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  1. Years of my youth wasted while being raised by a cult who just so happens to be my own family. But also, like you, would I love to have my thousands of dollars back as well. To have had these yearly assumptions that God was on the move to make such a difference in my life--but also if I didn't give a penny was I told that my life was headed toward a path of destruction once I'd gotten older.
  2. There are many, many who've fallen prey and still lack the ability to escape but amongst those who either forever cannot, or have but it's taken a much bigger role in doing so, can you say that the difference made was not only within you but now are you also able to see life for what it truly is: Life. Welcome to Ex Christian. You're one of us now.
  3. Well said. And so clear that we needn't have a slew of religions warring against the other. In fact, i'm still trying to figure out how prayer changes things when we've yet to see where it all started to begin with.
  4. And should his mother react to your feelings toward what's literally gotten a hold to many in the world from a negative point of view, does it also serve without those choice of words that you did try. To only live once and escape what many have failed to do for obvious reasons, well, can you be blamed? Your husband understands and it isn't at all costly and even I have strong doubts that he'll allow the unproven to come between what you've both put time into. I consider this trying because from then to now were you able to look past the same pages.
  5. . .Books. I'm an avid fan of comic books (The Flash preferably) and so is he with all of his chosen favorites. .until certain villain names are mentioned. Most recently was a new enemy in Barry's universe introduced and on instance was the talk about him nulled due to my father dismissing the convo. Reason? His name is Godspeed. In the home when I was younger though we owned the 2003 Daredevil film could we only call him "DD" which to this day to me is very much ridiculous and yet hilarious as it should be. Question though. Does anyone remember how problematic Christians made owning a Pokemon game years ago? If not it's cool. Mine were trashed due to their devilish looks and spiritual influence.
  6. See, when I gave was I, like you not only struggling but also in states of guilt and fears that should I have missed a week that hell was destined for me. I'd quickly ask my father after missing a week what I should do so the Lord didn't eye me as one of those that won't make it and each time was I told to double up on what couldn't be given the previous week which, on countless occasions did I do so. Also like you was it extremely costly when it came to my pockets but because of how entranced I was did I just give recklessly and often beyond my ten percent just eyeing the usual on my spiritual location once either he came back or my end once it was time for me to go at random. Alongside my recklessness however, I do recall telling everyone during Sunday school one day that I believed in God doing so much for me that i've obsessed over giving my hundreds to thousands with the utmost of confidence that i'm destined to join him with ease in heaven and to lack of surprise did they smile. While doing so was I losing opportunities to hang out with friends, spend on myself be it hobbies or much more, and even assist with my mother with paying rent on our home. She warned me on many occasions that I was spending my money since, well? She married my father at one point and knew that side of the family whereas to my ignorance did I constantly oppose her knowledge of them such as telling her that because it was me they'd never do such things or they love me too much along with many others to take from me, clearly. But the more she and I verbally warred against each other. .did I start to make sense. When you give, as a means of thanks are you supposed to receive a certain amount as an additive once you've gotten your tax return the next year. .and that never happened with me. For your own parents to finally open your eyes to so much can seriously, with some, either leave trauma because of those years given or a means of benefit in self-realization that you can certainly move on without. So I told myself that I'd rather have lost thousands of dollars to a building made for ninja training than sacrifice not only my life? But strong interests in this world we live in. We couldn't see films because of this belief that there were devils throughout every movie theater. Tattoos weren't of God. As a means of punishment was it either the belt or writing bible scriptures. From the time us children awoke until about five or six were we fasting. Again, the ridiculousness. The benefit also with your children is that they'll be forever able to be themselves. <3
  7. . .Welcome to EX-C Christy and easily is this in relation to where I came from. Pentecostalism well, the charismatic side of things now, to me, can be credited as one of the most laughable and just waking up was I able to see that and i'll tell you why. A good portion if not all of my family members on my father's side of the family sought to guide me and even convince me to their success that God was the answer and not at all the author of confusion so by far did I give up years of my life to this be it giving thousands of dollars to my church or even attending out of strong fears of going to hell like yourself which is clear that everyone knows about. My story is also here and atheism I can now consider in trade for years of idiocy is one of the best choices i've ever made. Do I feel for them? I do. .and then I don't and my reasoning as to not is because like myself have you awoken unlike many and told yourself on many levels that it was indeed time for you to go. To have wasted and still to this day years of their lives without much thought behind it is. .saddening on many levels and I now tell myself not to stress myself against the unconvinced but to instead live on my own terms yet smile and now tell myself that i'm no longer entrapped but able to get to know me without flipping pages whilst sitting from one pew to the next to study a book full of fairy