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  1. After I was "saved" at 15 I attended Hume Lake Christian Camp. I think it was a great way to get kids away from "The World" and into an environment where they could be indoctrinated. We were in this beautiful place in the Sequoia forest. Singing at every meeting! Sunshine, hiking, competetive sports, love, acceptance, careing, companionship, The wonder of God! But then we had to go home to the real world. For a person who lived in an abusive home it was like visiting Disneyland and then coming home to Aushwitz. after that first summer I was sold! http://www.humelake.org/
  2. Oh shit! I live in So.Cal. so I know all about Loma Linda. All I can say is you have all my respect admiration.
  3. Boy this really sounds sad. I guess I can relate to the fact that a few people I have met really screwed me. I guess they saw some sort of weakness in me they could monopolize on.
  4. Watching Campbell on P.B.S did the same for me. I dont know who Alan Watts is? Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hey I just want to say you are a beautiful person, you are breaking out of the cycle! Your story sounds a lot like mine! I am your age and I feel like I am just getting started on life! I am getting my masters degree and have made it a goal to educate children. I hope to develop curriculum based on the rationalism embrassed by the founding fathers of our country. Hope this helps.
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