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  1. ^^^wow that’s fucked up right there^^^ but praise god for his Holy messengers huh? DB
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    ExC posts can be found via Google?

    I just googled my name and apparently I’m a bad ass video game character. I think I’m safe. 😃 DB
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    Hello all, glad to be here.

    great to have ya fallen! welcome to ExC. DB
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    Given your options

    Well just in case he is still watching replies. I’ll give him my answer to his question. Even though the question isn’t really worded right according to our perspective. Ok william in our minds we have not rejected God because from our understanding the Christian God does not exist. Although most of us at one point in time Did believe he existed. So first I’m going to reword your two part question so I can answer it to the best of my ability. ”What caused me to lose faith in the Christian God? And why has that made me unable to support Christianity and the agendas that go along there with?” Research made me lose faith in the Christian God. Especially when I was trying to research information to prove points in the Bible. When faced with years of archeology, scientific research, obvious biblical contradictions, and biblical research, the Bible just fails on so many points. The first thing I did was try to find proof for the Exodus. To my dismay after over a century of trying to use the Bible as a guide for archeological research there was no proof that an exodus even happened. Archeologists gave up on using the Bible as a guide for accurate research. (Why? Because the biblical account is horribly inaccurate) They literally tried to use it as a guide and it failed. Building on that are issues that they did find. One being that Jericho didn’t even exist at the time and if it did certainly had not reached the point that it had built the wall around it. Even Jewish scholars that I read trying to make an apology for the issues saying that it was most likely a smaller group that traveled from Egypt and not the 2 million plus men and women as well as livestock that the Bible claims. I’m sorry William but that excuse doesn’t work for me. If the Bible says it was 2 million people then it should be 2 million people. If the Bible said Jericho had a wall it should have had a wall. If the Bible says that the Israelites came into Canaan afterward and drove the inhabitants out then that should be true. But what they have found is that evidence supports a gradual move Of semantic canaanites from the south to the north. By this time I was deconverting and was here at ExC. finding more things to look at. Not only was the Pentateuch not written by Moses it was written by 4 different authors over a few hundred years. All of them making their own changes to the previous text. I found out that even the gospels weren’t written until the apostles themselves would have been dead. On the same train of study I read Bart Ehrmans Forgeries and counter forgeries. It turns out that half of the Pauline epistles are forgeries. Which accounts for a lot of the discrepancies. William I’m sure you are familiar Jesus’ parable about the house that was built on the sand? My whole Christian life the word of God was supposed to be the rock I was building my spiritual house on. If anything should stand the test of time and the scrutiny of the nonbeliever, Gods word should have. A small tribe of Indians 1000 years ago in America couldn’t dig a hole to use the bathroom in without us being able to find it. Even without a text guiding us to where they would have dug that hole. But the BIBLE which is supposed to be the inerrant word of an omnipotent and omniscient God can’t? No sir that doesn’t work for me. At that point there was only one conclusion I could come to. The Christian God does not exist and the Bible is a work of fiction. My house that I had spent a decade building fell. And great was the fall of it. I had done what the Bible said. Built it on the rock (so I thought) but it turned out to be no more than sand after all. So that is a very long answer for the first part of your horribly worded question. The second part is easy. If I know that the Bible is fiction, Christianity in general is false, and those that follow the teachings are living a lie. How can I support that lifestyle? I do to an extent with my wife because she is still a believer. But I am not going to let the Bible dictate my decisions. Our lives should be dictated by sound logical reasoning that would provide the best quality of life for us and our families. The Bible doesn’t promote sound and logical reasoning whatsoever. I choose to live in the truth not to live in a lie. And living in Christ most certainly is living a LIE. Best Regards, Dark Bishop
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    Given your options

    AWw...... he's already gone? I was gonna reply. guess i missed the boat on that one. Hope they are having fun stirring the pot over on christforums. Thats not for me. I get a really bad headache when having to deal with large groups of fundementalists. On another note. I noticed that his title wasn't True Christian. It was Delusional fundamentalist. LMAO!!! I dont know who made that change but that's pretty funny :-). DB
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    10 commandments misunderstood.

