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  1. ag_NO_stic

    Kanye reaffirms he intents to run for President

    Maybe we can just cut to the chase and pit Kanye against Trump. XD
  2. ag_NO_stic

    De-converting was crazy

    I felt like I had been re-saved too, after some time passed. At first it felt like everything I had ever cared about was being ripped away from me. Like I was being dragged to hell against my will just because I was daring to think for myself a little bit. Then, "the scales fell from my eyes," and where "I was once was blind, now I see." Such joyous freedom, it's hard to describe! I am very interested in the deconversion similarities and differences between people raised in christianity and people who choose it on their own as younger adults. I was born and raised in a pretty fundamental household, homeschooled even, so I had no chance really of learning mainstream historical and/or scientific thought. My deconversion, while helping me to feel empowered now, was me looking hell directly in the face and flicking it off. It's liberating. Christians like to talk about chains, but they have no idea. Welcome, looking forward to your posts. I enjoyed reading your story!
  3. ag_NO_stic

    Kanye reaffirms he intents to run for President

    But I thought he was a gay fish....
  4. ag_NO_stic


    My mom's a ginger, it's in my blooood! >:D
  5. ag_NO_stic


    Okay, I said "Oops! I meant to respond yesterday, time got away from me. l appreciate you thinking of me, I'm actually already partnered with Compassion at the moment. This year has been a bit of a nightmare for me financially and I'm also not quite where I used to be faith wise, so I'm probably not the best candidate. I hope you understand, I hope you're doing well, and best of luck!" She responded and was totally cool about it. Thanks (again) to everyone for the feedback and advice, I'll have the nuts to say "fuck off" eventually lol. I'm still proud of myself for saying no!!
  6. ag_NO_stic


    So what did you say?
  7. ag_NO_stic


    Thanks, everyone, I seriously appreciate the feedback. Right now, I'm being a lil chicken shit and I'm gonna pretend that I forgot to get back with her. If she doesn't realize that the good lord has not provided ME to be her prayer / money "partner" by my lack of response, I will employ the advice given by not behaving as though I owe her anything and just keeping it polite/ vague. It will be something along the lines of "Not at this time, but good luck" while secretly saying "FUCK OFF" in my mind.
  8. ag_NO_stic


    god DAMN I wish I had the guts. I just care so much what others think, even if I don't care much about those people!
  9. ag_NO_stic


    So. I just received a facebook message (so she can see that I've read it) that says, " "Hey Jessica!! I hope you are well and loving life. So this may feel super random, but I thought of you! I’m currently preparing to do ministry with missionary kids (MKs) all over the world. The reason I want to reach out is because I’m praying for a team of people who will partner with me in this ministry whether in prayer or finances, and if you’d be open to it, I would LOVE to invite you into that!!! We could set up a FaceTime or something sometime soon and I can share more about what I’ll be doing with MKs and what it can look like to partner with me. Let me know what you think and we can set up a time to reconnect!!" ......I read it, was floored by how fucking disingenuous it was and really don't know what to say. (we weren't really friends in college, just past acquaintances really.) It's a personal value of mine to treat people with kindness and basic decency, I responded and said "I'm at work, I'll respond soon!" so that I could give myself time to think about how to respond. I am not afraid to discuss with her my "different direction" faith wise, but it's just none of her goddamn business. I am so ticked because I don't want to have to put my business out there for judgment any more than I've already had to. It's such bullshit, we haven't talked in probably 5 years at least, we weren't friends but it would violate my moral standard to just ignore her, I don't do that. Should I blame it on finances? That's true, money is really effing tight for me right now! But....I don't want to have to respond to the inevitable "That's FINE, you can just pray for me!" thing. Is that dread just because I'm still a young deconvert? If it were 5 years later, would I just be like "ok, great" and move on? I hate that I've been put in this situation against my will lol.
  10. ag_NO_stic

    Sh** christians have said to you

    I think the third reason could be that they have been brainwashed so badly that they really, truly believe it. Which is SO narcissist. REALLY?!
  11. ag_NO_stic

    Sh** christians have said to you

    I just bought a new (to me) car because my older car had to be scrapped. My mom is the one who found the new car and she keeps telling me "It was just such a GOD thing" because the old owners "almost didn't drive it to costco" and "someone else in Costco saw it and was going to buy it if you hadn't" and she just can't get over how much of a "GOD THING" it was. It's, just sounds like you finding a pattern where there isn't one. Literally, one person decided to drive a car they were trying to sell and she saw it. That's it. Bitch, children just died from fucking starvation WHILE you were talking about how much your god loves you that he found a car for your agnostic scum daughter. Because he just loves your daughter so much that he made her first working car crap out for no reason. What the FUCK.
  12. ag_NO_stic

    I just said fuck it

    I just wanna say you're the shit and I read every word. Welcome here, I'm really looking forward to learning more about you and hearing what you have to say. I laughed right out loud at you deleting "every one of those fuckers" from facebook, it amused me. You have a very clear knack for writing, keep pursuing it! Enjoy the shit out of it and one day some "amateur" will be asking you questions and for advice.
  13. ag_NO_stic

    I am Jess, Hear Me Roar :)

    Oh hell yeah, you know it. Thanks for your kind words. Kinda makes me feel like a badass. I've found that wishing for a quality that you perceive in others because you perceive that you don't have that quality only helps you in overlooking your own strengths. I often wish I knew when to shut the fuck up, being vulnerable allows people to take advantage. Own your mysteriousness, and own that people have to work for your vulnerability. It's who you are.
  14. ag_NO_stic

    Dealing with a Narcissist's Love

    Interesting point! It also makes me wonder if that's why some of us leave....We recognize it in our parents and want nothing to do with it! They can't see it, so leaving is unfathomable and almost a personal affront to them! I'm sorry you had to go through it too. It sucks.