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  1. So the monarchs take several generations to fly north with a shorter 7 week lifecycles, then a super generation flys south to Mexico. Amazing.
  2. I'm with D on this one. I think at least fundamentalist religious indoctrination paves the way for crazy ideas because they tend to reject science as a path to knowledge. Once you do that then the door is left wide open to whatever other weird ideas take your fancy. While I never was a flat earther at various times the church went through various conspiracies: Moon hoax, evolution created to destroy God, 9/11 truther, as well as believing some just out there shit like in Noah's day they had atomic power and that's how they built the pyramids and so on.
  3. Classic! I'm going to remember this so next time I'm debating someone and I want to tell them their head is up their arse I will simply say: You are suffering from Craniorectal impaction.
  4. @Bhim Apologies for not having replied yet. I am working on a reply, but I don't have a lot of free time at the moment. Don't want you to think I'm bailing out of my own topic. I'm giving some serious thought to this one, rather than quick fire replies so responses are taking longer.
  5. I believe that's set from the mods. He's been restricted to the Lion's Den, and I think that's the icon (Instead of the Authentic Christian icon) that is used. Reserved for religious folk who don't quite know who to read, comprehend, and follow forum posting rules. (I could be wrong though... I know nothing!).
  6. “The significance of our lives and our fragile planet is then determined only by our own wisdom and courage. We are the custodians of life's meaning. We long for a Parent to care for us, to forgive us our errors, to save us from our childish mistakes. But knowledge is preferable to ignorance. Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable. If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal.” Carl Sagan
  7. Ok now we know you are either a troll or sadly lacking in brain capacity. (The second of which is no fault of your own.) At this point even my perseverance has reached its limit. Good day to you sir, I see no point in continuing. Thanks for the dialogue.
  8. I wonder why the Chinese and the Russians don't say much about this? I wonder what our local Rocket Lab company is doing sending stuff into space. I wonder what Space X is doing shipping people to the ISS.
  9. Do you know what a social species is? Because bacteria lack the necessary nervous system and brain for emotions to emerge. If you were observant you would notice that the more complex an animal is, and the higher its brain function, the higher the emotive states it can express? Which is why jellyfish have no emotion that we are aware of, but dogs are highly emotive to the degree that we can successfully interact with them.
  10. No, but thanks for the concern. Who said existence is meaningless? We create meaning for ourselves. On the other hand, a universe with an all powerful God that has pre-determined your fate is truly meaningless. Because in a social species emotions cause species to better look after their young, thus increasing survival.
  11. I think that expresses my current range of emotions.
  12. You you know what the words "context" and "comprehension" mean? If not then we are wasting time. You don't have the full video, you don't know the context, you've merely taken one video with one short quote (Which we assume actually is Bill Nye) and because it fits with your belief you think it agrees with you. You really need to study critical thinking.
  13. Do you have the link to the whole video with the quote in context? Because, again I will bet 1 million dollars he is talking about how the earth, currently is our only home. We can't leave the earth and go and live on another planet, because we don't have a suitable one, and the distances are too far. But like most Christians and flat earthers you cherry pick and quote mine without providing context.
  14. I'll bet a million dollars the people who think this is a 'confession' about flat earth have severe comprehension problems. I'll bet a million dollars the people who think this is a 'confession' about flat earth have severe comprehension problems. Seen this one. Anyone who thinks he's saying they didn't go to the moon is pulling crap out their mouth... also I'll bet a million dollars the people who think this is a 'confession' about flat earth have severe comprehension problems. I'll bet a million dollars the people who think this is a 'confession' about flat earth have severe comprehension problems.
  15. Probably. A real fruity bat I'd say. Meanwhile last night I watched a space station repair live... but apparently it's all fake.
  16. See here is your problem, anytime you want to explain anything you simply invoke magic. The time to believe something is when it is demonstrated. You've failed quite miserably to demonstrate anything you say. Let me demonstrate the stupidity of your sentence by altering a few words in it - hopefully this will help you understand why your reasoning here is fallacious: You're asking how an abiogenesis event could happen, without believing in abiogenesis. It's kind of stupid. If you can change just the terms used in a sentence and it sounds stupid, that's because the original sentence was stupid.
  17. That doesn't help you distinguish between Gods literal and Gods metaphor. Therefore this point is irrelevant. What is the holy spirit. How does it differ from God. How did it show you things and can you demonstrate it? No, the ancient writers didn't necessarily start off their metaphors by saying this is a metaphor. They assumed their readers were smarter than that. WTF? This point is gibberish. Yeah... this is one of the reasons we know that Genesis is horseshit. We know about the properties of light, we know light can't exist without a source. You mock the big bang for "coming from nothing", (a misunderstanding on your part), but then say light appeared before a light source (the sun) Yeah I went through those in my Christian days. It's all horseshit. Seriously look into how the algorithm works and what inputs are used to get the results. You can get similar results out of any sufficiently large piece of writing. So after all that you haven't given us any reason to believe that you have any justification for declaring what is and isn't literal in the bible other than your says so because some spirit thingy... which you cannot demonstrate. (How do you know its not Satan deceiving you? Hmm?)
