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  1. Came across this gem on the nature of the biblical God: 


    "Be careful, because that god (Yahweh), contrary to his own commandments, is fashioned in the graven image of a paternal authoritarian beneficent tyrant of the ancient near east."

  2. Doing physical work on the sabbath 😀

    1. Deidre


      Hi LF :) Do you have your days off during monday through friday? I have some friends like that, and I guess I'm just used to having weekends off. 

    2. LogicalFallacy


      Haha, no I'm not 'working', but I'm still doing physical work like mowing laws etc which was greatly frowned upon in my church because I was supposed to be 'resting'.

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR! You American folks will catch up in a few hours :D 

    1. Margee


      Happy New Year LF! The very best to you in 2019! :) (hug)

  4. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year all!

    1. JenniferG


      Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you too 🎄

    2. nivek


      Good Festivus and Airing of grievances to you and yours!

  5. Trump: Every country should look after themselves and not get involved with other countries, nor should they impose their culture on others. *Takes a breath* We will invade anyone we don't like and impose capitalist democratic ideals. Yup... about sums up his way of thinking.

    1. nivek


      "Shappup Maroooon! We'll bomb you to Dumbocracy whether you want it or not!"


      Said few Americans ever.  Unless you are making cash off of the deal.

    2. LogicalFallacy


      Oil... its nothing to do with human life, rights or democracy. Its oil. If it was the other things they'd be all over Congo and China... and NK. But no oil there so they can do what they want. The Middle east can't though... lot of oil in them there deserts.

  6. Jesus drove a Honda, it says in the Bible:

    "For I did not speak of my own Accord" John 12:49

    1. JenniferG


      That explains when I spoke in tongues it came out "Shoulda boughda Honda!" 😄

    2. TheRedneckProfessor


      jesus bequeathed his car to the disciples, who "we're all in one Accord."

    3. TheRedneckProfessor


      Shoulda boughta Honda, 'stead I boughta Hyundai.  

  7. Todays date is the 12-6-18... or if you are American its the 6-12-18... all divisible by 6 *Gasp* that's 3 6's... today is the number of the beast! 666! See I can still do Christian woowoo :D 

  8. "Judge not, that ye be not judged... Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." Somewhere along the way Christians forgot this and decided that they are jury and judge.

  9. Man is the master of his own fate not the gods. The gods are mans creation to give answers that they are too afraid to give themselves. Vikings - Ragnar Lothbrok

    1. sdelsolray


      Part of the first sentence is correct, and a part is not.  Humans do not necessairily control all aspects of their own fate.  For example, a tsunami (caused by natural forces) can easily take control of certain humans' fate quite quickly, causing their deaths, despite the affected humans' desires or actions.  The god stuff is correct, IMO.

  10. Someone remind me to start using the share ability to quote posts. I'm sure its easier than my method. 

    1. Orbit


      Consider yourself reminded

  11. Its 11:20pm... and I just fried my brain cells reading Guths Eternal Inflation paper. Thanks disillusioned! :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lilith666


      What is Guth's Eternal Inflation paper?

    3. disillusioned


      Here's the paper, and here's the thread where we've been discussing it and related issues.

    4. LogicalFallacy


      It's all very interesting. Disillusioned and Josh are streets ahead of me so I'm mostly learning stuff from them at the moment. If you are interested in understanding cosmology and how it can be used in arguments against the bible come join us.

  12. I'm debating a creationist on youtube... what have I been drinking? Jeepers!

    1. LogicalFallacy


      I'm still debating him... someone shoot me!

  13. Huh I just figured out that my Immaterial Unicorn cannot exist! So sad. :P:D 

  14. "Science is interesting, and if you don't agree you can fuck off!" Form Editor of New Scientist.


    Amen brother, amen!

  15. Why are so many people like "Free speech for me, but not for thee". "Discrimination allowed for me, but not for thee?" How close minded do you have to be to not see the contradiction?

    1. Citsonga


      Hey, what's your problem? Don't you know that I'm the only one who can say that? ;)


    2. Thurisaz


      It's a good question isn't it?


