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  1. So now we are debating who won the debate? Ok. I think anybody who came away from it with something new they were exposed to or thought about won. As far as the actual debate I don't think we got past sorting a coherent definition of spirituality therefore it was a debate of passing ships IMO.
  2. Yes, which is part of the reason I don't think absolute free will exists. It can't. I'm not even sure if an omnipotent omniscient God has absolute free will, but regardless we humans don't. We already know that we don't choose our beliefs'. Therefore in just that one aspect of our lives we don't have free will. If anyone does think we can choose our beliefs' then I challenge you to believe the moon is made of green cheese. You can't because you already have enough knowledge to know the belief is asinine. But at the moment I'm still not sure what Ed means when he says a
  3. Can you define what you are calling absolute free will? Generally I will say under any worldview that no it doesn't exist, but that depends on what a person means by "absolute free will".
  4. Welcome to Ex C. I have two primary nagging questions: How did life begin and how did the cosmos begin, if indeed it did begin. The second question is admittedly a bit tricker because some of the questions we may ask may not even make sense. Apart from that no nagging questions regarding religion.
  5. This is so true. I've always struggled to comprehend his religious musings. Not sure if it was him or me. (Sorry Ed, maybe the spiritual is beyond my ability to comprehend)
  6. Did we ever get to an agreed upon definition of spirituality? Josh proposed one but I don't think they ever agreed.
  7. Dave Allen was a crackup. And hit points so hard with comedy.
  8. Walter mate, you missed the point. Mark left his legacy, perhaps you could try and leave yours? You don't need my permission to use his posts. It wasn't a cease and desist command. We aren't the CCP. @Edgarcito hit the nail on the head and got more to the point of what I was meaning when he said "It’s not what Mark said, it’s Walter intentionally mining old conversations for ill intentions..." So yeah, it's not so much literally what Mark said, it is using Mark as a weapon in these conversations. That's what peeves me off. But you do you if you feel it achieves somethin
  9. Also some of us have fond memories from real interactions with Mark. Perhaps we could try and not bring whatever he said up in every conversation?? I understand now why Dude bitch slapped me a couple years ago for doing the same thing. There's another guy I miss.
  10. Yes I had started wondering if I'd wandered into the little boys tanty club. This is the sort of shit I'd expect to see in the old ToT.
  11. Most people who say "change my mind" have no intention of changing their mind. Also you are the only person who can change your mind so asking us to change it is nonsensical.
  12. We have 4 active mods... no 5. TRP, Josh, Florduh, TABA and meself. Sorry if I missed an active mod. Not counting Dave because he's not a mod. It's probably that mods tend by nature to be more active than others members but nature of being a mod? Who knows.
  13. Below are two videos of a two part interview with Ken Humphrey's regarding his view that St Paul is a fictional character. Feel free to discuss. My perspective is that Paul, or at least whoever wrote the Pauline letters existed, but as Ken points out, many of the events described cannot have happened due to inconstancies. Maybe our friend @JamesL would like to take a look as well and comment on some of the discrepancies mentioned?
  14. Hi, welcome to Ex-C Like Krowb I don't know enough about the subject to hold my own informed opinion. I also find the question, though interesting, irrelevant to everyday life. Finding out that we are in a static universe would not alter my day to day life. I'd be interested, read up on the new discovery, but otherwise continue as usual. My personal belief, and this is not rooted in any evidence, though has some logical underpinnings that probably exist because of lack of knowledge, is that matter and energy has always existed in some form. Thus there never was a univer
  15. Well it's simple Dear Religious person. The reason we don't just shut up is best illustrated by the true story below that is happening as we speak. Most countries, including the US have a thing called the separation of Church and State. Well kinda, in the UK the Church of England still has massive state privileges, and in the US... well it's the land of the religious shitshow. I do apologise on behalf of NZ for sending Ray Comfort to you. However, lets both agree that the religious nutbags over there deserved Mr Banana man. As part of this separation of Church and stat
  16. I have pondered this question. If you are tortured for eternity you still get to live for eternity so... yay? Also I think at some point of eternal existence all existence will be torture.
  17. Sorry to hear that TRP. Glad your son is ok.
  18. An oft not thought about issue. Let's say Hitler didn't commit suicide (Apparently doing that locks you out of the kingdom). Lets say he truly repented and accepted JC as his Lord and savior. Under these conditions a Christian is forced to admit that Hitler's sins would be forgiven and he'd go to heaven. Where then is the justice for the millions he murdered?
  19. Welcome to Ex-C tiredofwork Sounds like you've been listening to some of the best. Might I recommend Viced Rhino if you haven't come across him for in depth refutations of Christianity focusing on Creationism, and Sir Sic for a entertaining take on woo stuff, religion etc. Hope to see you round.
  20. And apparently in heaven we will be in our transformed bodies... whatever that means. Does it mean we'd transcend the material realm? If Heaven is in another dimension is it even material? So many questions.
  21. Welcome to Ex-C @Seekingwhatisnext Wow lurking for 5 years. That means you've been reading stuff for as long as I've been a member! Good on you for having honest conversations with friends and family. It seems that they are supportive and you haven't gone through the heartbreak of big fights and religious family guilt tripping you for what was essentially their emotional state. It is as you say a tough journey and it's never easy finding out you no longer believe in the magical fairy tale of eternal happiness. I look forward to seeing more of your posts arou
  22. And now apparently Sye Ten Bruggencate has stepped down because of some rumor of sexual assault. Now this is only hearsay at this point but will be interesting to see what develops. Sye is one of the most arrogant frustrating dishonest Christian apologists on the planet... and there are a lot of them!
  23. So there I was minding my own business going to the toilet while simultaneously thinking about design in relation to the human body. It's really quite a shity design isn't it, the human body? Well, then I thought aren't the believers all supposed to go to Heaven? Apparently they will drink the wine and eat the grapes yada yada. So what about the waste produced from that? Are we still pooing and peeing in heaven? What about sex? No sex in heaven? If none of those in heaven we can get rid of our digestive system, reproductive systems etc. If that's the case why was it put there in Eden in the fi
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