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    Thanks, sounds like even I can do it. I'll try that
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    Yes, that's it.
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    I'm kind of old and tech-rusty. Was wondering how to put a picture under my name. Thanks
  4. I went to a Jesuit university for one year. The president of the university came to my dorm's beer bash. My physics professor (not a priest) would lead us in a hail Mary at the beginning of class. One time he said he went to confession after he'd graded the midterms.
  5. I usually don't feel like doing the tearing apart and putting back together. But in the end it's totally worth it.
  6. That could be dangerous. After 30 years of 'getting on with my life', I ended up completely miserable in my retirement. Eventually I concluded that a remnant of my (former) belief in hell destined me to come to a horrendous end. Feeling much better now! Even after rejecting original sin, I still tended to think of myself as a terrible person...etc. I find it's important to dredge up the unspoken underlying assumptions of it all.
  7. Don't think it's ever cured, even by Jesus. For me, Jesus causes a relapse (chicken/egg?)
  8. Wow.......did you type all of those in?
  9. Thanks.....I'll put that on my already-too-long reading list
  10. Q: Why are soldiers so tired on April Fool's Day? A: They just finished a 31 day march.
  11. Welcome! Hope you find a lot of things you can relate to here. I'd take one of your statements a step further and say guts are emotions (viscera&visceral) (sp?) Tom
  12. My religious delusion was a textbook case! When visiting someone there was a diagnostic manual on the coffee table. Flipping through it, I found 'Thinks he has a special relationship with God'. I told myself that I really do have a special relationship and the people who write this stuff have mysticism envy.
  13. My early manic episodes were mostly religious delusions. During the third or fourth go-round, the "spiritual gifts" included reading minds and seeing into the future. Didn't think it was any special powers, just matter-of-fact. In the midst of it all I had a very brief inclination that maybe this is bogus. After some time went by, maybe two months, and the future didn't play out the way I knew it would, the whole belief system started to crumble.
  14. My composition & rhetoric text (45 yrs ago) criticized the use of 'non-dairy' as an adjective
  15. Haven't been around for a while, ready to get back in. I've started to notice in the news, people calling out the evangelicals. Michael Steele, former chairman of the RNC, said that not only have they drunk the Kool-Aid, but stuck in an IV. Don't know that it will make any difference, other than backlash, but I was happy to hear it. Tom
  16. Thanks, DarkBishop
  17. Hi SherpaJones Welcome.....I hope you find the support you're looking for here. It was painful reading your story. I think you're very strong to have recovered to a remarkable degree after such a devastating start to life. Look forward to more posts from you. Tom
  18. Hi Dark Bishop I love your post. If nothing else you've convinced me to finally get around to checking out this Matrix movie. My favorite part of your testimony is where your family is first and foremost now. I never really bonded with my parents and that was a loss for all of us. I decided at age 8 to protect myself from ever being connected with anyone. My emerging conception of spirituality now has to do with being connected--to the Earth, humanity and the universe. I mean connected in a completely natural way. For my early-stage purpose, spirituality means whatever anyone wants it to mean for him/her/them/self. One thing I'm doing is revisiting my old sensations of "the presence of the lord". I'm trying to re-interpret them to fit into my new perspective. Hope to have some of those re-interpretations to report in the future. When I think deeply, I can still feel a presence. Now I see the presence as myself teaching me that I was always connected. And now that I'm starting to have half an ounce of awareness, I can foster and appreciate my pursuit of connection. Yes, I know that connecting with people sometimes brings pain. Won't try to explain that, I just accept it as part of the deal for now. That's as far as I've gotten. Tom
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    Hello all

    Hi Gageman........welcome. I'm kind of new here too. I am in awe of you for taking charge of your own beliefs in early adolescence! I was a much slower learner. Maybe not now, but some day in the future, you will be able to look back and appreciate what an accomplishment that was. Your post sort of forced me to look back and remember how painful the teenage years were. That's a good thing because it also makes me appreciate that I survived it and then moved on to my own adult life. If there's anything I'd like to say to you it's to please think and work towards laying the groundwork for your independent adulthood that is coming up before you know it. Please try to focus on the hope that your life is going to get a whole lot better. Hope you stick around. Tom
  20. Congratulations, Nightowl, at the moment I'm writing this, you have twice as many likes as posts. Special congratulations on taking charge of your beliefs at age 18. Hope you stick around to take advantage of all the knowledge and wisdom here. I also enjoyed studying linear algebra and differential equations. For me, math adds a rich layer of appreciation towards understanding how everything works. Best wishes. Tom
  21. Don't forget to add some grain alcohol (Wholly Spirit) to that Zoda Pop
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