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    I am a library assistant at Vanderbilt University. Have been agnostic for several years now.

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  1. Tsathoggua9

    Are All Sins Equal?

    Ya know, I always wondered about this, myself. Most people can be cool with never murdering, or even doin' anything vaguely homosexual or thereabouts. But what if they gossip, are unnecessarily cruel, don't feed the hungry or clothe the nekkid, or just eat a bit too much? That's fallin' short, ain't it? Aw, God gonna zap 'em!
  2. Tsathoggua9

    The Bicameral Mind

    But maybe, just maybe, he did work his holy magnificent god-mojo to get them a decent place ta park their damm car....
  3. Tsathoggua9

    The Bicameral Mind

    Yeah, I always wondered about the folks that claimed that Jesus replied to them, got them good parking spaces, etc.
  4. Tsathoggua9


  5. I figure that some of the cleverest nephilim used their jumping skills during the flood, leaping sky-high and then hanging on to the goldang'd firmament, until the rain subsided.
  6. Tsathoggua9

    The Dead Rise!

    Yeah, it is a great little story about a mini-zombie apocalypse, nothing more.
  7. Tsathoggua9

    Did you actually know God, before giving up?

    I gotta admit, deep down, I never really took it that seriously. So it actually would be accurate for someone to say, "You were never a real Christian anyway."
  8. Tsathoggua9

    The Stupidity of Attributing Luck to Godliness

    Finally, someone who understands!
  9. Tsathoggua9

    Republicans in trouble

    Good news!
  10. Tsathoggua9

    The Stupidity of Attributing Luck to Godliness

    Oh yeah, I definitely realize that! Sad but true....
  11. Tsathoggua9

    The Stupidity of Attributing Luck to Godliness

    Oh yeah, very egocentric perspective! God cares about me and mine, even to the detriment and destruction of my neighbors. A bit perverse, dontcha think?
  12. Tsathoggua9

    Joe Rogan / Robert Schoch

    I haven't read Schoch in many years, but i always found his ideas intriguing!
  13. Hey, good news! Nifty!
  14. Yeah, this is typical! So many of these anti-gay dolts are railing against their innermost desires, it seems. Just come outta the damm closet, already!