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    I am a born again Christian and willing to discuss Christian doctrines with those who believe they are ex-christians.

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  1. No need to wait till page 50. I will never question what the Bible says. It's been a pleasure. Stranger
  2. One can have questions about the Bible and not question the Bible. I see I was given a requirement to prove I question something in the Bible. I have till page 50. But that ain't going to happen. If that requirement remains, there is no need for me to continue. If so, it has been a pleasure. Stranger
  3. Compare (Gen. 24:16) with (Gen. 24:43) I have no issue. I explained already that the term used for young woman of marrying age does not have to speak to a virgin birth. But it can speak to a virgin birth. Which Matthew says it does when applied to Jesus Christ. Thus both near and far fulfillment's are addressed. That it has a near fulfillment is clear as seen in chapters (8-9). That a far fulfillment is required is clear because the birth will be One who is Divine. Stranger
  4. And if something is false, any demand to teach it as false is also brainwashing? No, they don't end up being unable to question it? They can always question it. Stranger
  5. Not at all. Prayer is not a game. (Matt. 4:1-11) And, the believer is not required to pray for anyone at any time. (John 17:9) Stranger
  6. Again, you assume what Christianity is based on is not true. You don't know. Knowing the fear of the Lord is not dysfunctional. How does that make one dysfunctional? Knowing that I am guilty of sin leads me to the Saviour. How is that dysfunctional? Stranger
  7. So, your parents taught you their beliefs. Who gave them that right? Why shouldn't Christians be allowed to teach their children their beliefs? We do not shame our children. We do not make them afraid of God. We do teach them the fear of the Lord. That He is to be respected for Who He is. That He is worthy of our worship. That we are sinners. That there is a heaven and hell. That Christ died for us. My children will be no different than any others. They will believe or not believe. Adam and Eves first child was not saved, and he spoke to God. Stranger
  8. First of all, give me the chapter and verse of what you are saying. Second of all, I do pray for the lost. But, not everyone who is not a Christian is lost. Stranger
  9. I don't care if islam teaches its children about islam. I don't expect anything else from them. So? But, if something is true, is it brainwashing? Or, if something is true, why is it dysfunctional? Stranger
  10. Who says it is wrong to teach your children your beliefs? What punishments or sanctions are you talking about? The fear of the Lord is not being afraid of God. Is that what your parents taught you? Shame on them. Stranger
  11. The word used for young women of marrying age always speaks to a virgin in the Old Testament. Indeed the prophecy speaks to the people of its time, but also to a future time. Which is why the term for virgin was used. So you accept that it is a prophecy of it's time? Stranger
  12. All children are taught. Did your parents teach you anything? Was that brainwashing whatever it was they taught you and didn't teach you? If the Bible is true and there is God and Christ, is it brainwashing to teach your children that? In other words, Christians teaching their children about the Bible, God, and Christ is brainwashing to you because you assume it isn't true. Stranger
  13. My faith is based upon the testimony of the Bible , and I believe it. And I can do nothing to change it. It is not reason, or emotion, it is just there. Stranger
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