    They are only following what their prophet Ellen G. White told them to follow. God sent her visions after she got a head injury riding a horse ya know. LOL DB
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    Hatred of Paul

    I have a very good feeling now that all of the Bible is fiction with some historical fiction and very little fact mixed in here and there. I have you to thank for that geezer. DB
  8. I’m with BO there. Not surprised. Once saved always saved. Hallelujah!! Now I won’t go to hell for molesting little Susie. Sick bastards DB
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    Religion, and what it did

    It made me believe that the music I love was the”Devils” music. it made me believe God would show me his will and when I thought I was following it, I made some of the worst decisions I’ve ever made. Causing an abundance of heart ache. It it made me believe I had a brother “Jesus” and a father “god” that would never leave me or forsake me, who in the end seemed like they didn’t even like me or want me in their church. It turned my life upside down when I realized it was all a lie. However, falling from religion led me to this fine group of people here in ExC. DB
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    Religion, and what it did

    And the only difference between a religion and a cult are the number of people that follow the belief. Otherwise they are the exact same thing. DB
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    My Last Beating

    Sounds a lot like my old church. DB
  12. Beautiful testimony @Bug I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your deconversion and about the great woman your grandmother was. It’s refreshing to see the new outlook you now have on life. The feelings from the indoctrination will slowly fade. I still have a relapse of “feelings” from time to time. But that’s to be expected. Welcome to ExC! DB
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    god speaks...or does he.

    Wow I love your testimony. Straight to the point and so true. As someone with a bachelors degree from a bible college I’m sure you will be(and have been) doing a lot of fact checking on everything you learned in college. I would love to see another post with some of your findings from your research. I was amazed to find out that the Pentateuch had been written by 4 different authorities in separate times. Mostly reflecting the beliefs of whatever king was in charge at the time. DB
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    My Last Beating

    Is this any relation to the church of god of the union assembly/ or gospel assembly? I was was an ordained bishop in The church of God of the gospel assembly. DB
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    My Last Beating

    Welcome to ExC. your better off now. DB
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    2 years later

    Well happy deconversary truth seeker. Glad to hear your still holding strong 😁! DB
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    2 years later

    Well guys it's been almost exactly 2 years since my "rebirth" into a more logical frame of mind. I wish I could say it's been a great two years but it has not been without it's trials. Me and LadyBishop have been on the verge of splitting a few times. We have pulled through though. I'm hoping as time passes and she continues to see that I still love her even though "God" isn't in my life that the tensions will ease. I feel that I continue to be the good father and husband that I was before so hopefully she will also come to the same conclusion. She is the main reason I don't frequent this site much anymore. I'm going to start trying to post more frequently however from work. I need the companionship I get from this site. Just knowing that there are others that have been through the same........ "trauma" that I've been through. Maybe some wonder why I used the word "trauma"? Well that's because it is a traumatic experience to fervently believe in any faith, let that faith control your life for (X) amount of years. Only to find out that what you believed and what you followed was all a lie. It isn't an easy process for everyone to de-convert. Some (like me) it is a slow process that finally comes to a point where everything clicks together and you see the truth. Others may be hit with the truth suddenly. While still others may have a slow or even a sudden loss of belief and be ok. I don't think that is true for the most part though. When one's life (like many of ours) revolves around a common belief with friends, family, and Co-workers, then you are taken out of that social loop, It is like you are suddenly all alone in the world. Myself and others have described it identically as going through the stages of grief. It's like losing a part of you that you feel can never be replaced. At the same time you are dealing with all of that on the inside, NO ONE seems to be there for you on the outside. Suddenly you are a "Bad guy" or "gal". In there minds you must have committed some horrible sin to have come to this point. Or of course my favorite excuse of all that severely PISSES ME OFF. "You must have never been saved (or) believed in the first place". then they see you as a fraud, a deceptive liar that acted the part just to fool their innocent "God fearing" souls. Your suddenly the "Big Bad Wolf" to everyone on the outside. Simultaneously you feel like a scared, hurt, and innocent child on the inside. I hope this post isn't to much of a downer for you guys. I guess I'm in one of my moods today. I get frustrated at times because I do LOVE my wife and I DO NOT need some "God" in my life to make me keep loving her. It gets frustrating ya know? I'm powerless to make her feel better about this. If it was financial issues I could work overtime more. Medical issues I could try to get the treatment she needs. I can even usually smooth out problems between her and the kids. But this is a complete loss of the faith that we shared together and that isn't something I can bring back. It's not like I can walk over to the wall and flip a switch to turn it back on, Nor would I. My whole Christian life I would pray that God guide me and show me the truth. I've always wanted to know the truth. Now I know it and I would not trade the truth for the lies they tell every Sunday for anything. sure I can go and spend time with her and the kids on Sundays. And sometimes I do. But then it gets to the point that I feel "obligated" to go and I don't like that. When I go it is only to spend time with my family and enjoy the social aspect of the gathering. I admittedly like watching them to. To me it is now like an outside observer who goes to Australia to observe the beliefs and life of the aboriginal tribes. I've moved onto something greater. A better understanding of the universe and the truth of the mysteries that are contained there in. We no longer have to make up stories, legends, and myths as to why we are here. We can study the stars, the planet, and solar system and know. Isn't it nice to know that the earth isn't flat? I think so. Dark Bishop
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    2 years later

