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  1. You know what...forget you guys. I dont need to prove anything to you. Dont worry about who I am and where I come from. I dont need to do ANYTHING for you. I dont need to cowtow to you. I dont need to report to you. If you're all going to approach me with a "better than you" attitude, then terminate my account now. I came here to find out information from YOU ALL. I dont need to answer to ANY of you. We're done here folks.
  2. Hello folks. I want to plant this seed here...ask ANY questions about Christianity you want here. This is for both non-believers and believers. I will give you an unbiased, wise, educated answer. My objective isn't to create a convert, although...if any answers seem to make you consider a different way of thinking, great. So, ask away. About the bible...Jesus...the apostles...Paul...the Old Testament...New Testament. BUT I PREFACE: Christianty and the CATHOLIC CHURCH are NOT the same. One is real, the other is an illegitimate world governing construct (And dont be cute and say both).
  3. I understand. Life is an eternal struggle, Christian or not Christian. A quotation from Matthew 5:45 NASB - for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. Interesting question...my whole aspect is to seek the truth. Indeed, the aspect of self vs God seems to be foreign. I had followed them in pursuit of the truth. The truth seems to be in the total denial of self. I may have said I was a "genius" of some sort in my intro thread, but in the end, we all die, and return to dust. I keep having faith, so to speak, because I feel, in my spirit, that I have not yet found the truth. As to why I believe in God? I frankly do not have any concise, valid reason. I will not pretend to be a bible thumper (I never liked them)...it all comes down to truth. Something, or someone created life. To say God does not exist, in of itself, is a choice of belief, thus rendering Atheism a paradox. At the very least, Agnosticism should be the unbeliever's standard...there IS something out there, that is beyond justification of empirical evidence. Metaphysics...is what the nonbelievers would describe the study of the spiritual and temporal aspects of life. But I reiterate...I am not here to spread the gospel, thump the bible, or convert anyone. You are here because you choose to believe what you believe, and I respect your choice. I have yet to fully reconcile my own perspectives. I, myself, continue to believe, because of my desire for the absolute truth. True Christianity also acknowledges the historical books of Judaism, specifically the Torah (First five books of the Christian Old Testament) and the Tanakh (Rest of the Christian Old Testament). Islam is ridiculous, plain and simple. This, for me, leaves Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Mythology, Gnosticism, and the Mystic faiths as points of reference (For your consideration, you can say God doesn't exist, but LUCIFER/SATAN definitely does, and those of Satanic cults or Luciferian secret societies dominate all levels of government and business. Just a thought for consideration. I do not worship Lucifer/Satan). INDEED, you are also right...people get money, wealth, and power, and hate their lives even more. As you say, so it is. The only successes are self-made successes. The ones who inherited money...the trust fund babies and such...lose it in one to two generations, most of the time. You didn't hear it from me...but the Vanderbilts are an example of a family line that lost their wealth in three generations. So why am I here? I want a different opinion. To your defense, you all are smarter than 95% of most typical Christians. As another reminder, I was BANNED from four different Christian forums/chatsites, and I'm a born again Christian. What do ex-christians and "alternate" believers view success as?
  4. I want it all now. As a 28 year old, I want to be free. I dream of being free...free from trading time for dollars, free from having to kiss up to a boss, free from trying to run in circles. I want total control of my life, on my terms. In Christianity, this isn't possible. Many are called to lay down their life for Christ...that is, to give up the desires of self for the sake of accepting Jesus Christ and entering into relationship with him. While some can do that, some, like me, arent sold on it. But to answer "What's my hurry?" ... great question, btw...no one ever asked me that... I just want it all. I know it exists. I know people who HAVE IT. I want to be able to own it.
  5. On it. I will do a SWOT. I will also work on being an arsehole. I wasn't always one. As for hard work, I can keep at it.
  6. Ambition. Desire. Passion. In person, I am a very passionate forceful man. I am full of fire. I am a bloodhound. I fight.
  7. Indeed. This lines up with my experience. The patience is the tough part. I also worked harder than most...recently, have leveraged a temp agency to get better quality jobs, but it's been tough. I exercise, and I read like an animal. (Now, did you mean education as in "degrees" or education as in "read books and listen to successful people?") The sex...unfortunately...I am both a nerd and an asshole. Haven't broken ground yet. The lack of money doesn't help either. What can a guy who has nothing do to get back everything?
  8. I forget this is not a Christian server. Alright, rephrase: How does one bounce back from years of failures, attempts at winning, and general running-in-circles? How does one rise from failure to success?
  9. I'm here for a certain reason. Unlike my Christian brothers and sisters, I question everything. I want to know why things work, and how they work. Simply put, who is successful here, and how can I "succeed"? Where's the money; the restoration; the recovery? At the same time, if I see that non-Christians have no answer like actual Christians, I may have to retreat and pull back.
  10. I see. Maybe that's it. Then I guess I failed and made bad decisions. I came to Christianity to seek Jesus to fix everything. That did not work. I guess it's as simple as a positive attitude, then.
  11. Fair enough. I doubt any other Christian who would join this site would say what I've said, let alone continue. Simple answer: How? How do you? How did you? What did you do? Christians keep telling me "Jesus is everything". I want to kick them in the teeth. What makes you different
  12. Something Christians can't seem to answer: What? How? Where? When? Why? If you're being facetious, then why do you doubt my sincerity?
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