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    Georgia! Born and raised!
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    I have lots of hobbies, spending time with family, and helping other deconverting Exchristians.
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    I am happy to be a part of this community and look forward to talking to people who have/and are going through the same troubles that I have experienced.

    Being raised a Christian I was indoctrinated with very strong foundations in Christianity. In my teenage years I rebelled, practiced wicca for awhile, but eventually received "salvation" when I was 22. When I devoted my life to Christ I was on fire for God and eventually answered what I felt was the call to preach. I preached for ten years, had a radio ministry at one point, Did street ministry, was awana commander in one church, eventually was ordained a Bishop in the Church of God, the Gospel assembly(hence the screen name DarkBishop), and later was made assistant pastor at one of their churches.

    Its a long story but eventually I began to question my faith and left the church. I tried for 4 years to reorganize my thoughts to a point that I felt I could go back to church but couldn't. My faith never came back.

    When my son made mention that he thought the bible was BS I tried to search for archeological evidence to prove stories from the bible and was greatly disappointed that there was none for the specific event I was looking for. This lead to other searches on the God EL who was the original God of the Israelites. that was when I found out that the original mythology of EL included a whole pantheon of other Gods and Goddesses.

    This destroyed what little faith I had left. I still believe in something. I just don't know what and I highly doubt any religion on earth knows. I once said that I was spiritually broken. But I'm not. I'm renewed with the truth. De-conversion hasn't been without it's own set of troubles. It takes courage to walk this path. But breaking away from irrational religion to live a rational life is a true "blessing".

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    I consider myself non-theist

