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  1. I hate that I feel like I've been contributing to the insanity in the world with my posts. Can't do it anymore. Sorry, family.
  2. Can't do it anymore. Sorry, family.
  3. The world has gone nuts. I don't feel good about the fact that my posts might have helped it along. Sorry, family.
  4. The world is going crazy, and I feel like I've helped the madness along with my posts. Sorry, family.
  5. ';';';';'

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    2. knightcore


      My upstairs neighbor has five kids and lets them run around at all hours, even if it's like three in the morning. Whenever I go up to ask for some quiet she just sends them out on the porch -_-

    3. MOHO
    4. Akheia


      My downstairs neighbors used to have the WORST knock-down drag-out fights. It didn't seem like it got physical so I just gritted my teeth and endured. Then one day I thought I heard the woman screaming for help and heard someone getting slammed up against a wall, so yeah, I called 911. The cops showed up and it turned out that the guy had been the one screaming. She got hauled off. They had two kids together (I knew of one and thought he was a toddler--they had 2, school-age) who were hearing that shit day in and day out. The cop called me later to thank me for alerting them to it; it'd started to get physical a few days earlier apparently, and she was the one doing the hitting. That was the impetus the guy needed to get his shit together and dump her for good, and it's been nice and quiet ever since. But whoa, that year beforehand... I feel ya. It's scary to be on that edge wondering if you should say something, or if doing so will just get you in deep trouble with unbalanced people later. Hang in there.

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