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  1. Who deconverted you?

    My answer is not like most of the others my friend. For I found my deconversion upon a spiritual journey which lead me to the all knowing one, his messiah, and his disciples filled with knowledge of all things. The all knowing one and great oracle of instant wisdom whom we will call "Google" has answered many questions of mine in past times. And I have found the wise Google provides me with much information for my questioning and troubled soul. There came a time in which I called upon all mighty Google to explain to me various things of biblical history. The almighty and all knowing Google informed me that the bible was a great ancient heap of camel dung which humans have mistakenly taken to be the truth, through indoctrinated ignorance. The great and powerful Google has shown me many visions through his son and messiah "You Tube"! He has shown me many truths in these visions. These visions have comforted and rested my troubled mind even tho this wisdom comes at a price. For the worshippers of the great heap of camel dung hate the truth. Many of these dung worshippers of whom I once was will spit at and revile those who have been enlightened by Google, his apostles, and his disciples. These disciples can easily be found at "The congregational not so faithful church of Ex-Christian.net." These Googlenian disciples are wise beyond words themselves and lead me to much more knowledge and pointed me to the writings of some of the apostles such as Dawkins, Ehrman, and Price. As such my journey continues. While I may be buffeted by dung worshippers from time to time I know that the truth is with me. And finally having truth for once in my life is worth it. Dark Bishop
  2. I've asked the question before if anyone thinks that we will one day see a world without strong religious influences. Hopefully that day will be soon. But sadly probably not in our lifetimes. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/04/160422-atheism-agnostic-secular-nones-rising-religion/
  3. I like the term "none" a lot better than athiest, secular humanist, or agnostic. I always feel like i need to explain what the others mean. And athiest seems to be met with the same reaction as if you had just told someone you were a convicted felon fresh ouut of prison. Lol. Hopefully we nones in this generation can make a difference and lead the way so that future generations will not suffer the indoctrination that we've dealt with. This is a movement I would like to see to the end that means a lot to me, but I can be content with knowing the ball is rumbling in that direction in the next 30 or 40 years, even if I don't see the fruits of it. 😃. DB
  4. This is exactly why there MUST be a wage gap!

    I don't know how it is in upper management in corporate America as I have never worked with the up n ups. But from a production floor stand point most jobs have set wages all the way up to hourly leads. Salaried employees are different and may vary. I don't know. I've never been salary. I actually probably make more money than low end salaried supervisors, because I'm an electrician so we usually top out the hourly scale and I get lots of overtime. I said all that to say this. In my experience there are very few women in the fields that pay the most. Not because of education or experience but because most women don't want to do certain skilled jobs on production floors in america. I would like to see what the statistics are based on. Was it a open survey on all women in america and their wages? Or was it a more specific survey on say female Salaried management versus male Salaried management at the same level? Because if it is a general statistic based on the wages earned by all working men versus all working women then I feel that women don't want to do the highest payed hourly jobs, so I don't see a wage gap on the hourly level which is where most Americans are going to be. DB
  5. Southern Pride

    @mwc That's good info. I didn't know all that. I can see your point a little better now. To bad the couldn't have nipped it in the bud in the beginning after the revolution. I know how people in general are resistant to change. So it really doesn't surprise me that the moral loopholes were made. Etc before it was abolished. We can see that resistance to change even in our own situation of deconversion. Even faced with massive amounts of evidence to disprove the ancient superstitions and beliefs of man, they will still deny that information because of the indoctrination from childhood that their belief system (christian, Muslim, pagan, jewish) is above any proven scientific finding. Makes me wander how much indoctrination was involved with the acceptance and defense of slavery. But even if it had been on its way out for 100 years or so. It was still an accepted practis in the south for a long time. Fighting that type of indoctrination that they were lesser beings and the greed involved with the profits made must have been frustrating to say the least. So yeah I'm sure some slave owners were better than others. But most if not all must have known that deep down there was something wrong with owning a person. I wander how church services on the subject were preached back then? Churches preach a lot for or against wedge issues now. I would like to know how the sermons concerning slave ownership went. Probably wasn't to hard to justify with the bible. It's full of slave stuff. Maybe that's a ray of light for our situation. Religion has been going out for over a 100 years. Maybe in another hundred or so it will be almost gone. DB
  6. Southern Pride