      Call her a communist or not, Rosa Luxemburg had it right with her famous quote "Freedom always includes the freedom of others to disagree with you" (my own translation).

  16. Yes, whoo! Thanks to all who helped get this site up.... even if it was just letting folks know :D 

  17. Don't you love the expression "died of natural causes"? Well they certainly didn't die of supernatural causes did they!?... unless God took them?

    1. Thurisaz


      So many dumb figures of speech around. Like "(disaster) took 15 lives, among them 3 Germans". Ahem, not that this makes it sound like German lives are somehow worth more than others... or the infamous one, also German, about how after some lethal event x people "konnten nur noch tot geborgen werden" (could only be recovered dead). Hey you news dudes... corpses are always being recovered. Everyone and everything still alive gets gerettet (rescued)!


      Pet peeves maybe, arguably, but these are nonsensical figures of speech and they piss me off :P

    2. ConsiderTheSource


      Well, Lot's wife would beg to differ.  But, of course, it is doubtful she was ever real.

  18. I am going to write a book. It's title will be: "My mum is a conspiracy theorist; Dealing with the weird and the wacky" It will detail my attempts at talking reason with my mother, and show how, despite providing ample evidence, if a person is convinced of woo woo nothing will change their mind. :D 

  19.  Gender equality - only the men get told to lift in the paper reams for the office!

    1. ag_NO_stic


      We get the life boats too! 

    2. Thurisaz


      Equality's a good thing, but most of the ones screaming that word from the rooftops want anything but equality.

  20. Hmm I think I am procrastinating writing to my family about leaving church, probably primarily due to fear.... interesting self observation. That is our observation tonight... come back tomorrow for another self observation :D 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LogicalFallacy


      Thanks Margee. I am ready its just taking the plunge. I kind of feel like I'm a ship going into a storm - mainsail is up, and I've tacked into position, ready for the storm... I just have to commit to writing the letter (Which has been written 20 times in my head... so you'd think typing it up would be easy) It's not the rejection that scares me, its the potential emotional turmoil. I'm not good at dealing with high emotional states and tend to shutdown.


    3. Margee


      I understand cause I shut down too. but that's OK. If you have to shut down for awhile to gain your composure, do it and don't feel bad. (hug)

    4. LogicalFallacy


      Well Margee, I managed to go through the storm, and with a combination of phone (Totally froze to the point Mum said we'll talk later lol), email, then after lunch discussion which by that time I got my mojo back and managed to calmly express myself. So now it will be just seeing what happens in the future as both sides settle into their new realities. Thanks for your support. 

  21. Good night all. Think I've read and posted enough tonight. Need my beauty sleep :P 

  22. Where have all my friends gone??

    WedDave I want them back... I haven't been de-friended have I? Was it something I said?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. duderonomy


      LF, who would dare unfriend you! I went to bed one night and everything was well with the world. When I woke up, the entire Ex-C universe had changed into a colorless murky surreal approximation of all that I had known and loved before.

      Now, when hit the enter key, I move down two spaces instead of one, for example.

      Still, from the edges of sanity, and even though I never digitally declared my friendship to you before The Great Change, I am somehow still here and I'm glad you are too.

    3. duderonomy


      Um, I should have said, 'from the edges of this internet insanity'.  Ooops! 

    4. LogicalFallacy


      Dude - ROTFLMAO - Funny enough I actually filled in what I thought you meant so no meaning lost there with "internet insanity". I was quite certain you were not referring to yourself literally. Thanks muchly, and glad you are here too. :)

      I think once we get the hang of this new site it will be ok. 

      Margee, glad you are here... :) how did you guys see my status update? I can't see anyone's updates.


  23. We have a new look website! Whoo.... hey where's all my stuff gone? hehe

  24. I predict that the church pastor will thank God for sending rain after two months of dryness.

    1. LogicalFallacy


      I AM GOD! I can tell the future. Bow down and worship me! The Pastor said "we are thankful to God for his mercies". Whoo!

    2. yunea
    3. duderonomy


      Yes, God will send the rain, but only if you've prayed for it, and never enough to flood the entire earth to the tops of the mountains again.


      Reference the rainbow if you need proof of that, you mortal bastards.


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