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  1. The christian would maintain that he/she is an ordained by god physician of the the soul and say that god’s will is perfect and not always understood. Trials are your soul being perfected. The human being that hasn’t been brain warshed would say, yes probably chance and yes probably some forces we can’t understand could have been at work. Let’s move on and not be fucks.
  2. Yeah man, church people and overly religious people creep me out big time. Some people need to fuck off and get a life.
  3. I take all music references personally because I love music dearly. AND as always, we must come to define what words mean to us, or how we understand them (this is probably more important in our present time than ever - we must always strive to articulate ourselves properly to ourselves and our audience). christian music sucks. It’s just bad. We need to realize that. christian musical lyrics are ok because they have some relics of reasonable and/or rational truth VERY loosely based on scripture—-which is shady as shit as most folks know at ex-c. Because there is some useful truth in the bible, but most of it seems very made up. But shame on me. So fuck fundy music and let our music live beyond dogmatic and legalistic bullshit.
  4. This summarizes my experiences with almost every christian I’ve met. I even tried to live like this when I thought I was a christian and I couldn’t sustain such a bullshit existence.
  5. Why are all elders and pastors creepy as shit?
  6. This is similar to the cultural christian anecdotes: “let go and let god” or the puritan saying “all is mercy and grace this side of hell.” I read a tweet from a younger friend of mine that had a mindless reference to scripture with the hashtag #Notincontrol... Uhh excuse me sir, you’re in control of your life quit drinking the fucking dumb shit kool aid.
  7. Hence reading or listening to something that is not a novel... something that is less taxing to think about or that you have listened to or read before.
  8. I wish it were that simple. I am unsure why I came to Christianity, why I stayed in Christianity, and why I continue to be haunted by Christianity. While I would love to grasp onto many anti-Christian systems of argument that I have encountered, I have found it very difficult to severe the ties... particularly the fear that I am going to eternal torment when I have a heart attack in less-than-or-equal-to 40 years... interestingly even when I was a very devoted attendee of Christian events, I was still very fearful of dying and going to hell because I was a church outcast and always shamed for my questioning of church elders in bible studies. I was always mocked from the pulpit during sermons for my outspoken nature amongst ‘friends’ and in ‘confidential’ bible studies. Perhaps I really do need to investigate more into how Christianity is completely fucking bullshit. Hence, the importance of full deconversion that has been stated in this website. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. For the two years after I left the PCA church I attended, I have experienced episodic panic attacks. Please understand that I am a grown ass man, I work full time, and I am (for better or for worse, in regards to increasing my panic) a doctor. For all of the mental and physical strength that I know I have, I am a weak person against the fear of death and the anxiety it produces from my religious past. Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for life has somewhat pried open my eyes to presuppositional apologetics in historical, philosophical, and psychological truths. He addresses Jung, Freud, Rogers, Nietzsche, and others and makes many good points about the universal symbolic nature of man. I suppose I can only recommend reading or listening to his book to totally understand where I am coming from. I can assure you that my “faithful attendance” at church today was motivated by anxiety of being myself, the fear of death, and eternal pain in hell rather than belief in jesus or god.
  10. Recently, I’ve read Jordan Peterson’s book, “12 rules for life.” His references to psychology, biology, and philosophy has gotten me to a point where I am considering attending church again... I say this with the caveat that I am still so angry and utterly upset about my past experiences in the church that it is hard to foresee my return to regular attendance. That being said, I attended a nondenominational church today and I walked out halfway through... granted, the last church I attended regularly was PCA. Fuck me until the cows come home, ExPCA
  11. Bedtime is tough. And I do agree that leaving a church or way of belief can be especially taxing on ones conscience and, therefore, sleep and rest cycles. The best advice I’ve received is to listen to a book or read a book that is LIGHT and not very heavy or provocative... something that has a storyline that is not necessarily suspenseful or necessarily thrillingly or demands the utmost attention of its reader/listener. I have come to believe that once one lays down and rests and then eventually feels/senses/thinks about self-created (so to speak) abstract storylines in ones head and feels these stories raveling and unraveling, that it is at this time that sleep is beginning to occur... or perhaps that dreams are beginning to develop in basal forms. What do you think? Does this make sense?
  12. Thanks for your story and I hope you are able to benefit from this site as I have... albeit gradually and somewhat immaturely. I was most struck by the passive aggressiveness and narcissistic sarcasm from Christians or believers in your story. It seems to me in my experiences that Christians are always laden with these manipulative behaviors and sense of divine self worth. It really is a scary thing, now that I am seeing it from outside the faith. Such behaviors come to mind: people being afraid of lightning and storms as they perceived it might be the striking of god himself. Also, a friend from church feeling guilty for buying a new car. Classic paranoia symptoms of a person gone insane from falsehoods of Christian religions.
  13. In my experiences this has always been my observation too. I’ve given Christianity many tries and I always come out the other end more convinced that YOU have to do things for yourself and pull yourself up by your bootstraps (somehow, whether it feels good or not) ..... I’ve watched so many Christians just flail and fail through life, believing that they are on some path of glory when in reality they are just fucking idiots and creepy.
  14. The terms that come to mind when I visit this zany forum are determinism, gods supposed providence, and gods supposed elect. As with many arguments involving religion, the beliefs in these terms hinge on whether you believe the scriptures that vindicate these beliefs are inerrantly true. And god inerrantly said them to people who supposedly were able to copy them down word for word. This was then copied and edited hundreds of times and over many many years... and still it is the inerrant word of the creator of the universe. Oh.... this must be a sacred mystery.... huh. The fact is that no one knows. Seriously, no one does know. They cannot say they know for certain. One argument for believing in something that does not necessarily have proof can be the mystery of faith. Well ok, belief in something that does not exist can also be called psychosis. The point I am trying to rant about is that the mind, brain, soul, heart, whatever you want to call it... is a powerful thing. Beliefs about oneself and the world drive all that we do and say. So it is significantly confusing that some people base much of their beliefs on such weak ground, i.e. it is perplexing that we base much of our life on things that don’t readily make sense. This leads me to believe that perhaps since we experience things we cannot explain (or we don’t feel comfortable explaining in factual terms the things we cannot explain), we seek out a solution that we cannot explain... an unexplainable problem and an unexplainable solution... The ultimate unexplainable problem is what happens after death and what to do with the fear of dying...
  15. The majority of church staff is not qualified to counsel people on their lives! Let’s face it. They are people with degrees from seminary schools that teach religion. Or, they have no degree at all and are riffing off of the older church leaderships bullshit. Yuck!
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