    @mwc (One more thing to add concerning this statement) I dunno about that. When I think about the actions of others I try to put myself in their shoes. And in this case I can't automatically call a slave owner in general "bad". And this is the reason why. When I put myself in these people's shoes I have to remind myself that this was what they new. Slavery had been around for thousands of years. For them the thought of it being wrong was actually a foreign concept and something that was a new movement. So I cant say that they were wrong for living a normal life according to the standards of their time. It was the way it was. Rich people had slaves. And slavery made the south wealthy. And their have been a lot of wars fought over money issues. This was no different. Politics and money. That being said I can certainly see how some slave owners would have been considered good. If they treated their slaves as family then I would definitely say that was a good slave owner. But in today's standards looking back it's easy to point and wag a finger at how wrong it was. But it was a touchy issue back then. I guess you could say it was the 1800s equivalent of a wedge issue. The same as today's abortion, gay rights, and the affordable health care act. I did the same thing when I watched the eclipse in Tennessee last week. I was in the totality for 2 min 40 sec. Or so. And I pictured myself as an ancient isrealite or Indian noticing the sun slowly dim and then get completely covered up. And honestly I can see how it would look to someone like the eye of God was staring back at them. Can you imagine the panic they would have been struck with? It was an awesome inspiring sight to behold and without the knowledge we have today I can understand why whole religions were made centering around events just like that. Even in the bible it talks about the sun being blotted out. And how it is an act of God. I can't really blame them for making their religions. They were ignorant and trying to explain things they didn't understand. But in today's time it's hard to understand how someone can be a fervent believer anymore. Just like in today's time slavery is unacceptable and a crude lifestyle of an ancient ignorant world. Dark Bishop
  7. My Parents Still Love Me

    Wow night core. It sucks that your having to go through this. Hopefully they will come around. At least they are making steps toward accommodating your stay with them for the holidays. I am debating coming out of the closet on my deconversion and worry about a similar response. When my son told me he was bi and didn't care whether he dated a boy or a girl I had to drag it out of him. I'm claiming awesome dad title for my instant acceptance of this with him. 😁 I could tell he was relieved. I was told by a gay co-worker that the dad is always the hardest to tell. At this point he is dating a girl. But like I tell him I just want him to be happy. I think that eventually your parents love for you will win over their issues with you being gay. I don't really get the whole not sleeping in your siblings room tho..... I mean even if you are gay..... it's still your brother. But anyway. I wish the best for you. People in general don't like change. Hopefully this is just a matter of adjusting to the change. Dark Bishop
  8. Southern Pride

    As far as my hypothetical situation, your right there is really no use in discussing the what if's. It would have ended up being a very different America. Although as history has proven in other countries and in other noble movements. It could have eventually been done without war if both sides had been willing to come together on the issue. As far as my thoughts on if i believe the descendants of slaves should have a say so on what happens to confederate monuments my answer is no. Everyone suffered during that time. The north, the south, and slaves. What I would rather see is them erect monuments dedicated to the sacrifice of their ancestors during that time. There were even slaves that served in the war with the promise of freedom as their reward after it was over. Build statues with their likeness on them and put them in the battlefields and various memorials. Add to the history. Don't take away from it. DB
  9. Southern Pride

    I see descendants of slaves and the end of slavery as the only good outcome of a war that ended hundreds of thousands of lives. And the end result was a lengthy animosity toward northern states, the federal govt, and the African American race. I know at this point it is all a hypothetical situation that myself and a couple of others have mentioned already. But if slavery had been allowed to die out on its on. If the federal govt had offered some type of subsidy so that slave owners could liberate their slaves, pay them, and not have a crippling effect on their profits then maybe and most likely the resulting war, deaths, animosity, and racism that has endured for 150 years would never have happened. Also in many cases (as I've always heard but can't prove) a lot of slave owners treated their slaves like family. Some slaves even after the end of slavery chose to stay where they were. I like to think this is true because there are many African Americans that took on their former master's last name. I can't imagine a slave taking a former master's last name if he was the brutal, slave lashing, slave raping, heretic that was portrayed by the federal govt at the time and what first comes to mind in today's emotionally charged climate. No one has focused on any story's of good slave owners. Only the bad. And this is another piece of history that the media won't bring up. Because it won't induce good ratings. No one wants to hear the good anymore only the bad. DB
  10. Southern Pride

