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  1. Yet God killed himself to save humanity from hell! Hilarious.
  2. On Friday I went with my mum and siblings to our usual Friday prayers with that top man, "Prophet" David. He did the usual: gave a sermon then began his "prophecies", including telling one woman that there was a demonic plan to give her cancer of the womb, which we then prayed against. Another was told that if he went to Ivory Coast with his wife, she would be killed by her demonic relatives. At the end of the service he did his usual money-making magic, most strikingly saying that "God told me that 40 people should give £10". It was duly done. £400 in one night from a load of gullible peo
  3. Heaven would not be a nice place. Your "`reward" after this life is to worship a sadistic deity for eternity and see your heathen relatives burning in hell. As Christopher Hitchens said, at least you can die in North Korea and leave. You can never leave heaven. The party is FOREVER. There's no marriage because everyone is married to Jesus. (So God is allowed polygamy but humans aren't it seems.) So God will forcefully dissolve all earthly unions, like in a veritable cult, and separate everyone to break any bonds that he can't control, like in 1984. No sex, because no reproduction a
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