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  1. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    First nations in Canada, many of them, have fought for a nation to nation relationship for a long time. For control of their resources (I support this, enough land was stolen that they should have full economic benefit from resources), and for control of their own lives ( re Indian act). There is disagreement on how things should be going forward, because people are people and have differing views. My point here is that many people take the perspective they just want hand outs and hand outs only. It's not the case, but it's an easy route out when you aren't actually interested in challenging all those "facts" that have been fed to you from society. In Canada, the government literally has the power to change the last will and testament of a status Indian. That's the kind of stuff we don't hear about. I've been asked here by others what's my stake in this issue, as if I must have some special interest at heart here. My special interest is educating myself I could say.
  2. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    What do I personally have involved? I'm a citizen of Canada, more importantly a citizen of this world, and I care about the welfare of my fellow human beings. That's exactly how involved I am, with them, and anybody else.
  3. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    Nice to meet you, fellow Canadian, you sound like such a sensible one. We can blame our educational system, it has very far to go with educating the masses about our true history. It's as if first nations people don't even exist, if you take a good look at the textbooks. Cabot arrived and Cartier explored and the country was settled, and that's it. I had very mixed feelings about Canada "150" this year.
  4. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    Since this thread has disintegrated into what it has (rather predictably), I am saying my goodbyes. I'll chat with people who are actually out there to learn something from each other (ie talk about a subject or issue itself, instead of the people talking about it), but clearly, that isn't going to happen here.
  5. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    I'm not talking about work here, I'm talking about lies and untruths, which seem to take on like wildfire when people aren't really interested in going out there and learning, really learning, about a subject.
  6. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    And I think it's dangerous to go equating the experiences of whole cultures and societies with each other, and then questioning why some are doing one way and others another.
  7. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    Excellent point. And why is there a problem with role modeling within indigenous society in Canada today? Largely because of the relationship with the government, which basically infantilized indigenous society and stripped away all agency and control over their own lives from them. Then it denied them their culture by sticking them in residential schools and abusing them. Which resulted in very unhealthy coping mechanisms such as alcoholism and a cycle of violence that continues today. Where is the blame?
  8. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    As far as I know, the Jews in Canada have never been and never will be subjected to something as harsh and discriminatory and utterly controlling as the Indian Act. I did not say it's a duty to give people free stuff. I am more along the lines of, its our duty to stop this us vs them mindset and actually get on with finding workable solutions together. It's not going to happen as long as people continue to spew false facts and sew division.
  9. Hello!

  10. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    This is an exact replica of what's spouted in Canada in regards to native people by those who havnt bothered to get their facts straight or educate themselves on our history and just keep repeating the same old untruths.
  11. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    When I was in university I read Ordinary Men by Christopher Browning and it really brought this point home. We all think we would be wiser than this, but many of us are not. A Google books synopsis for anyone interested in the book: "It takes as its basis the detailed records of one squad from the Nazis' extermination groups and explores in detail its composition, its actions, and the methods by which it was trained to perform acts of genocide on an industrial scale. He introduces us to cheerful, friendly, ordinary men who killed without hesitation or apparent remorse for years on end, in docile obedience to an authority they happily accepted as legitimate."
  12. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    What do you do when you ignore the roots of all the current anger and dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs? You deny the economic oppression, violence and everyday prejudice that people of colour live with, and then you wonder all open eyed about why theyre angry and why they feel like letting that anger lose. Then you compare yourself to them and don't acknowledge that yes you are priviledged in society: you have freedom from this prejudice. And it turns into the typical us vs them think that gets us nowhere...
  13. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    The biases are there. We all have them, some more than others. All you need is someone who is willing to play on them and foment fear and division. That's what happened in Germany and what could happen anywhere. And I say we're all biased because it's unavoidable. I try not to let my upbringing affect me too much, but I noticed the way Jewish people were talked about, and how crime was associated with black areas of the city by my family. I was lucky in the sense that in spite of this my parents, immigrants themselves, never felt it was their right to consider themselves above other immigrants, regardless of colour. I am trying hard not to fall prey to any us vs them thinking, in the end, our divisions are more dangerous than helpful.
  14. A new self-admitted non-believer.......

    Yup. I see plenty of nice people in my former church, but believe me, their fundamentalism just poisons any real humanity they have. They uphold the poison that's in the bible at the expense of real love and true compassion and acceptance. And they have no critical thinking ability at all - they simply choose to believe what's in the bible because everything must be taken on faith, and its more important to get to heaven than to consider the fact that you could be wrong, in many cases hurting and pushing away loved ones you should love and accept unconditionally. And what you have said about counseling is something that just annoys me no end. It's why I never even mentioned the fact I had a therapist, let alone a secular one, to anyone. I would have been told I was only to see a counselor with the same beliefs, and doing otherwise was treading in dangerous territory. Welcome to Ex-C, you're in good company here.
  15. Spiritual Conflict - Infertility changed me...

    Although your experience is different, I can identify with the well meant comments and good intentions of people. Are they comforting for you, that is the question. They brought no comfort for me, only disquiet, but at the heart of the matter it wasn't people's comments, but the foundation of my faith and relationship with god that was on very shaky ground because of the amount of pain in my life, and the silence on god's end. It's a path you must walk yourself, the uncertainty, and search for answers. I gained peace and quickly when I began to read, some of those books have already been recommended to you. This is a very individual path we all walk, but for me, atheism has brought far more comfort and peace with personal struggles than my former belief in a god who was silent and distant.