    Another thing to consider. Especially in ga. Is that general Sherman committed what would be considered in today's standards, a war crime, against the southern population. In effect during that era when he cut a swath through ga burning towns and cities as he went, he broke the Spirit of the confederate soldier hastening the end of the war. Sherman is still a dirty word in the GA. It isnt covered in the history books but a lot of people said there was rape going on from Union soldiers etc. I'm not saying Sherman sanctioned it but that goes on in all wars I imagine. There were a lot of hard fillings in the south at the time and in light of the history you might understand why the men and generals that fought were considered hero's. Even tho they lost. DB
  11. Southern Pride

    I wouldn't live long enough to see the south get over it if we were forced to take all the statues down. It would only increase the divide and make the issues worse. Like I said before. It seems to me that (in my local area anyway) that racism wasn't an issue with 80s and 90s kids. But since everyone made a big deal about the flags, now the statues, and they are even talking about erasing the memorial off stone Mountain. Racism has spread again because the white southern population feels like their culture is being attacked. The confederacy was a huge part of our history and has shaped our culture. We don't think that should be erased. It represents so much. But I don't think anyone agrees with slavery any longer. No one alive today was a slave, no one wants to take away designated civil war memorials.... (yet) but they do want to single out the confederate memorials. Those men that died and the families that suffered should be remembered. Even if they did fight for bad reasons. Everyone needs to realise that in that time and before that time it was a very different way of life and represented a fundamental change in the dynamics of the south. The war could have been avoided. On both sides they fought because they felt they had to. Remember in some cases it was brothers fighting brothers, cousins fighting cousins, friends fighting friends, and Americans fighting fellow americans. It was more than just slavery. DB
  12. Southern Pride

    Well ofcourse @midniterider, the statues are America's idolatry. We've stopped worshipping God and are now worshipping historical statues! REPENT! AND BE SAVED! Lmao DB
  13. Southern Pride

    Oh and @mwc, Yeah we have a church on every street corner in the south. But like you said the food is Delicious. Next time your down we could hook up and I will grill out for ya. My wife loves my BBQ 😃. DB
  14. Southern Pride

    I found it. Yeah I can agree with that. Leave the battle fields and designated memorial alone and put the others in a museum. But there is also the problem of "give an inch, take a mile". In my lifetime I've seen all the rebel flags taken off state flags. My own state flag included. Which I tend to agree with. The Civil War has been over a long time it was time to change the flags. But they are never satisfied. They are making just as much hype about these monuments as they were the flag. If we move them to museum then they will be pissed about the designated memorials. If we take em all down. Repurpose state memorials, and put what we can in museums then they will be pissed about that. So when do we say enough is enough? And when do we get out of everyone else's business? This country was built on the priniciple that all men could pursue happiness as long as it didn't violate others in there pursuit basically. We can be proud of our revolutionary, confederate, union, slave, Vietnam, world wars, Iraq war, and any other ancestor that we want to. Let those that are proud of former slaves put up monuments. I don't think we would have issues with that. Hell every town in the south has a street named after MLK. I don't think a memorial for slaves would be shunned. But don't shun our confederate ancestors either. Live and let live is a good rule to live by. DB
  15. Southern Pride

    Ok..... I said the biggest issue was slavery. But that doesn't change the fact that southern families wanted their family members death to be remembered. They wanted their losses to go down in history. Slavery was bad we know that. No one wants slavery back. But the Civil War happened. The war, the people in it on both sides, and the slaves that were freed from that war are done a disservice by taking down the monuments. It is our history whether you like it or not. It happened. Fighting over the monuments only divides us more. Their are monuments to the north, their are monuments for slaves and underground rail road operators, but the only ones anyone else has a problem with are the monuments for confederate soldiers and generals who fought and died aswell. Hello..... they are the other half of the story whether they were wrong or right. It was different times back then. Up to that point slavery was acceptable. Our first president had slaves. Do we need to take George Washington off everything too because of slavery and a bunch of marshmallows that wear there feelings and prejudices on their sleeves? Nah I don't think so. DB
  16. Southern Pride

