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    True non-believer!! The Bible = BS

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    Georgia! Born and raised!
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    I have lots of hobbies, spending time with family, and helping other deconverting Exchristians.
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    I am happy to be a part of this community and look forward to talking to people who have/and are going through the same troubles that I have experienced.

    Being raised a Christian I was indoctrinated with very strong foundations in Christianity. In my teenage years I rebelled, practiced wicca for awhile, but eventually received "salvation" when I was 22. When I devoted my life to Christ I was on fire for God and eventually answered what I felt was the call to preach. I preached for ten years, had a radio ministry at one point, Did street ministry, was awana commander in one church, eventually was ordained a Bishop in the Church of God, the Gospel assembly(hence the screen name DarkBishop), and later was made assistant pastor at one of their churches.

    Its a long story but eventually I began to question my faith and left the church. I tried for 4 years to reorganize my thoughts to a point that I felt I could go back to church but couldn't. My faith never came back.

    When my son made mention that he thought the bible was BS I tried to search for archeological evidence to prove stories from the bible and was greatly disappointed that there was none for the specific event I was looking for. This lead to other searches on the God EL who was the original God of the Israelites. that was when I found out that the original mythology of EL included a whole pantheon of other Gods and Goddesses.

    This destroyed what little faith I had left. I still believe in something. I just don't know what and I highly doubt any religion on earth knows. I once said that I was spiritually broken. But I'm not. I'm renewed with the truth. De-conversion hasn't been without it's own set of troubles. It takes courage to walk this path. But breaking away from irrational religion to live a rational life is a true "blessing".

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    I consider myself non-theist

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  1. Yeah I get that. And a fist bump to you for your last post in the debate. I like it. I appreciate the more in depth posts into your own personal thoughts. Ya really need to stop all the vulgar language tho. I mean its probably not just ExChristian people looking at this site. And for the majority of Christians that might stray this way to see what we have to say, comments like those only help us. Now ultimately. Christian theology is BS. I know that. But I've also actually studied the Bible as a believer. Whether Christians want to believe I was actually saved or not. I'm telling
  2. Lol thats funny. Your talking to a once ordained church of God minister. Would you like me to point out all the scriptures that indicate that a Christian who lives a sinful life will lose their salvation? We didn't believe in once saved always saved. The whole point of christ dying for you 2as so that you could become like him. Sinless. And the Bible does say that it is possible. His mercy is for your past sins. Not so you can keep sinning. But believe whatever helps you sleep at night vast. Its all BS anyway. But if your going to be "Christian " then be "Christ Like " because that is what bei
  3. No need for you to apologize brother. Wasn't your words.
  4. And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Sounds like edgarcitos future if the Bible was true.
  5. Walter is taking a stance on a biblical definition of spirituality. And he is right. To be considered spiritual in accordance to the Bible their are rules set and a certain criteria that must be followed for the "fruits of the spirit" to be evident. You are held under the scrutiny of a rule book when it comes to spirituality. I however am not talking about a biblical spirituality just as Josh is trying to drive home the point that a strictly literal biblical spirituality is very limited. I myself felt "spiritual" when I was Christian. I felt I was connected to a highe
  6. ED, "..becoming heartwood via the intercessor part of the tree supporting the new growth....believers becoming the Cross, the Staff, the Tree itself." This reflects the limitations of christian spirituality that Josh is speaking of. Biblically the only way to become the heartwood or advance in christ is to Deny ones very nature. You have to deny what makes a person unique. What makes us..... us. How can one truly be spiritual and one with everything if they feel they need to become someone else. (IE Christ) How can one become enlightened without realizing that you are you and
  7. I dont think anyone needs to support the notion that Christians have to sell all their shit for christ and give it to the church BS. Just to be spiritual as a Christian. Even if the Bible does promote it. Thats some straight up cult shit. A branch of my former church promoted just that during the world war period as well as later and stole a bunch of peoples property. I'm just very wary of promoting that train of thought on this forum because there are still cults like that out there.
  8. Didn't Bro Jeff go back? Seems I remember 1 or 2 others as well that came and went when I first came to the site.
  9. ....... I can't agree with your assessment here. You haven't even taken a stance in the argument. He has explained his background and started going in depth on over all spirituality as it pertains to other faiths and mystics. The one that needs help with his argument is you. I admit. Josh hoes a little over my head sometimes. But generally he ends up eventually bringing it down to my level. His last post was very good. So why don't you get in there and actually debate.
  10. "I’ll tell you what Josh, let's do this, I’d like you not to disclose all you know, but disclose what you personally have had and believe to be spiritual connections/experiences. And then I’ll reciprocate. And then I’ll explain my take on spirituality. Thx" -edgarcito Josh has already tried to tell him his experiences with spirituality. And begin to delve deeper into his current stance on spirituality. I think End just likes reading Josh's posts. Maybe @Joshpantera has a secret admirer lol. I think end is falling for ya in a love hate kinda way.
  11. Is Endgarcito going to actually make an argument for christian spirituality and how it is superior to others or not? I mean I understand what Josh is putting out there. Its time for end to actually make a comprehensive reply I think. What is his stance on his own spirituality?
  12. I'm somewhat confused as I didn't catch what has been going on in the garden thread. Which is where I assume this is coming from. Is there anyway we can post the specific threads from that thread that lead to this debate? There are 12 pages in the garden thread. I dont mind reading the thread but to catch myself up and any observers just coming in it would be nice. I'll go over to that thread and start reading.
  13. I can also throw a few links at ya if you would like to read about what they found concerning the exodus, and the books of Moses. There was one Jewish apologist that wrote an article trying to refute that there was no exodus by saying it was a smaller scale migration. Which I guess is fine for some people. But to people who had faith in what the Bible said it is a big issue. A small group of people as apposed to millions is a Big contradiction. There are also some good articles out there concerning the true ruling power at the time of the supposed exodus to Isreal. Egypt was in pow
  14. You should really start studying if your serious. Not the Bible but about the Bible. Bart Ehrmann is probably my favorite scholar right now. I'm reading his book " Heaven and Hell, a history of the after life" it is a really good book so far. It describes how the myth of hell developed over time and eventually becomes the hell we know today. Also his book forgeries and counter forgeries was great too. He starts off giving an exhaustive explanation on the criteria he used for his writing analysis comparing the epistles of the new testament. He finds that only about half of the epistles of Paul
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