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  1. Tsathoggua9

    My Long-Awaited Introduction

    Hey, welcome aboard!
  2. Hey, God and Jesus just can't help it if they are drama queens! Dontcha juss figger that they wuz born that way?
  3. Tsathoggua9

    The Politcs of Christianity

    Oh, for sure! I had the distinct advantage of not ever actually "buying in" to the church doctrine to begin with, and not being a part of a "hyper-christian" type family, with preachers, elders, deacons all over the goldang'd place. We were much more "on the periphery", especially me. Growin' up, most of my best friends weren't COC'ers. And I read secular books on history, paleontology, etc. But i realize that, if your family is really ensconced within the leadership structure of the "one true church", it must be indescribably difficult to leave the nuttery behind.
  4. Tsathoggua9

    The Politcs of Christianity

    I went to the Hendersonville Church of Christ and the Crieve Hall Church of Christ, both in the Nashville, Tennessee area. They were both big enough congregations that there were actually many different sorts of people in them. Not all were so "churched up". So, yeah, goin' ta hell, an' all that.... Don't get me wrong -- I knew people who were much more fanatical, as well. But I didn't spend too much time with them.
  5. Tsathoggua9

    The Politcs of Christianity

    Well, not everyone in the Church of Christ is actually that harsh and judgmental. I grew up in the "C of C", and most people that I have known are actually pretty nice. A bit too rigid and given to "black-and-white" thinking, but not as "fire-and-brimstone" as you might think.
  6. Tsathoggua9

    When Will Christians Become A Minority In The USA?

    So true!
  7. Great article! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Tsathoggua9

    When Will Christians Become A Minority In The USA?

    I'm hoping that these clumsy attempts at dominance will backfire on them!
  9. Tsathoggua9

    How Islam Infects

    Hey, now that's thinking ahead! Good fer him!
  10. Tsathoggua9

    Psychiatrist says Demonic Possession Real

    Yeah, i can understand that. Maybe...
  11. Hey, where was god during this crazy fiasco? Oh wait -- maybe the pastor was being punished because he was doin' the baptisms all wrong! Yeah, I'm bettin' that's right.....
  12. Yeah, I can see this really goin' off the rails!
  13. Tsathoggua9

    Another Rant... Republianity.

    Same, here! But my family weren't so "religious" about it. My mom liked some democrats, as well.
  14. Tsathoggua9

    Another Rant... Republianity.

    Well, all I can say to this is -- "YUCK!!" Yeah, I know, I should strive to be a bit more articulate....