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  1. As an agnostic, I have not yet fully stepped into the "there is no god" field. I am slowly making my way there, but I don't really think this is something that we can know either way. All I can say is that a] there is no evidence to suggest your particular strain of god virus is any more true than all the other strains, and b} belief in this religion can cause physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, mental (etc) harms. I also don't necessarily think you are imagining certain experiences, I think you are attributing them to the wrong thing, namely god. I don't really know how to address the rest of your post, the number of people who believe something is irrelevant to me, there are at least a billion muslims too but that don't make it right. Again, no need to apologize. If your god exists, then it's on him not you. The only reason I said anything was to lend understanding, not to make you feel like crap.
  2. Sh** christians have said to you

    I hope to one day have your assertiveness.
  3. I used to say the SAME THING as a believer, for the record. That's Christianese to win brownie points with God, though you forget he can apparently read your mind. He supposedly will know how sincere you are in saying that or if it's more lip service. It wasn't until doubts started cascading on me that I got scared. Hell wasn't a problem for ME, the oh so special saved child of soon as I started to doubt, which felt out of my control, the very real doctrine of hell that I'd been taught completely terrified me. And then I wondered why God would let me go there after all that "we'd been through together." I know you don't believe I could lose my faith.....but there are plenty of denominations and bible verses that allege that you can, so it's like....which bit of the bible do I believe? It sounds like I'm potentially fucked. You can add some verbal fluff and allegations of unconditional love all you like, the message is "Turn or burn." "Love me or you will be punished, you're 'free" to choose." Like anyone with an ounce of self-preservation would choose eternal self-harm. (I recognize you believe differently, but your belief doesn't bring my lack of belief much comfort." This is, once again, an interesting analogy. As pointed out before, you have very clearly made lack of belief in dolls the "truth." You have put your faith in the "not real" bit of this analogy, it's fascinating. Of course I wouldn't want to take the innocence of imagination from a child....but the expectation is that they will grow out of it, that they will mature and see reality how it truly is. You might "foster the magic" as long as possible, but there would likely be an age where that belief is no longer acceptable and poses social, behavioral, and developmental problems. In your analogy, we are the concerned family members who want the child to have a worldview that is conducive to functioning in reality. Fostering the magic is sweet for the young, but there comes a time when one must cast aside what is untrue in favor of reality. Facilitating this cognitive breakthrough is an act of love, as much an act of love as you wanting us to be saved from sin and go to heaven. Just as doctors attempt to cure cancer in a world surrounded by illness or just as lawyers aggressively pursue justice in the midst of deeply disturbing crimes, so must we fight for truth, be it unpleasant, in a world of fairy tale deities.
  4. No pardon necessary, though I appreciate your kind words. I don't think you're trying to be offensive, I just don't think you're aware of how it can come off to us. I am aware that most believers doubt this, because I was one of them. That was the stage I was in for several years. I would lightly doubt, but I clung to my faith and to God like crazy choosing not to trust in my understanding. One day, I remember wondering which part of my understanding I wasn't to understanding of science and the empirical? Or my understanding of God's character? My understanding of free will and hell? Why would god give me a skeptical brain and tell me not to analyze what he gave me the senses to experience! I'm sure you are sincere when you say you don't want to insinuate that you are special.....but that is still exactly what is happening. You are claiming that Jesus heard you and answered, when he did not us. You are claiming the Lord and Creator of the universe has shone upon you his great love and time and listening ear. You are absolutely claiming you're special.
  5. Last thoughts, do you see why your response might cause some pain to those of us who have called out to Jesus and have not been answered? Does this not give you pause to how your interpretation might be flawed? Or do you believe that our interpretation is flawed? I cannot speak for everyone here. But I have cried and cried and cried. Screamed, pleaded, begged....silence. Frankly, I don't want to "evangelize" to you without your request either, so I won't try to convince you. I am just trying to lend understanding to how we got where we are. Some people arrived here by an empirical, rational analysis of the evidence (or lack thereof). Some of us, like me, have a blend of emotion and reason. Mine has been a very personal loss, a very depressing and heartbreaking experience. The bible instructs believers to always have an answer for the hope that they have. I wanted so much to be like Jesus, to be with him, to make him proud of me, to break the deafening silence. The more I looked for some of the answers to questions that plagued me, the more I lost faith/hope in my "savior." Now, I wonder why I need a savior at all? I don't think it's possible to trespass against a being whose existence I question.
  6. It's great that you believe that, but your belief doesn't change the truth whatever that may be. I might ask a question that is often posed to us agnostics/atheists: What if you are wrong? What if your salvation is not eternally secure and hell is hell? I personally do not have a problem with the belief in heaven. I don't believe there is evidence for it, but I don't have interest in forcing another person to "face the ugly truth" and cause unnecessary depression if it's not really harming anyone. I second the comment made by a user here that I don't think an afterlife and Christianity are necessarily linked..... In all of this, I want to know how you knew the mercy that washed over you was Jesus and the god of the bible? You realize these experiences are experienced by people of every faith? Doesn't it make sense, IF there was something out there, that it was more universal as opposed to just the Christian faith?
  7. @PennySerenade I'm assuming you missed my post to you, and that you are not ignoring me?
  8. Do you mind me asking how you arrived at your beliefs? It's one thing to evangelize when you're not asked, but I'm engaging you in your beliefs and it's a welcome dialogue. I'm just wondering how one would get to a point that you choose to believe something you'd self-describe as absurd. Is it just that you believe we have made logic, science, reason, and the observable parts of life our "idols?" Are those things not of much value compared to faith/belief/the "unprovable?" do you "know" him to be loving? Everyone is convinced of something somehow, you wouldn't believe in Santa or Bigfoot or the Toothfairy without learning it and being convinced of it somewhere. Not even the slightest bit of sarcasm or unkindness meant, I'm sincerely curious.
  9. This is catchy. I better watch myself, I'll get caught singing it at inopportune times lol.
  10. I was thinking the "death to the quiet rape victim" or "stoning your disobedient child" rules myself.
  11. else were they supposed to repopulate the earth? Genesis: 1:28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.
  12. I just realized that "Evil" is a blend of "Eve" and "Lil [ith]." FLEE FROM EVE-IL
  13. No wonder god made Evie-poo subservient next time. He got no rest from the woman he made on par with Adam, so he had to re-do it. That kind of a mistake apparently dooms humanity, though....must be part of the plan.
  14. Apparently she also refused to be subservient to Adam, my kinda woman lol.
  15. Wow. Now I'm SUPER pissed, because maybe Lilith, this sexually wanton little harlot, would not have screwed up all of humanity. She likes the eggplants of her sons, not forbidden apples.