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  1. Hello all. I can not express how thrilled I was to discover that this forum exists! I have written songs my whole life, and over the years it has become my escape. I was debating whether or not to share one of my songs, so I'm going to quit rambling and get on with it. Godless by LethargicSweetheart. Verse 1. I don't tell my momma about the devil But the devil tells me what she's done We talk about God in the streets But fight our demons when the doors are shut I don't tell my daddy about his god But he puts the fear of god in me I don't speak of my religion Because there's nothing left to believe And I still have the locket I got that Christmas, the one that shows A mom so pretty , a dad so sober Three blonde kids, a family without secrets And I tried to burn it, let it go But at three years old There were no ghosts in the home I've grown to know as a prison where the devil roams, and whispers every deadly sin to a girl too young to feel so old (Chorus) Daddy please don't yell Momma please don't cry I know this life is hell But maybe it's all right I can hide my face from the teachers I can do great in school I can try and do better I can try and play it cool Oh, just please be normal oh, should I feel so mortal? Verse 2. The devil said he loved me, momma And oh, I said it back I know it sounds so crazy, momma, But he reminds me of my dad- You said I'd never be good enough, dad And I guess you were right So I guess it'll be ok, dad When I slit my wrists tonight And I still have that scar, the one on my arm from the time I fell too hard For my past with innocent eyes, before you tore it apart This home is a prison I've grown to know as a place where the devil roams, and whispers every deadly sin to a girl too young to feel so old (Chorus) Daddy please don't yell Momma please don't cry I know this life is hell But maybe it's all right I can hide my face from the teachers I can do great in school I can try and do better I can try and play it cool Oh, just please be normal oh, should I feel so mortal? I'm sorry I wasn't enough. I'm sorry I wasn't enough. I'm sorry
  2. Why the hell are you on EXCHRISTIAN.net when you get butthurt over athiesm

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. duderonomy


      Because Atheism isn't the polar opposite of Christianity.

    3. lethargicsweetheart


      I know it's not the opposite of Christianity, I just don't understand why the come to a website that is completely devoted to leaving their religion

    4. duderonomy


      Some people might still believe in a God, but they just don't believe it's Biblegod any longer.

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us. Many can relate to different abuses coming from dysfunctional families. None of it was your fault. My dad once blamed me for my mom and dads marriage breaking up because mom had to get married as she was pregnant with me. He was very drunk when he said it, but still as a young girl, I took it very seriously and I carried that for a long time. I'm so sorry for what you have been though and I hope you are getting professional help because the 'sting of dysfunction' can last a lifetime if you don't understand that it was the actions of supposedly mature people who did this to you. They have ruined your trust and you need to learn how to trust yourself and NEVER let anyone hurt you again. This is how you will eventually learn to forgive yourself. Keep posting sweetie. If we can help you, we will try. Again, we always recommend at Ex-c that you find a really good secular councilor to help you along. Big (hug) Thanks girl Unfortunately I can't get professional help until I move out because my parents don't believe me. But I'll definitely be getting help asap
  4. Just a thought, but are you sure past self needs to be forgiven? Past self survived long enough to hand the reigns over to present self, counting on present self to make life better for future self. Past self sounds like a pretty tough cookie to survive and withstand the thoughts and situations she was presented with and get you this far. I hope you stick around here a while, Lethargicsweetheart, and post more. Awe, thank you! That's very uplifting. I'm glad you shared that. It really makes me feel better
  5. Thank you. It was such a big step forward by realizing that my bible was against me in it all. I'm so happy to be here.
  6. Dear me, Oh, dear past self. You were so full of hope. You saw the world for everything it wasn't, didn't you? There was always a reason, a blessing in it all. You told yourself that faith would get you through anything. Didn't you? You told yourself that "god" would protect your fragile little heart. Didn't you? Every unfortunate event was strictly because you didn't have enough faith. The fights with friends and family, they were your fault. It was because you didn't believe hard enough, wasn't it? When things got tough at home, it was your fault, your lack of faith that caused it. The brutal beatings and rape that destroyed your sanity into shards, it was all your fault, wasn't it? The psychosis. The self harm. The PTSD. It was all your fault. You didn't have enough faith. Right? Oh, dear past self. How naive and broken you were. Anything that went wrong was your god's way of punishing you for NOT BELIEVING HARD ENOUGH. Is that it? Every night you would lay I'm bed too scared to go to sleep; every time your cries were smothered by a fist and blackened eyes; every time he came into your room and crawled into your bed, taking everything you were before you were even old enough to know what he was doing or why it hurt so bad, THAT was your god? That was his eternal love, his way of saying that he loved and cared for you? His punishment for not BELIEVING hard enough, even though you had "enough faith to move mountains"? You were scared of hell. You were scared to leave your fucking god behind, that was it. Oh, dear past self. What were you thinking? You went through hell every night, but you were still too scared to let go of that twisted doctrine of the sky god who would save you from your worthless self. Weren't you? You've spent so many years believing, but it was never enough for your god. You were sinful. You needed to be punished. Didn't you? Wrong. You had no control. And THAT is the poison of religion. Oh, dear past self; don't you see? Did you really believe that shit? Did you really KNOW in your heart that god was out there loving you, sitting in the sky watching you be tormented day after day? That he was going to swoop down and save his children one day, but until then, watch them suffer? Because if this god is watching death, torture, and suffering every fucking day from his big throne in the sky, letting it all happen, then I have news for you- THERE IS NO GOD. Period. End of story. And amen. Oh, dear past self. How will I ever forgive you? All those lost years. What were you thinking? -Lethargicsweetheart
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