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    debate, music, nature, photography, animals, puns, drawing, writing, aesthetics, psychology
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    I am a high school senior and I love anything creative. My favorite color changes with my mood, because I'm weird. Animals are the bomb diggity lol

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  1. Hello all. I can not express how thrilled I was to discover that this forum exists! I have written songs my whole life, and over the years it has become my escape. I was debating whether or not to share one of my songs, so I'm going to quit rambling and get on with it. Godless by LethargicSweetheart. Verse 1. I don't tell my momma about the devil But the devil tells me what she's done We talk about God in the streets But fight our demons when the doors are shut I don't tell my daddy about his god But he puts the fear of god in me I don't speak of my religion Because there's n
  2. Why the hell are you on EXCHRISTIAN.net when you get butthurt over athiesm

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    2. duderonomy


      Because Atheism isn't the polar opposite of Christianity.

    3. lethargicsweetheart


      I know it's not the opposite of Christianity, I just don't understand why the come to a website that is completely devoted to leaving their religion

    4. duderonomy


      Some people might still believe in a God, but they just don't believe it's Biblegod any longer.

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