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    Psychology, counselling, my kids, personal development, challenging myself, mountain biking and generally keeping fit and healthy, Creating yummy meals, having fun, good conversations, dancing, practising spanish, good films, comedy…...
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    I am from the UK, brought up a born again christian and i was very devout until i was at uni at 18/19 when it all fell apart a bit as i just couldnt get christianity to fit with what i was experiencing of life so i kinda put god 'on hold' and went out and stopped worrying about it and enjoyed myself. Best thing i ever did. However, there was always the background guilt and familial pressure to get back with god. Had various sincere attempts at this but could never really be anything other than a very liberal christian with my own ideas on everything that didn't really fit in with the other christians. Anyway….eventually about 8 years ago when a few things happened at the same time that made me think - i have never really explored the alternative view to christianity, the arguments against it…i had only ever looked to christian apologetics to explain things…what a glaring oversight and i have no idea why i hadn't thought of it before but i started to look at the atheist literature at long last….read a huge pile of books which finally opened my eyes and i was set free - at last - at the age of 32!!!

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  1. Yes, thats a very good idea, will do!
  2. First, a little intro - I was raised in the UK in an evangelical christian family and started my long road to atheism when I left home at 18 to go to university until 9 years ago at age 32 when the last shreds of belief in god vanished. During that time i joined ex-christian.net and found an invaluable source of affirmation and support. I have re-joined recently as i knew i would soon be starting my dissertation research on the deconversion process and thought this was a good place to be during this time. There is not much research done about people who deconvert from christianity especially from a UK perspective and i wanted to do something about it. So with that aim in mind I am hoping there may be someone reading here who would be interested in talking about their experiences or who may know someone who would be interested. I'm guessing its a long shot as there are not too many people from the UK on Ex.C so far as i can see and i need people who were raised in and currently live in the UK. But still, i thought I would put my information out here anyway and see what happens. So to that end…here are some details… Currently I am a final year student at the University of Chester studying an MA Clinical Counselling. I am looking for participants for my research dissertation who are from the UK and have been practicing Evangelical Christians in the past and who now identify as Agnostic or Atheist. Participation involves a semi-structured interview lasting approximately 1 hour, which ideally would be conducted in person but use of Skype/Facetime is also an option. If you are interested and would like to know more please message me on here and I will give you more details. Thank you!
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