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  1. Posting this here bc I figure everyone will see it here. Has anyone talked to MOHO or Geezer recently? Some of us have noticed they haven't been around since last year and they are older members. Just kinda wondering if they may have fallen ill or something...... If somebody knows them in real life. maybe ya could just check on em and let us know if they are OK.
  2. Lmao!! I think the only Christians we get around here are part time anyway.
  3. Just wanted to drop a post and tell all the fathers, dad's, pop's, papas, Grand dads, and More. Happy Father's day!!!!!!
  4. I have to admit. If I was questioning the Bible. Listening to him would just be another reason to leave the faith.
  5. You sure you don't wanna bring the ban hammer down on this asshole?
  6. Wow... yep that's an appropriate name for sure.
  7. I just read some of the comments from his post on that site. Looks like they like him about as much as we do lmao.
  8. He's not worth it. I've wasted to much time on him already myself.
  9. Hmm now it's plagiarism...... If your going to post someone else's words don't you think you should atleast put it in quotations and not try to take the credit? Either way. No one gives a shit. Conversing with you is a waste of time and effort. Your willfully ignorant and only want to speak on your terms. I wash my hands of you until you read some of the things I've given you and you respond in kind to my other posts.
  10. That's actually an interesting thought for me. I was in the Church of God the Gospel Assembly, it branched off of the Union assembly, who's founder came out of the mountain assembly. He had a revelation in scripture and was kicked out of the Mountain assembly when they didn't accept his preaching. He left and formed the Church of God of the Union assembly. I said all that to sat this. He had a very unorthodox interpretation of creation. He was very charismatic for his time. He built a very profitable cult. During world War II he was convinced that Hitler was the antichrist. By this time the church was spanning all over the area and branched into other states. He and "the council" preached his beliefs of Hitler to the congregations. They asked members to give their land to the church and in return they would put them up in a home. Free of charge. Many members did. Their plan was to build a community to wait out the antichrist. They believed they were the chosen congregation, gods people, that the great whore of Babylon and the beast come against at the end of time. But world War II came and went, Hitler died, and eventually the church started charging those people that had given them the land for the houses and apartments they were living in. People lost everything, and it got worse. I would like to share there beliefs one day...... but I'm not quite ready yet. Just don't really like to think on the things I believed and preached. Knowing that I was part of a cult.
  11. Well I'm certainly glad they have people like SF to keep that flame alive .
  12. Continued. @SemmelweisReflex Well this explains a few things. "He commissioned a new translation of the Bible, which was released progressively from 1950, before being published as the complete New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures in 1961. Also produced were a Greek-English New Testament interlinear (The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures) and a Bible encyclopedia (Aid to Bible Understanding). I'm figuring out that the JW were originally all about individual interpretation. They started out as Bible study groups. Lead by Russell. Later leaders began creating the denomination as we know it. And of course created doctrines. Seems like I remember some JW telling me about there "Bible studies" And of course for the third time dates were pushed back on their predictions. Tsk tsk some people never learn. "From 1966, Witness publications heightened anticipation of Christ's thousand-year millennial reign beginning in 1975. Repeating the 1925 cycle of excitement, anticipation and then disappointment, Witness publications and convention talks intensified focus on 1975 as the "appropriate" time for God to act" "In 1976 The Watchtower advised those who had been "disappointed" by the failure of the predictions for 1975 to adjust their viewpoint because their understanding had been "based on wrong premises" Yep. Yall upset people just need an adjustment. Wonder why they were upset after selling there houses and land to devote time to preach the word and save gods people, thinking it was all gonna be over in 1975. Why in the world would they be upset. It's a mystery..... "In 1995, changes regarding their understanding of Jesus' comments regarding "this generation" (from Matthew 24:34) were published.[218] Throughout the previous four decades, Jehovah's Witnesses had taught that the generation that saw the events of 1914 would not die out before Armageddon came.[219] The understanding of the "generation" was again adjusted in 2008, to refer to the remnant of the anointed.[220] In 2010, the definition of the generation was changed again, wherein the lives of anointed individuals living in 1914 overlap with a second group alive in the present day.[221] Jehovah's Witnesses continue to teach that Armageddon is imminent" Well well imagine that. They finally had to push that back too. They aren't hitting to many home runs here @SemmelweisReflex seems like they are doing exactly what every other Christian denomination has done since Jesus. Pushing everything back and making excuses because it never happens. Oh gosh. Yawn yawn. seems like I've seen this movie before. About every modern sect I've looked into plays out about the same. Atleast the SDA made some of their prophecies come true.