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  1. I think this might just be covid brochure peddling.
  2. Now now Bro Rando..... ya see , let's not pick and chose on this. You can't take one little snippet of a chapter like this and predict the end times. Let's look at a few verses together. 26 “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. 27 People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all. 28 “It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. 29 But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all. The author of these verses is trying to tell the reader that the people were living life as if nothing was going to happen. They weren't heeding the warnings that God had given them. They weren't helping Noah, They weren't turning from their sinful ways, and they were living life oblivious to Gods wrath that was about to pour down on them. So shall it be in the days of the Son of man. This has nothing to do with how long Noah lived. Um...... no rando we aren't. The world has gotten better and better since 1914. We are living in an age where we can adjust the temperature of our home to whatever is comfortable, many of the illnesses that plagued people in 1914 have been all but eliminated, advancements in medicine in the past 100 years has raised quality of life and life expectancy astronomically. The past 100 years have been a cake walk compared to ancient times. ........ maybe you've never read about the dark ages. I'm really not seeing it here buddy. If Satan has been in charge the past 90 years can we just stick with him? I don't think I wanna go back to pre-1914 conditions thankyou. I like my AC. Hail Satan!!! Please keep my condenser working and my duct work sure. May the fresh water you've given keep flowing from the faucet and flushing my toilet. Blessed is the man that sleeps with his life saving "satan powered" cpap on his comfy pillow top mattress. Praise be to the devil for these many blessings. LMAO the JWs are a joke.
  3. Brando, In this supposed 2034 event. Will it be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the God of the Bible is the true God? It says it will be something the whole world experiences. Is this a tangible visible experience? Or a spiritual or metaphorical experience?
  4. This is what I do. I Hope for more than this life. But I know the odds aren't in favor of it. Hope is nice tho. When I play the lottery. I hope to win millions of dollars. For a brief time I'm allowed to think about all the stuff I would buy and things I would do. But in the end. I never win. But it's still nice to have that hope. Maybe that's me not being able to fully let go. But I dont hope for heaven. Not my ideal afterlife anyway. So meh. I'm me and that's all I can be.
  5. BroRando, I saw this on Wikipedia. Could you tell me why your church has gotten criticism on translation, false end time prophecies, and handling child sexual abuse properly? Sounds like yall are no more Holy than any of the other churches that spout off a bunch of unprovable false crap dreamt up from the imagination of some holier than thou asshole. Or churches like the catholic church that like to cover up sexual abuse. Maybe you should get your church in order before trying to convert others into it. Tsk tsk. "The organization has received criticism regarding biblical translation, doctrines, and alleged coercion of its members. The Watch Tower Society has made various unfulfilled predictions about major biblical events such as Christ's Second Coming, the advent of God's Kingdom, and Armageddon. Their policies for handling cases of child sexual abuse have been the subject of various formal inquiries."
  6. I've heard they use wormwood in Absenth liquor and it makes you hallucinate. That sounds like it might be trippy. Think I might give it a shot, or two, maybe three. So are we the wicked wicked ones that won't be resurrected? What gives JW the authority to make these claims? What makes your brand of Bible bullshit any more true than someone else's brand of Bible bullshit? Shit is shit right? Well........ unless it's chicken shit. Chicken shit is nastier than most other shit.
  7. Well Margee I really hope this is a classic case of young dumb teenage bullshit and that he pulls himself out of that path of destruction. Unfortunately we can give sound advise, we can love em, and we can be there for them when they come back. But we can't make them make the right decision. It'd be nice if we could. I'm glad you wrote it. These are the types of things any of us could be faced with as we get older. I will be devastated aswell if my children or future grandchildren have to face what yours have. It sounds like they have a rock to lean on in you. Your a tough woman. Keep putting on those gloves and kicking ass . Because your not allowed to go either. In a way it kinda makes me feel bad for my mom. She's seen me go through more than one divorce. Seems every time I think I've found the one, it ends up failing. Me n ExBishop are still trying to mend fences but I often wander if she will ever accept me as I am now. And now my mom also has to deal with the thought of me losing my faith. She is very much a fundamentalist Christian. So I'm sure that puts some stress on her soul that like you, she doesn't allow me to see. Thank you and your welcome. We love you too Margee.
  8. This is what I'm striving for as well. I think I did an OK Job with my boys. Probably could have been better. With everything going on in life I feel like I'm slacking with my daughter. The past few years it's been easy to get self consumed, losing family members, friends, dealing with covid, I've tried to step back lately and realize she was going through all that too, on top of her brothers moving out while we were divorcing. That all had to be rough. So I've been spending more time when I can with her. In the end I feel like that is ultimately how we live on. We influence those we are closest to the most. They will carry on traits and pieces of our personality to instill in others just as others from the past have passed on their values, personalities, etc to those that influenced us to be who we are. So even if our consciousness goes away. We are still here. I hope for a conscious afterlife. But I know that's probably not gonna happen.
  9. I didn't think this was as loaded a question as it is. The thought hadn't occured about being ready to just get it over with because of a rough life or body aches and pains. Well It did with the aches and pains. But I was thinking like extreme pain and suffering from cancer or something. But yeah as much as I hurt sometimes now. Im Sure it will be rough 30 years from now. And after I lose some close loved ones. I guess it gets hard to stay motivated. My great uncle passed a couple months ago. He had alzhiemers real bad, and had already lost his son and wife. He was beyond ready to go. He started refusing his rehab treatments and stopped eating. It wasn't long after that. I actually inherited his masonic memorabilia. My mom was worried that he might not be "saved" because he never went to church. But he was a good man. And I know he believed in something at some point. Not that it really matters. I know he isn't suffering in hell. I'm sorry about all the suffering you go through everyday. I had no idea. (Guess that's that's point huh?) Well you have definitely done your part in spreading kindness toward me and bringing a smile on my face. Ever since my first post you've been nothing but kind and probably even had to bite your tongue at times to stay kind lol. So.e of my views can be controversial lol. Thank you Margee for being you. Well I hope you have many more years to come. Yeah stuff happens. But we can't plan for that stuff. If that happens it'll probably be over before I know it anyway. No time to really think about it other than a quick, "oh shit!!" Or "Fuck didn't see this one coming". I'm more concerned about the long progress of old age and terminal illness. Your thoughts when you know time is short. I really hope you find some happiness to live for. In the great scheme of things your 60s seems young to wish for death. Maybe that's because my mom is in her 60s and I would hate for her to die. Im a bit of a mommas boy. At the same time I'm not in your shoes. I have all of my family still. I would probably have trouble myself if they were all gone. DB
  10. I'm hoping I have a good attitude like that when I know my time is near. I've only been truly deconverted 4 years now. By the time I've been deconverted 34 years or so. I'm sure I will have a stronger resolve. As long as my mental faculties are intact anyway. I didn't realize you had stage 4 cancer. Are the doctors hopeful for remission or is that off the table now?
  11. Hey Everyone, I have a question, primarily for our older members in the forums. I was talking to my uncle the other day, who is also Agnostic but was never really an indoctrinated Christian. He did go to the altar, pray, and later get baptized. But it was at his mother's request at the time. Not from his own volition. We were talking and he mentioned that as he is getting older the consciousness of his mortality is coming more to the forefront. And that knowing that there is probably no afterlife bothers him at times. So I was kinda thinking on that a few days later. I pictured my possible death based on the family deaths I've witnessed. My children standing around a hospital bed. Older, about my age now. Picturing myself 70-80 years old. Taking my last breath and even now in my early 40s the thought tickled the back of my brain, "What if I am wrong", which is crazy, I mean I've seen in multiple ways already how the Bible and its teachings are all made up. But that childhood indoctrination and later adult indoctrination is still back there in the recesses of my mind. One of my worries is getting dementia or alzheimers and reverting back to my earlier Christian life as the disease progresses. Or like my thoughts about my possible death. Laying there knowing I'm dying and having last minute fears. Do any of you have thoughts like that cross your consciousness like I did? I know seajay had a similar thread in got questions. I guess mine pertains more to how mortality affects your thoughts as our window of life on earth closes in our later years. As an exchristian, having been indoctrinated in the past. I ask because that is a path every one of us will eventually have to walk. Best regards, DB
  12. Yep, through confession my soul is now clean. I declare I am one of the 144,000 that the JW"s are looking for.
  13. Scripture doesn't offend me. We've all seen the scripture. We've all searched the scripture. In a lot of cases the scripture started our exit from Christianity. I cherished the scripture at the height of my zeal for God. The JW religion is a baby in the grand scheme of things. They offer nothing any more tangible than the others and from what I've been told. (Mind you this is only hear say, I've never been JW.) But the descriptions I've heard of the religion once your in and practicing, is very cult like. And I've had my fill of cults. I understand you feel like your doing what the "Lord" or "jehova" wants you to do. I've been there too. I've been that annoying fuck in the parking lot with a speaker and microphone preaching to the traffic stopped at red lights. So I've been in your shoes. You've done your job. Go in peace and I hope your eyes can one day Crack open to the truth and dispel the lies you've been indoctrinated with. DB
  14. I dont think my reply was THAT bad. (Puts tar and feathers in corner)
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