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  1. You're right. Sadly, it could also lead to violence. Ya know how people get about their religions!
  2. Fascinating! I have also heard of the connection between conservative Christianity and these wacko sales-cults, but have not had any first-hand experiences (thank Cthulhu!).
  3. I remember hearing about it in high school at David Lipscomb in the late 1970s. Never bought into it myself, though.
  4. I had been doing that. Don't mind contributing! But, for now, I just gonna do Uber. It will be more expensive, but it is working out okay for me.
  5. Good advice! Independence is a worthy goal. Now, if only I had some more goddam money.....
  6. Oh no, not at all! I am respectful of others' beliefs, as long as they don't try to force their shit down my throat. "Live and let live", and all that fun stuff. But, when she (or anybody else, for that matter) attempts to use the bible as a weapon against me, I tend to "go for the throat", and demolish their silly beliefs. A lot of christians think that quoting from their silly book should just immediately reduce unbelievers to tears, or something like that. When people fight back and things don't play out according to their nutty "script", they just can't handle it. Scary stuff for them! So at that point, they cry "persecution". Ridiculous!
  7. Just got a message from her : "Despite my wishes for you to know god's love and despite your propensity to make fun of my beliefs, if you still need a ride to work, please let me know." Ah, the saga continues! I hope to derive some more amusement from all this...
  8. It is too long a story for me to post right now, but it was triggered by what the church people were talking about at the Wednesday night service. Every once in a while, she gets triggered, and expresses her disgust and loathing of my current apostate status. But generally speaking, we can laugh and joke around, almost like normal siblings. Another thing is, when she goes on the attack, for some reason she expects me to just sit there and take it. She really should know by now (after close to six decades!) that there is no way in hell I'm gonna do that. I respond by pointing out all the inaccuracies in the bible. But, like so many conservative christians, she can't take what she dishes out.
  9. Yup. Can't take the bus, either. Don't like crowds!
  10. I'm 58 going on 100, healthwise, so scooters and bikes are completely out of the question.
  11. Golly, I dunno! That's up to her. I have no control over her fears and insecurities. All I know is, this might be a serious bummer for me, financially, in the short run.
  12. Well, drat! My sister, who I depend on for transportation, has decided that she doesn't want to be around me, anymore. We got into it during the ride to work today. She can't abide the presence of an apostate to the one true church (Church of Christ). Such is the mind of a fanatic! We have been able to get along fairly well for the last few years, despite our conflicting views. But, no longer! Now I'll either have to increase my "Uber budget" considerably, or buy a car. Curses!
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