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  1. Hmm I think I am procrastinating writing to my family about leaving church, probably primarily due to fear.... interesting self observation. That is our observation tonight... come back tomorrow for another self observation :D 

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    2. LogicalFallacy


      Thanks Margee. I am ready its just taking the plunge. I kind of feel like I'm a ship going into a storm - mainsail is up, and I've tacked into position, ready for the storm... I just have to commit to writing the letter (Which has been written 20 times in my head... so you'd think typing it up would be easy) It's not the rejection that scares me, its the potential emotional turmoil. I'm not good at dealing with high emotional states and tend to shutdown.


    3. Margee


      I understand cause I shut down too. but that's OK. If you have to shut down for awhile to gain your composure, do it and don't feel bad. (hug)

    4. LogicalFallacy


      Well Margee, I managed to go through the storm, and with a combination of phone (Totally froze to the point Mum said we'll talk later lol), email, then after lunch discussion which by that time I got my mojo back and managed to calmly express myself. So now it will be just seeing what happens in the future as both sides settle into their new realities. Thanks for your support.