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  1. At the top of the thread on the right hand side there is a button that says "Following". If you click on it you should be able to change your follow preferences.
  2. Well thank you for believing me. Man can indeed refer to humanity as a whole, (I point to possibly the most famous line where "man" has been used like this: That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind". However he & him and she & her are not gender neutral according to my understanding of English (Limited as it is). They and them is. Ok that was tongue in cheek fun. You are losing me here. (I note you also lost Walter... either its both of us... or its the way you put things). What is the point here? I know of no known confirmed case of parthenogenesis in humans. (You'll forgive me for ignoring the story that arose from mistranslated passages that people tried to make out to be fulfillment of prophesy) Hang on I'll check google. Yeah, no confirmed cases of parthenogenesis. There are known parthenogeneic abnormalities in humans - cases of a cell growing hair and skin cells, but these turn into a tumor. There are cases of both male and female that are parthenogenetic chimeras, but this is not true parthenogenesis. However, according to my studies you are correct that if there was a true case of parthenogenesis the offspring would be female. Which brings us to the question... where did God get the Y chromosome for Jesus?
  3. Well looking at the poll results it's hard to gauge how many actually took part but the results show that there is more support for having discussions than for running Christians off. 5 of you think Christians are intruders should be discouraged outright. The rest of the answers lean towards discussion of some form with 3 wanting to convert them, 7 not caring, and the rest enjoying a discussion. So the question then becomes how best to engage with our Christian guests... which we've already discussed.
  4. That's ok. It's just a case of learning to read things in a wider context. You might be right, they might be not screening, but without further substantial evidence to back that up its probably more likely than not that they are screening. Also I should say welcome to Ex-C. I believe these are your firsts posts here? Perhaps you'd like to head to the Introductions section and introduce yourself to the other members here?
  5. All people are currently being screened - citizen or not in every country I am aware of. Do you have anything to back up the claim they are not checking people from other countries? If you tell them you've only been to France they won't bother checking you because your chances of being infected by visiting France is very very small. It doesn't say no Asian people - it says Non-citizens or non-residents who have visted a list of countries that are deemed high risk. Thus if I visited Wuhan, China, then tried to enter pretty much any other country they'd say NO. And I'm as white as they come. No sense in turning something that is not racial into a racial thing. Yes, because it is. Yes - American right wing evangelists do the same, and often influence the people and the Government to this end. Both Romania and the US are very religious countries... compared to say the UK or New Zealand. Again, can you demonstrate that Israel is not screening it's own citizens if they have been to China? I'll bet they are, and they will isolate it's citizens who are infected. I think you are reading way to much into a simple embassy notice.
  6. Sorry I'm not following you thoughts here. What is an appeal to hate? Israel is largely secular, but with a very powerful and vocal fundamental minority. Those Israelites who don't believe in God won't rely on him. And Christians in Government certainly act in accordance with their God beliefs in relation to Israel. A lot of the preferential treatment Israel receives is directly related to Christians in power who believe they are Gods chosen. And I don't think anyone believes that Israeli citizens are 100% healthy. It's simply a country taking care of its own and blocking non citizens. This is largely because a state has a responsibility towards looking after its citizens that it doesn't have towards non citizens or non residents. Nothing to do with hate.
  7. Many years ago (About 2011) there was a team streaming their game of Minecraft (I know, some adults play it... no judgement) They were having fun and one guy just started singing: I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole, diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole Some fans loved it and made a version of the song with graphics and uploaded it. Then Yogcast got hold of it, made a full song with verses and the original as the chorus. And it 2019 Metal band Wind Rose did a cover of it - which I posted. All from a guy being silly and singing during his game stream of Minecraft. The song is quite catchy.
  8. Does anything in the Song of Solomon make sense? I mean there is a line in there about their emissions being like that of horses.... holy shit.. there is hard core text porn in the bible!
  9. My fellow Ex-Christians clearly have poor taste in music For female fronted bands the best IMO is Nightwish. Tarja was a queen, Floor is a goddess in terms of vocal quality. Other female fronted I listen to are: Within Temptation Xandria Exit Eden Male/mixed fronted bands: Sabaton Beast in Black Manofwar Powerwolf Probably more that I cannot remember. And for your personal enjoyment: A metal version of Diggy Diggy Hole
  10. Ahh the Tyre prophesy. It works... if you don't pull off your rose tinted glasses, squint through your third eye, and apply liberal interpretations to the text.
  11. Me too. He wasn't a bad sort. Sure people got frustrated with him, but seriously is there any Christian that we won't get frustrated by? Most of us have probably been hearing arguments over and over depending with how much interest we follow the 'god debate'. But many of these Christians have never studied the arguments for and against and think that this is the first time we've heard about how their personal experience proves god. I can't remember the last time I heard a Christian argument and thought "well that's completely new". Even 'new' sounding ones are often rehashes of older ones. Most of them break down into one of the major fallacies. (God of the gaps, incredulity, ignorance etc)
  12. Who Wrote the Bible by Richard Friedman for OT stuff Anything from Bart Ehrman for NT stuff. Mark, Matthew, and Luke are known as the synoptic Gospels and appear to have the same source "Q" as mentioned. Some think John had these sources wrote a fan fic version. Not sure on books specifically regarding Catholicism. Never really delved into it. Also try "The Christian Delusion." It's more scholarly than Dawkins or Hitchens and written by multiple people, some with PhD's in the relevant fields.
