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  1. This has suddenly become a hot topic in NZ in the aftermath of the Christchurch shootings. There has been renewed talk of shutting down hate speech and extremist views. I think as a society we need to tread firmly but cautiously. I do think certain forms of speech should not be tolerated, but we must be careful to then silence genuine criticisms of an ideology or idea. Hopefully we can manage the right balance.
  2. So he is. Christforums is exonerated until he gets his new home up and running then. Maybe something like this happened with Jesus and we just didn't get the notice that he's moving homes and therefore think he's not coming? Also he wanted prayer requests so I'm going to pray to the transcendent, immaterial, invisible Pink Unicorn. If the move goes well we will know that prayer to the great pink one works!
  3. This is like the second coming of Christ... Still waiting 2000 years later. #comingsoon
  4. Bah, MWC doesn't believe NZ exists, therefore he probably doesn't believe you exist, therefore he's been arguing with himself. Now with that astounding line of reasoning I am off to bed
  5. A professor does link the shooting to a Christian-European ideological identity in this article: @disillusioned you might be interested given your comments here? http://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/national/mosque-shooter-no-ideological-einstein/ar-BBUTkKb?li=BBqdg4K
  6. God might not be talking to him today. Maybe God is talking to Jojo? Perhaps neither of them? Or perhaps there simply isn't a reasonable answer as to how an outsider can distinguish between two competing dogmas claiming to be from the same God?
  7. 50 now dead. Community has rallied well. Sad to see in this time people making horrid comments, including some politicians. As per usual in the aftermath of these sorts of events there has been a rush on gun buying because of talk of tightening legislation. Ironically a week ago the police had a report to the Government expressing concern at the ease and rate in which automatic firearms were being sold. There looks to be cross party support for tightening regulations so I'd expect changes. The gun lobby here is doing what gun lobbyists do.
  8. Why to Church buildings exist? Because throughout human history any group of people with a common interest have met at common places, usually buildings. Pagan folks meet in pagan temples, Jews meet in synagogues, soldiers meet in barracks, Christians meet in Churches, tennis players meet at the tennis club house and so on and so forth. Ex Christians meet in a virtual building apparently *Looks around* Why? Because people with common interests meet in common places. That's my cent worth.
  9. And I read below that of a measles outbreak in Vancouver. Astounding. As a side note - apparently I got measles at 7 months. Doctors didn't allow vaccinations until 12 months. At least according to my mothers notes.
  10. Yes, I haven't checked the facts, but rumor is that he's a right wing white supremacist of some stripe. They've been telling us watch the Muslims for years. My fathers been saying that the Muslims will launch terror attacks against NZ soon (TM) (Been saying for years) No one warned about a white Australian nutcase going ape.
  11. Fuck me. 1 shooter from Australia. Anti Muslim (obviously) 49 dead. Many wounded. A coordinated terror attack against 2 mosques. He shot up one, then drove to another. [Edit to correct previous info) Death toll has nearly reached the Los Vegas proportions. Used an *gasp* AR-15. Licenced too. Government is talking about improving our gun laws. We've had several debates over the last few decades, but people think its time for change.
  12. I'm still waiting for post numbers to come back #postnumbers #savethenumbers
  13. Holy shit we've turned into the US - guy walks into a Mosque and opens fire with an automatic rifle! Where did he get it from? You can't just buy/sell automatic rifles here. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/111313938/live-coverage-police-attending-evolving-situation-in-christchurch Pity the police didn't put a bullet through the shooters head.
  14. LogicalFallacy


    Welcome Jerry Like Disillusioned said the situation you are in can be tricky and discomforting and there is no one correct answer. If you want advice or stories of how others came out fire away - you might get some nuggets that helps you with your situation. Regards Ryan
  15. That would also make you a prophet! Now you just need to turn it into a profit
  16. Thanks Buffettphan, sorry I didn't even notice I was in Rant's or else I would have requested CF's post be moved immediately.
  17. No, you are missing the point. While word for word testimonies could be considered collusion, major factors for an accident, such as its location should agree. What might change are the details - the car was red and going 50, or the car was scarlet and going 60. As for the rest of your argument... I got nothing. If you can take obvious contradictions and turn them all into the truth then nothing I can say or present will change your mind.
  18. And so when the bible talks about beasts and 7 headed dragons how do you present this? Also what about Genesis 1-3? Presenting that without any interpretation gives you everything from light before suns and talking serpents which is contradictory to reality. Obviously some (many?) Christian theologians overcome this by interpreting it as metaphorical. So how do you approach such?
  19. But the reformed, the reformed such as yourself are the bees knees yes? You have the true revelation? Like I've said before - there is no way to distinguish, out of all these groups, who has the truth. My father thinks he has it so you can add him to the line up of people like yourself proclaiming truth. Serious question: What makes you special? Why should anyone here pay any more attention to what you say over and above what any other Christian says?
  20. This is true, however if ones claim is that the bible is the inspired word of God, or the literal word of God then contradictions present a particular problem. However there are contradictions in the bible that are not just some people remembering the same event differently from different perspectives. Certain accounts have Jesus in two different locations at the same time! If you have two witnesses and one says your honour "the accident was on 12th Street", and the other says "I swear your honour the accident was at the harbour" (And these locations are miles apart) you are really not going to know who to believe, if anything.
  21. No, I'm telling you that BOTH could be an agent of Lucifer. Wolves in sheep's clothing let loose among our flock here to try and convince those who were true believers back into a false Christianity. It's a great play from ol Luci when you think about it. (Unless it's all in gods plan... in which case it's not Luci's plan, it's gods, which means god could be blinding our eyes by using false teachers. Paul also warned about this too!) @Jojo and @Christforums While this might look insincere or a halfwit joking around, consider the point being made here by both Midnite and I. Given all what we can take from the bible how do we tell the difference between who is right or wrong, or indeed if you are both deceived, or if God has given us a strong delusion? This is my problem with the various Christians who try and convince me they are right - all they ever have are their words and interpretations. None have yet come up with a solid reliable method that lets a non believer separate the sheep from the goats and the wolves. From where we stand they all look the same. Anything to help the saints here.
  22. You are wrong there Brother Midnite - it is the holy spirit that tells the chosen of god the revelations. However you are missing a third possibility - That its not the HS nor JC that are telling these guys anything. They could be false teachers spewing false teachings from satan. For thusly Peter doth warn us of such:
  23. Not sure I understand your question or how it relates to what we were talking about. Can you rephrase or explain please?
  24. What if.... hold onto your seats... I'm about to suggest something radical, but what if it's all bullshit made up by humans who are very good at bullshitting - especially to themselves?