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  1. Yeah, all those verses seem so ridiculous to the modern-day mind. Product of a different era!
  2. Fascinating! I can't wait to see how this plays out. (I know that it is not "definitive proof", just yet....)
  3. For a time there, I suspected that my odd fetishes / paraphilias were connected to my religious upbringing, but I eventually concluded that it was just my weird individual quirks, since, at a very basic level, I never really bought into the whole fundamentalist mindset.
  4. Yeah, that shit is really going to win hearts and minds. That's just crass stupidity in action. I don't like bullying, whether it is done by the right or left.
  5. Yes, this is very distressing! The Republicans are in a blind panic about their increasingly slim chances of winning a truly fair and democratic election, and have thrown in with the would-be dictator Trump (and his "not-so-behind-the-scenes" master Putin) in order to fix the election in their favor. They will pull out every dirty trick in the book to retain power. We are slouching towards fascism and theocracy. Believe me, I'm not exactly crazy about the Democrats, but I prefer them to the Republicans!
  6. Oh yeah, I've known about his antisemitism since reading about it in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Of course, most Europeans during the sixteenth century shared his views, at least to some extent. The Jews have had it bad for a long time!
  7. Oh, I've always loved that song! Almost as good as "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life".
  8. No, he certainly isn't christian. Although I have seen people on the internet saying that the Trumpster is a "baby christian". Nobody I know personally has actually said that around me, though....
  9. I know several people from my former congregation (Church of Christ) who can't stand Trump, but will vote for him again anyway simply because he is allied with people who are very anti-abortion. That's their main issue. One of them said to me a while back that he would rather support someone with a personality like Jimmy Carter, who he admires personally, but who would make sure to end the practice of abortions. Some of the others I've talked to really thought Obama was a very good man. but he just did not oppose the "baby-killing" that goes on in America. I guess you'd call them "single-issue
  10. What if he is real, but doesn't actually have the power to cast you into hell?
  11. My mom, sister and I usually did the morning Sunday service, and sometimes Sunday School, as well. Sometimes we would do the Wednesday night service, but we weren't "religious" about it. Grew up in the Hendersonville Church of Christ (a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee. I didn't mind it so much, but would rather have spent the time reading books or comic books or watching television. The people at Church were nice, but I played with neighborhood and school friends much more than the church folks. Can't complain too much -- my mother let me read whatever I wanted! And there were no restrictions o
  12. Hey, welcome aboard! I am also an "ex-church-of-christer". I was pretty lucky, though -- my mom was never much of a fanatic about it, and let me read widely as a child. I never really bought into the whole fundamentalist mindset.
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