  13. @Joshpantera I've been reading on the formation of the Jehovas Witness tonight. Apparently they also stemmed from the Millerite movement just as the SDA did. I find it amazing that instead of realizing that he was wrong and going back to life as normal, they instead formed a whole new collective of denominations after the great disappointment. Apparently we had it all wrong guys. Jesus is here now and has been here since shortly after the Civil War. Shhh don't tell anybody tho. He's invisible. "By 1904, Russell's doctrinal development was almost complete. His sixth and final part of "Studies in the Scriptures", The New Creation, established that Revelation 7 spoke of two heavenly classes of Christians — 144,000 who would serve as a royal priesthood with Christ and a Great Company who would be brought to perfection on a lesser plane, similar to that of angels, serving the 144,000.[54] He believed that 1878 marked the "fall of Babylon", when God officially judged that Christendom had proven unfaithful.[55][56] He believed the "time of the end" in Daniel 12 ran from 1799 to 1914, that Christ had returned to earth in 1874, began his reign in 1878 and that from that date the anointed had been resurrected to heaven at their death. He initially taught that Armageddon had begun in 1874, which would culminate in worldwide anarchy and the overthrow of all political rulership in 1914 at the conclusion of the "times of the Gentiles", but by 1897 began to teach that Armageddon would instead begin in 1914" @SemmelweisReflex Let's just keep pushing those dates back. Told you I would start looking into the JW and picking it apart. do you actually believe some of this rubbish? Everybody had it wrong until the last 150 years when Charles Russell came along. And christ came back in 1874..... but we can't see him..... apparently..... we should probably be deep in that time of anarchy by now right? ...... or ...... maybe..... thats invisible to.... yeah let's go with that. Sounds good right? Hmm let me see if I can go find out some more bullshit about this denomination. To be continued.
  14. @SemmelweisReflex I've given you a number of items to look over. Have you given me the courtesy to look over any of it yet. Two different studies on the glacial floods. One from the Smithsonian Institute, the other from a geologist speaking against Bible bias flood geologists. A referral to read heaven and hell. By Bart Ehrman A link showing you the various authorships of the first five books of the Bible. None of them being Moses. Your the horse. Here's the water. ^^^^
  15. LoL... this is funny. @TheRedneckProfessor looks like he has some multiphase Devine plan for our re-conversion or something. Or maybe its the downfall of our basis for not believing. Jeez SF. Your a piece of work. All you have to do to understand why we don't believe is to walk the footsteps we've walked. You know. Walk a mile in their shoes kinda thing. To do that you would have to read what we've read. And watch what we've watched with an open mind.
  16. Listen to yourself. Again. EVERY RELIGION counters our beliefs. Yet you don't see us in your churches do you? You are the pushy asshole trying to shove unfounded horseshit interpretations down our throat. And your mad that we know more than you do and can't agree with you. Like a baby Wahhhh!!! wahhh!!!! mommy! mommy! they told me I was wrong.
  17. What's your deal semmelweis? The point wasnt to look scriptures up to counter you. I told you to begin with I wasn't going to defend a Christian doctrine against a JW doctrine. If you can use those two chapters in JOB. (Which BTW I just read. Thank you for your biblical references.) I could too. I can set here and show you in Daniel and Isaiah where I once viewed there was scripture for a resurrection. Me and my church believed the body and soul stayed in the ground until the last day. Then the resurrection came. I can show you scripture for all the reasons we believed that. And honestly they were correct in their interpretations. This is exactly why the JW and My old church have scripture to support their interpretations. It is because the views of the people writing the books changed over the course of 1000s of years. Not hundreds. (And it was way more than 40 people) They all wrote down their own beliefs and their leaders beliefs as they changed. Their are arleast 4 different authors that wrote the first 5 books of the Bible. And non of them were Moses as is the popular belief. They label the authors only as E,D,P, and J https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Composition_of_the_Torah "In the mid-18th century, some scholars started a critical study of doublets (parallel accounts of the same incidents), inconsistencies, and changes in style and vocabulary in the Torah.[1] In 1780 Johann Eichhorn, building on the work of the French doctor and exegete Jean Astruc's "Conjectures" and others, formulated the "older documentary hypothesis": the idea that Genesis was composed by combining two identifiable sources, the Jehovist ("J"; also called the Yahwist) and the Elohist ("E").[86] These sources were subsequently found to run through the first four books of the Torah, and the number was later expanded to three when Wilhelm de Wette identified the Deuteronomist as an additional source found only in Deuteronomy ("D").[87] Later still the Elohist was split into Elohist and Priestly ("P") sources, increasing the number to four.[88]" There is no concrete archeological evidence that the exodus ever happened. If there were in fact an exodus on the scale the Bible portrays. There would be a scar of evidence embedded in the very soil of the earth where 2 million people and their livestock wandered the desert for 40 years. It just didn't happen. We can find where an Indian dug a shit hole in America but the can't find where 2 million people lived in the desert. Come on semmelweis. Think about it. It starts becoming common sense at this point. The only thing the Bible accurately records is the fact that the Jewish and Christian beliefs changed over time and those changes are all reflected in the scripture. Which makes it the most confusing book supposedly written by a God who is not the author of confusion. It does say there is an immortal soul It does say there isn't an immortal soul It says there is a hell And it doesn't It reflects a pantheon in places And it doesn't in others It says we are going straight to heaven at death And it says we stay in the grave till resurrection. It says gods kingdom will be in heaven It says it will be on earth And it also says it will only be in us and neither earth or heaven. And guess what @SemmelweisReflex it even has scripture to support your bullshit. But it also has scripture that counters your bullshit. It says all those things and more I could go through and find scripture to support them. But I'm not. It's the very fact that I can do that that gives me just one more reason not to believe any of it.
