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  1. ag_NO_stic

    Enneagram: Personality Test?

    That doesn't really surprise me. Did you feel it was accurate?
  2. ag_NO_stic

    Enneagram: Personality Test?

    How did it do? Did you read the actual institute's page on 9?
  3. ag_NO_stic

    Enneagram: Personality Test?

    My husband has a LOT of 8w7 tendencies, but when we were reading through all the things we scored high on, he most identified with his lowest of the three score. He kept saying "my behavior is more 8, but my brain/heart is latching on to the 5" and then he would go on "these things aren't really real" tangents. He DID say that the relationship pairings were really interesting and there were truths in it. For me personally, and for him, we both thought that the actual enneagram institute's site captured us the most accurately of tests we've taken. The one that comes with the free test is meh.
  4. ag_NO_stic

    Enneagram: Personality Test?

    I'm interested to know what y'all think of your breakdowns, particularly from the enneagram's official site! Is it hitting home for anyone? Remember, you could be any of the top three results, they just match you with your highest as the "most likely." I found the relationship pairings to be fairly accurate for me and my husband!
  5. ag_NO_stic

    Former Christian

    The devil's cabana boy, eh? Too bad that's not your user, that's funny AF! Welcome! Glad you joined us, I've found the community to here to be comforting. Join our ranks
  6. ag_NO_stic

    Enneagram: Personality Test?

    Apparently they encourage you to explore some of your other high scoring traits and "mistyping" is a thing. If you're interested, check their mistyping articles along with your other strong traits and see if you match up with any that are "1" mistypes.
  7. ag_NO_stic

    Enneagram: Personality Test?

    I have to say, I really enjoyed the results of this test. I called me on some of my bullshit lol
  8. ag_NO_stic

    Enneagram: Personality Test?

    Hi, all! We had a lot of engagement doing these in the past and this one seems REALLY interesting to me. You can just take the test if you want, but I definitely suggest reading how it works. They do a good job explaining how uniquely different everyone can be, through the use of "wings." Here's the (free version) test: I was told to take it relatively quickly, should only take a few minutes, so try not to overthink it. Here's how it works: Here's how a "relationship" comparison: Here's "you": I really liked that they acknowledge how different you (and everyone) could be and they don't really hold back on what your weaknesses could be, both personally and with relationships. Readers are regularly told that it is NOT uncommon to identify with several or even "mistype" yourself because of overlap I was reading mine like DAMN. I found it really interesting and challenging! I'm a: 4w3 (only took it once) Married to a: 3w2 (possibly an 8w7) Your turn! I'm looking forward to everyone's results!
  9. ag_NO_stic

    Recovering Preacher's Kid

  10. ag_NO_stic

    Recovering Preacher's Kid

    Well, hello! Welcome to our humble forum of misfits. You will find a lot of support and community here. Jump in and engage with us, I always look forward to reading new insights. I was born and raised Presbyterian/non-denom, my dad was an elder at my small church of around 100 or so. I was private christian schooled K-3rd, homeschooled from 4th grade - 12th, went to a small Presbyterian college....yeah, the things I was taught are taking time to heal for sure, but it gets so much better. Breathe easy, honey, you've found freedom. Whoa. We were very respectful of your rules on your forum. You really need to watch it, especially if you're not even into evangelism. People introduce themselves here and have fresh traumas, this is very strictly against our rules and so blatantly disrespectful. I don't understand why you have this need to troll us anyway, don't you have other things to do?
  11. ag_NO_stic


  12. ag_NO_stic

    Arguments against Christians

    I had a similar thing. When people ask me what "started it" my answer almost always feels different. I can point to several moments of cognitive dissonance. The one that happened to me in Genesis was when I saw a meme online that was like "Right. There were three days before the sun was created" or something similar and I was like......"dumbass humans wrote this shit" lol
  13. ag_NO_stic

    Arguments against Christians

    This is kind of how I live my life. I take a very empathetic approach and it works well for me. Not everyone, of course. I'm not saying we should forsake our current arguments, they are indeed necessary. Do you think maybe it took so many years for so many people BECAUSE we weren't using arguments within their worldview? I know we can't "box in their corner" all the time, we certainly need to address science, logic/reason, morality, etc....I just know that quoting logical fallacies and cognitive dissonance is about the same as them using scripture on us. I feel like they write us off, just as we do with them. William / Christforums made some good points in the midst of all his bullshit. We're not always right now that we've shed faith and it's still good to be challenged. But we are like "Oh wow, this one's _____" like they aren't there, it can be so rude. I was just curious what everyone thought.
  14. ag_NO_stic


    Maybe William was speaking in tongues and Satan hacked it
  15. ag_NO_stic

    Arguments against Christians

    I'm just tossing this out there for discussion. We all tell Christians that we know where they've been, that we understand them. Then we proceed to make arguments that we KNOW, from experience, will not work because we used to reject those same arguments. How are Christians supposed to believe that we understand them if we're using arguments we never listened to either! Do y'all see this too? Thoughts?