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  1. Hello, dearest Ex-C friends! I logged in the other day and responded to a few posts, I was so happy to see some familiar names and received a few messages of greeting from some old friends. For those of you I have not met or interacted with, this post will hopefully bring you some hope, peace, and encouragement. Here is my original post, so long ago. I have had years now to really sift through my upbringing and some of the lasting scars I will carry with me because of the brand of Christianity that was imposed on me. Everyone here was right, it gets so much better! If you are where I was so l
  2. Mrjukes21, Oh my goodness gracious, I can so relate with you (you can find posts on here where I battled with this same fear several years ago) and I PROMISE YOU this gets better. You just have to stick it out, you've been indoctrinated, other humans have told you things that they have NO WAY of verifying until they die and find out for themselves. Remember that. Anyone who claims to have an answer to this is full of shit. 1) I comforted myself a lot, in the beginning of my deconversion, by reminding myself that "If I really was saved, I couldn't go to hell by seeking t
  3. How interesting. I think what you're saying points to a larger, broader theme I've been thinking about lately of our choice in life to either take care of ourselves or expect/demand that someone else take care of us. Taking control of my life instead of living for others, which comes with sincere and sometimes exhausting effort, has been truly liberating and rewarding for me personally.
  4. I am ALWAYS down for these types of conversations, I don't always have the most popular opinion, but I don't care about that shit anymore really lol. It's like agree to disagree and give me something to think about. You should start it, I'd engage!
  5. You know, I never thought about it that way. I'm going to have to think about that for awhile, that thought never occurred to me.
  6. I've missed y'all too, didn't even realize how much until I logged in and saw some familiar names!! <3 Been a CRAZY ASS year, like it has been for everyone I'm sure, I have been mostly off social media which has done wonders for my mental health. 10/10 would recommend, lol! I'm doing really well actually, thinking of doing a post somewhere now that I'm 4-5 years in to the deconversion and in such a good place. How are you ll?! If I need to DM anyone instead of derailing OP, I can. :)
  7. This annoys me, personally, because "men" is plural and "woman" is singular. Always gotta be putting us women down. Patriarchy.
  8. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with you. I don't think anyone can make you feel a certain way unless you allow it, you don't have to stick to the "I missed out" belief if you don't want to. It can be really tempting to want throw everything out with the bad, and (at least with me) there was plenty of BAD. After a period of grief, for me it's been a solid 4 years since deconversion, 7 since I left my parents' home, I'm in a much better place to be thankful for what I did NOT go through. It has taken life perspective for me to see that there are pros and cons to almost everything, our attitude in how we
  9. I can see and understand this, truly. Out of curiosity, how would you respond if someone said to you, "to my own perception, thinking, and understanding.... Human beings are proof there IS a god."
  10. Crove- This journey can be very painful, depending on how invested you were in your faith. My sympathies. If you're interested, you can search through older posts I've written, when I was a new ex-christian on this site, where I explore this pain more in depth. You can see my first posts where I'm angry or freaking out and you can read this one, most current, where I am literally at peace, SO grateful for the experience and people on this site. I can encourage you that (now that I'm on the other side of it) my life is infinitely better and more rewarding because I was willing to face it. I am
  11. It's intellectually honest to acknowledge the human capacity for spirituality AND the phenomena that cannot be measured with the empirical senses. I find it fascinating that people seem to have these "spiritual experiences" with other people. The brain lights up similarly at church or at a football game.
  12. You just illustrated what I was trying to say so much better than me lol, thank you. In the interest of intellectual integrity oh shit are there any English majors in here? Was that normal alliteration or is there a word for TWO letters?! Wow total nerd moment, I did not do that on purpose and don't have the heart to delete it.), I know SO MANY Christians who are kind, compassionate, genuine people and who do not focus on the same aspects of Christianity that the abusive ones do. A lot of Christians I know have this sort of, "Yeah I mess up sometimes, that's what Jesus is for,
  13. So, the question becomes, is it "Christianity," that's abusive? Or the people interpreting things however way they want that gives them license to abuse. What's awful is enough time has passed now that the way these people parent is ENCOURAGED by others in the same mindset. Out of curiosity, does anyone know Christians like this who aren't well off? I've seen it so correlated with money and image that it seems causative.
  14. I'm sure you're not wrong here. Another element to all this that we might not be considering is just how helpful the internet has been in exposing the truth. Think for a minute, my parents did the "you don't get to ask why, it's because I said so," and they HAD NO IDEA how to teach us to make good decisions. They chose hell here on earth, that's what I think the bible is saying anyway. I really believe this. My parents weren't really religious until kids, when they suddenly realized they had no way to stop us from doing what THEY did. So they threw themselves into ind
  15. You should PM me lol, I don't know your age but I bet you are STILL unpacking all the damage. I am a psych/counseling nerd and love unpacking that stuff. There are a lot of really interesting tidbits on this site and the internet in general about the overlap between Christianity and narcissism. Just think for a minute, you have to REALLY think you're special to think god separated you from the other animals and found you a special parking space close to the door so you don't have to walk far. It's actually unbelievable to me that these people believe they are on the pathway to an eternal heave
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