tales. Yep! Though all you can do is live your life and maintain that happiness on knowing that not only have you escaped what could have literally been the end for you and your family, but also complete ignorance toward studying Christy for herself and you're talking with someone who attended church Monday through Sunday with two services on the last day of the week. They're safe from such psychological abuse given futuristically and even they can envision success without having something called, as my choice of words have now given it; falsified faith--since what good is it if many in this world have yet to be whom they are? And this is in reference to your children. The gift of prophesy. To have fallen prey to that as well, as I further visit many years wasted from my family is also laughable. My father recently before I cut ties with him waited ten years for what was told and according to him was it from God when it came to finalizing things. But now I ask that. .if he loved us shouldn't these requests be of an instant happening with knowledge given that we only live once? So many questions with little time for many and lack of answers leave the deluded all the more not only wondrous? But mentally left with self-inflicting wounds. You did the right thing, to put things on very simple grounds. You're saved with your own special gift and not exactly would I call it what is painfully obvious that these type of churches would lay on the table after you've flipped about and spoke what many people will never understand. You woke the hell up unlike many in this world. Live. Be you fearlessly. And again dismiss idiocy in trade for uniqueness. The Holy Ghost. LOL. Right. Welcome!
  8. Well hold on. For starters you didn't barge in at all with what you've been through. All of us have gone through these issues and some even still seek for the truth. Everything you were told by the members here I can honestly agree with. I didn't feel as if I needed that type of assistance but with time will people have to, as christians called it, 'lay your plate down' and really undergo that self-check. But see it this way. It was an episode that like us, have you emotionally sought battle with and also with ease can you power yourself out of this one. Never is it, even as years grew, has it shown that you're done for. I felt the same and you know what? I'm a free man. Seth Andrews, a known Atheist also invested years into the book and yet he's smiling and also takes in willingly that he's now himself. You are who you are and more than this is enough. You're able to think, see, and even grasp what true morality is. Those sitting in a building on Sundays raising their hands with some forever condoning pure insanity inside of a book are, and until like yourself these people wake up, absolutely gone. And believe me when I tell you this. Monday through Sunday was pretty much my church schedule without a paycheck but instead given everyday cherry-picking for what reason? You can't hide self-incrimination if it's something you've promoted countrywide. It's on them, but inner demons you can say you've won over. Welcome to Ex-Christian.
  9. Mmm. .yes, I agree. The drums blaring throughout the building, people shouting with praise breaks eventually making themselves known as they'd call the 'anointing' or 'the spirit of Christ' flowing within them all. As of late from the time I arrived here up to now did I take a hiatus of my own to really, really study on the religious faith, each flaw in which I soon saw for myself, were plentiful and easily do they continue to grow. I visit this topic related to where I came from still and it never fails on what's found. On March of this year was I able to realize for myself that it was indeed time to go and yes, i'd be a liar to say things were just. .of relative ease. To escape the mental duels of seeing hell, God's return from the heavens, certain shows I couldn't watch, no longer giving my tithes and offering and most of all not attending church. Blow after blow were these thoughts taking toll emotionally and easily without fail, so I began to look into my faith. YouTube, I must say, began to assist strongly as the pivotal role toward soon opening 'the gates of thanksgiving' so to speak and most of all wiki pages on unraveling what i'll always call, and have called throughout this forum--the deluded amongst many. Sorrowful it is, but what you can tell yourself now is that though like myself that you fell prey can you now relive and truly know who Enlightenednow is and might I add, that with time even your son based on strengthened influence from you alone can also see things from a more. .clearer sky. I can honestly say that for him will it not exactly take long since even a child can locate nonsense no matter how far the distance and this goes for those sandwiches held at ransom as they've called for many years 'the book of truth, a source for the aftermath or this journey to the promise land' even. While you walk into that church or any, always ask yourself this from a very simple view. "Why?" In closing, you could tell yourself these words. "Each time billions walk into those buildings of choice, they're condoning so much evil without true knowledge of themselves no matter what bible is of choice. Lost are these people but never will I be." Or to simplify as well: ". .They've lost grasp of who they are.'" And not at all a means of revisiting how you fell prey, since it is the past now and you've done what most have either failed to do, or never will think to do and that's trade faith for a reality check. Each time you step into those doors (temporarily) for the sake of your child tell yourself each time that he'll see for himself and throughout his youth up to now he'll no longer allow one religion among over one thousand to conquer his way of thinking or freedom in likeness to myself. If I can do this then so can he. You're done and so is your son. You made the best decision that'll give you guys a much better future and also i'll recommend? Go on YouTube also and watch how parents like yourself and even others there became Atheists. It'll make quite a bit of sense and some could mirror your ways. Remember. It was right, not regretful. Welcome to Ex-Christian.
