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  1. I've tried several. Nothing to expensive. I'm a bit cheap I guess lol. Raising kids doesn't allow for 400 dollar bottles of pappy van Winkle. But I like wild turkey. And I always drink responsibly. So I've never been locked up.
  2. Let's talk about bourbon. Any particular bourbon you like?
  3. I would still love to know your qualifications that make you an authority in biblical interpretation. Bachelor's, masters, doctorate? Can you read the original scrolls in Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, or latin? Years of Religious service in any particular denomination? I mean maybe I missed where you answered that question in another thread........ or did you just kinda skirt around it? Either way. Please go ahead. Why should anyone here or reading this post even think about accepting your assertions.
  4. Ugh, I have got to stop wasting my time on you. It doesn't matter if I agree with you on something or not. You still want to argue. This is classic code blue.
  5. That's really a good name for the experience. I as well had my own "spiritual awakening" when I started believing. Another name for it would be "salvation experience" On the flip side. There was a somewhat similar but opposite experience when I realized it was all a lie.
  6. I like tool. Pretty sure Maynard is batting for the other biblical team though.
  7. @midniterider I think we have a code blue situation here.
  8. Well @TheRedneckProfessor, I was thirsting for more of the great and wonderful Revelations that @SemmelweisReflex is bestowing upon our little community.
  9. Oh I'm sure. The same with Moses, Saul, Noah, Ruth, Joshua, Elijah, etc. Etc. Etc. If any of those characters existed. I'm sure they were nothing like the big portrays
  10. Yep. Sounds like you get it too. I dunno how ya do it now. But your right. More power to ya bro. If that's what makes you happy. Then that's awesome and who am I to try n shit on your happiness. I'm gonna have to second that notion Reminds me of the church business meetings. Now we just need everybody to say "AMEN!" And you'll officially be the least obnoxious Christian on ExC.
  11. I have to admit. At the height of my zeal for Jebuz and the goot lort. I would probably have been much like him if I had passed by this community online back then? It's weird to think how different I am now. And how much of an asshole I was then. Damn I'm glad I deconverted.
  12. Why? Been missing his Devine Revelations? Lmao!!! he's had a week to think about what to say when he gets back. I wonder what inspirational wisdom he will have for us.
  13. I think it was supposed to be tomorrow.
  14. Surely not. Geezer was pretty adamant that Jesus never existed. I never particularly agreed with that. I always figured that there had to be a man behind the myth. But to each their own. There are some interesting theories to support his views.
  15. @TABA mentioned it to me. Waited a little longer before I asked. Was hoping maybe somebody was friends enough with them to atleast be a Facebook friend er something.
  16. Posting this here bc I figure everyone will see it here. Has anyone talked to MOHO or Geezer recently? Some of us have noticed they haven't been around since last year and they are older members. Just kinda wondering if they may have fallen ill or something...... If somebody knows them in real life. maybe ya could just check on em and let us know if they are OK.
  17. Lmao!! I think the only Christians we get around here are part time anyway.
  18. Just wanted to drop a post and tell all the fathers, dad's, pop's, papas, Grand dads, and More. Happy Father's day!!!!!!
  19. I have to admit. If I was questioning the Bible. Listening to him would just be another reason to leave the faith.
  20. You sure you don't wanna bring the ban hammer down on this asshole?
  21. Wow... yep that's an appropriate name for sure.
  22. I just read some of the comments from his post on that site. Looks like they like him about as much as we do lmao.
  23. He's not worth it. I've wasted to much time on him already myself.
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