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    Living in the foothills of the Appalachians in good ole Georgia
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    Personal hobbies, spending time with family, video games, Watching The Walking Dead,
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    I am happy to be a part of this community and look forward to talking to people who have/and are going through the same troubles that I am experiencing now.

    Being raised a Christian I was indoctrinated with very strong foundations in Christianity. In my teenage years I rebelled, practiced wicca for awhile, but eventually received "salvation" when I was 22. When I devoted my life to Christ I was on fire for God and eventually answered what I felt was the call to preach. I preached for ten years, had a radio ministry at one point, Did street ministry, was awana commander in one church, eventually was ordained a Bishop in the Church of God, the Gospel assembly(hence the screen name DarkBishop), and later was made assistant pastor at one of their churches.

    Its a long story but eventually I began to question my faith and back slid into sin. I tried for 4 years to reorganize my thoughts to a point that I felt I could go back to church but couldn't. My faith never came back.

    When my son made mention that he thought the bible was BS I tried to search for archeological evidence to prove stories from the bible and was greatly disappointed that there was none for the specific event I was looking for. This lead to other searches on the God EL who was the original God of the Israelites. that was when I found out that the original mythology of EL included a whole pantheon of other Gods and Goddesses.

    This destroyed what little faith I had left. I still believe in something. I just don't know what and I highly doubt any religion on earth knows either. To say the least at this point I am spiritually Broken.

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    I consider myself an Agnostic Pantheist

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  1. DarkBishop

    LDS Church

    All I got to say about this comment is Fuck you, you judge mental bastard. You don’t know the lives we’ve lived and ive met many a Christian that was much more humble and deserving of heaven, if there was one, than you. Your actually the worst kind of Christian. Thinking your better than everyone else because you have an awesome imaginary friend! DB
  2. DarkBishop

    The Importance of "Full Deconversion"

    Nah I know I’ve deconverted. I haven’t told most of my family just cuz I don’t want them. (Especially) my mom, hurting and worried if they are going to see me in heaven. I would like it if she was able to die with a peaceful mind. Hopefully many years from now. But like Josh said it’s a point where there is no way you can believe again because you know the truth. I can even go to church now and not worry about feeling “condemned” I’ve also gotten past the anger and such to. Sometimes I even glean some good points from the message. Not because of “the Holy Spirit” but because while there are a lot of bad scriptures in the Bible. There are also a lot of good common sense and moral messages that can be preached. Those are the ones I like to hear. The reason I attend church a couple times a month now is to spend time with my family mostly. My deconversion has been a shocker to them that we are working through and I still like seeing my daughter face light up when I walk in. I don’t go to Sunday school as I see it as a waste. So I only come to the regular service. DB
  3. DarkBishop

    LDS Church

    To put it bluntly redneck. Jimmy is fucked in the head. DB
  4. DarkBishop

    LDS Church

    Well Jimmy if your done I gotta say you really suck at witnessing for Jesus. Because you have not answered any questions. You completely ignored the hard ones. And the answers you did give were so far off it was ridiculous. You also reinterpreted and even bashed parts of the bible to justify your answers. ??? DB
  5. DarkBishop

    LDS Church

    You ..... have got to be shitting me........... @end3 sorry to drag ya in on this end but I gotta get a more well rounded christian in on this one. I think you need to rebuke Jimmy here in the name of the Lort for this one. He apparently thinks that if a virgin gets raped they fall in love with their rapist. He seems to be a bit out of touch with reality. Can you real him back in? He's talking aliens, rewriting the bible in the name of Jimmy, and condoning rape. @JimmyfoJesus Could you please answer the questions I've asked you twice already concerning archeology? DB
  6. DarkBishop