    As a southerner I would like to put my two cents in on this topic. One thing that drives this is that during the Civil War both sides suffered great losses. This was a time of disparity for both sides of the war. However because the south were on the losing end our fallen soldiers were greatly disrespected. The south in general was and to some degree still is treated with disrespect. How many Television shows do you watch that are southern based that don't portray us as back woods idiots? Not many. Most portray southerners as uneducated to some degree or another. After the war there was a federally funded effort to retrieve all the lost soldiers of the federal army. However the effort to retrieve confederate troops was left to the families of the fallen and whatever state or local efforts there may have been. You can imagine the sheer anger families would have felt knowing that their loved ones were left to rot in unmarked Graves, creeks, or even in the open. For some soldiers the confederate memorials are the only tombstone that they will ever have. I will agree that the war was fought for mostly the wrong reasons. While the side issues may have been fighting against federal govt overreach and state rights, the core issue was slavery and I agree slavery was wrong and needed to be stopped. However I think it could have been done more peacefully if left up to the states discretion. It would have taken longer. But even great Brittain stopped the slave trade without a war. So it could have been done. As far as the states secession. They felt they were practising a right granted to them by the constitution. And they were. During the war they were a separate country. It was the United states fighting against the confederate states. Should the people who lost the war be forgotten in history? I don't think so. Even as horrible as Hitler and his war was. There are even a few memorials for the fallen German soldiers in world War 2. As well as world War 1. Both wars that they lost. For a long time the south probably had the mentality that they were still a separate country ruled and governed by the winning federal states. Even now we southerners hold onto our rights much more fiercely than most states who were on the federal side of the war do. And a lot of us...... including myself..... feel that the federal govt has continued to overstep their bounds as outlined by the constitution ever since that time. It was a huge mark in our history and made a monumental change in american politics and I personally don't think it should be forgotten. In today's time it's not a testament of slavery as much as it is a testament of our rebellion and a reminder to the federal govt that the people have risen up before so don't think we won't again. So yeah it's a big Bird finger saying fuck you, then and now. Now at the same time we have to call "fair is fair". Along side all those confederate memorials we have down here. We have a multitude of memorials for the federal troops as well that the north came down and erected. If you explore Chickamauga battlefield here in north ga you might find that there are just as many, if not more! Memorials for the Northern troops as there are for the confederate troops. So if they were to bring down all of the confederate memorials I would likewise say that all memorials for Northern troops should be taken down aswell. If you want to forget the Civil War you have to forget it on both sides.. The problem is that the racial divide has been brought to the forefront by the media. Republican biased and democratic biased alike. Our former president Obama insighted racial divide in such Instances as his remarks on the Treyvon Martin case and Michael brown case. Both instances where the courts rightfully ruled a justified use of lethal force. Yet the president fanned the flames of racial divide. President trump hasn't done anything to lessen tensions either but in his defense anything he says will be twisted by the media to sound bad. He wasn't my choice and honestly neither candidate was worth a damn but the media is the real culprit in dividing America. Both sides twist words and acts to fit their agenda for better ratings. I grew up in the eighties and nineties and was taught by my southern mom not to treat anyone different because of their skin, she taught me not to say the word "nigger", and I never felt a racial divide between black and white while in school. I even dated a black girl in highschool for awhile. But I found as I got older that there was more black on white racism than white on black racism. I started losing my hair so I decided to shave my head because a half bald head is just...... let's just say I don't find it attractive. But instantly African American women at my wife's work were asking her if I was racist. To assume someone is racist because of a hairstyle is in itself racist. I would actually get glared at when I went through the drive thru by black cashiers. It was ridiculous. And it has only gotten worse over the past several years and once again I blame the media for spreading it for profit. And now there aren't many black people that seem open to talk to me. Racism has been revived and is being fueled by the media. Those are my thoughts, Dark Bishop
  17. Ex-C losing popularity

    I love this place. But am having RL issues right now that this site tends to aggravate at this point so I won't be able to devote as much time to the threads here as I would like. DB
  18. Existence of the God of the Bible