  18. No @SemmelweisReflex here you are. You stepped inside our community remember?
  19. Actually Agnostic Athiest. There is a difference. But you need to realize that I'm giving you little tidbits of a 329 page thesis on the evolution of the heaven and hell myths. I can't stress enough that HE DOES SUBSTATIATE HIS CONCLUSIONS. But I can't copy and paste whole chapters where he substantiated them. YOU need to read the book. I promise! He takes his time explaining what all lead up to these changes in belief over time. In one of his books. Forgeries and counter forgeries. He is studying the books of the new testament. And trying to determine if any of them are not written by the accepted author. He wrote chapter, after chapter, about the different criteria he used. It was so thoroughly explained that after 3 chapters of him justifying his findings. I still skipped 4 more chapters just to get to the start of his thesis. The preface of this one however is much more interesting.
  20. And @SemmelweisReflex Im not wasting my time watching a video by some delusional fairytale believing Christian speaking against a man I know to be extremely well educated, even by Christian standards. He went to Princeton and the Moody Bible Institute. How about we stop this whole discourse now SF. I told you before. No one here will fault you for going along your merry way. Believing what you believe in ignorant bliss. I told you. If your belief makes you happy then go live you life happily believing all your nonsense. Your not going to win anyone over here. When your gone some other guy will eventually come in with his/her interpretation. Thinking they have all the answers etc. It's a reoccurring thing here ya know. And there are no hard feelings. I'd still sit down and have a beer with ya. When I was a Christian. I had a Mormon friend I worked with for about a year. We debated back and forth all the time. But we still respected each other. He was my friend. He passed of mesothelioma about 4 years ago. I'll say to this day, he was a good man. His beliefs were just BS.
  21. Oh Wow. Are you pissed off that I: 1) agreed with the point your researchers made about what the ancient isrealites believed concerning the soul? 2) That I proved the same point by quoting a very well written book by Bart Ehrman? You know in that excerpt he used the Bible right? That book he quoted. JOB. Yeah its in there. Are you sure you know the bible semmelweis? I'm confident that out of all the people who have posted on this thread. You sir are the least educated concerning the bible.
  22. So what if I agree with your experts on this semmelweis? I agree that in the earliest writings they did not really consider themselves immortal. They believed that when one died that was it. They just died.. Humans weren't immortal. Only the gods were. However, my expert for the reason I don't believe the original Hebrew writings depicted an immortal soul is Bart Ehrman. I referred you to read his book. HEAVEN AND HELL. have you been able to read it any of it yet? Here is another excerpt from his book. "Another striking image comes in the words of the famous skeptic Job: As waters fail from a lake and a river wastes away and dries up, so mortals lie down and do not rise again; until the heavens are no more, they will not awake or be roused from their sleep. (Job 14:11–12) For this great poet of the ancient Israelite tradition, life comes no more once a person is dead. There is no life after death. Only death after death." ~ Bart Ehrman I fail to see how that makes them any better or worse or more accurate than any other Christian. They still believe in a false God. They just don't accept the science that proves their God was made up. Am I supposed to bow down in awe now or something? Have you looked at those geological studies about the Large localized flooding but no world wide flooding?
  23. Because I have a life to live and want to give the link you provided a thorough examination. I have not had the time today to devote to it since you posted it. I will tag you in my response when I'm ready. I ready said I don't rush these things. Patience grasshopper. How can I give a proper response without properly studying it?
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