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  1. ag_NO_stic

    Sh** christians have said to you

    I think the third reason could be that they have been brainwashed so badly that they really, truly believe it. Which is SO narcissist. REALLY?!
  2. ag_NO_stic

    Sh** christians have said to you

    I just bought a new (to me) car because my older car had to be scrapped. My mom is the one who found the new car and she keeps telling me "It was just such a GOD thing" because the old owners "almost didn't drive it to costco" and "someone else in Costco saw it and was going to buy it if you hadn't" and she just can't get over how much of a "GOD THING" it was. It's, just sounds like you finding a pattern where there isn't one. Literally, one person decided to drive a car they were trying to sell and she saw it. That's it. Bitch, children just died from fucking starvation WHILE you were talking about how much your god loves you that he found a car for your agnostic scum daughter. Because he just loves your daughter so much that he made her first working car crap out for no reason. What the FUCK.
  3. ag_NO_stic

    I just said fuck it

    I just wanna say you're the shit and I read every word. Welcome here, I'm really looking forward to learning more about you and hearing what you have to say. I laughed right out loud at you deleting "every one of those fuckers" from facebook, it amused me. You have a very clear knack for writing, keep pursuing it! Enjoy the shit out of it and one day some "amateur" will be asking you questions and for advice.
  4. ag_NO_stic

    I am Jess, Hear Me Roar :)

    Oh hell yeah, you know it. Thanks for your kind words. Kinda makes me feel like a badass. I've found that wishing for a quality that you perceive in others because you perceive that you don't have that quality only helps you in overlooking your own strengths. I often wish I knew when to shut the fuck up, being vulnerable allows people to take advantage. Own your mysteriousness, and own that people have to work for your vulnerability. It's who you are.
  5. ag_NO_stic

    Dealing with a Narcissist's Love

    Interesting point! It also makes me wonder if that's why some of us leave....We recognize it in our parents and want nothing to do with it! They can't see it, so leaving is unfathomable and almost a personal affront to them! I'm sorry you had to go through it too. It sucks.
  6. ag_NO_stic

    Dealing with a Narcissist's Love

    Hey, DestinyTurtle! I've been enjoying your contributions so far, keep it up! ❤️ As for your post, it hit me right in the feels. My mother displays narcissistic tendencies and I'm actually pretty fucked up by a childhood spent navigating her expectations. I don't have to give you some long drawn out thing, but her love was always given based on meeting her standards. My biggest problem with her is that she (no matter what phase of life she's in) always expected me (a CHILD) to see things from HER perspective. It didn't matter how my 10 year old self saw the house, if she got home and I hadn't cleaned it to HER standards....I got in trouble. I can't tell you how many times, "I should've known better" in a situation I couldn't possibly have known. I think it's why I'm such an empath now. I always always always wondered why mom couldn't see things from my perspective if I was expected to see hers. There's always another side of the story, but not to a narcissist lol. It's eerie how many similarities there are between a narcissist and the christian god. I got a double whammy it seems.
  7. ag_NO_stic

    How Do I respond to Christian Friend?

    It really depends on if you're confrontational or not. My above answer was a passive, non-confrontational approach. If you would prefer to confront, perhaps breaking down her defensiveness by just asking her questions we know she can't answer could help too. For example: "I WANT to believe, but I am just too confused. Were there two angels at the empty tomb or not?! Were Mary and Joseph just passing by or was it a mandatory consensus! If Jesus is supposed to be in David's lineage, but GOD was Jesus' daddy....then how is David in the bloodline! The geneologies are whack, what gives? Do I need baptism or not?" She honestly sounds like a really NON-FUN person to be around. Even when I was a Christian I would have avoided her like the plague lol.
  8. ag_NO_stic

    How Do I respond to Christian Friend?

    I am so sorry you're having to deal with this bullshit. Many, if not all, of us have had very similar encounters. It's either "you were never a "TRUE" Christian OR you're "just having doubts." Either way, if I were you (not having any idea what your friendship dynamic is like) I would continue to have light-hearted or non-religious conversations, I would not correct her religious input in a conversation, but kindly gloss over it, I would "like stuff" on her facebook wall that isn't all Jesus-y, I would be as pleasant a person as possible. If she tries to box you in with her presuppositions about god, just tell her you respect her beliefs and wish the best for her. You don't have to "silence" her or shut things down on her side by not participating. Just love on her nonjudgmentally like she should to you. I'm a big fan of just being as nice/kind/respectful as possible if you're going to stay friends. If she wants to talk religion, you can do so in a way that is both respectful AND firm. You can point out her presuppositions and acknowledge her right to believe as she wishes. There are a lot of people who believe a lot of things, so time and accepting that all of us are ignorant will go a long way. Breathe, smile, and pity her captivity. Go holler "FUCK" somewhere, sleep in on Sundays, don't pray before you eat, and enjoy your Jesus-free life and let her do her. If she wants to reach out, welcome her. If it falls away naturally, it might be for the best. Just do you though, boo. But....but muh freewill! Seriously, how can she know this? So many assumptions.
  9. ag_NO_stic

    good without god, indeed

    Welcome!! I'm thrilled to see you made the leap to join us, I hope you find community and a sense of belonging here. Looking forward to your viewpoint moving forward!
  10. ag_NO_stic

    I am Jess, Hear Me Roar :)

    Hey, thanks for your feedback! I saw your comment on a more recent post of mine too. As for an update, I don't fear hell anymore and I'm not "freaked" by where I am on my life journey. I am considerably more calm and collected, I continue to value logic and reasoning.... I just need to continue to educate myself and accept that "I don't know" is perfectly okay. I get a little emotionally invested in discussions of Christianity sometimes, but I ultimately am just doing me and am fine with it. Thanks for your encouragement, glad to see you jumping right in.
  11. ag_NO_stic

    Hi, again

    @TrailBlazer this was really encouraging to me! I've only been on the forum since list May and am still a relatively young deconvert. It's good to know that someone with a past that sounds similar to mine is so at peace. I feel calm most days, but still battle emotional turmoil and all that. I, too, was churched out: went to bible camp until I was old enough to be staff, youth group, sunday school, small group, homeschooled through high school, went to a small Christian's really a miracle I got out. Good to see you, you made at least one person feel better about themselves today!
  12. ag_NO_stic

    Thank you

    Welcome, @Intheory! Glad to have you here, we're looking forward to seeing your contributions!
  13. ag_NO_stic

    God is real

    SB, I will echo others here. It's not because you were a Christian that we are concerned. It's because of the swings. The swings are what indicate to us that perhaps you should question your medication or stability. You've seen us interact with Christians before, we don't call them all mental or anything. We argue their ideas. With you, we have seen you all over the map. Take care of yourself, we just want the best for you!!
  14. *hugs* It wasn't good for my mental wellbeing either and I don't even have some of the burdens you are forced to shoulder. We're here for you!
  15. If this is true, than why are you warning us about millstones and "turning against god?" I'm confused.