  13. Well since our last Christian left us, and I found myself with an interesting question I thought we may as well have a little discussion. I should probably preface this by saying I am by no means attacking anyone if they are still afraid of hell. I'm looking at beliefs and how that maps to identity. So on Quroa I came across this blog link titled "Yes there are atheists who still fear hell" with a comment underneath that said "You are still not an atheist then" https://www.patheos.com/blogs/godlessmom/2020/02/yes-there-are-atheists-who-still-fear-hell/?utm_source=quora&utm_medium=referral So TL;DR the blog is about how some atheists still fear hell, and that short snide comment actually got me thinking. Rather than just dismiss the writer as a pretentious prick I wondered if there is anything to it. Personally I fear neither, god, nor hell, I simply don't believe either exists, similar to me not fearing Hades or Hel or whatever the Islamic version is, or not fearing Santa won't bring me any presents. An atheist, as we all know, is someone who does not believe in any god or gods, or who believes there are no god or gods. The concept of hell is predicated on the idea of a god who made said hell and can send you there. That is the concept of hell doesn't stand on its own. There is always a god concept[t behind it. Therefore if you are still afraid of hell are you an atheist? That is do you not believe god exists? Isn't the fear stemming from somewhere in your brain that still believes god exists? Interested in your thoughts while we wait for the next Christian to grace our den.
  14. We could give it a go. Maybe 1 mod and 2 members engaging at any one time? Keeps things lively without it being a pile on? And possibly work within our individual strengths? For example on matters that get heavily into Cosmology I'd defer to Walter or Josh. And if it got heavy into Evolution I think TRP has knowledge in that area? However, deferring to others could have the side effect of making a Christian feel like they have a small victory. Not that I'm too concerned about that. Could set up a random excel generator to pick the names.
  15. Yes. LMTO requested his account be deleted. He felt the pile on was a bit much. Looking back at the thread one has to agree attempting to simultaneously engage with 5 to 10 others is a bit much. We 'attack' as a group of lions, instead like the movies one on one to make things fairer as TRP was saying.
  16. Also possibly a futile venture. AOC says the world will end in 10 years... My parents then say that's wrong therefore all climate science is wrong and its just about research grants to make scientists rich. . . . and I'm like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wall please Thank you kindly. Another one is "Al Gore said" For the last time, I do not give two fucks about what Al Gore said. Or "Stuff News reported" Again... do they link their article to a peer reviewed paper? No? Then it's pointless opinion. I don't care what the media reports if they cannot link credible sources. I tend to agree with Bhim that maybe instead of religious behaviours going away they are just morphing into the newest fancy thing: Climate, Veganism/Animal Welfare/ Social Justice. Listening to moderate voices on each of these topics is quite thought provoking. Listening to the extremes is just painfully head banging stuff.
  17. That's what happens. In fact that's how the LMTO question/concern thread ended up in the lions den.
  18. Welcome to Ex-C BookofMicah I think most here are quite happy lumping Catholics, protestants and Mormons under the general umbrella of Christianity. I have noted that it is usually one of the other Christian brands who think the other two are not "true Christians", Enter the no true scotsman fallacy. Sounds like you've done a great deal of working the religious out of yourself, so well done. I am also an agnostic atheist. I haven't looked much into Buddhism, but no doubt we share many of the same values. Like you I used to hold views towards fellow humans that now are abhorrent and shameful to me. Sadly my fundamentalist family still very strongly hold to such views. Hope to see you posting in the various boards here. I agree with Margee, you are a very clear and good writer. LF
  19. So I must admit that I enjoy debate. I don't like to say I like arguing, but selected that as one of my choices. Regarding TEG's directions one the particular type of Christian that is dialoguing with us, even if they are 'preaching' so long s they do so in the Den I care not if they try religious talk on us. It's not that I don't care at all, it's just I'm not fazed by whatever method they attempt to get their point across. Thus I selected other. I think that dialogue should be as constructive as possible, but if a Christian is making wild unfounded assertions or preaching I have no issue with just being blunt with them and showing why their position is bullshit. (IMO of course). I agree with TRP regarding the conversion aspect. We cannot criticise the religious for their constant conversion attempts, then go and attempt to convert them ourselves. That's hypocritical. What we can do is try and get them to challenge their beliefs and world views, and hopefully leave a nugget that they may chew on some point in the future. I also agree with Disillusioned position, except I'm probably more willing than him to engage. I haven't found it entirely tiresome yet. Discussion changes minds. Don't let anyone say otherwise. Mostly it's not instant, and often not with the person you are engaging with, but people read things and it does help. If any conversion is going on, that's it. Not us turning into the atheist version of a bible thumper. I do care what they do, and moderate my responses to match. Clearly I have an opinion and thus didn't tick that box.
  20. Um... not sure how to do that. Not sure we can. I think the Christian tag is simply that. Not sure it allows us to sort if its an open poll. Hopefully Christians will see that it's for Ex Christians and refrain. Please and thank you Christians. @webmdave Is it possible to have the poll only open to Ex Christians? (PS I made the poll anonymous, but could have had it showing who voted what then we'd be able to pick up if Christians were voting. Bit late now.)
  21. I've created the poll here. It will be good for it to have its own thread. Let loose.
  22. Hi all Here is a poll from TEG. Hopefully it works. Could be an interesting internal discussion.
  23. I must say as far as conversations with Christians went, LMTO was one of the better ones. Whereas Dozer was basically a troll, I believe LMTO was attempting genuine conversation. His replies, though frustrating at times, were long and thought out. He was clearly putting in a lot of effort considering he had something like 7 of us engaging all at once. Maybe we all should read A Manual for Creating Atheists to refine our styles?
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