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  1. Correct it is arbitrary. Your lifetime is a tiny and insignificant sample compared to that of everyone else put together, thus aggregate level data is a better way to form conclusions about the world than assuming your own experiences are universal. Your opinion isn't "required" to be anything because it's well........your opinion. But your opinion is demonstrably wrong. If you loved facts as much as you claimed earlier you would adjust your opinion to fit them. Clinging to your opinion and saying "I don't give a shit what the records say" is the exact kind of emotionalism people on the right accuse the "snowflakes" of having. It's the equivalent of saying the sun must revolve around the Earth because you don't feel the Earth moving. To reframe your earlier comment to me "I know facts have a tendency to conflict with some people's life experiences, but facts are facts nonetheless".
  2. A majority of black people are not criminals. That is demonstrably false when looking at official crime statistics. Similarly, a significant percentage of white people are also criminals. Blacks commit crime at a greater rate, but white crime is not the freakishly rare thing you are making it out to be. So no, facts don't make a person "appear" racist, but passing off your own arbitrary impressions of people as "facts" in order to create the impression that one race is significantly better than another does. A relevant link-https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2012/crime-in-the-u.s.-2012/tables/43tabledatadecoverviewpdf
  3. Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings

    If Trump and his ilk care so much about facts you would think he would use more of them, instead of just making up childish names for people or making fun of their appearances. Unless you think he really has passed more bills than any other president in history so far. Or that NAFTA "sent jobs overseas" even though unemployment (even in specifically manufacturing) went down throughout the rest of the 90's after it went into effect. Or that violent crime is "out of control" when it has only slightly increased and statistically is lower than it was in the entirety of the 70's-2000's. Or that building a wall will stop people who overstay their visas or cross the Rio Grande. And on and on and on.
  4. Milo is a twit but that is admittedly funny.
  5. Random interesting things thread...

    A recent tweet from The Pope said "humility is not a virtue of the weak but of the strong who don’t have to treat others badly to feel important." You mean like god did with Job?
  6. Okay, hyper-PC stuff like this is dumb. But to find examples of this kind of stupidity on the left you have to dig it up in obscure student papers. To find it on the right you just have to turn on the TV and watch the president speak. I know the OP didn't mention Trump, but people who use this stuff to defend him are building a false equivalency. SUpporting him because you're mad at irrelevant campus liberals makes no sense. Hillary Clinton or the Dem leadership in Congress don't say stuff like this. This is coming from someone with fairly right wing economic views, btw, not a cookie cutter liberal.
  7. It's a reference to being a Duke and being called "His Grace". It's a username I use for things all the time, didn't realize the possible religious connotations on this site until later.
  8. Okay, but none of that explains why Jesus had to die. He could have shown his love just through forgiveness, rather than self-flagellation. The core idea here is that a supposedly omnipotent god was bound by ritualism and for some reason needed a sacrifice to satiate his anger. In which case he wouldn't be omnipotent.
  9. Dunkirk

    It's a big new release that we don't have a thread about on here so I thought I'd start it. I thought it was good overall, possibly Nolan's second best film behind The Dark Knight (I'd have to rewatch Interstellar, the other contender, to be sure). I am a little surprised by the critical acclaim, though. It's pretty much just a "ride" it doesn't have anything to say and is pretty impersonal, it just works really well because of the tension, immediacy, and breakneck pacing. Surprisingly Harry Styles was good and probably the standout of the cast. Branagh and Rylance are servicable in "wise older man" leadership roles. Hardy barely says anything and spends most his screentime behind a pilot's mask, to the point where you wonder why they'd cast such a big star in a role like that. Some of the production elements were really great too. The sound design is the best I've heard in years and it definitely deserves awards for that. The score was also effective. I could see it deserving a nomination for costumes too. The camera work was pretty standard stuff, though. It's definitely the best movie of the summer and the best movie I've seen so far this year (although given what I've seen that's not saying much). I could see it being in my top ten at the end of the year (and thus deserving a BP nom) but I don't see it as a contender to win and I could live without Nolan getting a best director nod for it.
  10. Not sure how into theology you guys are, but most Christians think god knows who is going to heaven and hell before he creates them. So if she goes to hell, it's due to god's will, not you. Of course that leads to the question of why if "god so loved the world" he would create people knowing he would end up torturing them for eternity (one of the many things that lead me to where I am) but that's a separate issue.
  11. Wonder Woman -- They did it right!

    The lead actress was good and I liked the period elements, although the action scenes got dull and there wasn't an interesting villain, as in most superhero movies these days.