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    I am a library assistant at Vanderbilt University. Have been agnostic for several years now.

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  1. Tsathoggua9

    Good guy without gun disarms gunman

    Now, that is just fantastic! Wotta guy!
  2. Tsathoggua9

    Why be good if there is no God

    Society just works better when people behave well. if everyone is out for immediate pleasure (whatever that entails) with no thought for the eventual consequences, everything breaks down. That is the incentive for "being good"!
  3. Tsathoggua9

    Teacher for 17 years, but could not read or write

    Wow! Amazing story.
  4. Tsathoggua9

    How weird were you when you were a Christian?

    The "Holy (Verti-) Ghost", eh?
  5. Tsathoggua9

    How Islam Infects

    Yeah, that's a puzzler, for sure!
  6. Most everyone else in my family is religious (and they know that I am an "apostate"), but we can still have a good time together. I'm very grateful for that!
  7. I can't think of any aspect of my de-conversion that was especially difficult. I'll keep thinking about it.....
  8. I always had major doubts, but I generally just kept them to myself. Continued going to church because I liked to sing, plus for the social aspect. Eventually I decided to just stop attending altogether.
  9. Tsathoggua9


    Welcome aboard! Interesting story. How has it been for you as a non-Muslim within a predominantly-Muslim family and culture? I imagine that it might be rather challenging.
  10. Tsathoggua9

    How Islam Infects

    Holy shit! That's very disturbing and distressing. I hope that things work out for you.
  11. Tsathoggua9

    Why are people not free to hate?

    Well, you are certainly "allowed" to hate (we ain't livin' in a totalitarain society, at least not yet), but people are free to point out hateful beliefs and be concerned about what the negative emotion might lead you to do.
  12. Tsathoggua9

    Thoughts on Jack Chick?

    My assessment, exactly!
  13. Tsathoggua9

    Aw crap! She knows.

    Hey, thanks for sharing! That must have been challenging for you. But it is very good to finally be outta the closet. Honest living is a great thing!
  14. Tsathoggua9

    Thoughts on Jack Chick?

    I have often wondered that, as well -- just how many people were actually "led to Christ" by the goldang'd things?