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  1. Hey, weird, wild stuff, man! Glad ya got the hell outta Dodge.
  2. Oh yeah, I thought that the "Tower of Babel" story was pretty fishy, even when I was a wee lad. Oddly entertaining as a "just-so" story about the origins of language, but it exposes the so-called "lord of creation" as a paranoid, petty little twit, doesn't it?
  3. Your "preacher and the witches" story is amazing! What utter craziness! It takes a special type of person to come up with that type of brazen lie. I wonder what he was thinking?
  4. I agree! Firing seems a bit extreme. Just holding his views up to ridicule is fine.
  5. I remember chapel talks at David Lipscomb high school and college where the speaker basically eviscerated an entire religion within fifteen minutes. Not much respect for differing views, for sure!
  6. I'm going with "batshit insane" as the best descriptor of his mental faculties.
  7. You don't need to erase your memories. Just make sure to make friends with people who approach life from a non-christian perspective, read books dedicated to science and rationality, go to interesting movies, watch some good nonreligious documentaries. And try to have a hearty laugh or two every day! Don't take things too seriously, try to get some distance between your current self and your previous set of beliefs. Ya know, stuff like that......
  8. The bible is a collection of myths, just-so stories, and propaganda that was written by a motley group of men over the course of several centuries. Historically speaking, it is one of the most influential books ever. There are some facts in there, interspersed with fanciful exaggerations and outright lies by men who sought to concoct a religion (or several religions in succession). Some perhaps were sincere, while others merely sought a means with which to control others' lives. It must be studied critically, and should never again be seen as the inerrant word of a god.
  9. Wow! I think I may have forgotten how sooper-dooper Pharisaical the Church of Christ can be. I was there, but not really so "churched-up", myself. Thanks for posting; that reminds me how crazy-legalistic COC'ers can be!
  10. My mother was "Church of Christ", but not so much so that she wouldn't associate with other types of people. She was never prejudiced at all, and never minded that I had friends of various different religious and non-religious persuasions. I'm very grateful for that! When I was in college at David Lipscomb (1979-1983), some people were pretty "churched-up", but I don't remember too many people saying that they wouldn't associate or be friends with non-Christians. Most were more open-minded than that! I enjoyed palling around with my church friends post-college, but I also had others who shared my interests in comic books, science fiction, Fortean phenomena, etc. For a while there, I went to a "First Sunday" group sponsored by the "First Church Unity" in the Nashville area, and affiliated loosely with the "Institute of Noetic Sciences". That was interesting! https://www.unityofnashville.org/ https://noetic.org/
  11. Mainstream Christianity (not the fundamentalists) had to deal with the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason. Islam has not had to contend with those forces at a comparable level. I think that is the main difference, here. That being said, I have known a number of "Muslims" on a personal level that are basically reasonable people; they don't take religion that seriously, it is just their cultural background.
  12. Groovy, man! I approve wholeheartedly.
  13. So true! I read widely as a child, and this was the main reason the fundamentalist mindset promoted by the "Church of Christ" never really infected me. It was obvious from a cursory glance through the so-called "Holy Book" that the various-and-sundry writers wouldn't know science if it came up behind them and bit them on the ass.
  14. I heard this type of talk in sermons as I was growing up. I'm not sure how many people really subscribed to it literally, though. Hard to imagine!
  15. Wow, what a story! Thanks for sharing. Welcome aboard!
  16. I have my Facebook pic as my icon. That probably show you how much I care!
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