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  1. Genesis 5

    You not only have to answer the challenge, you have to do your own research to find out what is. LOL! Apparently the non-Christians have to go the "extra mile"?
  2. How Some Theologians Realized There Is No God

    That's what they all say - until it happens to THEM.
  3. It seems to me, after much argumentation, and viewing other's debates, that the last gasp for Christian apologetics is usually the supposed evidence for the resurrection, and when pressed because there really is none, the question of why the disciples would suffer martyrdom for what they would have "known was a lie"? This is usually the place where any extensive, general debate ends up. Of course, Christians here assume the legends concerning the disciple's deaths are true and they also assume there would be no other psychological motive for them becoming martyrs (if indeed they did) other than that they knew, firsthand, that the gospel story was true. What is the real lowdown on the historicity of the disciples and their fate? Is there enough evidence to conclude they DID actually become martyrs or is it even unproven that they existed in the first place?