    River song, Thank you. I am so glad that post has been such an inspiration to other exchristians. 2 years later and it is still speaking to people going through this change. I really didn't think it would relate to people that much when I wrote it, but I'm glad it did. We all have our different paths to take in this journey. While my biggest hurtle is that of a believing spouse. Yours may be something different. Either way we are better off for knowing the truth, no matter what hardship that truth brings in our lives. I don't think anyone on this site will say de-converting is easy. DB
  19. I grew up with Nirvana. They were one of my favorite bands and I was caught up in the grunge phase as a teen. But after a decade of church and not listening to the music I loved as a teenager. I also had the same guilt when I started listening to them again. Don’t worry. Just keep listening and those feelings will wear away. I listen to all the old music from the 90s that I love now. It is just a symptom of the brainwashing you have endured. It takes time to reprogram yourself. DB
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    2 years later

    Thank youTABA. It’s good to hear from you as well. I was hoping everyone would understand. I really do love this little community here on Ex-C. Y’all have been so good and helpful during the whole process. Hopefully I can be more of a voice here for a little while. Just keep me in your thoughts if I have to disappear again cuz it probably means there is a good reason for it: DB
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    2 years later

    As the old saying goes around here; "you hit the nail on the head". We have mentioned possibly getting counseling. I did mention it needing to be a secular counter and she automatically felt like she was going to be ganged up on. Likewise I pretty well know that a religious one would be biased toward her. I think a secular counselor would be more objective tho. So far it has only been mentioned once. What you said about her possible thoughts about my de-conversion is exactly what I'm thinking as well. And I do understand that. If it were me in her shoes I'm sure that I would be acting much the same way and thinking the same things. And like you said there is such a stereo type when it comes to non believers in the Christian world. Most of us were probably the same way when we were believers. I know I was. I couldn't understand how someone could leave the church and "go back out in sin". So I really get it. Her fear, thoughts, anxiety etc. I wish I could take all that away from her but like I said before. I'm powerless to. It's something that I cant change or make better. I like your Idea about the letters as well. Maybe i'll try to bring that up next time we have a deep discussion about the issue. Thank you Truth seeker so much for your advice. DB
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    2 years later

    So very true Destinyturtle.
  23. I actually had a Christian tell me one time that you couldn't have anal sex in a marriage because it was sodomy and an "abomination". I was Christian myself at the time and told him that that whole story was about homosexuality and had nothing to do with what a man and a woman could and couldn't do in bed. I always took a very liberal stance on that. I never saw any scripture that could really be used to say you could or could not have sex in a certain way. I always used the scripture Hebrews 13:4 marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled. Which I took as meaning it didn't matter what a man and a woman did in bed between themselves as long as they were married. And of course didn't have sex during her menstrual cycle, which was outlined in the law. Those two were really the only two direct scriptures pertaining to sex between a married couple that I found. Now of course I know non of that matters. DB
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    Pushing Back

