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  1. Ethnic Cleansing in the USA

    That is my line of thinking, as well.
  2. Unequally yoked and angry

    "If you can look at this problem from his perspective, he probably thinks you've lost your mind or the Devil has taken control of your body." Wow, that's a very good point! I think that I get that same vibe from some relatives at times, even though we mostly get along fine. For them, apostasy would really seem like a form of insanity. (As in, "You would have ta be completely nuts ta leave 'The One True Church'. ") Hit the nail right on the head, ya did!
  3. Oh, I used to enjoy going to Hooters. I would generally attend the second service at Crieve Hall Church of Christ on Sunday, and then go to the nearest Hooters for lunch. Nice friendly girls, and good food, as well. I got addicted to the chocolate mousse pie. Ah, the memories....
  4. Yea!! I found like minded people.

    Hey, welcome aboard! Glad to have you here.
  5. Fear of hell and suicide

    Hey, I'm sorry that you feel this way. Can you think of anything in this life that brings you pleasure? If so, have you tried focusing on that? Like, "Hey, if I stay, i will be able to do such-in-such?" Perhaps that could be your reason. But hey, it is your decision. I'm not sure if what I say will be much help (probably doubtful, since I am really not good at this kind of thing), but I thought that I would give it a try.....
  6. I feel ashamed of my past Christian behaviour.

    That's how I have always felt about it.
  7. Well, I gotta admit, I never fully bought into the whole shebang, even as a youth. I always had my doubts about the validity of it all. Just kept 'em to myself for far too long....
  8. What Happens When White Folks Leave? (Detroit)

    Excellent point!
  9. Oh, I'm glad that you shared that information! I can't remember if I have ever posted anything on this board about the ex-COC support board. Perhaps I already have, but I gots memory issues, sometimes....
  10. Hey, great news! I am quite happy! And I bear no ill will against any individual COC'ers. (Plus, I must say that I did actually have a pretty good time at David Lipscomb when I attended 1979-1983, even though I really should have had the guts to go to Columbia University, instead.) But the COC as an institution does need to wither and die, methinks....
  11. No one specific passage comes to mind. Far too much of the Bible just never really rang true to me -- I always thought that you would have to be outta yer damm mind to actually prefer a literal reading of the goldang'd thing to common sense, reality, science, and stuff! And yet I continued goin' ta church fer so many years. Maybe I'm crazy, too! Hmmmmm......