your Gods are not imaginary, but I'm just highlighting the point Florduh was making. In my opinion a person believing in 3,000 gods is just as mistaken as the person believing in one. (Plus the devil, angels, demons, spirits, etc that goes with Christianity). The problem with believing in imaginary things is that people often act on those things... and that's scary.
  12. Well you are certainly a rare breed of woman put it that way. I've... um, built a kitset shed... yeah.
  13. Please don't try and claim this in Saudi Arabia or Iran. What are you meaning by equal? Because clearly there are some things you are better at than men, but some things men are better at than women. Thus when we talk about being equal we need to be clear what it is we are speaking about. For example the strongest human in the world is a man, in fact the top 10 strongest people in the world are all men, I'm not sure where the first woman breaks into the "top xxx strongest people in the world bracket". So are you claiming magick can let you lift 500kgs off the ground? Or are you meaning equal in rights and freedom of choice? In which case I'd argue that it's the law and culture that confers this, rather than magick... short of some very convincing yet to be presented evidence. Which God? There are many creation stories of how humans came about. Most of them conflict in the details so they cannot all be correct. However they can all be wrong.
  14. Well I'm not sure about channeling the Invisible Pink Unicorn but I have had prayers answered. I'm not sure if it was a spell as such or just a request? Basically it was praying/asking for someone who had not been seen for some time, for them to contact us, which they did within half an hour or so! I can actually prove this happened. Would this count as evidence?
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