  18. The donkey literally spoke human words according to the story. Yes I've heard a donkey - they sound a bit like you! Sorry couldn't resist. But in all that I couldn't quite make out what the bible claims the donkey said: Numbers 22:23 "Then the Lord opened the donkey’s mouth, and it said to Balaam, “What have I done to you to make you beat me these three times?”" But How did this happen? Magic I guess. Big bang using known physics dumb, reportedly talking donkey using no known physics (Donkey voice boxes cannot form human language) yep that is a totally sane thing to believe. And how do you know what is literal, what is parable, what is poetry. When it says "God sits among the council of Gods and Judges" is it literal or poetry? By what standard do you arbitrarily judge what is literal and what is metaphor?
  19. My friend, by the time SV announced he was a flat earther all those pages ago I didn't only not doubt that he didn't understand any of the subjects, but I positively believed he is willingly ignorant of them. I haven't seen so many strawnmen built for a long time.
  20. The irony of that line from a guy who thinks Genesis is literal. I suppose you think the seven headed dragon in Revelation is real too? The talking donkey? Silent, would you jump off a 10 story building? Why or why not?
  21. I am pretty sure Dr Craig would disagree with you wholeheartedly about wandering away from the truth. What was it he said? Oh yes "Those who hold to genesis as a literal interpretation do a disservice to the truth of Gods word and the message God wishes to convey." (Or something to that effect when asked what he thought about his fellow creationist Christians. In short he thought they brought reproach upon Gods word.) The fact that you do not understand something, or do not like it does not mean it's stupid.
  22. Ah the old 'scientific knowledge gets updated with new information so its wrong' line again.
  23. My post clearly went over your head. I wasn't saying there was religious content in that post, only that I didn't want you bringing your religion into this discussion. I wouldn't be deleting posts because I disagreed with them - if I was that way inclined I 1) Wouldn't be a moderator, and 2) would have deleted Bhim's post. I do urge you to work on reading comprehension so you don't misread others posts and intentions. While you might be correct, you point is irrelevant to this conversation unless you can show where I'd be suggesting that people who fit descriptions shouldn't be allowed to live. Did you even read my first post? The entire thing was explaining why I didn't think Bhim should refer to you as a "Asperger's Christian". Everybody is ignorant, but in this context it is used as a descriptor when someone is willingly ignorant of a subject, or speaks about it as if they know a lot about it but clearly demonstrate they are actually ignorant of the subject matter. Ignoring you incorrect claim about my intentions and motives, you do raise an interesting point. I did consider whether the word "crazy" should come under the terms I am talking about. The jury is still out on that one, but with regards to the term moron, (and crazy) no one is diagnosed as "moron" or "crazy". These are descriptor words in common usage. Thus there is a difference between saying you are a moron, and saying you are Asperger's. One is just using a word in common usage that essentially is synonymous with stupid, the other implies that you are stupid, but actually disparages people with Asperger's (Or what term you are using) who are not actually necessarily stupid. r/Whoosh Hear that? It's my joke going over your head. I really don't care about your presence here as long as you contribute meaningfully. Again your comprehension is clearly lacking. What is a slippery slope? Where have I advocated for banning speech? I happen to hold as a fundamental value that everyone is free to believe what they want, and have any religion or no religion that they want. Banning Christianity is opposite to that value so it's asinine to suggest that I'd even consider banning it. If you are gong to respond, please do so in context of the conversation and actually address points made. We are getting tired of your misrepresentations and strawmen of our positions. Thanks LF
  24. You mean would I still accept the observed fact of evolution? Yes I would. A flat earth wouldn't overturn evolution... but some seriously wacky stuff would be going on with physics if the earth was flat... like all the engineering calculations that take into account the curvature of the earth actually working on a flat earth, the fact of eclipses, the fact the moon is upside down in different hemispheres, Venuse's weird orbit path. All things currently explained by a heliocentric model, none explained by a flat geocentric model. Abiogenesis I don't accept as fact at this point. It hasn't been sufficiently demonstrated that that's how life started on the planet, but it is the most likely candidate at this point. So when asked how did life start I answer honestly: I don't know at this point, but all my research points to abiogenesis being the most likely candidate at this point. If new information arises that overturns that I will reconsider.
  25. No one thinks life started from inanimate objects except creationists when they strawman the argument. I wish your God would come to life and smack me in the face... wait I'll turn my cheek... no, nothing... other cheek... nada. Based on your reasoning, your God doesn't exist so I will continue worshiping nothing. (Oh wait we are both worshiping nothing... how ironic.)
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