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    I am a former Christian who is still struggling even saying that I am no longer a Christian. I have been reading posts on this website and they have been very helpful to me.

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  1. Thanks Dan Forsman. Lurking on this site has been rewarding, so I expect as I take the next step to be more active will be much more rewarding. Questioner
  2. Thank you ThereandBackAgain. That is exactly what I do - I travel to places through the internet and go to school. I'm so glad it is available now. Why was it that after I rejected the idea of hell I was still tormented by the fear of going there if I rejected christianity? The brainwashing really is powerful. You are right - I won't be posting as much as I want - but I will continue to participate by following the conversations. Questioner
  3. Riven, thanks for the welcome. Lerk, I'm sorry to hear about your wife - it's a hard disease to live with - and I mean both for you and for her. As far as the depression - it could be both a trigger and exacerbate her condition. Same with the fibro - it has other main causes, but stress can trigger it in the beginning and will trigger fibro flares. So getting away from anything that causes stress (such as religion) can help with the symptoms. I wish I could give you good advice, but if I had any I wouldn't be sick myself. Good luck to both of you. I also hope I can
  4. sdelsolray - I love that quote, it is so true. My husband grew up with a Catholic father and a Lutheran mother and was brought to both churches. He figured out as a child that it was all bullshit. Questioner
  5. Welcome to Ex-C. I'm so sorry to hear about your job in a christian school. That will make things harder for you if you cannot find an alternative position. What helped me at the beginning when I was having a lot of cognitive dissonance, I would come home every evening and get on this or other ex-c-type websites and read obsessively. For awhile after reading my thoughts would feel less crazy. Good luck with your process. Questioner
  6. Thanks everyone for your kind welcomes. MOHO - there's a lot less stress in my life since I finally found peace. And yes it is much better for my health and energy. Josh - yesterday I saw your post about comparative religions and my eyes lit up. I am very interested in this topic and it has been on my list to study. So, yes I will be there. Thanks for the reminder. Questioner
  7. Hi all! I finally decided I had better introduce myself. I am 63 years old and am disabled (I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia). I was born to Christian parents, and raised in a conservative evangelical church – at least it wasn’t a fundamental church. When I was 8 years old I said the sinner’s prayer and became saved. I loved god so much! I loved going to church – my deconversion did not have anything to do with my experiences at church. When I was a teenager the charismatic movement came to my church – which was absolutely wonderful. I started going to a cha
  8. Riven - this is a great rant. You hit all the points and wrote it so clearly. Good job!
  9. Oh. My. God! I haven't laughed so hard in years! Thanks for sharing.
  10. I just read this and I can't believe it - I think I'm still in a state of shock. I've mostly been lurking here, so people don't know me, but I feel like I know some of you pretty good by reading your posts. Those posts have been very important to me and have helped me a lot. BAA was one of those people that I paid a lot of attention to his posts, and enjoyed them a lot. His understanding of science and his use of logic have been so valuable. I feel like a really big hole has been left here by his loss. He will be so missed.
  11. Seajay, This is my first post - wanted to post an introduction first, but then I saw this and just had to reply to you - I hope you are still out there and will see this. Like you, I went through a period of severe anxiety and obsessed about what was true. I had quit going to church years before this, and lived in limbo - not able to call myself a christian, but also not able to say I was not a christian out of fear. I had a lot of anger when anyone brought up the subject of god. Then I hit this period of severe anxiety. I felt like I HAD to have an answer. I could
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