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  1. BroTom


    Thanks, sounds like even I can do it. I'll try that
  2. BroTom


    Yes, that's it.
  3. BroTom


    I'm kind of old and tech-rusty. Was wondering how to put a picture under my name. Thanks
  4. I went to a Jesuit university for one year. The president of the university came to my dorm's beer bash. My physics professor (not a priest) would lead us in a hail Mary at the beginning of class. One time he said he went to confession after he'd graded the midterms.
  5. I usually don't feel like doing the tearing apart and putting back together. But in the end it's totally worth it.
  6. That could be dangerous. After 30 years of 'getting on with my life', I ended up completely miserable in my retirement. Eventually I concluded that a remnant of my (former) belief in hell destined me to come to a horrendous end. Feeling much better now! Even after rejecting original sin, I still tended to think of myself as a terrible person...etc. I find it's important to dredge up the unspoken underlying assumptions of it all.
  7. Don't think it's ever cured, even by Jesus. For me, Jesus causes a relapse (chicken/egg?)
  8. Wow.......did you type all of those in?
  9. Thanks.....I'll put that on my already-too-long reading list
  10. Q: Why are soldiers so tired on April Fool's Day? A: They just finished a 31 day march.
  11. Welcome! Hope you find a lot of things you can relate to here. I'd take one of your statements a step further and say guts are emotions (viscera&visceral) (sp?) Tom
  12. My religious delusion was a textbook case! When visiting someone there was a diagnostic manual on the coffee table. Flipping through it, I found 'Thinks he has a special relationship with God'. I told myself that I really do have a special relationship and the people who write this stuff have mysticism envy.
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