    LDS Church

    This is the problem with this statement Jimmy. And it was what I and all Christians do when they are confronted with the fallacies of the scripture. They delve into their own beliefs that explain and justify the discrepancies. It looks like your going somewhat off the wall here with the alien theories. While I don't doubt the possibilities of life on another planet I do doubt that there is any life close enough to visit our planet. When you start saying well I believe, and I have my own theories, you are making a private interpretation and the bible even speaks against that. 2 Peter 1:20 Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet's own interpretation of things. So who am I to believe? You came here to witness to us spreading GOD'S word. Yet here you are spreading the word of Jimmy. It is your Interpretation. That's a no no Jimmy. If the bible fails to explain things then it fails, period. You can't add to it or take away from it can you? So you have issues with David. Bc of what the scripture said. Well what about this? Deuteronomy 22:28_29 28"If a manfinds a girl who is a virgin, who is not engaged, and seizes her and lies with her and they are discovered, 29then the man who lay with her shall give to the girl's father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall become his wife because he has violated her; he cannot divorce her all his days.… Does this sound like a deal to you? Just find a chick in the field, (has to be a virgin of course fo the extra godly pain effect) rape her, give her dad fifty shekels of silver and she gets to live with her rapist forever! Yay! God's will is so good isn't it? Deuteronomy has nothing to do with David. It is one of the supposed books written by Moses but Ironically wasn't found until the rain of king Josiah and was a book that reflected his yahwehstic beliefs. Interesting huh? The bible is filled with these little nuggets. Does it not sound ironic to you that Baal Perazath means the Lord prevailed? The Ugarit tablets that reflect ancient Canaanite beliefs tell a story of a whole pantheon of God's under one named EL. Think about the saying on the cross. "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani" (my GOD my GOD why hath thou forsaken me) EL was the God of Jesus and Isreal before yahweh was. ONE OF EL'S SONS WAS BA'AL. Which brings me to my final question and the question I asked before that you never answered. Why is everything that is found through archeology not reflecting the bible? Does God want us to doubt him so he buried all these things years ago just to confuse us and take us away from his word? No that can't be right? Because: 1. God is not the author of confusion. And 2. He wants everyone to come to him because he loves them. Yet it is happening. God's bible fails, gods artifacts fail to prove gods bible. The bible fails. It is a well crafted fictional story that was used to control the populace and to this day still does. It is all a lie. Wake up my friend. I can see from some of your comments that you aswell have your doubts you just don't realise it yet. Dark Bishop
  7. DarkBishop

    LDS Church

    Jimmy, Could you please answer a question? Why is it that archeological finds are not supporting the bible’s Version of events? If God is all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere. Why is his story so different from verifiable finds. We learn so much about ancient cultures through archeology and the more we find the more it says the Bible is a book of lies rather than a book of truth. DB
  8. DarkBishop

    LDS Church

    Damn LBs back! How’s it going man? Been awhile.
  9. DarkBishop

    Hebrew Archeology

    That is all pointed out in the article I posted but the author seems to still be a believer. That’s why I wanted to show it to my wife. He says it all in a way that isn’t anti religious as opposed to some other articles I could of showed her. She still hasn’t read it all yet but it did create some progressive discussion that I think will help her accept my deconversion a little better. DB
  10. DarkBishop

    Hebrew Archeology

    Greetings, I like to look up what they are finding through Archeology from time to time. I believe that through digging up the past we will finally get a true picture of what was going on during ancient times. It looks like they are finally starting to get a good well rounded idea of how things were in Isreal and the picture that is being painted in no way reflects the bible. I came across this article the other day. I actually showed my wife this one. It does a good job explaining what they are finding. DB http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/archeology-hebrew-bible.html
  11. I was actually reading this the night before you posted it. All I could think was it is amazing the amount of stupidity human beings do in the absence of modern science. All those children slaughtered. And they are speculating that it may have been because of affects on crops due to an El Nino weather even. I mean wow. Asking their God's to give them food by killing over 100 children and over 200 Llamas. WTF? DB
  12. DarkBishop

    Ooops! Did I go too far?

    Welcome! And I’m going to be honest. At this point what’s the use in upsetting her? She probably has it made up in her mind what she believes. If she isn’t being pushy I would say just to enjoy your golden years with her. Especially if she is getting dementia. No use spending the quality time you have left resenting each other over something that doesn’t even matter since she isn’t a fundamentalist Christian. DB
  13. DarkBishop

    Contemplating the cosmos

    Thank you sir. Damn good answer as always.
  14. DarkBishop

    Contemplating the cosmos

    @Joshpantera Maybe you can help me out with one of the things I've been questioning about scientific theories of origin. Basically as far as I can tell after earth was a molten rock and started to cool down it should have been pretty well sterile but with all of the elements in the periodic table.... that we know of. present correct? How did life spontaneously begin in a sterile environment and can the scenerio be repeated in science? Like I said there are questions that I haven't seen the answer to that keep me agnostic. And another thing is that it seems to me the whole universe would have been sterile if the accepted big bang theory is true. Not really looking for a debate or anything just a link to a study so I can read it. You've been deconverted longer than I have and i'm sure you have read way more studies. I would like to be able to answer some of my questions. And that's a big one. thanks, DB
  15. DarkBishop

    Contemplating the cosmos

    This is exactly how I feel when I've gone with my wife lately. Christianity no longer has a hold over my mind anymore. I usually don't even bow my head during the prayers. I will look around at the others with all their heads bowed. I got caught last time. The pastors daughter was looking around as well. I couldn't help but wonder why she wasn't praying....... For me the politics are hard not to jump in on. But since I'm pretty sure I am not going to convince anyone to change their way of thinking I may should just start leaving it alone as well. It reminds me of some of the churches I went to. There were some big blow ups over church politics and doctrine that even ripped one church apart. and in the other we always lost members when it happened. One time it happened at the Christmas service with visitors in attendance. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that they probably never came back. DB