  10. To not agree with this would be stupidity on my end. It's ridiculous really and now seeing where I once came from brings a more laughable approach to it; especially seeing for myself now that for years have they mistranslated their own bibles. To be presented with complete gibberish and knowing that even they haven't a clue what their saying brings out a scene of me wondering as well if. .after years of doing this whether or not they really know themselves at this point? It seems that holding ransom to a sandwich is all they have while in ignorance also is it believed strongly that an afterlife exists.
  11. DarkFlash


    From your name to an introduction like this clearly defines your potential alone. Welcome to Ex-C and we hope for the stay alongside us all.
  12. Recently did I see for myself that i'd been deluded on that yearly basis in likeness to you about two months ago. To be a common guest here on days to weeks (though unresponsive) before growth in comfort came were those dueling decisions of finally introducing myself to Ex-C was I able to really grasp my own flaws and accept how tactical it became that I fell prey as well throughout the years. Also just journeying throughout this entire forum did it never require my own input via responsive actions but to simply read another's experience and take in each lesson learned through another's experience. So, very much has it been successfully influencing for me to remain here. Even in the midst of my research was I able to see how fallacious things were while also remembering these overnight shut ins of having to stay in church and pace back and forth between pews and pointlessly pray with strong hopes that changes would someday arrive, give up immense amounts of cash with guilt eating me alive if I didn't give the first week so within was it an instant reminder that I needed to double up on what was given, and the list goes on because of the delusion itself. Very much are you welcomed because well, like us have you awoken and you're able to become whom you truly are without clinging to what is falsified on mental standards which is unfortunate toward today's society. I point this out due to how much of a hindrance it's become for many with how they've never sought to clash with themselves but instead whom they've created themselves being various concepts of what Satan is supposed to be and not at all taking in knowledge that it's instead. .who they are. The point however is that we're all happy that you've walked and you're someone new. Again, welcome and I hope it's a place that further assists in many smiles futuristically for you.
  13. So many questions but very little defenses.
  14. . .Don't. To depart would be leaving behind what impacts are here and your contributions to others emotionally and such as anyone else here are your downward spirals temporary. I do not know you and vice versa, but i'm well aware of what a person is capable of amongst others who can't see their best during times like these and again can we all champion throughout these moments. In likeness to everyone else am I also dismissing what you claim now defines you in place of success and so much more on positive standards because with reason are you here. Seeing through years of lies should awaken what is currently felt on that eventual plane so a worrisome mindset shouldn't conquer what strengths are within. Should the decision come to pass just know that you're more than welcome to make your presence known once more and you're left with a family. Until then, don't follow your own bliss, but instead be your own bliss. No matter what is chosen on your part--you will be missed and for those who you've decided to actually leave for, i'll suggest to let them come to those conclusions in terms of what is felt. Never walk from your best and clearly, it's what you are.
  15. To keep those in check is absolutely right. The use of a fictitious being was noticeable after my own time of moving through the book of what I once believed, and is what can be seen as of current lacks any signs of change. In fact, the usage of God most will truly use as that common excuse in why things have come up, the book of First Timothy on a person suffering alongside God. .but with what achievements? My father gave me this verse that I mentioned previously though as devoted as he'd kept himself. .no one should hear words uttered like being on the 'struggle bus'. Your tithes are paid, you have your family, you're pointlessly shutting in while pacing back and forth overnight in church to pray in hopes that things change; not knowing that it's a natural thing as anyone with common sense would soon realize once they've grasped themselves in seeing who they are. Self credibility becomes very poor because of that strengthened source of indoctrination no matter how many times church is attended or whom they're listening to be it podcasts or anyone religious so very much is this agreeable which could also tie into why 'Prayer Changes Things' can be seen. Ridiculous but it's. .what they believe yes? Each time are Christians placed on that counterbalance with us non-believers but forever will they deny what is often called 'claims' when in truth it's their losses on time.
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