    If you would please tag me in a new thread if you start it. Thank you. But remember as I stated in the previous post we evolved from a common ancestor. Not necessarily that the ape is that specific ancestor. We and the apes have a lot in common. But the evolutionary paths have separated us by millions of years. Does that mean they won't evolve into a more intelligent species as we did? No. It is still possible but it may be millions of years before that happens. We are the most advanced product of that evolutionary line at this point. Thanks for you comments @Joefizz
  19. Existence of the God of the Bible

    And as far as why apes aren't showing any evolutionary sign I don't see why it matters. We were the branch in the apes family that evolved to be human. Just like other animals of other animals there are many branches in the same family that are nothing like one another. The apes are our cousins. And they may never evolve to the point that they are human like. But like I said that doesn't really matter because it has already been done. You are an example of that process yourself just like I am. DB
  20. Existence of the God of the Bible

    @Joefizz I think you are not understanding that they have found the "missing links" leading to our current homosapien status. Human evolution isn't a theory anymore. It's a fact. Here I will post this link again. If you are in a church like most that I attended they probably don't know that these fossils have been found. I have heard many preachers state that scientist can't find the missing link. But here they are! 😃 http://humanorigins.si.edu/evidence/human-fossils At the bottom of the page you can see pictures of most of the fossilized remains that have been found. It also gives a family tree of our evolution. DB
  21. Existence of the God of the Bible

    Not really seeing where your going with this Joe........... ? DB
  22. Wifey Worries.......

    Hey everyone, I just have this for shadowing feeling that eventually my wife and I are going to have some real issues with my deconversion. I hope not, and right now it's not that bad, but we both make remarks. For instance: the other day i was watching a funny video and it started cussing using the word fuck. She looked at me like I was so horrible and said "really?" To shish I responded "what? It's just a word and it's a word that we use in front of our kids all the time. Both of us." So today she said fuck in front of our daughter and I called her out on it. And she responded with "its not like you care! You're moral compass has completely went out the window". I told her I still have morals, she said I didn't, and I said that God didn't invent morals, she said that he did. Etc. It was a short lived spat but it is something that is slowly escalating. Now keep in mind: 1. We both back slid out of church and into "sin" for 4 years prior to my deconversion. During which time we mended our marriage that was on the rocks. Our marriage was better off without being avid christians. We grew together as we both ventured out and did things neither of us had done before. Like going to a bar and a haunted pub crawl we got tanked during. We got so drunk they actually tried to lose us. It was bad.... but it was funny and it gave us memories together. 2. She is just as bad as I am. 3. She isn't going to church now and I hope she doesn't. But I guess we shall see. 4. I was open and told her about everything I found but she will not look into it herself. Today during our spat I told her about the dowry that God required a rapist to pay to the father and how then she would be his wife. She said that's not true! Just brushed it off. And I said yes it is its in the old testament. And she responded with the classic..... well we don't live I the old testament anymore. And I said nah I guess we don't but it was "God" and his morals that said that. Then basically she told me to leave her the fuck alone and leave as I was getting ready for work. At first we said we weren't going to push each other's beliefs on the other but it is constantly creeping up around the fringes, jumping to the forefront from time to time. And I've only been deconverted since late january - early February. I just feel like she should know how this hasn't been an easy thing going for me. She sat under my preaching for years. She has known me since I was at my most spiritual point! She is the one that made me see that contemporary christian wasn't "of the devil" as my pastor at the time had stated. She has been through my spiritual highs and my spiritual lows. She has been through my ups and downs for the past 12 years. Over a fucking decade! We haven't been married that whole time but she was my friend and we dated off and on before then. And she should know that being told that just because I don't believe the bible anymore I have no moral compass is pretty....... mean. It's not like I'm going to all of a sudden screw every woman I see. Or start seeing guys (not that it's wrong, but I'm straight... and married) I'm not going to become a serial killer! I am the same guy that I was before! I'm still doing the same thing as I was when we were just back slid. The only thing that's changed is I don't believe the bible anymore. It lied to me and I hate lies. Therfore I hate the bible now. It is a book of lies and deceit. I really really really love my wife. She is my best friend. And I am so worried that this is going to end up ruining that. I get mad that she can't see what I see.... I mean it's not like she is a devout christian right now. It's not like everything in our life is still based around that. She has a degree in criminal justice. Do they not teach to let the evidence speak for itself? The evidence just is not there to support the bible. The bible fails so many ways. I can only believe the apologetics versus science so far. I believe we have come to a point now that the evidence is so overwhelming against the bible's account of history that we can just throw the damn thing away and not worry about it anymore. I always get the vibe now that it's not the same with her now. That she is always thinking. And it doesn't help that her best friend is a extreme fundamentalist that actually believes in demon possession. I have NO idea what she is filling her head with right now. I know she knows I don't believe anymore. But all that being said. I know she was a believer to..... Maybe the thought that she will never see her grandpa again is to much for her. Maybe the thought that all those early years in church were just wasted is to much. Like I said she won't even look at what I've told her. She has access to the Internet. It's not like she can't Google it herself and find these studies. She just chooses not to. I feel like my deconversion may have triggered her fundy bombs. It's like they are slowly going off one by one. I guess I will know for sure if she starts going to church again. And when that happens I'm sure things will get difficult. Honestly I would probably attend with her just to keep the marriage together. I dunno..... just worried right now. Kinda really sucks to be a good husband and father. Provide for and love your family as one should. And just because I saw the truth I'm considered Bad and immoral. Dark Bishop
  23. Existence of the God of the Bible

