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  1. Further proof that no amount of reason, logic, or evidence will reach a mind that deeply poisoned by Christianity.
  2. As one of my favorite podcasters once said, people think that the power of christ is a real superpower.
  3. My own damn common sense, it would seem. I was hardly "fully converted" in the first place. My stint in Christianity was a two year college phase. Realizing how hard it was to reconcile the fantasy with what I knew to be reality. None of it fits together. Fuck prayer. Try telling that to someone indoctrinated from childhood though. Thank goodness that wasn't my situation. Sheer dumb luck.
  4. I can see the kids in my old college ministry doing something like this thinking it counts as evangelism.
  5. The sign of a believer who knows he has run into some unanswerable and/or unjustifiable questions.
  6. Jeez, Joe. You never put it together that the hell you believe in is a place where the unbelievers burn and suffer and bleed and rot in anguish for all eternity while the good little believers like you get to sing songs all day while ignoring that the god you worship sends people to such a place even though he "loves" them? Or maybe it's just a control method preachers use so they can maintain their careers of selling fictitious bullshit. Why else would the church need money, even though god can apparently accomplish nigh impossible tasks?
  7. "Great discussing with you all!" Yes, it must be great to think yourself unaccountable for the tripe that you have written regarding women as property and the discipline of children. The hoops you have to go through to justify your god's actions and words. It must be exhausting, the mental gymnastics. It's almost as if...it doesn't actually hold any salt in the real world.
  8. Of course, you'd rather dodge the issues at hand than confront what your religion is about. Anything to keep your god on his pedestal and protect his ego from blame and bruising.
  9. Ohhhhh. I see what you're saying. So because the scenario wouldn't come up where you would greet someone with remarking that you'd stone kids, that automatically means that this basis of what I was saying, that you could now tell someone there exists a situation in which you'd stone kids, is invalidated. I gotcha now. My mistake.
  10. So you would actually be able to say now, "Hey, guys. What's up? Yeah, I'd stone my children if god was adamant in telling me to." I hope somewhere in you that you realize how revolting that is.
  11. It actually is that simple, what buffetphan asked. Would you stone your own children if you thought god gave you a compelling reason to do so? A simple yes or no. Don't duck around the question. It doesn't matter what that compelling reason is. If you were given one, would you do it?
  12. You came to an ex-christian website. Clearly, you don't understand what that means. It means that the Christian way of proving things (i.e., faith and scripture) does not apply because we have already been there and found those proofs to be extremely faulty at best. Which is why BAA is going to such lengths to show that to you. I applaud his patience. My recognizing your belief in your god does not validate the existence of said god. That seems to be what you were trying to spin with your comment there.
  13. You say this as if it is a given that your god exists to be mad at in the first place.
  14. #18, #19, and #20 are the best/worst. They are hilarious and nauseating, in equal amounts.
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