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    I am a library assistant at Vanderbilt University. Have been agnostic for several years now.

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  1. Yup, stupid! But willing to "walk the walk", and all that fun stuff...
  2. Hey, I'm glad that you managed to pull yourself out. Congratulations!
  3. Well, I simply could not imagine a more appropriate soundtrack fer such activities.
  4. Hey, lotsa great, godly, an' trooly wunnerful advice there on how to improve my relationship with my wives.... Oh wait, that's wrong! I ain't married. Silly me!
  5. I have always enjoyed reading about the paranormal / occult / "Fortean phenomena". I'm neither a complete skeptic nor a true believer, I just find it to be entertaining.
  6. I don't think I ever really cared about "sinning". I know that I pretty much always treated others with respect. The "Golden Rule" and all that fun stuff. I never sweated the small stuff! I think that it helped that I knew a few people who were really overly concerned, to the point of obsession, about doing everything just right, and seemed to be terrified of "slipping up" and getting God angry with them. They just seemed so absolutely nuts to me! There is a word for that condition that I learned a while back -- "scrupulosity"!
  7. Hey, welcome aboard! I hope that you can disengage from your former faith as smoothly as possible. Life does improve after you have made your transition.
  8. Let's see -- I swear more, I drink, I have weird deviant sexual fantasies, I go on long bouts of rapin' an' pillagin'.... So, No! Nuthin's changed. Seriously, though -- I did the odd sexual stuff since I hit puberty. I swore a lot during high school, then stopped fer decades. Started back with cussin' when I left the church. No lightning bolts so far! I started drinking -- not too much, never been "drunk" -- after I stopped church. The weird paraphiliac desires have always been with me. I have always realized that I can't just go out and do whatever I want with whomever I want, so that hasn't changed. Just keep the goldang'd thing on a fantasy level, an' nobody gets hurt. I'm fine with that. Being truthful, honest with myself, and not harming others -- pretty much the same as always. "Don't steal, be kind to others, etc." is just my default setting. I have always had my major doubts about the veracity of religious claims, so I'm actually doing better with the "honest to myself" since leavin' the fold. I don't have to pretend, anymore! That feels pretty damm good! (Oh dear, there I go, cussin' again...) It is nice when your morality comes from your true inward expression, and not from a "I gotta do / not do all these things, or my deity willl mess me up!" attitude.
  9. You really need to stop worrying about "saving" anybody. Just do your best to live your own life, free of hindrances, especially religious ones. You can still pall around with family if you want, but you probably shouldn't do it too often.
  10. Hell, we are all in need of more "chuckle-worthy" moments, fer sure!
  11. I got a good chuckle out of it! Very stoopid.....
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