    We can still see animals evolving. And maybe at some point apes may veer onto the same evolutionary path than we did. But at this point that isn't the case. I don't know why you would expect some other species to evolve into a human, other than one of our closer primates. Which still may happen at some point. But in the limited amount of time we have had to study evolution there hasn't been time for a major evolutionary change. Homosapiens really haven't been around in our current form for long in the great span of time. So maybe in 100 million years their will be another intelligent life form that evolved from something else. DB
  24. Existence of the God of the Bible

    I think you missed the first part where single celled life was forming just fine and evolving on its own before the Cambrian explosion. It is the sudden appearance of complex life in a short time period. (30 million years er so) with no obvious ancestors leading up to those forms that rub against Darwins theory. Otherwise it is a very sound and proven theory even in human evolution. I remember preaching and making the statement that they can't find the missing link because there wasn't one. But that is not the case. There is fossilized evidence for every stage in our human evolution. Which once again is not a reflection of biblical creation. So maybe ole Isaac was mistaken. Because the conditions and materials for life were favorable on earth and single celled organisms were living. DB
  25. Existence of the God of the Bible

    @LogicalFallacy This is where science has limited itself. It assumes that the big bang that created us was a singular event that created everything. I wish we could see to the ends of the universe from our view point but that is most likely never going to happen. But if we could we may find that there are other universes which were created by other big bangs which we may have passed through billions of years ago before life ever began or before the earth was anything more than a hot molten rock with a bunch of gasses around it. Science is limiting itself to making the evidence fit the theory. While I agree that at this point panspermia is more of a hypothesis than a theory. A theory is really only another hypothesis with better evidence. As I stated above I like to think outside the box. I think that anything surviving on a rock which traveled through our atmosphere is probably impossible. However a larger chunk of ice traveling through our atmosphere may have been a better arc for life from another planet than a rock from mars. I'm not saying that this Is the only way to explain the Cambrian explosion but it would be nice to see this hypothesis taken seriously, because I don't think science is explaining it without a reasonable doubt. Even Darwin himself said that if there was proven to be no lifeforms leading up to the Cambrian forms that it is troubling for his theory. But it is the only period that is troubling for his theory in my personal opinion. Otherwise the fossil record has proven his theory to be true. At any rate I think all Exchristians on this site can agree that all evidence that science has been able to uncover. And all fossils that archeology has been able to collect have painted a very different creation than the one which the bible reflects. So whether or not we can agree on the issue of panspermia or not, it doesn't matter for the purposes of this debate. Because we can agree that the bibles God did not create earth and everything we see according to the bible. And since it is a proven fact that the biblical creation is false than it is just another way to show that the God of the bible just does not exist. Dark Bishop