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  1. Fuck you people!

    Enough said.
  2. Why Bad Stuff Happens

    He who why's last why's the longest. No, but why Because everyone gets alot of runs in reality, over and over we go and land only where life goes. Everyone wins!
  3. Trip the square's

    You Ex's stuck at church because of unforseen circumstances, why don't we think of funny shit we can do to trip the square's out.
  4. Why Bad Stuff Happens

    Why does bad stuff happen? Depends if you see things in negative ways or positive ways, or you choose to see things neither of those ways.
  5. My 2 cents

    Yeah, but it's over now.
  6. A Discussion of the Cosmological Argument

    I have idea's, theories maybe. I couldn't read your whole post in one go, a dysfunction of the brain caused by a learning black out from Christianity. In fact I can retain more information now than when I was a Christian. Ok, I'll have to write my ideas out little by little. It might take more than one post, and I'll have to explain more if anyone needs clarification. I'll start by saying life maybe the cause of our known universe, which is not any type of God as I see it. I generally think that this universe isn't life itself. Granted we are alive, but alive in a system I call reality. Now I'm only using a language here that is suited around our primitive brain (So forgive me if it sounds fantastic) So life is the architect of the know "Reality" not the universe. And reality creates subjects (Organic beings) for the purpose of learning. In my years I have heard many people refer to the known world and universe being made up of different types of chemical composition's (Relationships) Now relationships are key here, for instance the sun is in a mass chemical relationship. Our body's are in a chemical relationship. Everything you can think of is taking and lending, destroying and creating, sustaining and exhausting in a chemical process. So ill stop here. But there is more. Ideas though.
  7. Christian music crush

  8. Just thinking

    The holo universe.
  9. Just thinking

    If I can get around to it I will.
  10. My 2 cents

    I was so dopey once to believe Jesus words were all original.
  11. My 2 cents

    Yeah, who knows who that guy actually was. Christians are sure who, but the new testament doesn't really paint a coherent picture. No wonder there's so many different faiths within their religion. As the unknown Jesus said "A house divided against itself, will not stand" But I think we know that already, we didn't need someone to tell us.
  12. My 2 cents

    No my friend I don't believe in Jesus truth claims, just some stuff he said works. But anyone could arrive as such conclusions about life. I say Jesus was a real person, because it takes a real person to create a belief system to fuck shit up. Collateral damage is a big chunk of evidence for me to know someone was Jesus to start this whole thing that's set our world adrift into madness.
  13. My 2 cents

    Jesus is a real dude or was, otherwise Christianity would have fizzed out long ago with all our elephant Gods. Just because Jesus was real doesn't make him special, and his special knowledge is just common sense. It's not like any of us can't over come his mighty truth.
  14. My 2 cents

    Actually Jesus was no radical teacher, he only drew his wisdom from observing what any person can know. In fact without his so called powers he was a very lousy person.
  15. My 2 cents

    So God had to tell himself what he already knew.