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  1. I was never into contemporary Christian music, but I do enjoy listening to old-fashioned hymns once in a while. The other day I listened to the Peasall Sisters singing "Where No One Stands Alone". Great song, beautiful ladies! And sometimes I get on YouTube to listen to an old hymn like "Amazing Grace" or "Be With Me Lord". I don't have to agree with a song in order to enjoy good music!
  2. Oh, I remember thinking along these lines, as well, many years ago.
  3. Oh, yeah, humans have an infinite capacity for rationalization!
  4. I think that some (not all) christians react very badly upon discovering that many people bereft of a relationship with Jesus are actually quite happy, and are capable of leading fulfilled lives. Their "faith" indicates to them that this should not be the case. Because everybody gots ta be "saved", dontcha know.....
  5. Oh yeah, now that's a good feeling, once they stop botherin' with ya. "Juss let him go ta hell an' be with his best friend Satan." I know that several of my former congregants have done this with me!
  6. I'm 59 goin' on 100, and I'm still not ready fer marriage!
  7. Tsathoggua9


    Aw, golly shucks, I likes all o' you guys, too! I like yer point about fear. Once ya gots yer flock a'feared o' eternal damnation, they gonna be putty inna yer hands!
  8. Tsathoggua9


    Hell to me was mostly just some vaguely-amusing image of cartoon-style devils, kind of like the ones depicted in cartoons like "The Far Side". Never was scared of it. I figured, if there actually was a god out there, and he knew me, he would probably like me a lot! There's juss no way he would send me to some nutty eternal punishment. Did anyone else feel the same way?
  9. Welcome aboard! Nice to have you with us.
  10. Ha! You just took the words right outta my mouth. I come from a fundamentalist (Church of Christ -- "the only true church"!) background, and I realize that people will perform all sorts of mental gymnastics to ignore, reinterpret, or wish away problematic passages from their so-called "Holy Book". I thought it ridiculous at an early age, but continued attending until a few years ago.......
  11. I caught a lot of the Genesis nonsense pretty early on, as an inquisitive child. It read like "just another mythology / creation story" to me! But I stayed in church anyway (physical presence, while disengaged intellectually); for longer than I should. I'm just grateful for the internet, nowadays, so that people can get good accurate information if they search for it! Fewer people will remain "churched up" when they have such access. At least that's what I'ma hopin'........
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