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  1. Following on from that it makes the myth of Peter as the first pope strange to say the least. why would he have any interest in a church which defiles his Jewish roots? seems strange Paul didn't take the job.
  2. Thats OK Presumably you don't want to know your true life's purpose either? Or meet a spirit guide, guardian angel, higher self? I wasn't intending to go so deep so soon. I get a wide variety of responses to my enlightenment. It is mindblowing to communicate with higher beings, to explore the astral plane, engage with all sorts of beings but it's not everyone's cup of tea. Thanks to Orbit for proving my point. I will not be engaging on this thread any more.
  3. But as the first human ever Adam would have no terms of reference and no fruit to open his eyes. After he ate the fruit him and Eve went and covered their bodies. So, presumably, it was all innocent before and as he was made by god and Eve was made by god why would he think he would make whoopee with Eve? So the fruit gave him and Eve the knowledge of how to make babies. Ah well. Sorry for bringing down the level of debate.
  4. I thought Xians followed the Ten Commandments.
  5. This thread seems to have deviated from its original subject. I think OC only posted this to bring up the booklist that puts the bible seventh. Completely insane. There are thousands of lists of the top however many of this or that. They are not lies. They are opinions. Everyone is free to make their own or agree or disagree. A lot of effort for nothing.
  6. So no Xians are harmed in any natural or unnatural incident?? Almost entices me to believe.
  7. I suppose god told Adam not to eat the fruit but without reason or threat. Perhaps god just expected Adam to obey unquestioningly. I think Fervent Xian men like to highlight Eve as the temptress which is not mentioned at all in this. In fact Adam was punished for choosing Eve over god. I have read ancient manuscripts, or translations thereof, which were omitted from the bible which go into much more detail on Adam and Eve and the banishment. In the end it's all a crock of shite.
  8. I find the Paul figure fascinating. Lets not forget Jesus is a Jew, assuming a Jesus figure. He lives by Jewish law with a few radical ideas but the Levant was full of messianic prophecy, messianic figures and general unrest from Roman occupation. In one of his letters Paul claims to go up to Jerusalem to see Peter, James, John and the elders or leaders of the Jesus sect. He agrees to let them preach to Jews and he goes to recruit gentiles, letting them off some of the more unsavoury aspects of Judaism like circumcision, dietary requirements etc. Since Saul/Paul is a Roman citizen and not a Jew this would seem to be advantageous to him. He doesn't get complete agreement in Jerusalem but goes off and does it anyway. He then goes off and makes up Xianity. It isn't jesus' teaching and he never met or knew Jesus.
  9. Thanks Geezer. anything to share based on what you watched? Some people are lazy and won't go searching.
  10. After reading through this thread just had to add something to the mix. I was meditating on free will and asking for guidance. The following then formulated in my head. Free will is love or no love on a scale from all of one to all of the other. The astral plane is a no free will place with only love. When this free will reality was created a no love reality had to be created to provide balance. So we have to decide how much love we have in our life. Obviously events happen. We can choose to interact or not, to love or not love. At the moment the Not love reality is having a bigger effect on life in this reality but we can change that. We have to change that or not love will win.
  11. Um this kinda leads to something I may have forgot. Who did Cain marry and where did she come from?
  12. Hi Mr T Any reason you haven't had lucid dream or astral projection in a while?
  13. OK we can all talk to the entities. You either wake up in a dream and track them down on the astral or you enter the astral aware by meditating into a Mind Awake, Body Asleep state. Search on YouTube for guided meditations on entering the state and exiting your body or study with a guru for years. You can also practice ways of becoming lucid in a dream by searching it. I read many books, meditated for years, practiced methods I found Things to discuss include life after death, meaning of life, purpose of life, all that was, is and will be. Also I have been helped to discover my true life's purpose and goals, why I incarnated in this reality. As above entities can include the souls/spirits of people who have passed over. Sometimes they have practical messages like Be Nice To Your Brother ( I hated him ).
  14. I don't think you mentioned god as in meaning you believed it but I picked up on it to see if anyone would respond. Einstein presumably was at the end of his reasoning but I'm not aware of any other scientist picking up on it and contradicting him. obviously god has almost an individual quality in that everyone has their own interpretation of the word even when s/he/it is described for them. It also covers everyone's belief of a divine/higher being presence or existence. I suppose someone will provide a theory for the scientific existence of whatever caused the Big Bang.
  15. Hi Go to YouTube and search for guided meditation tracks for relaxing, discovering yourself or something that resonates with you. Lie down and relax and listen. Maybe get one with subliminal positive affirmations. Read the feedback to judge if its right for you also. Best Wishes.
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