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    Ancient civilization, religion history, culture history, psychology, hypnosis, subsconscious mind, quantum physics, macrocosm and microcosm, reading, researching, surfing internet, anthropology, philosophy, mysticism, neurology, thinking and pondering, ancient alien, daydreaming, watching anime and sci-fi, advanced technology.
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    Formerly devout Islam believer from Sunni denomination or Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah and Imam Shafi'i sect to be precise. I converted to christian catholic, then shift to non-denominetal christian and the last one as Gnostic. I soon found myself in a maze and endless bondage matrix of belief. Severe cognitive dissonance kicked my mind and just by clearing all form of creeds,belief,supertitious my mind can be free and all burden of belief besides trying to make sense of everything to defend my faith lifted. With all burden of belief lifted from my shoulder I can be free as a bird. Now, I am happy as free thinker and agnostic atheist.

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  • Still have any Gods? If so, who or what?
    Macrocosm and Microcosm or Universe itself.

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  1. AlienGoddess


    I read your post and you seems to love Taoism so much. I loved Taoism too but I didn't plan to be a Taoist. I was glad that you were all right in your journey.
  2. I loved Taoism philosophy too, but Taoist sect in China,Thailand,Malaysia was mixed with phony gods and demons from Taiwanese and Chinese folk religion and they got self-mortification of flesh in their Taoist temple and stupid rituals
  3. I loved the history of the Bible too. You just escaped religious delusion and 2000 years of lie to humanity.
  4. I hated Religious Nuts too. My aunt was the one and she was the most horrible person I ever met. She mistook her mental illness as a blessing from the god/allah.
  5. I loved the facts Christianity and Islam originally from Pagan. That was a proof the bible god was a not true creator of whole universe but just as weak as cranky old Zeus. Glory! Oh Morning Glorry! God Got a Lorry
  6. HA HA HA . " But I think they all cut their genitals off when Halleys comet went by last time! That was a proof religion could turn healty sane people into madness,illogical and irrationality.
  7. Red sea's parting stories just as ridiculous as splitting a moon in Koran and Hadith from the moslems. It was a just cheap magic tricks used by the magicians. It was so obvious now and believer accept it as the facts just because they want to believe.
  8. Yes, my mum warned me the same things. The more that people being involved with religion or the more religious that person is, the more bitter attitude in them towards life and stigma to other people. This was not a lie, my mum observed it for a very long time. My mum stated that religious people tend to possess bitter,worry and angsty attitude than normal people. Religious people tend to think others as all wrong and in need for correction.
  9. Hi, I loved your username DontLookBack. I didn't to go back into same hellhole of religion. Actually,there are no hell but being a part of religion itself already a hell that we didn't need another.
  10. Very true , Christianity costs too much money.
  11. Nice to meet you and good luck in your journey and life. I liked your articles.
  12. It was good to hear about this. I perfectly understand what you feel in your entire lifetime. Being surrounded by delusional people in Christian community can be a big depressing event. You will feel worried sick in your stomach about the probabilities that if their god exists and you may be wrong or risk eternal damnation. Please stay and you need support from like minded people . You are not delusional one but they are, they are to afraid to admit that hell and god didn't exist. Congratulation to you for breaking free from bondage of dogma.
  13. Yes, it was true. They didn't notice ancient religion and mythology contain many unrealistic heaven and hell. It feel real to you just because you believe in it and little did you know, the heaven and hell in Islam and Christian just as real as Greek Field of Punishment,Tartarus,Chinese folklore underworld with Meng Po soup,Egyptian hell,norse hell and other 13 levels of hell which you could be punished by simply small and petty mistakes we human commit in daily life.
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