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  1. BroTom


    Thanks, sounds like even I can do it. I'll try that
  2. BroTom


    Yes, that's it.
  3. BroTom


    I'm kind of old and tech-rusty. Was wondering how to put a picture under my name. Thanks
  4. I went to a Jesuit university for one year. The president of the university came to my dorm's beer bash. My physics professor (not a priest) would lead us in a hail Mary at the beginning of class. One time he said he went to confession after he'd graded the midterms.
  5. BroTom

    Lame Jokes

    Wow.......did you type all of those in?
  6. BroTom

    Shared Experiences and Hello

    Thanks.....I'll put that on my already-too-long reading list
  7. BroTom

    He is risen! Bad grammar, imo.

    He is risen. April Fool's!
  8. BroTom

    Lame Jokes

    Q: Why are soldiers so tired on April Fool's Day? A: They just finished a 31 day march.
  9. BroTom

    Shared Experiences and Hello

    Welcome! Hope you find a lot of things you can relate to here. I'd take one of your statements a step further and say guts are emotions (viscera&visceral) (sp?) Tom
  10. .....if you see a teenager wearing a WWJD bracelet and think Hmmm there goes another member of World Wide Juvenile Delinquents
  11. BroTom

    Mental Illness

    My religious delusion was a textbook case! When visiting someone there was a diagnostic manual on the coffee table. Flipping through it, I found 'Thinks he has a special relationship with God'. I told myself that I really do have a special relationship and the people who write this stuff have mysticism envy.
  12. BroTom

    Mental Illness

    My early manic episodes were mostly religious delusions. During the third or fourth go-round, the "spiritual gifts" included reading minds and seeing into the future. Didn't think it was any special powers, just matter-of-fact. In the midst of it all I had a very brief inclination that maybe this is bogus. After some time went by, maybe two months, and the future didn't play out the way I knew it would, the whole belief system started to crumble.
  13. BroTom

    Boring Post Thread

    My composition & rhetoric text (45 yrs ago) criticized the use of 'non-dairy' as an adjective
  14. BroTom


    Thanks Geezer (from one to another) Tom
  15. BroTom


    Haven't been around for a while, ready to get back in. I've started to notice in the news, people calling out the evangelicals. Michael Steele, former chairman of the RNC, said that not only have they drunk the Kool-Aid, but stuck in an IV. Don't know that it will make any difference, other than backlash, but I was happy to hear it. Tom