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  1. When one thinks that reality is a magical fairy tale I can see why they might find sound explanations of why animals can't 'speak human' funny. Um lets see... why can't a snake and a donkey talk... ooh um lemme think... school biology memories coming back... something to do with vocal cords and necessary brain function to form words. Of course when one believes in a god that can constantly change reality as we know it, then all things are possible - which is why its possible for people to believe in the garden of eden, noah's flood etc. Ignoring the environmental factors which make it implausible, the fact that freshwater and saltwater species all managed to survive a turbid debris laden environment that we are supposed to believe is worse than anything ever experienced is enough to make one question the story. What did god do - magically change all water dwelling species to survive the conditions? What about species of animal that require both land and water? And of course apparently in eden the lion didn't eat the lamb, but afterwards magically developed a digestive tract to cope with a meat diet, but apparently in Revelations the lion will one again lay down with the lamb... so must change to a ruminants digestive system again. Bollocks the lot of it.
  2. I'm a young un - 3 years
  3. Yeah I think Justus was trolling with that post. Pretty sure he knows those verses have naught to do with Islam. Barely worth a reply.
  4. Welcome. This is a community built on helping others in similar situations. Feel free to join in and contribute, ask questions, etc.
  5. … this time he's saying gays and abortion is to blame for the Australian bush fires. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2019/11/israel-folau-says-gay-marriage-and-abortion-to-blame-for-bushfires.html How brain dead can someone get? I mean the fires wouldn't be a result of the worst drought in decades gripping the region would it? And what about the bushfires going back millennia? Morons like these peeve me off. We have our own moron here in NZ - Brian Tamaki who blamed the Christchurch earthquakes on homosexuals.
  6. So in context, the evidence we are talking about is evidence for God yes. And your reply to Astreja is as quoted. That's your evidence for God? Humans can communicate? How is that not God of the gaps at the end of the day? Also why is our ability to communicate via a voice box more astounding than, say, dolphins using clicks whistles and echolocation, or insects with pheromones? There are some amazing ways other animals communicate. All evidence points to it so far. Do you have evidence for some other hypothesis? Your point here? I'm generally agreeing with what I understand your sentences to be, but fail to see the issue in regards to humans. You realize humans were not the only primates with the ability to develop complex language? It's just that homo sapiens are the only surviving primates with the ability to do so.
  7. @Edgarcito Sdelsolray gave a very good synopsis of what we are looking for either in this thread or another a few days ago. I'll try and find it. But basically something that directly evidences God and is verifiable. An no, nothing you've mentioned so far comes close to that.
  8. Actually you are both wrong. The verse says both that no sign would be given and that the sign of Jonas would be given. Widely belived by Christians to be a for telling of his death and resurrection. If you think that's convincing might I point you to some contemporary religious folks who also have signs and declare themselves messangers of god?
  9. We are just asking for reasonable proof of his existence. Is that too much to ask? Some people are clearly swayed by little evidence, others require sufficiently more. One would think a God who created us would know this and know what to provide as evidence. Or maybe my logical reasoning is too much to handle? This is an assertion without evidence. We don't expect Jesus to turn up cause he's dead - and I'm granting you that he was a real person without challenge there. (Cause I'm nice like that) As for "we are in the time of the holy spirit" Please define "holy spirit" then provide EVIDENCE of such a thing, and that we are actually it its time. EVIDENCE PLEASE. (One would think that in this thread one wouldn't go about making unfounded claims. As above. You are a priori assuming the story of miracles to be true. I've witnessed people claiming miracles though my whole life - the problem is I was there and it was simply natural explanations that they inserted god into and started dancing about. That's in my life, so I have no reason to trust a bunch of apocalyptic cult members from 2000 years ago without very good evidence. Can't you read? We've been explaining to you for pages. Either we don't make sense or you don't understand. The odds of ALL of us not making sense vs you not understanding are weighed heavily in the latter. The fuck is this? Personal hurt? For fucks sake you gota get off the emotional "oh the church hurt you train". You must be thick if you think we don't believe in your god because of "personal hurt". As for spiritual, there was a time I would have claimed to have felt spiritual. Now I ask what do you mean by spiritual? It seems requiring evidence to back up claims puts us in a 'special consideration group". Well, allow me to apologise on behalf of all of us for not being as gullible as you are. Apparently we are "special" and require something extra. No doubt something wrong with the brain - I know what it is... we all require... what's that thing again... hmmm oh yeah... EVIDENCE!
  10. Also: John 20:29 New International Version (NIV) 29 Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” This is a clear exhortation from Jesus to believe extraordinary claims without good evidence.