    Good for you MOHO! I feel your pain all to well. We walk in similar shoes but I think we have discussed that before. Unfortunately when I deconverted my wife went one way and I went the other spiritually. My wife seems to have a less aggressive stance than your wife however. And I actually do understand where my wife is coming from. I miss this group so much sometimes. But when I frequent this site she starts taking notice and asking what I'm doing. I usually reply honestly but it makes our troubles come at a greater frequency. I usually try to avoid the subject completely as long as I can. But sometimes I do have to push back like you had to. I think I'm going to start trying to post from work again. I really do need the companionship of other ex-Christians even if it is only online. DB
  25. In the matrix when Morpheus is ready to take Neo out of the matrix he offers him a choice. He holds two pills out front of him and says: "You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." We here at EXCHRISTIAN have at some point for whatever reason taken that red pill. I've been trying to keep up with the posts of other new comers and all have mixed emotions. Some are elated, some are depressed, and some have gone as far as to wish they could return to the old life that they new. That's the bitter sweet nature of the red pill. In the post by @skysoar15 in rants and replies skysoar points out that Athiests and agnostics seem to be a minority in the deep south, which is also where I am. It turns out to be a lonely life at times. Me personally I have to watch what I say around my wife as she is still a believer. Most of my family are believers especially my parents. So telling them isn't really an option. When your whole life has been established around the belief that there is a bible God and all of a sudden that foundation is no longer there, it becomes difficult to keep a habitable balance with everyone around you. For lack of a better word, we have become the outcasts. As skysoar said. When we were Christians we thought the world was against us, that we were fighting the good fight of faith, and that we had a higher purpose. Now that higher purpose has turned out to have been mostly a waste of time. I'm reminded of cypher on the matrix who made a deal with agent Smith so he could return to the matrix. Relating that to our own lives, it may seem at times like it would be so much better to just go back, to believe again. But the problem lies in the fact that the red pill completely changes your concept of reality. Once you've come to the knowledge that we have here, that we were fed horse shit our whole lives, the rabbit hole does go deeper. You find out how the bible really came to be, you start seeing the lies for what they are, and there is no going back from that. I mean sure if I really wanted to I could play church and go through the motions. But to what end? It would just be pointless now. But here's the sweet part of this. We know the truth. Or at least we know that the bible is not a true account of God as we were lead to believe. We can look at life with knew eyes and arrange our priorities to what really does matter. And that is our personal happiness and that of those we love. I am a strong supporter of our Constitution in america. We have certain rights as Americans. And we have certain rights as humans. The bible takes some of those rights away and now now we are free. The bible is filled with restrictions, rules, and oppressive ideals. We no longer have to live under that. There is no "devil" making us do "bad" things. There is no "god" watching us, making sure we don't break his rules so he can happily throw us in the fire when he feels frisky and comes back. We are the masters of our own reality now. This in my opinion is worth it. I didn't know that day when I was searching for proof to show my son that the bible was truthful, that I was actually about to pop the red pill into my mouth and swallow. I know my life will continue to change as a result of it. But I feel emboldened now. I feel a knew since of purpose arising. Far more so than I have the past few years while my faith was faltering. My family is first and foremost in my life now, not some imaginary diety. And I follow a close second. I have the rest of my life to live and I plan to make every moment I can of that life mean something to my family and myself. I'm going to make my mark on the people I love. Not Christs mark. I don't need to be someone else, I only need to be me. There won't be anyone at my funeral that says that I lived the life of Christ. But they will say that he was a good man, and I am better for having known him and have had him in my life. It is truly honorable when a man or woman makes that type of impression on those around them and I really hope I do. I hope this little spill encourages other new comers to Ex-C. I know it may seem rough now but eventually the storm will pass. We are here to help in any way we can. Time heals all wounds, Even this one. You may not know it but you have now joined an elite group of individuals. We have all been indoctrinated, brainwashed, and in some cases abused by religious theology. But we are overcomers. We have looked God and The Devil both in the face and called BULLSHIT! You are EXCHRISTIAN. Be proud! sincerely, Dark Bishop