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  1. @hockeyfan70 Search Yoga for Adriene on YouTube. Her vids so far have been pretty great.
  2. Spring is coming, and the weather was so warm this evening. I had the opportunity to go play card games with some co-workers, but I passed as I was tired from two long days of work. And I wanted to come home and enjoy peaceful time outside, enjoying the above-60 degree weather. I weight lifted, which I've been doing consistently the last year or so. I went on a long walk with my boyfriend, enjoying the outdoorsy, open areas near our place. And then I did some yoga. I did a yoga class back in high school for a year, so I have familiar with the various poses
  3. Hi there - I admire you for the strength during this time. I too fade in and out of activity on here, but always end up coming back. I'm sorry to hear about the toll losing religion has taken on your marriage. I am not sure if I caught your testimony on here, but please feel free to share if you have already posted it. I'm doing some "soul" searching myself (though I don't thin souls exist). I've been started to study Philosophy, and am rereading Ehrman's The New Testament which was one of my course books back in college. I also just started doing yoga thi
  4. That's similar how my mom was with me. She always confided in me, even secrets against my dad, never paid attention or asked how I felt about any of the drama we had going on during my childhood. She pitted me against my dad and against his family. Fortunately I have grown close to that side of the family and come to realize the truth to all of it, but my dad has regressed socially and mentally (long story), so I regret not being encouraged to spend time with him as a child, to actually grow close to him. Instead, I was a pawn in their unhealthy marriage. I'm sorry to hear about the situ
  5. I lay next to my boyfriend, he to my right and the window with pale sunlight to my left. I watch him sleep, his back to me. It's a quiet Saturday morning. I look at where we are now, 2.5 years into our relationship. He's back in school looking to earn his Bachelor's degree, maybe even Master's. I'm almost 2 years into my first professional job, which has been a great success overall. You could say we are the epitome of a healthy relationship. We care for each other when we are sick. We never go longer than 5 minutes upset with each other, always working to improve our
  6. It does. I take it you've been in the same place? I've had to pull myself away in effort to not get pulled back in the middle, where I was stuck for my entire childhood.
  7. Wow. Thank you for sharing your experience on here and the perspective on a challenging transition period. It helps to have the positive attitude - best to you moving forward.
  8. I had drafted this a few months back: It's been 1.5 years now since the moment the concept of the Christian god no longer made sense to me. It wasn't like I chose for this to happen. There was something deeper that changed, where my inner logic snapped out of the Christian mindset and started nodding along with the agnostics, atheists, the non-religious. The problem is that I had deep dark voids within myself that religion used to fill. Lack the love, compassion, and attention of an earthly father? Well, don't worry - your heavenly father loves you eternally.
  9. Thank you so much Margee. I am watching now. I appreciate the response and the share.
  10. I hope it's not too late to respond to this. Here I am sitting home alone this evening trying to shut out the anxiety I have felt, due to my OCD, black-and-white thinking as well. I couldn't help but resonate with your original post here. Lately my OCD has been revolving around work. I graduated college less than two years ago (the exact time I became an agnostic, now atheist). I started my job just after losing my beliefs and struggling to have confidence in myself or in my work. Now, 1.5 years later, my confidence has gotten much better, but my black and white thinki
  11. It's been a while. I hope all is well on here. :)

    1. LogicalFallacy


      Hi Anon


      I'm well thank you. How are you?

  12. It's been a while. Still working each day to figure out who I am. 

    1. LogicalFallacy


      I hear you. Some days I'm really confidant of who I am, what I believe etc, other days I feel pulled in all directions by differing opinions. Leaving religion does leave its mark. Before we could just ground everything on a book - even if we interpreted that book to suit ourselves. Keep working on it :)

    2. Geezer


      Leaving your faith is a process not an event. It takes time & the road out of religion is bumpy with lots of potholes. Hang in there.

  13. This will be my first Christmas as a secular agnostic. Let's see how this goes. ;)

    1. LogicalFallacy


      Whoo! It's my first Christmas as an atheist and I'll be sharing it with my fundy family. Yee hooo.

  14. Struggling with nightmares some nights and waking up feeling restless. :/

    1. LogicalFallacy


      It should pass in time. Remember to meditate before bed to clear your mind. It's not a magic cure, but over time, if you do it consistently it will help.

    2. Travi


      I had a very funny (in hindsight) nightmare involving Satan that came after I gave into lust for the first time with an ex-girlfriend. As LF said, try to clear your mind as much as possible - and just relax when you can. Hopefully it will pass and you can rest soon!

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