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  1. Hey, waitaminnit! Just how was this so-called "Holy Water" produced, exactly? I don't want no goddammed worthless Catholic H2O! I want water blessed by a true Christian! You know, by a bona fide Church o' Christ minister. The only true church! Accept no unholy substitutes!
  2. As a former member of the Church of Christ, I have a vague recollection of preachers telling us to respect Jews, even though they were no longer the "Chosen People". They were God's instrument of bringing Christ into the world, after all. Sure, the evil lil' buggers killed him an' all that, but that was part of the plan, dontcha know.
  3. Same here! Had a good time with some family and friends, that's all. I've never bothered with decorating. Too much trouble! I enjoyed sleeping in and not having to go to work. nice, relaxing time!
  4. The death of a child is always horribly tragic. I pity the parents, but this delusional "false hope" is something that raises my ire. I wish that they would stop this idiocy and get on with the natural grieving process.
  5. I've always felt that Christmas is such a big cultural event that you can make it as religious or secular as you want. Just concentrate on havin' a good time, dagnabbit!
  6. Hey, good for you! It is great to be free of the metaphorical shackles. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Wow, that was pushy ! I don't know why these people can't be content with a silent prayer. Odd!
  8. Glad to have you aboard!
  9. Yeah, I am hoping this, as well. Starve 'em out!
  10. Yeah, the CofC is very lucky that the government is basically secular in nature. (Well, maybe not as much nowadays, with the radical right-wing Republicans yammerin' for more churchiness in government.) Because it is a very tiny organization compare to the Baptists and Catholics. Be careful what you wish for!
  11. You're right. Sadly, it could also lead to violence. Ya know how people get about their religions!
  12. Fascinating! I have also heard of the connection between conservative Christianity and these wacko sales-cults, but have not had any first-hand experiences (thank Cthulhu!).
  13. I remember hearing about it in high school at David Lipscomb in the late 1970s. Never bought into it myself, though.
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