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  1. Yes, you are likely correct about that!
  2. Tsathoggua9

    This really happened...????

    Oh yeah, it will take a while for the situation to improve, for sure!
  3. Tsathoggua9

    This really happened...????

    The Republican party nowadays is a bizarre mishmash of true-believers (mostly Evangelicals) and those willing to use the true-believin' Christians in order to achieve political power. A sad state of affairs, but it ain't goin' away, anytime soon!
  4. Tsathoggua9

    Are atheists happy

    I have always been a happy person.
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    New Fast Radio Bursts Detected

    Oh yeah, i heard about this the other day. Fascinating!
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  7. I read both Monroe and Laberge. I did lucid dreaming and astral projection as a teenager in the 1970s, but never experienced anything truly veridical. So, while I can't confirm that one can actually project one's consciousness outside the body, I can report that the experiences were quite a bit of fun! Sadly, after my teenage years, the ability faded....
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    Radin is a pretty fascinating fellow!
  9. I attended David Lipscomb High School from 1977 to 1979, and then David Lipscomb College from 1979 to 1983. They are definitely fundamentalist, and run by the Church of Christ. I actually had a pretty good time there, but it would have been much better for me to have attended a more conventional university. I can't believe that I chose Lipscomb over Columbia University! Silly me.....
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    Are "pro-life" christians short-sighted?

    Yup, my thoughts exactly!
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    Persecution is baked in.

    Oh boy, that's nuts! Extra-special blend of crazy-sauce, for sure.
  12. Tsathoggua9

    Persecution is baked in.

    Are you saying that this guy, Andrew Wommack, claimed to be able to raise people from the dead?
  13. Oh yeah, I can certainly see a COC'er preacher-man sayin' something like that. And of course it would be said in the most "loving" manner imaginable. Because, feelings, y'know?
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    It is truly sickening that these evil little shits can make so much money out of their imbecilic followers!
  15. "There's no such thing as an ex-Christian. You were just an atheist who went to church and sang hymns and read the Bible and prayed. How can you stop being a Christian after reading the Bible and learning about how Jesus died for your sins. TRUE faith doesn't just UP and LEAVE you. God didn't answer your prayers? It's because you prayed wrong. Learn how to pray correctly and try it again. It doesn't matter that you can't make it to church because your car broke down. You can WALK ten miles every Sunday morning. It doesn't matter that you can't attend church two blocks away because it's old and the mildew gives you breathing problems. I have breathing problems and I still go to that old church, because I love Jesus. Yeah it makes me cough like crazy but I don't care because the only thing that matters is Jesus. It doesn't matter that going to church makes you anxious or if the sermon is depressing. I don't care that you found scientific evidence that we evolved from other hominids and weren't humans to start with. I don't care If another religion better suits your lifestyle and makes you feel mentally and physically good. If you focused more on Jesus and less on yourself, you would still be a Christian. If you're an ex Christian I hate you." Wow! That's a truly astounding piece of vitriol. It actually made me almost laugh out loud when I read it.
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    Sh** christians have said to you

    Oh, that's easy -- "You needed to be taught a lesson!" About sumthin or another. If'n ya had enough faith, ya could figger it all out! 😀
  17. Tsathoggua9

    Life found 2.4km deep in the earth

    Fascinating! I enjoy hearing about such discoveries. It just makes me that more excited over the prospect of extraterrestrial life. I figure that it is just a matter of time before we confirm its existence.
  18. Tsathoggua9

    Verses that bug you in the bible

    But those dead babies is in heaven, now. Dontcha git it? 😀
  19. Tsathoggua9

    Verses that bug you in the bible

    Oh, yeah! pretty damm scary verses when you think about it. So these people could do exorcisms and miracles, and yet weren't "saved". Goin' straight ta hell. Yeah, that's ridiculous!
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    so sick of facebook :P

    " But then, a few years ago, the christian noose fell around his neck and stopped the bloodflow to his brain." Hilarious and sadly accurate at the same time. Love it!
  21. Tsathoggua9

    I am me and that's enough.

    Hey, I really enjoyed reading your story. Glad that you found us!
  22. Tsathoggua9

    Mistakes you made thinking it was “non-Christian”

    Wow, fascinating stories! (Un?)fortunately), I have nothing to share regarding the topic. I partook of many "unchristian" practices with nary a shred of guilt.
  23. Tsathoggua9

    Why did she broke up with me in such a cruel and bad way?

    It won't be easy for you at first, for sure, but it will eventually get better. The "unequally-yoked" thing ruins a lot of relationships!
  24. Tsathoggua9

    Huge (I think) News from the World of Biochemistry

    Oh, that is truly fascinating news! Thanks for sharing.