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  1. Years of my youth wasted while being raised by a cult who just so happens to be my own family. But also, like you, would I love to have my thousands of dollars back as well. To have had these yearly assumptions that God was on the move to make such a difference in my life--but also if I didn't give a penny was I told that my life was headed toward a path of destruction once I'd gotten older.
  2. There are many, many who've fallen prey and still lack the ability to escape but amongst those who either forever cannot, or have but it's taken a much bigger role in doing so, can you say that the difference made was not only within you but now are you also able to see life for what it truly is: Life. Welcome to Ex Christian. You're one of us now.
  3. Well said. And so clear that we needn't have a slew of religions warring against the other. In fact, i'm still trying to figure out how prayer changes things when we've yet to see where it all started to begin with.
  4. And should his mother react to your feelings toward what's literally gotten a hold to many in the world from a negative point of view, does it also serve without those choice of words that you did try. To only live once and escape what many have failed to do for obvious reasons, well, can you be blamed? Your husband understands and it isn't at all costly and even I have strong doubts that he'll allow the unproven to come between what you've both put time into. I consider this trying because from then to now were you able to look past the same pages.
  5. . .Books. I'm an avid fan of comic books (The Flash preferably) and so is he with all of his chosen favorites. .until certain villain names are mentioned. Most recently was a new enemy in Barry's universe introduced and on instance was the talk about him nulled due to my father dismissing the convo. Reason? His name is Godspeed. In the home when I was younger though we owned the 2003 Daredevil film could we only call him "DD" which to this day to me is very much ridiculous and yet hilarious as it should be. Question though. Does anyone remember how problematic Christians made owning a Pokemon
  6. See, when I gave was I, like you not only struggling but also in states of guilt and fears that should I have missed a week that hell was destined for me. I'd quickly ask my father after missing a week what I should do so the Lord didn't eye me as one of those that won't make it and each time was I told to double up on what couldn't be given the previous week which, on countless occasions did I do so. Also like you was it extremely costly when it came to my pockets but because of how entranced I was did I just give recklessly and often beyond my ten percent just eyeing the usual on my spiritua
  7. . .Welcome to EX-C Christy and easily is this in relation to where I came from. Pentecostalism well, the charismatic side of things now, to me, can be credited as one of the most laughable and just waking up was I able to see that and i'll tell you why. A good portion if not all of my family members on my father's side of the family sought to guide me and even convince me to their success that God was the answer and not at all the author of confusion so by far did I give up years of my life to this be it giving thousands of dollars to my church or even attending out of strong fears of going to
  8. Well hold on. For starters you didn't barge in at all with what you've been through. All of us have gone through these issues and some even still seek for the truth. Everything you were told by the members here I can honestly agree with. I didn't feel as if I needed that type of assistance but with time will people have to, as christians called it, 'lay your plate down' and really undergo that self-check. But see it this way. It was an episode that like us, have you emotionally sought battle with and also with ease can you power yourself out of this one. Never is it, even as years grew, has it
  9. Mmm. .yes, I agree. The drums blaring throughout the building, people shouting with praise breaks eventually making themselves known as they'd call the 'anointing' or 'the spirit of Christ' flowing within them all. As of late from the time I arrived here up to now did I take a hiatus of my own to really, really study on the religious faith, each flaw in which I soon saw for myself, were plentiful and easily do they continue to grow. I visit this topic related to where I came from still and it never fails on what's found. On March of this year was I able to realize for myself that it was indeed
  10. To not agree with this would be stupidity on my end. It's ridiculous really and now seeing where I once came from brings a more laughable approach to it; especially seeing for myself now that for years have they mistranslated their own bibles. To be presented with complete gibberish and knowing that even they haven't a clue what their saying brings out a scene of me wondering as well if. .after years of doing this whether or not they really know themselves at this point? It seems that holding ransom to a sandwich is all they have while in ignorance also is it believed strongly that an afterlif
  11. DarkFlash


    From your name to an introduction like this clearly defines your potential alone. Welcome to Ex-C and we hope for the stay alongside us all.
  12. Recently did I see for myself that i'd been deluded on that yearly basis in likeness to you about two months ago. To be a common guest here on days to weeks (though unresponsive) before growth in comfort came were those dueling decisions of finally introducing myself to Ex-C was I able to really grasp my own flaws and accept how tactical it became that I fell prey as well throughout the years. Also just journeying throughout this entire forum did it never require my own input via responsive actions but to simply read another's experience and take in each lesson learned through another's experi
  13. So many questions but very little defenses.
  14. . .Don't. To depart would be leaving behind what impacts are here and your contributions to others emotionally and such as anyone else here are your downward spirals temporary. I do not know you and vice versa, but i'm well aware of what a person is capable of amongst others who can't see their best during times like these and again can we all champion throughout these moments. In likeness to everyone else am I also dismissing what you claim now defines you in place of success and so much more on positive standards because with reason are you here. Seeing through years of lies should awaken wh
  15. To keep those in check is absolutely right. The use of a fictitious being was noticeable after my own time of moving through the book of what I once believed, and is what can be seen as of current lacks any signs of change. In fact, the usage of God most will truly use as that common excuse in why things have come up, the book of First Timothy on a person suffering alongside God. .but with what achievements? My father gave me this verse that I mentioned previously though as devoted as he'd kept himself. .no one should hear words uttered like being on the 'struggle bus'. Your tithes are paid, y
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