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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5857677/Psychiatrist-professor-says-demonic-possession-real-witnessing-exorcisms-25-years.html what if I’m wrong about not believing? I’m scared.
  2. religion elevates a non-thinking position as the desired state to be in. It then shames you for asking logical questions. THIS
  3. sdelsolray, because it can be therapeutic. To be in a sea of people who all say ‘saying this shit is normal’ can be crazy making. Having other people acknowledge it is batshit can be very validating.
  4. I’m chewing through all these responses but I’m typing on a phone so will be brief. Thanks again for the support. My child is actually now a teen. I’ve lied to her saying we don’t go to church because it’s boring. Not that it’s bullshit. She didn’t mind and I feel she never bought into it (clever girl) even though we were doing mid week bible study and the whole shebang. I had my child outside of wedlock (grab your fainting couch) and was divorced after an abusive relationship. I live in a liberal part of the country. If I now add atheist to the list I’m pretty much don
  5. Thanks for your thoughtful answer LogicalF. I know my parents, extended family and Christian friends wholeheartedly believe that saying you are not Christian means you are • promiscuous • sleep with people’s husbands • have an abortion once a week • steal • lie and be dishonest whenever there’s a chance • do drugs They will be scared for their kids to be around me.
  6. Thanks for the answers. I already live 2 hours away and am just vague and evasive about church topics. I have not been to church for 2 years. She does not know we don’t go at all. When she asks ‘what was church about ‘ I say, oh I overslept and didn’t make it or some bs like that.
  7. It made no sense to me that god would create people knowing ahead of time (you know, that whole omniscient thing) that they would go to hell. The answer I got to that was that Well, some go to heaven so why take that away from THEM. Also that God is a righteous god and it is showing his zero tolerance towards evil and that he is amazing. That kind of mental gymnastics was hard to deal with.
  8. My face is actually getting all hot thinking about all that shit I believed.
  9. Young earth creationist. I’m mortified I talked that shit to people. Dinosaur bones explained away with some bullshit.
  10. How can you say ‘Jesus died for you’ when he would have died anyway? It’s like the folks at McDonalds sulking that you didn’t have a burger ‘they cooked specially for you’ when you know it’s just a standard Big Mac.
  11. Hey there ex-ch family. My parents are deep into the church, Grandfather was a minister, all that jazz. Everything that comes from their mouths is a biblical platitude or homily. I’ve been in the closet about my atheism. Mainly because it will start them on a campaign to ‘win me back for Christ’ and also because it will genuinely break my mum’s heart. She will start ‘endless prayer and supplication’ until I say I’m born again again. I’ve been lying, being evasive for years now, but it means I can’t be honest with my child as she parrots everything to the old
  12. I am so cross. I just googled ‘deconversion’ and one of the top results is an article by a Pastor saying that stories such as ours are not targeted at non-Christians, but are a strategy by atheists to lure the faithful away. It denies our truth. It paints us as demonic and plotting. I hate this twisted Christian thinking. I suppose that article also steers the faithful away from reading information like what can be found here, and from seeing we don’t have horns, but were just like them, asking the same questions they are.
  13. I’m just realising this and I don’t know if it can be undone. Reading the bible and sermons and thinking ‘well, that’s stupid’ (cursing fig trees etc.) but within a split second quashing that thought. I’m wrong I’m sinful I’m not spiritual enough to understand properly Why isn’t the Holy Spirit telling me what to do Also when someone does me wrong turning the other cheek and just forgiving instead of feeling angry with just cause and distancing myself from people who don’t have my best interests at heart. I’ve squashed those ins
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