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  1. Jon

    Moral law

    can anyone shed some light on the moral law please
  2. Jon

    Moral law

    i'm still here folks.
  3. Are you saying, jesus never exsisted? Becauce i'm telling you I have no teeth. There is evidence for jesus exsistence, you cannot deny the fact he walked planet earth? As far as my teeth go, again i'll say I have no teeth.Now come on, no teeth on ache, lets swing this around IF jesus then maybee just maybee he was who he said he was.You see no one else but you claims i have tooth ache, no testimony, no test of time, no gospel accounts, no churches,and on and on I go. I know your question was on belief, but you have no platform, no basis or foundation, Someone said it was not a question about me, fair enough, but i'm the one who is supposed to have the tooth ache, so speaking on my teeth's behalf again I say and behold declare: I dont have teeth. How can you as a thinking person just dismiss jesus, look at his impact through the ages, you say there is no evidence, look again, look at nature, look at the darkness within. Please provide a better argument about belief, always remembering its really about faith, which you and me exercise each and every day. Thanks
  4. Actually I have no teeth. So I am telling you, I dont have toothache.
  5. So you once, believed there was a God? Now you don't believe? Great. Our belief's can go up and down, like they reside on a cosmic set of weighing scales. What you believe today about something might change tomorrow. C'mon you believed in God yourself. Remember the verse "casting down argument and reasoning, bringing such thoughts,voices to christ". As believers and ex-believers, the bible is full of warnings. What convinced you about God? what now convinces you against God. The mind is the battle ground. A spiritual person can recieve the things of God. You asked me about belief. Even the demons believe and tremble, You should know that little known vice called faith is the key. In my present situation i believe a lot of wrong things, but by faith i know God is good.
  6. Don't be so silly.You need evidence, if you ask me if I have toothache I will tell you: NO. You could ask the people around me "does Jon have/show signs of having toothache?" again the answer is No, becauce its not true. Look Jesus bore testimony of himself, the apostles bore testimony, prophets predicted jesus coming, people through the ages bore testimony, secular historians in jesus time write of him. My answer to you is: come on, get real, thanks for your question, I hope your not mocking me with your "one liners", but questions about me will never solve the "jesus" mystery.Thank you for your question.
  7. Jon

    Lets debate

    yes i'm here. With bad gramma and all.Loving jesus, God is good
  8. Jon


    Thanks L.B i will debate you if you use less words,make statements short and to the point.?
  9. Jon

    The bible

    Why is the bible, still the most selling book in history ?
  10. Jon


    Please explain radical conversions, people who fundamentally change, for the better ?
  11. Jon

    Lets debate

    I'm still here. I will stay until/if you ban me. please tell me about nachmanodis,the man who saw 10 dimensions in the book of genesis,come on people do your best. Regards jon
  12. Jon


    what do you want to play midnitrider? Do you believe the wages of sin is death?
  13. Jon


    dissilisioned , great comment,yes we wrestle not against flesh and blood...........
  14. Jon

    Lets debate

    Thanks,people.You are infact less rude than some no all christians,this is to your credit.
  15. Jon

    Lets debate

    your cheeky redneck professor,bless you
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