  11. I just wanted to make a point about this line in your first post. Upon asking this group in my early days here why intelligent people believed God with no evidence Florduh replied "Some very intelligent and educated people fall for this crap because believing it is not an intellectual decision, but rather an emotional hook." I'm also willing to concede the opposite is true - some people leave religion because of emotional reasons. However most people don't leave religion because of "bad experience" but rather after a (usually) long and difficult search for truth. I certainly didn't have any bad experiences that made me stop believing. What stopped me believing was the gaping hole between the claims of the bible and believers, and reality. IMO if you believe or disbelieve something for emotional reasons you are on shaky epistemological grounds. I'm confused - how is that evidence for God? You are essentially saying that we cannot prove God exists because we lack the ability to. So why accept that any god/s exist? If you cant demonstrate any god exists you are not justified in believing that any exist. Also you might find his brain is capable of processing sight, but the eyes don't function normally. In the future we might be able to give someone artificial eyes that connect to the sight centre in the brain and then he's be able to see.
  12. Further to my post above Why are you not convinced of Islam? You know the Quran, Muslim testimony of miracles, or Dar al-Islam? Maybe once you've answered those you'll have figured out why we don't regard your examples as evidence for God.
  13. Let me repeat my post so that you may ponder on it and consider the absurdity of your reply in context. To assist you I've bolded certain parts. "Further to my first reply, I would add that any God worthy of the title God would know what evidence would convince me of its existence, and would be able to provide such evidence. The fact that I have not been presented with such evidence tells me that either this God doesn't care to provide such evidence of its existence, or simply doesn't exist. Either way, it appears to me that no God/s exist." To further help you, consider your "evidence" and the fact I've already investigated it and am clearly not convinced, then think about that in context of my first line.
  14. Further to my first reply, I would add that any God worthy of the title God would know what evidence would convince me of its existence, and would be able to provide such evidence. The fact that I have not been presented with such evidence tells me that either this God doesn't care to provide such evidence of its existence, or simply doesn't exist. Either way, it appears to me that no God/s exist.
  15. "Why give up on God altogether?" You have evidence for this God? If so please present. If not congratulations you've answered your question. Hi and welcome to Ex-C Why not do new age spirituality etc? Well because in my opinion its all the same bullshit repackaged. *Ducks the rotten tomatoes* Ultimately though we each work out what's best for us, and I find I tend very strongly to an evidential methodological naturalism. I haven't given up on God, in much the same way I haven't given up on Zeus. There's just no evidence they exist. You can insert any number of other claims in that sentence - the 1,000s of gods, ghosts, various woo claims, aliens, and so on. When there is good evidence I'll believe it.
  16. I used to know what sort of evidence I'd require, now I'm not sure what kind of evidence would convince me the Christian God as defined exists. If the evidence is natural then how does that prove the supernatural, and if the evidence is supernatural how can we even know its evidence towards the proposition? And how do we distinguish evidence for a god from that of any significantly advanced alien species? It was Arthur C Clarke that said "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" Thus were we to go back 20-50k years we would be Gods, almost having power of life and death. Bu we wouldn't be gods would we? We'd just be the same species but more advanced. Imagine then an extremely advanced alien species. Think something like Q from Star Trek. Even he, with all his powers wasn't God. I guess that's the evidence conundrum for me. Apart from that I agree with Astreja and Sdelsolray.
  17. Yes - it would be a bit like giving a drug addict the responsibility of teaching children how to be responsible with drugs.
  18. Hi, welcome to Ex-C I think its ridiculous nonsense. It's a victimless crime against a non existent entity. Total bullshit. In theological terms it's making fun of, or cursing God and includes ridicule and attributing the works of the Holy Spirit to the devil. However some Christian sects take things further to say anything that might transgress God that you don't ask forgiveness for is blasphemy. But like I said - bullshit. No its not - but that's never stopped people making stuff up to suit their own agendas. Yep - religion has a lot to answer for. To quote Hitchens - "religion poisons everything" Again welcome, and as MOHO said - don't worry about 2000 year old nonsense from the bible. You don't worry about what's written in the Bhagavad Gita do you?
  19. Is the universe a closed sphere or flat and infinite? https://www.newscientist.com/article/2222159-cosmological-crisis-we-dont-know-if-the-universe-is-round-or-flat/?utm_campaign=onesignal&utm_medium=alert&utm_source=editorial
  20. Further to TRP points, we live in a society where the religious feel it is their right to foist their religious beliefs upon the rest of us. They try and pass laws based on their religion rather than reasoned debate. THAT is why we spend so much time discussing and combating religion.
  21. No - I've merely heard of this mythical creature. What was your favorite deck? Mine ended up being the Skellige deck. Got my highest scores. Got 199 on a third round once. Didn't need that many points to win, but I taught the opponent a lesson lol.
  22. Yep. I'm so excited. I've just finished Witcher 3, The wild Hunt final DLC Blood & Wine. Now I'm going to go back and play on death march. And Get all the Gwent Cards lol
  23. I think reading the first post of this thread by BAA may also contribute to our topic here? (Of course should one want to read the whole thread please do so) In particular consider his info graphic and how it might impact the thread subject.
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